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“After every shooting, we talk about motive, mental illness and every other distraction from the real problem — guns. New Jersey has some of the strongest gun safety legislation in the country. That should make it very clear that this is a problem we can only solve at the national level, with Congress leading the way. Despite all of our state’s efforts, New Jersey is not an island — we can’t make our neighborhoods safe as long as guns can come in across a bridge or state line, from Pennsylvania or North Carolina. There has to be federal action.” – Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman in Murphy Says More Fed Gun Control Needed After Art Show Shooting [courtesy]

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  1. The shooter was a previously convicted gangbanger who was given early release early in Governor Murphy’s term but it is the fault of lenient gun laws. Right!

    Murphy remains committed to early release and reduced sentences for gangbangers.

    • Convicted of manslaughter, he had already murdered someone and had additional years added because of crimes committed in prison as well, but you know Democrats want to let everyone out of prison…

      • Not just Democrats. Like they always do, Faux Libertarians have managed to convince a fair number Republicans to jump aboard the light sentence/early release train.

        • It was never the intention of prison reform to release those with violent criminal histories. This is Murphy’s distortion of reform. I pity the residents of NJ who on the one hand have to deal with police who for the most part are just like Nazi SS and then be at the mercy of violent felons.

        • Yeah, it is since it is well known that most “non violent” offenders are in jail as a result of plea bargains. Faux Libertarians lionize gangs as proto anarcho-capitalist and seek to “legalize” gang activities.

      • Yup , let every criminal out of prison whilst making sure the mentally ill are also on the streets , no where to go , time to go blow people away. Yeah I’m sure it’s the guns fault that our system is broken !! Fucking imbiciles. This shit is like giving matches and dynamite to a 4 year old and telling them it’s a firecracker. Duh !!

        • Just giving a little kid matches is going to end badly. Giving him explosives is going to end in death and destruction.

          This is what happens when the people give away their power to the government.

          If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    • The dead shooter was supposed to be in prison. He had been convicted of killing someone else and while in prison was convicted of continuing to run his gang from prison. He should’ve been in prison until the mid 2020’s, at least. IMO, he should’ve died in prison, but what do I know. But of course, the current N.J. governor who’s now calling for more gun control is the one who allowed this killer to leave prison early. Hey Gov, aren’t there already laws that prohibit animals, I mean felons, from possessing firearms?

        • maybe for jaywalking, but that not the issue.
          In US jurisdictions that have looked at 80% of murder is committed by felons.

          About 5% of the US population that not in jail right now has felony conviction. (Additional other felons are in prison). That 5% commits 80% of US murder.

          This is precisely why murder rates do not correspond to gun control, but correspond fully to the number of released felons on the streets of any US jurisdiction

      • If the s o b would have gotten the death penalty and it would have been carried out then this would never have happened.

    • Corrections: “Most DemoCommies And Globalist RINOs need to be imprisoned for treason…For severe Constitutional Infringements and violations against the US Citizenry…Breach of Oath of Office…”

    • Gun laws always stop criminals and there main purpose is to make non criminals into criminals: Gun control makes you safe but those guns running around killing everyone is so crazy. It’s not a people problem it’s an object or tool that does it all. Gun free zone signs scare guns and criminals lets put them up… Murphy is great Go Goldman Sacs crony !

    • …or that smart.

      All depends on how intelligent the voters of NJ are. So far, the track record isn’t good.

  2. “… we can’t make [New Jersey] safe as long as guns can come in across a … state line …” – Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman

    Criminals are circumventing existing laws that are supposed to prevent criminals from acquiring and possessing firearms. And yet criminals will be unable to circumvent more laws because …???

    Here is REALITY: multiple distribution channels are available to criminals who want to acquire and possess firearms. If (and that is a ginormous “if”) a law happened to close one distribution channel, criminals would simply move on to another distribution channel. At absolute best, a cleverly crafted and applied law could increase the cost of some distribution channels. And yet such a law would not affect other distribution channels. That is the problem with “whack-a-mole” strategies: the moles keep popping up out of new holes.

    To claim that laws would almost wholly remove firearms from the hands of criminals is flat out wrong. Either Ms. Coleman is an intellectual toddler who firmly subscribes to magical thinking, or Ms. Coleman is advocating for firearm laws as a tool to oppress the good people of our nation — which would make her a liar.

    • When gun control extremists like her call for more “federal laws” what they really mean is universal registration followed by confiscation. This isn’t about “gun safety” anymore, it’s about treating all gun owners like they’re no different than the gang banger thugs who actually commit most of the crime in this country, and forcibly requiring you to turn in your guns to the government.

      • Nah. the gangbangers get treated better with lenient sentencing and early release programs. Regular citizens who “should know better” get the book thrown at them.

      • Following NJ’s logic of stopping the flow of the source would imply that the lawful gun owner is a source from which criminals will acquire firearms, therefore it is the fault of that said source that criminals can use firearms, thus the source must be stopped with extreme prejudice.

        The end game.

  3. I was there. The shooting started directly behind the ‘moms demand action’ table. Ironic?

    Of course these dimwits still don’t understand that the thugs that committed this heinous act will shoot someone like disobeying the speed limit. They are CRIMINALS and criminals do not follow the law, therefore neutering any effect of a new law.

    The police should be commended for their excellent job in such a chaotic and crowded situation. They do not always react well but seeing first hand this incident I can say without a doubt it was handled with much professionalism and courage.

    The cops were attempting to shut down the event when this unfolded. There were multiple fights earlier and the cops decided, smartly, that this would just foment more unrest as the people involved in earlier fights were still there and not leaving. They almost had the entire event cleared when a fight started inside the building, which lead to the shooting.

    There is also a news story from the local paper, the trentonian, that has a screen grab from a womans facebook page post 15 hours before the event took place stating to stay away from it because it was going to be shot up.

    I am thankful that no police, volunteers or workers were injured in the shooting.

    • This incidents shows that the gangs are in control and not civil authorities. The NJ political establishment is in bed with the gangs. Seen in this light gun control is all about extending gang control and therefore political control.

      Both Progressives and faux Libertarians see gangs as their revolutionary armies that will bring about their version of dystopia. Too many people in the gun community are stuck in the 19th and 20th Century world where the mechanism of State control is in government institutions. In the modern world this function is outsourced.

    • Did the cops shoot the wrong people?

      It’s hard to believe that those specific gang members shot 17 people whilst shooting at the cops and each other. I think it would require more than 2-3 guns to accomplish that — similar to that biker gang shootout years ago.

      • I heard that so far one woman was verified as hit by a ricochet by the police. However you have to understand people were shoulder to shoulder except where the fight occurred inside and it was even thick there. The individuals who initiated the shooting didn’t give a crap about the situation and it was created by them.

        • I don’t know how you would go about verifying someone being hit by a ricochet when so many rounds were fired. Sounds more like an attempt to escape liability for shooting someone that was completely innocent and practically being held hostage.

          Cops are supposed to protect the innocent even if that endangers their lives. If you have to take a bullet to save an innocent person, then a bullet you would take. Death before dishonor.

          Shooting up a crowd of innocent Americans because you are trying to save yourself or kill a gang member is…

  4. I am from this state. Here’s what I’ve surmised over the years. The majority of people live in cramped shoebox apartments, making enough money to get drunk/high on weekends and devour hours of whatever leftist nonsense is being pumped through their TV or wifi connection. They only know guns in the context of cops, the military, and criminals. When they go to college, they get more loud and obnoxious, doubly so if they pursue a career in politics.

    Those with a bit more money and a house see gun ownership as a convenience. They don’t mind waiting months for an FID card because it’s not at the top of their agenda in life, and they live in a “safe neighborhood.” I thought I did, until two guys cased my parents’ house for a robbery and got caught breaking into another home days later. They follow the usual political rhetoric, and the furthest toward pro-gun they’ll step is “I support the 2nd, BUT.” They’re probably not willing to shoot someone breaking into their house, for fear of a prosecutor going after them.

    Finally you have the gun owners. The salty, disillusioned guys who stay in NJ for their higher paying job, family, etc who are just waiting for retirement. They role with the ever increasing list of anti-gun laws until they either get out of the hobby, keep all their guns in PA, or decide to take a pay cut and leave like me. They’re usually Fudds, or they pretend we’re fortunate to even be allowed to own (highly neutered) AR-15 type rifles and should stop complaining. Something about this state keeps them there, I don’t know what.

    New Jersey is what happens when all the real Americans leave and the population vacuum is filled by both NYC socialists of all economic strata and foreigners with anti-constitutional worldviews who continually vote for higher taxes. More often than not, they’re just ignorant and don’t understand the value of the 2nd Amendment until life takes a turn for the worse and they wish they had one.

    I once had a buddy ask me about NJ gun laws because he lived in a sketchy area. I’ve taken him shooting multiple times. His jaw dropped after I explained how everything works. “What do you mean I have to do all this just to get a shotgun?” Don’t look at me, people like you signed these laws. He has since moved to a better state.

  5. “…the strongest gun safety legislation…”

    Wow, the guns in NJ must be very safe. No issues like with the Rem 700 or Sig 320, eh?

    “New Jersey is not an island…”

    Then why are there signs when entering NJ that say “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter”?

    • I’m pretty sure the UK and Australia are islands, yet they seem to have difficulty keeping the illegal guns out.

      Even if we had a federal ban on firearms (like we do on, say, cocaine), does she not realize we have thousands of miles of ocean borders as well as a very long land border with a country effectively ruled by drug gangs who specialize in smuggling?

      • When about 3% (THREE PERCENT) of all inbound shipping containers are inspected, your chances of getting a bulk load of guns and drugs is remarkably easy, if you don’t do anything obvious or stupid, and no one talks.

        • and grease the right palms of the right govt official in customs to make sure it does not get checked. just another cost of business in mafia world australia

  6. Where have I heard this diatribe before??? Oh I know-Chiraq. Only they blame Indiana…same shite. Different night.

  7. BS
    You need to keep your criminal in jail for their full felony sentences. Letting them go early in this New Jerseys case. Just invites the crook to do all that he knows all over again.

    • I don’t get this argument.

      If they keep a guy in prison for ten years, rather than letting him out after six, that just delays his recidivism by four years. Why not stop equating crimes with short stints in a facility that turns people into harder criminals and lets them make better criminal contacts? We should convert prisons from temporary storage into facilities that actually reform (some of) their inmates. Once an inmate reaches a certain threshold of reformation, he could move to the next step (e.g. prison, then prison with supervised day passes, then a halfway house with ankle monitor, followed by parole with frequent check ups, and finally freedom). And if an inmate doesn’t reform, he should stay in prison, even if some arbitrary amount of time passes.

      • I have a slightly different take: The punishment must match the crime. If you take (or attempt to take) someone else’s life, you forfeit your own. This has the side benefit of having a zero recidivism rate.

        NJ doesn’t do this, thus we se the result of their actions. But no, let’s blame the guns! /sarc

      • Yes Jason Pollyanna. These SOBs are criminals because they have not heard of GET A JOB. All you have to do is explain it to them better than the progtard last week.

        • I didn’t say anything to that effect. I said we should rehabilitate the ones where it’s possible, and free them in stages to make sure they’re not just lying about being rehabilitated, while keeping the rest locked up. I said it’s stupid to release a criminal who is going to go right back into crime, like the NJ shooter, just because a certain number of years have passed (or in this specific case a shorter, but no less arbitrary number of years).

      • Your argument is so 1950. By the time a kid is ten years old he has all the information he needs to be a harden criminal. In the inner city criminal behavior is learned at a young age from peers and elders.

        • Yet the law and justice system treats teens/young men as preteens. One of the guys who created this incident was a teen when he first got caught killing someone. In places like Brazil and England, teens know they can murder and not have to worry that the life is over if they’re arrested.

          Hence for the need to restore the human/civil right to protect life, liberty and property with any force necessary.

        • They’re going to get better at it in prison, but also likely to make contacts with people who can help them commit crimes.

          But I think you missed the point of my post: convicts should stay in prison until they’ve proven to be rehabilitated (which should be a slow and carefully monitored process to ensure public safety). And if they’re not capable of rehabilitation, they shouldn’t get out, even after 10-20 years.

        • I’d love to see the research you performed to prove that criminals don’t learn any new skills or meet any new contacts after the age of 15, unlike every other person on the planet.
          On second thought…I’d rather not, since I’m sure it has something to do with you reaching into your ass and pulling them out.

          And, yeah, you completely missed the point…again.

        • The point is they learn tbe same skills whether they are in or out of prison. They are hanging out with hardened criminals in both locales. When they are learning in prison it’s just theoretical. On the outside they can put those skills to work immediately. Clearly you don’t have a clue about gang infested neighborhoods.

        • I think I have found someone as moronic as Crisco. You clearly have no knowledge of the sociology of the inner city. Go talk to any inner city middle school principal about how gangs recruit and train members and you will learn something about the problem from someone who deals with gangs on every day basis. Until you do, STFU.

      • Given an unlimited budget with which to coddle criminals, I suppose that could be such a wonderful plan that many upstanding citizens would become criminals just to get the great benefits, but answer me this, if you please. In an overcrowded world which is going to be increasingly overcrowded as the decades and centuries pass, why not take the wonderful child just convicted of shoplifting, jaywalking, whatever, out back and shoot him in the face?
        Spending tax dollars to make criminals comfortable and happy will produce an avalanche of more criminals. Spending tax dollars to execute criminals will result in fewer and fewer criminals. Looks really simple to me. We don’t need them, let them know they’re expendable and better shape up.

        • Your comment may only be slightly tongue-in-cheek but….at some point, probably not soon, we as a society will have to decide. Do we want to keep doing the same things that have not worked ever? Or do we want to try something different?

          Usually the cops know who the bad guys are; priors, felony raps, etc. What would it look like if a criminal was sentenced to prison for ten years and he actually did ten years? Or 5 years or 15 years or whatever. No parole, no good time reductions. Learn a trade inside or get an education inside. Ever try to hire a plumber or electrician or carpenter to do a small job for you? The prisons are overcrowded you say? I don’t care. At all. As Columbo used to say “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

          I know none of this will ever happen but I’m still looking for Unicorns too.

  8. “After every shooting, we talk about motive, mental illness and every other distraction from the real problem — guns.”

    Just as after every bombing, stabbing, hit and run, bludgeoning etc. the conversation is about IEDs, knives, cars and hammers. Perhaps shootings in places like Chicago and Trenton have become so ubequitous as to be mundane. Thus the fanciful notion of guns being responsible. The mind altering qualities of a piece of metal and plastic are much more entrancing to envision than drugged up gang bangers driving down the streets randomly firing into crowds of people.

    If commonplace shootings engendered a similar response to targeted bombings, there wouldn’t be enough Federal agents to spare for every task force. A handful of serial bombers operating in different parts of the country could damn near overburden the system with the response that is typically given. If shootings are really such an issue, then why not give them the justified attention deserved of a federal task force for every shot fired in Chicago and Trenton? All at Illinois and NJ tax payer expense of course.

    “New Jersey has some of the strongest gun safety legislation in the country. That should make it very clear that this is a problem we can only solve at the national level, with Congress leading the way. Despite all of our state’s efforts, New Jersey is not an island.”

    Newsflash, the US of A isn’t an island either. Australia, however is, and contraband firearms still get in.

  9. Rep. Coleman’s attitude reminds me of Dr. Daniel Drake, “Father of Medicine in the Ohio Valley.” He was an advocate of bleeding patients as a cure-all. He stated in 1816, “If the patient is so far gone that his veins have ceased to flow, the surgeon should not hesitate to open the jugular vein.”
    “If the most draconian state laws can’t keep a gang-banger from shooting people, then let’s have a federal crackdown!” is in the same vein as Dr.Drake, and will kill the patient just as surely.

  10. The shootings took place in a gun free zone. The shooters were people who should not have been able to have firearms. Some of the shootings were probably caused by police returning fire.

    Just what gun laws can they enact that would solve any of those problems? It’s not the guns, it’s the people!

  11. After every cold snap: Global Warming
    After every heat wave: Global Warming:
    After every storm: Global Warming
    After every tornado: Global Warming
    After every hurricane: Global Warming
    After every flood: Global Warming
    After lack of hurricanes: Global Warming
    After lack of tornados: Global Warming
    After lack of floods: Global Warming
    After too much uneventful weather: Global Warming

    Same with guns

    I’m starting to catch on to the Leftists…

    Never vote Democrat. Never

  12. I’m reminded of an old saying. Republicans and Conservatives think Liberals and Democrats are stupid. But Liberals and Democrats think Republicans and Conservatives are evil. If I told you that I got to travel back in time and kick Hitler in the nuts, I’d be applauded. You can do anything you want to someone who’s evil. It’s why liberal “comedians” can call Ivanka a C*** and make incest jokes over the offense of Ivanka posting a picture of her holding her son and the next day get awards. Ivanka is the daughter of an evil man and she doesn’t disavow him. You can do anything you want to someone who’s evil. No need for reason or common sense.

    You can hear it in their counter arguments. If I point out that a particular gun control law makes no difference, the response is “at least we’re trying something”. The accusation in their response is that I don’t care about even trying to save lives. Or if a black person votes Republican, they get called Uncle Tom or a traitor.

    Liberals have no need to actually discuss their failed policies. They can just dismiss all criticism as coming from evil people and there’s no need for facts.

  13. I think she has gotten that turned around. It seems that after every shooting We talk about gunz as the problem, not mental illness, motive and every other distraction. I’m blaming Ed Sullivan and television, America wasn’t like it is now until The Beatles debuted in America. Perhaps the Brits have an agenda to destroy America with covert means, I’m taking China and the Opium Wars as an example.

  14. Making more federal laws for a killer to not have a gun is like pissing in the wind. The no gun people need to wake the hell up. How damn stupid can people be? Laws have never stopped anything. It is just a way for guberments to make money. Why don’t these people look at drivers being distracted by texting & causing wrecks that kill people. A whole lot more deaths that way than by guns,

    • Can’t they use the GPS on the cellphone to determine the speed at which the person is traveling, allowing for a piece of code that can shut off the phone if the person is moving at a high rate of speed? You would have to figure out a way to make sure the code only executes for people driving. Maybe a scan requirement of every finger then two hand use. Or you can do some more oppressive methods.

      How would people feel about not being able to use their phones while traveling unless they get a special exemption when they fulfill the requirements to make sure they can’t misuse their phones?

  15. “Despite all of our state’s efforts, New Jersey is not an island — we can’t make our neighborhoods safe as long as guns can come in across a bridge or state line, from Pennsylvania or North Carolina.”

    This is the takeaway. Why is their city so violent? If the guns are coming from such horrible places like North Carolina where they are more easily attainable then why isn’t North Carolina as bad as Trenton, New Jersey? The same argument is easily made against Chicago and Indiana. You have your rights in Indiana, but just a short drive away you don’t. Yet Indiana is doing just fine where the ability to purchase a firearm is not hampered by additional state and local laws whereas Chicago is a hell-hole of gun violence where it’s incredibly difficult to buy a firearm due to state and local laws.

    You think that maybe, just maybe, it’s something with the citizens of Trenton? It’s not your neighbor’s fault? You fly past and denounce motives and mental illnesses and go straight to the means. Well without the motive and the mentality this shooting would not have happened. With the motive and mentality but without the gun this shooting would have been something else. Maybe a knife, maybe a car. Maybe no one else would have been injured, maybe less, maybe more. Maybe if a good person was allowed more easily allowed to legally carry their own firearm you wouldn’t have so many injured.

    A bad carpenter may blame his tools, but a bad Representative blames not enough federal legislative control.

    • Trenton’s murder rate is 25 per 100k. My community is a virtual armed camp with a murder rate of 5 per 100k — per century. And last murder was by crowbar.

      Pro tip:. It’s not the guns.

    • Of course, every gun used in NJ comes from somewhere else and the one this perp used just jumped into his hand and went off on its own. It’s so much easier to blame the inanimate object than the thug you let out early. Our present governor is a certifiable idiot and I see the recall movement starting soon.

    • There are parts of PA and NC that have similar issues, just like there are parts of NJ that are lovely and peaceful (generally the parts not near Philly or NYC). If only we could figure out what these bad areas of PA, NC, and NJ have in common that the good areas in those states don’t have (maybe welfare induced poverty, drug abuse, broken homes, and poor education). Nah…it’s easier to blame guns. Just look at them. They’re scary!

      • We need to paint them all pink and put kittens or puppies on it. I bet they will then outlaw that for the kids and officer safety.

        Every gun owner should have a pink gun to take to the range. Toxic masculinity be gone (as guns are not only for boys)! What kind of “insecure/compensating” male would bring a pink gun out in public?

        National Bring A Female or Pink Gun to The Range Day.

    • In point of fact, the gang bangers were fighting over turf to sell their drugs to middle/upper middle class consumers. They should start getting into drug control, universal background checks to be a dealer, drug registration, special laws for cops to confiscate drug stashes, all kinds of stuff leading up to a total ban and confiscation. Funny no one ever thought of that.

      • That’s so 80s. Drugs are now fully available in middle and upper middle class neighborhoods from their own sources.

  16. Our prisons are at max capacity. It costs us what , around 100,000 per inmate per year to house and feed them. Taxpayer’s dollars btw. So let them out in to society and hope they behave? Not going to happen , as this incident shows. So what do demlibtards do ? Go after guns. Because ? One of the loonys they let out of the bin might illegally obtain a firearm and kill someone. I say give the violent , repeat offenders the needle. Problem solved.

  17. NJ is a piss ant little state (47th overall in land area) we could get a two-fer by bulldozing NJ over the mouth of the Hudson to put NYC under 20′ of water.

    • . It would be my guess that they just wouldn’t stand there and let the bulldozers roll over them and watch the waters rise above their necks. Quite possibly they’d move to another State brining their culture with them.

  18. My my, how times have changed. 100 years ago, a grifter like Coleman would have been selling snake oil from the back of a wooden wagon to impressionable idiots. Today, she’s selling bvllsh!t in front of the state house to impressionable idiots.

    • I think in that part of the country, she might still have had a job sucking off government’s teat. NJ politics have been really corrupt since the Whig party.

  19. This is what happens when foreigners and niggers get to run a state. Nice huh? Toxic waste pit of the U.S. This is why the country is doomed.

    • I can’t imagine how people come to the conclusion that gun owners are a bunch of racist xenophobes.
      Why don’t you head back to the stormfront web forums?

      • Fuck it…if I am going to be constantly accused of being a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, islamophobe on a daily basis while MOST of the worst, most moronic politicians we have quicky ruining this country are women (especially those of color), immigrants, and “progressive” blacks and gays…than so be it.
        How many times have you seen a female cop on tv completly unable to perform their job and in failing to do so put othe officers in danger? Nevermind they are usually escalating a situation with their mouths instead of DE-escalating a situation as training would often dictate. Yet, if any of those cops complain they are a mysoginistic asshole who DARE say a woman couldn’t do something as well as a man…because, FEELINGS. Fuck it, I’m done trying to appease the unappeasable. I calls it like I sees it.

        • Steps to not be called a racist:
          1) Don’t use words like “niggers”, unless you’re a rapper.
          2) Don’t generalize about a racial group and ascribe some negative trait to that group due to race.

          If you want to say “don’t let progressive democrats who have more in common with Marx than Adam Smith run a city”, then I’ll give your post a +1. The difference is we’d be critiquing the Trenton politicians for their bad ideas, not for their irrelevant genetic traits.
          I’d rather have a “nigger” like Thomas Sowell as my governor than an educated white man like Phil Murphy.

          Oh…and given that far more than 1% of gun owners are women, blacks, and/or LGBTs, I doubt 99% of us would take 1958 over 2018. I’m none of those things and wouldn’t.

        • Not even close, dipshit…This country is turning into a Progressive shithole, and its because too many people here feel just like I do but won’t speak out and say how it is. 99% of people here would take 1958 over 2018 any day…and its not because of technology or any other reason than the country ran FAR better when women answered phones and typed for a living, or stayed home and made babies and educated white men ran the damn country. Nevermind the blacks and gays and trans and even the illegals DIDN’T have a say in EVERYTHING back then. Shits ruined now…you know it.

  20. News flash for the shriveled old shrew, there is no such thing as gun safety legislation. It does not exist. There is only gun control legislation amd the mostly evil skanks that support it!

  21. The shooter was a previously convicted gangbanger who was given early release .

    What New Effing Jersey is in need of,as many other states is criminal control.
    This is a direct result of Lefttardism,the slapping on the hand and coddling of criminals and returning them to the streets to victimize the population yet again.

  22. Keep your violent gang members in prison cause it wasn’t a NRA member, that goes to the range with his family, works a job as a good employee, does what he is supposed to as a productive member of society and loves his family, that shot up the town.

  23. If we could only ban alcohol at a national level, we could solve society’s ills.

    If we could only ban drugs at a national level, we could solve society’s ills.

    If we could only ban guns at a national level, we could solve all our murders and violence issues.

    If we could only ban those who don’t “think the right way”, we could solve all of society’s ills.

    Notice a trend? And, notice a consistent pattern of utter absolute drastic failure?

    • Let’s write a new law that will ban all bad people in order to achieve world peace. Every bad person will have to live on a plantation that is guarded by heavily armed government workers. The civilized and educated will then be able to freely roam the planet perfecting it.

      • People who commit crimes and are released commit 90% of US murder, felons commit 80% of US murder.
        Rather than banning kitchen knives or baseball bats, which is where the left’s logic is going, the bad guys who have already done very bad things need to be imprisoned longer. we know for a fact that reduces violent crime and murder.

  24. Try getting people of color (poc) to demonstrate self-control first. Also try demonrat control, muslim control, illiegal alien control. Let us know it works out.

  25. Personally, I think more lives would be saved if we passed more stringent automobile control laws. I think that automotive violence is out of control and causes way more death and destruction than firearms ever will.
    I’m surprised that we don’t see groups of kids out protesting for more automotive control. We could limit the engine size and weight of all cars, after all who needs to go over the speed limit? We could also limit cars to only be available in happy colors, no dark black scary cars.

    • They already have laws/regulations to control cars in such a manner. That’s why California is upset with Trump for trying to get rid of restrictions. Although, Trump wants to attempt some type of socialist/communist banning of foreign imported cars into America.

  26. Bonnie Coleman is the ultimate hypocrite. Her 2 sons were arrested and convicted of armed robbery. They used an automatic weapon which no NJ subject can legally possess While she was still a state legislator she helped push through a law which forbids prospective employers from asking about a criminal record until after they offer a job.

  27. If you return Corporal Punishment and hanging judges instead of Snowflake judges, you’d do more to qwell ALL crime, instead of taking it out on law biding citizens. Why percecute the normal lawbiding American citizens for another persons crimes. I know they don’t have Common Sense classes in college and no diplomas, but Americans need to start using some common sense for a change instead of being Felony Stupid!

  28. When are people going to wake the fuck up GUN CONTROL will not even come close to fixing these issues we have. There over 320,000,000 guns in this country according to national data basis and that is REGERSTIED guns. The crips the bloods and all the other gangs crooks and scum bags probably account for another what 50,000,000 AND YOU STUPID DUMB FUCKS THAT WANT GUN CONTROL BELIEVE THE GANGS AND ALL THE FUCKING LOW LIFE SCUM BAGS THAT WANT TO ROB AND KILL YOU ARE GOING TO HOP RIGHT ON DOWN AND TURN THERE GUNS IN LIKE GOOD LITTLE FUCKNG SCUM BAGS THEY ARE. Gun control is not the answer the answer Is for parents to start being parents and take responsibility for there kids and stop letting violent video games and social media raise there kids. The biggest problem we have in our society today is NO IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE ANY MORE. No one will face the real truth today and the truth is always blame it all on something else.

  29. Idiot politicians. Gun control will not prevent violent crime. How many different ways do we have to say that criminals do not care about gun laws. New Jersey has some of the most draconian gun laws in the USA . . . no surprise since the Liberal government doesn’t want their voters hurt while they are committing crimes.

    The real lesson here is that some of the survivors related how they huddled under their desks while the shooter reloaded. Too bad New Jersey makes it nearly impossible for citizens to arm themselves, and Liberals are too stupid to even if they could, because rather than being victims they could have just shot the scumbag.


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