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It was buy one get one free. Just paid shipping and handling.

Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity won last week’s prize (and for all you other winners, our shipping department is running behind. Your prizes are on their way). This week’s best caption writer will win an official TTAG branded stogie from Austin’s Bobalu Cigar Co. Just enter your caption by Sunday midnight for a chance to win. Good luck.

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  1. I haven’t recieved notice that I won.

    I don’t smoke so I shouldn’t enter this weeks.

    ‘Badges, we don’t need no steenking badges.” Couldn’t resist.

  2. “I only have three rounds left on my vest… some of you are going to have to share!”

  3. I’m tellin you guys, I’m GOING to win that damn cigar, don’t make me shoot you for it!

  4. Grooming takes a back seat to being well armed.

  5. The only man in the universe to lose a space ship and his entire team to a dude with a knife.

  6. In the near future 3d printers will turn out some really big gats.

  7. Subtitle: Me, immediately after my lefty friends ask if I’ll “compromise” on gun control

  8. If you think I miss a lot with a 2 handed grip, you should see how many I miss now!

  9. “Really? You’re asking if they take Glock magazines? Yes, and they shoot 6.5 Creedmoo, too. Dumbass.”

  10. I don’t know which way to shoot, but it doesn’t matter, because I can’t see either front sight!

  11. “Why, yes, I am seeing-double drunk. I have two guns, one for each of you.”

    (Apologies to Val Kilmer)

  12. “Mind if I smoke? These babies are loaded up with black powder blanks, and I feel like lighting up the room!”

  13. Jim finally found an advantage for being wall-eyed when engaging multiple attackers.

  14. Ya know, no one took me serious when I did this until I grew the mutton chops.

    Close, but no cigar?

  15. “Wwwwwwhhhaatt we have heeerre is a Failure to communicate! Some men you just can’t reach without shooting them.”
    -with a nod to “Cool Hand Luke”

  16. Don’t need a cigar.. had to log in with BING. GOOGLE did NOT work. FWIW guys in charge. Using an android phone…

  17. When Toombs lost the modeling contract for AR500 Polyethylene Vests, he took it very hard.

  18. I’ve trained for this moment my whole life ,martial arts, advanced combat, graduated Gunsite, bought these badass gunz, tweaked and modified them, just to my liking, taught myself how to hit a target without looking at it. Got a cool ass haircut and Wolverine X men side burns. Then when the moment of truth came down, I thought I’d fart and shit my pants.

    • The guy in the pic is character actor Nick Chinlund. You may ( or may not ) remember him from an early 90s X Files episode called “Irresistable” where he played a genuinely creepy serial killer.

  19. “my sideburners will mutton chop whatever my sideboards are pointing at…”

  20. The day Wolverine’s claws jammed, they thought he was helpless.
    But they had another 2 things coming.

  21. “…the right to keep and bear photon blasters, shall not be infringed.”

  22. You say lazy eye like it’s a bad thing. Unlike you, I can track two targets at the same time.

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