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Twitter Targets Conservative Over Guns and Gender Tweet, Removes Photo for ‘Targeted Harassment’

This is the woman who walked through Kent State University carrying an AR after she graduated . . .

In an effort to protect their users from “abusive behavior,” Twitter has taken down Kaitlin Bennett’s pro 2nd Amendment photo sporting two pistols and placed her on a 12 hour ban.

Bennett, who is the Grassroots Director of Liberty Hangout, posted a photo to Twitter on Wednesday of herself holding two pistols behind her back with a caption that read “If I had a pistol for every gender there is. #2A #CampusCarryNow”

“When I woke up Thursday morning, I received a notification saying the post would be removed,” Bennett told The Daily Caller, “and that my features would be limited for 12 hours. During this time, I could not tweet or message anyone.”

Democrat Who Said ‘F**k The NRA’ Is Dropping Out Of NM Congressional Race

Too bad. He probably would have been entertaining . . .

Davis seemed to have ingratiated himself with the anti-gun Left, positioning himself as a strong ally for the cause. As with many progressives, he was invited on Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this month and was pretty much taken to the woodshed. He also claimed that an AR-15 rifle could fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds. That’s not true, folks. Not even close. Micah also noted that Davis had a drunk driving arrest in 2013, which would have certainly been used in a campaign against him. Whatever the case, he’s done. As Micah wrote, Davis might not know much about firearms, but he does know what it feels like to drive while intoxicated.


Billionaire Couple Promises $20 Million To Fund Gun Violence Research

Oh good…more anti-gun billionaires throwing money at the civilian disarmament movement . . .

Speaking at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy on Wednesday, philanthropist Laura Arnold announced plans to spend $20 million over the next five years to fund gun violence research. She and her husband’s foundation would look to raise an additional $30 million, bringing funding up to $50 million for a grant project called the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research.

“Ninety-six people are killed by guns in the U.S. every day. More people have been killed in schools than in military deployment so far in 2018,” Arnold said. “While I was writing my remarks for today, 40 miles away from Houston another school shooting started.”

courtesy NPR and AP

Hawaii man pulls gun on neighbor as tensions run high in community overrun by lava

Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is spreading to new areas and residents are reaching their boiling point. A man was arrested after pulling a gun on a neighbor and shooting it during an argument.

Sixty-one-year-old John Hubbard is now under arrest, accused of opening fire and allegedly assaulting a neighbor who came to check on his property. The victim was injured, but was not shot. …

The lava flows are unrelenting and unpredictable. Ongoing tensions in Leilani Estates may have contributed to a shooting incident Tuesday.

Courtesy Chicago Tribune and Bloomberg


Gun groups want a restraining order against Deerfield’s assault weapons ban before it takes effect in 2 weeks

Illinois has a preemption law. If that means anything at all . . .

Gun-rights advocacy groups are asking a Lake County Circuit Court judge to bar the village of Deerfield from enforcing its ban on assault weapons that is set to kick in June 13.

The ordinance enacted April 2 by the Deerfield Village Board gives residents until June 13 to turn in any guns that fit the village’s definition of assault weapons, remove them from the village or modify the guns so they’re no longer considered assault weapons. The ordinance empowers the town’s police chief to confiscate the assault weapons of anyone charged under the ordinance.

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  1. For those wondering that billionaire couple is in fact a pair of Reptilian Overlords wearing skin suits

        • LOL.

          “The school resource officer for the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office accidentally fired a weapon she was unloading in the parking lot during an active resistance training for officers and school staff last month.”

          Apparently, pulling the trigger is part of the unloading procedure at this department. Classic Fudd stuff!

        • Josh Clark, a former Missoula County undersheriff who is running against McDermott in Tuesday’s primary election, referenced the incident in a Facebook post on his campaign page…

          …He also took issue with the sheriff’s use of “accidental discharge” saying deputies are trained on how to handle firearms and when an incident like Birket’s happens it is referred to in policy as “negligent discharge” not as an accident.

          if Josh really would refer to screw-ups within his department in plain honest English instead of sugar-coating them, he’s got my vote (but that might make him the only head of a law enforcement agency in the country to publicly refer to his own officers’ actions as “negligent”)

    • Contrary to many, I am completely in favor of as many Liberal Progressives spending just as much of their own money as they can possibly stand, or even ALL of their money, on ‘gun-violence studies and research.’ When they have satisfied their urge to waste their private finances, or have squandered every penny, they will have rediscovered what is already known:

      Violent people account for the great percentage of violent acts, including those wherein the tool of choice is a firearm.
      People with criminal backgrounds tend to be violent by nature, and prefer firearms as they are extremely efficient criminal tools. Criminals also account for a high percentage of violent acts.
      Drug dealers are violent people because of the nature of their business, and prefer guns if they can get them as a necessary business tool. Drug dealers account for a high percentage of violent events.
      Gangs, particularly Hispanic and Black, tend to be violent, often use firearms in the course of their violent behavior, and account for (Gasp!) a high percentage of violent incidents.
      Suicides shouldn’t count, but if they MUST, the tool used to finalize one has little to do with the act except in degree of messiness.
      Common, everyday gun owners account for only a minuscule amount of recorded violent acts, and when common, everyday gun owners DO commit intentional violent acts with a firearm, they are virtually always, by definition, ‘criminals’–so we’re back full circle.
      Criminals with guns are a problem; Honest citizens are not.

      It’s better that fools such as these spend THEIR money on reinventing the wheel, than to have OUR money wasted on such efforts.

  2. Yeah I doubt Deerfield has an Ar15 problem…sorry but Highland Park(ILLINOIS!)proved you CAN beat preemption. Alleged shooting?!? It’s on video. Old dude should get a jail term. If he was even a legal gun owner in volcanoland😖

    • Highland Park “beat” pre-emption by enacting its ordinance before the Illinois state pre-emption law went into effect.

    • Preemption is a state by state issue. It will depend on how the statutes are written.

      It would be nice if this comment system actually had some working and worthwhile features

  3. I think they mean the neighbor who allegedly was checking on his property.
    If he didn’t want the neighbor on his property so much that he felt compelled to run him off with a gun, there’s a significant probability the neighbor was more looting suspect than victim.

    If one of my neighbors was so standoffish as to run me off with a gun for trying to preserve his property, I’d know about it, and I’d have no problem watching his house burn from a distance. Sneaking around there when I thought he wasn’t around would be the furthest thing from my mind.

  4. I am beyond fed up with the billionaires club: Soros, Bloomberg, Gates, Buffett, Steyer, and now the Arnolds, et al, trying to force me to live my life in a manner acceptable to them. The country really HAS become a plutocracy. This is a natural result of the Citizens United SCOTUS decision that gives these rich a-holes an outsized voice in how this Country is run.

  5. Twitter is apparently run by a bunch of trannies. I got locked out a while back for suggesting that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. Took a couple of weeks off before I took it down. Twitter is so damn lame.

  6. I can save those B illionaires $29.9999 million in “gun violence” research…

    Go to the every Democrat Party office and ask for their voter list; THAT is the list of violent criminals they need to “research”…

  7. “Democrat Who Said ‘F**k The NRA’ Is Dropping Out Of NM Congressional Race”

    The drunken bum should have said “f**k Johnnie Walker” and dropped out of driving school.

  8. An interesting addition to the ‘Daily Digest’, political edition :

    “Texas Democrats promised a ‘blue wave.’ It was a ripple”

    The gist – You know how we have been hearing that pissed-off Progressives are going to turn out in droves for the midterm election?

    Not happening. Many never bothered to show up to vote in Texas in the recent primaries.

    I’m personally convinced that what lost the election for Hillary in 2016 was that everyone just expected her win would be so big that they didn’t feel the need to vote. Couple that with her zero-point-zero charisma and personal likability, ad down she went.

    I believe the same thing will bite the Leftists again this Fall. They are so isolated in their warm and comfy Leftist bubbles (with hot chocolate and flannel, of course!) that they won’t turn out. After all, ‘everybody’ hates Trump!

    We, on the other hand, realize how narrow our victory was, and will turn out.

    It’s been both amusing and frightening watching their ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ and how long it has lasted. If Trump wins reelection, their fragile psyches will snap like a rubber band…

    • i couldn’t leave the house without flannelette. (pulls forty year old woolrich chamois over head…).

  9. Update on the Big Island moron, local news reports that he was a convicted felon. So ATF is adding additional charges.

    As for billionaires trying to make their Utopia, money wasted.

  10. “He also claimed that an AR-15 rifle could fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds. That’s not true, folks. Not even close.”

    Uhh, yeah. If you mean that the ~800 RPM (which is 200 rounds in 15 sec) is “not even close”. The “M4” nomenclature was applied by DoD. Even the mil-specs are technically “ARs”. Not to mention full-auto civilian sold ARs pre-ban.

    Does anyone writing here know anything about guns here anymore? I know we’re ‘discrediting’ this cretin, but let’s not sound like ill-informed morons when we attempt it. There very much exist (legal) full-auto AR-15s out there, I’ve held one in my hand and pulled the giggle switch.

    Even a cursory google search would provide basic knowledge….

    • Except no one’s talking about the astronomically tiny number of select fire AR-15s that can reach civilian hands except you.

      I can assure you that the troll you’re quoting was no more correct than you are honest.

      • The author of this sloppy piece of “journalism” made a claim. A claim that anyone who knows their ass from a hole is the ground, is false. You know it too, but you want to make excuses for this nonsensical statement.

        • The only thing worse than making a mountain out of a molehill is doing the same with the manure pile.

    • There’s a difference between what a given gun can fire in a minute and “rate of fire.”
      I have yet to see an AR that can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds, as opposed to having seen ARs that have a ROF that can match 150 rounds in 15 seconds.
      So, yes, not even close.

  11. Ahem. . .

    There is ‘PRACTICAL cyclic rate,’ and there is ‘THEORETICAL cyclic rate.’
    A fully-automatic arm is limited in its PRACTICAL cyclic rate by its ability to be fed with ammunition and its ability to withstand and dissipate heat.
    An M4 can THEORETICALLY fire 800rpm IF one could feed it quickly enough, and could cool it sufficiently to keep its forward receiver bits and barrel from melting and drooping and the rounds in the chamber (as it is a closed-bolt system) from cooking off and exploding the gun. THEORETICALLY, if we had a belt-fed M4 with water cooling of the barrel and receiver, and altered it to fire from an open bolt, we THEORETICALLY could get 800rpm for awhile, which is IMPRACTICAL. Without additional cooling, trying to maintain a THEORETICAL high rate of fire results in a burning gun with a drooping barrel after a very short time.
    PRACTICALLY, an M4 rifle with 30-round magazines fed by a human operator and with no additional cooling and no barrel changes has a PRACTICAL, SUSTAINED cyclic rate of 12~15rpm, and a PRACTICAL, SHORT-TERM rate of fire of 45rpm.
    Saying that an M4 can fire, as a matter of course, some 13 rounds PER SECOND might be accurate IN THEORY, but it is completely fallacious and misleading when speaking PRACTICALLY.

  12. Billionaire Couple Promises $20 Million

    If these commi trash asshats were true Americans and cared about saving lives… they would worry about the millions of babies legally killed ..and homeless veterans and starving people and children in need without shelter,food,medicine rather than fight to take away Civil Rights and basic self defense from the Common Folk!

    Hell is filling up fast….

  13. I was watching America’s Got Talent or some such shit. A 14 year old girl had a Rap song about ” if he’d have put the gun down he’d be hear with us” the song ended with “America put your guns down” the song was poorly done and sucked. However everyone cheered, Howie Mandel creamed his jeans, that british short haired dude jack battied all posts over himself . I’m telling yah, Hollyweird is on this ban the guns big time. Sad thing is it’s ban the gunz, they are not picking AsSalt Rifles from single shot shotguns, it’s BAN THE GUNZ….Then ironically they leave the building with armed bodyguards, ride in bullet proof cars, and live in gated communities.

    • Don’t worry, the little bitch will be ignored in favor of better talent. Hopefully. Oh, who am I kidding, her song is going to go gold, just from people buying it to virtue signal, listen to it once, then likely delete it when they realize how shitty she is.

  14. Here’s a better idea for the billionaires that would actually solve some gun violence instead of wasting it on rigged studies designed to find a reason to strip Americans of their rights. Go to an inner city neighborhood and start a business there that would would be profitable and hire the people that live in that neighborhood to work in it. The reason why “gun violence” is so prevalent in those places is because they have no jobs and have nothing to do all day but turn to crime to make ends meet.

  15. “…. More people have been killed in schools than in military deployment so far in 2018,”

    Let’s unpack that thought, shall we?

    Schools are gun free zones. A shooter is going to have no meaningful opposition for minutes or more.

    Military deployment areas are full of soldiers with firearms who can shoot back.

    It would seem that your talking point supports arming teachers. At least it seems that way to mr.

    • I thought maybe she was posing with a Parkland kid…Hogg is that you?

      Maybe I need to set up a shady gun violence research institute, yes, I will find some data for $40 million… Do you want that double spaced? Maybe it could be confusingly worded to actually contain the truth in the details? They don’t like to read details anyway.

  16. Bennett, who is the Grassroots Director of Liberty Hangout, posted a photo to Twitter on Wednesday of herself holding two pistols behind her back with a caption that read “If I had a pistol for every gender there is. #2A #CampusCarryNow”
    I thought this and the AR10 photo of her was cute.
    So are the Progtards pissed over the guns or the tranny remarks?

    • My guess is Progtards have lived their entire lives seeing people that worked hard accomplish their goals and reap the rewards of the hard work -money, fame or power. Problem is Progtards observe the rewards but are never around during the work part. They are left only with seeing other’s rewards and no idea how to get it for themselves as they’ve never seen it done first hand. This leaves the leftist with a couple of options: ride the coattails of someone successful for fame or money, or pursue power by political means (public or in the work place). The Progtards perceive the tranny remarks as attacking a source of their political power and the guns as a tool to deny political power in that it is an issue that gives voice and motivation to their political opposition.

  17. “…an attempt to silence someone else’s opinion.” Do these Twitter hypocrites not realize this is EXACTLY what they are doing to her? These people boggle my mind.

  18. Hmmmm maybe the reason that fewer military personnel are dying on deployment has something to do with trained response to attacks, armor, and the ability to shoot back. ALOT!!!

  19. So should we assume the hundreds of leftists who left death threats and threats of physical harm on Kaitlin Bennet’s Twitter after her AR-10 photo also had their accounts suspended? After all, they specifically said they were going to harm her, and were attempting to intimidate her.

    I’m gonna guess the answer is…no.

  20. “If I had a pistol for every gender there is”

    Man, it’s not going to take long for this girl to get wifed up.


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