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Dixon police officer who prevented school shooting honored in Springfield

It’s probably too much to hope that Officer Dallas could be named the next Broward County Sheriff . . .

A hero police officer who prevented a school shooting in Dixon was honored in Springfield as Governor Bruce Rauner declared Wednesday as Officer Mark Dallas Day.

It was a day full of honors for the man whose quick action prevented a possible tragedy at Dixon High school earlier this month.

“Officer Dallas’ bravery and quick action prevented what could have been an unimaginable tragedy,” said Governor Rauner.

It was just two weeks ago that Dallas was confronted with an armed shooter at Dixon High School, where he is the school resource officer and where his son Josh was in the gym practicing for graduation.

NRA, gun control advocates duel over right to wear orange

What color did you wear yesterday?

The duel began at dawn on social media.

In the early morning hours of Friday, a day when gun control advocates donned orange to honor victims and survivors of gun violence, the National Rifle Association attempted to stake claim to the color.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day, now in its fourth year, has become an annual call to action on June 1 meant to draw attention to shooting victims by wearing orange — a color traditionally used to evoke safety. The #WearOrange movement was originally started by friends of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed in Chicago in 2013.

florida democrat governor candidate Chris King ammunition tax safety fee
courtesy Miami Herald

Democratic candidate for Florida governor wants to tax bullets to fund school safety

Orwellian euphemism of the day: it’s not a tax, it’s a “safety fee” . . .

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris King rolled out a bold gun violence prevention plan Friday that would create a fund designated to research, school safety and intervention programs.

The “Every Kid Fund” for Gun Violence Prevention would have three sources, King said during a roundtable discussion at Allendale United Methodist Church: sales tax revenue from gun and ammunition purchases, a 6 percent “safety fee” on the sale of ammunition, and revenue generated from aspects of King’s criminal justice reform plan.

“This is what’s not being talked about in the state of Florida and many places,” King said of the safety fee.

King, an Orlando entrepreneur who trails in Democratic polls, estimated the fund could generate $50 million, $30 million from the tax and fee revenue and the remainder from proposed policies to end mass incarceration and legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.

missoula school resource officer accident gun fires negligent discharge
courtesy missoulian.com

Missoula school resource deputy accidentally fired gun during active resistance training exercise

Also known as a negligent discharge . . .

At the time, the department was conducting a training about armed intruders and active resistance that it provides to schools in the area, and McDermott said other officers and school district staff were at Mount Jumbo that day.

“Deputy Birket, while unloading a firearm, she had an accidental discharge,” the sheriff said, referring to Detective Rebecca Birket, who last year was made the school resource officer after McDermott brought the long-dormant program back.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

Gun Violence Is Only the Symptom of a Very Troubled Society

No politician? Is César Chelala not aware of the Democrat Party? . . .

That almost no politician has denounced the nefarious influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its responsibility in creating a culture of violence is a clear demonstration of that organization’s power. It took huge demonstrations of high-school kids—many of them survivors of gun violence—for the general population to become aware of the NRA’s impact.

According to a 2007 Small Arms Survey, the U.S., with only 4.4% of the world’s population has roughly 42% of the world’s guns. And yet, despite that almost 90% Americans approve establishing “commonsense” solutions to control the sale of guns, including universal background checks, arms sales continue to soar.

Several solutions involving “smart guns”, such as using biometrics to identify the arms’ rightful owners, have been proposed, but they are far from being widely adopted. Also, although smart guns can prevent the guns from being used by somebody who is not its rightful owner, they cannot prevent mass shootings from arms purchased legally.

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  1. A tax is a tax. What will these morons come up with next ? Nevermind last , I’m afraid to ask. & smart guns will not stop mentally unstable people , get it ???

    • Put a safety fee on every POS (D). Better yet, put a mandatory communism clean up fee from their evil fucking activities. Make the POS (D) pay a stupid fee and a scissor fee for every aborted baby they don’t give a fuck about because selling the parts funds their social terrorism. In fact, make the stupid fuckers pay an “ammunition incentive fee”, we’ve been paying for their satan-serving abortions long enough to know that we’ll have to stock up on a shit pile of ammo to eradicate the evil fuckers.

      Kill a commie for mommy.
      Kill a commie mommy for daddy.
      Kill anyone selling anything commie, for humanity.

        • Thanks for the handwringing. What’s your litmus test for Christ-like? No salty language? Also, I don’t believe he mentioned anything about Christ…

        • Jim Bergman, you’re not very familiar with JoeR’s proud defense of his pious religious status and how America’s problems would be solved if more people believed and acted like him.
          He’s not very subtle about it. He usually puts it in ALL CAPS to make we NOTICE HIM.

        • To be clear, I don’t have a problem with cursing but I was raised by very Christian parents who considered it to be the antithesis of how a proper Christian should talk.
          Thanks for your reply.

  2. So Birket can’t unload a firearm without pulling the trigger to decock it after she removes the magazine.

    Next question, why would a law enforcement agency think it’s OK to display a defaced US flag on their raid vests?

    • IRT the flag being “defaced”. Back, right after 9/11, I was complaining to my father about how so many people were flying their American flags incorrectly. My dad, a WW2 vet and 30 year Navy veteran, replied that he was just glad they were flying. So don’t be so picky. At least some PD’s are still flying the flag.

      • They aren’t showing the US flag though, they’re showing the “police” flag.

    • Thin blue line BS….being a cop doesn’t even make the top 10 most dangerous jobs

  3. They sure as he!! were all in with that orange BS in Chiraq. Mostly over Hydaya “danced for Obama” Pendleton getting shot by a gangbanger’s boo-lit. But ban the law abiding-that’ll help to ghetto. I think the rape thing is extremely effective for 2A. My wife used to counsel at a rape crisis line…mainly FIGHT BACK.

  4. According to a 2007 Small Arms Survey, the U.S., with only 4.4% of the world’s population has roughly 42% of the world’s guns.

    What is their percentage of the world’s freedom/liberty?

    • Maybe 42% of legally held guns by civilians, not all guns. Not guns held by criminals and criminal organizations. The majority of the guns in the world are held by governments and security outfits.

    • 90% want commonsense laws? I love when authors pick statistics out of the air to support their opinion. Not to mention that anyone with knowledge of statistical and scientific evaluation methods knows that you can make a study come to the conclusion you want. It just depends on who’s paying for the research.

  5. I think we should have a special tax on video game consoles, the accessories like joysticks and replica firearms, the fancy smart tvs and sound systems that are all purchased to play violent video games.

    • Violent video games are why I and many other young people in this country are now gun owners.

      • However, denying that handing a psychotic a mass murder simulator has some impact is retarded.

        • I agree.
          However, why that psychotic is allowed out and about remains a mystery. If you posit that handing a psychotic a mass murder simulator has some impact is retarded, that implies you ( or whoever) knows that person is psychotic.
          And in that case, allowing him to remain in public unrestrained is worse than retarded.
          And I’m sure someone, somewhere will blame that on the NRA.

    • How about no? No pre-crime. No banning slippery slopes. How about we work to maintain our freedoms instead?

    • Lets institute a $ 1500 fine per offence for each lie told about the second amendment , crime and about president Trump. We could pay off the national debt in 6 months and have money left over.

  6. Y’know who I’d like to see wearing orange? Hillary Clinton. In an orange jumpsuit.

  7. I live in Florida. Like to think I stay up on current events, politics, etc. Who the hell is Chris King?

  8. What is so nefarious about the NRA attempting toprotect the Second Amendment from eradication by the Democratic Party? And why do all these idiots seem to think that Congress is bought and paid for with NRA dollars, when the fact of the matter is that its members are its power–5 million voters can make a statement.

    • NRA isn’t even in the top 10 political donors. That list is dominated by pharma, energy, and tobacco.

    • And the NRA is in something like the 100th position when it comes to political giving. If the NRA is “buying Congress” they must be clipping coupons, because they’re getting bargain prices.

  9. We need to aggressively take ownership of orange and the term “gun safety”. When someone discuses “gun safety” in an article or a comment section in reference to the anti gunners, I have taken to commenting that the NRA is THE gun safety organization and is the authority on the matter. If someone thinks that training is necessary, I point out that The NRA is at the foundation of virtually all firearms training in the US today. Gun Safety is our turf and we are good at it. The number of accidental deaths decreases regularly despite an increase in gun ownership.

    Orange is our color, both in hunter safety and in the realm of the Range Safety Officer. The demanding Mommies need to go get their pink hats and leave orange and firearm safety to the experts.

    I’m going to add that when discussing homicide and suicide we are not talking about a failure of safety protocols, we are talking about the wilful acts of a human being and the purposeful disregard of safety protocols.

    I really wish this comment system was modern enough or worked well enough that I could follow a conversation in it.

  10. “biometrics to identify the arms’ rightful owners, have been proposed, but they are far from being widely adopted”. Widely adopted? They are far from even being reliably invented/manufactured.

  11. What color did I wear? Nothing, I was naked then and now. AC decided to break and the parts won’t be in for a while.

  12. It won’t take much to make a “smart gun” have more intelligence than your average Democrat shooter. All you need is a rock for the “smarts”.

  13. A smart gun will not lock your gun better than a cable lock.
    A smart gun will have technology to make first round hits on moving targets even if they are behind you.
    Tracking point is the first small steps towards the smart gun

  14. Best reply to Shayna Lopez Rivas tweet:

    “My wife has two rape whistles, one chambered in .380 and one in .45. The .380 saved her life.”

  15. Democratic candidate for Florida governor wants to tax [emphasis added – ed] bullets to fund school safety”

    So, Candidate, Candidate there is pitching extorting the right, wrong people on behalf of his preferred clients — re — “constituents.” They get their thing, without paying for it, and extra smug-righteous points for inflicting righteousness, keeping the right, wrong folks down. (You wanna fund school safety — built it into school budgets, or pay from the general fund.)

    Silly me, I thought a “tax” was something we all agreed to pay together (…in a common way — Isn’t there something about that in the US Constitution, and preceding common law?), to fund a common good. Pretty good pitch in a republic. Less compelling pitch for a protection racket.

    Un-be-lievable. A year and a half post-inauguration, and they still don’t get that if they want more Trump, this is how they get more Trump. The Orange Crush was elected by people who figured out The Other Guys were pitching a extortion racket, and they were the marks, not the clients. ‘He’s a brazen, clueless buffoon, but at least he’s not declaring up front that he’s gonna harvest me and mine as spoils for his droogs.” When your pitch is to crush someone, anybody who will only hurt them a little is a better deal.

    What’s this have to do with guns? Only that with their relentless drive to demonize, marginalize, and exploit everyone who’s ever thought a citizens’ gun might have any place in the world, they’re driving people, again, some more, into the arms of “… at least less bad than those guys” The D-party has made “No guns for you!” a policy plank. Between canonizing Hoagie, relentlessly chipping away at ban by other means, ignoring and warping Heller’s clear meaning because they can’t win the “Go ahead and change it.” exercise, and studied indifference to the costs to the unarmed — it’s a feature, not a bug — they’re creating one cohort of the coalition, not against them on purpose, but against them because they’ve left their reluctant opponents no choice.

    They making wool or mutton? One is worse for the sheep, but neither one is fun. And with these anti-gun folks, it’s hard to tell whether they’re going for the one, or the other.


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