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“I wish that we were not in a state where a shooting was required to change gun laws, because I understand why that makes people nervous — it feels like a knee-jerk reaction. I do think gun laws should change, though, and they should change in order to prevent more shootings.” – Elise Scott in U Students Come to Terms With Guns’ Place on Campus Half a Year After Shooting Death [via dailyutahchronicle.com]

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  1. A gem I heard in the car yesterday:

    Pretty much arming teachers is like saying, we’ve given up. We know there’s going to be a shooter in the school, so let’s just try and eliminate casualties. That’s ridiculous to me.


    Because doing something real and practical to eliminate casualties is a stupid idea but wishing and hoping in the imaginary power of law to rewrite the future is totally a common sense approach.

    The quote is from an impressionable kid being coached by the usual suspects FWIW.

    • There’s a reason NPR disabled the comment sections below their articles, they we’re getting called out by readers as the propaganda machine they are.

      • And why hasn’t some extremely leftist judge ruled that as a violation of the 1st amendment? Because it decided no voices were allowed instead of only blocking some people? Good for the goose and all… The left wants it both ways, but only when they say so. No guns! Until I want one… No hate speech! Until I want to talk about you… No fossil fuels! Until I need my electric car that is charged by electricity that was created from burning coal…

        • NPR is called “National PUBLIC Radio” for a reason. They are funded predominantly by the US taxpayer!!

    • Murder is still illegal. What laws will prevent more?!? Outlaw the tool, okay, you still have Home Depot. Outlaw that you still have vehicles. And regardless, going after guns is misguided. Swimming pools are the #1 killer of children in FL.

    • I know, it defies all logic. How can anyone argue that people are better off helpless & defenseless? Obviously most of us would hope we’d never be involved in a shooting, but if I found myself in that situation I sure as hell would want a means to protect myself. And that means is a firearm. As they say, it’s better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it.
      Unless you’re able to guarantee the prevention of all future shootings, there is no rational argument for barring people from being able to defend themselves & others with equal or greater force, regardless of where those people might be at any given time. And we reasonable, rational people understand that such a guarantee is impossible. No amount of reworded or more restrictive laws will accomplish this. Where does this dissociation with reality come from? I really can’t comprehend such idiocy.

  2. As I could never know the pain of those who lost a child, their anger is misplaced. There are over 20,000 Federal gun laws on the books already. Their anger should be directed at the towns, cites, and states who are responsible for schools safety. The public school system is owned and operated by each state. State’s legislators are responsible for overseeing and ruling on decisions involving public schools in that state. So each State sets the safety net around the schools parent and people need to tell their state legislators to get off their ars and do whats right, make the schools secure. Because going after the NRA and or making even more laws is not producing any changes at the schools is it??????

    • Bottom line. It is very expensive to harden schools. Fences, single points of entry, bag searches, and more armed security. The school boards, politicians, and most of all the tax payers DO NOT want to pay for the massive expense. So they pass a couple of feel good laws, hire one extra guard, and call it good…and hope it doesn’t happen at THEIR school.

      • That just moves the vulnerability
        You have dozens or hundreds of students gathered up to go through security (think TSA lines), so you have a target rich environment prior to needed to be screened for guns.

      • Tell school boards they’ll have to do with less.

        Our factory runs on the minimum personnel to actually keep it running, and we have to constantly improve our production numbers.

        I haven’t seen increased production from school boards over the last 30 years, just a more and more severely top-heavy organization that pays people 6 digit salaries to work 5 hours a week 30 weeks a year.
        Tear down the school boards. The focus should be on the teachers and the students, not the worthless suits.

        Trim a half million from each district’s school board salaries and you’ve suddenly got a lot to work with, and you’re not giving up much to do it.

      • You still have to deal with the fact that kids used to take shotguns to school and put them in their lockers so they could go bird hunting after school. Guns haven’t changed. They’re the same as they ever more. Something in out society has changed. Graphic violence in movies and television, murderous lyrics in hip hop music, breakdown of moral fabric in society, no father homes, screwball kids on prescription drugs and illegal drugs, Democrats pardoning gun wielding drug dealers, and Republicans who aren’t much better. Those are the things that have changed – Not guns. Security at schools won’t stop our rotting culture.
        Plato’s Republic goes over this detail.

        • You forgot one of the big ones, Punishment. Nobody is allowed to tell little Billy or Sally no, let alone a good swat on the butt. Kids are being taught there are no consequences for their actions.

    • I think there should be a change in gun laws. Beginning with the 1934 ‘ Machine gun law , all gun control laws from there to the present should be abolished. Constitutional carry, no permit required, should be the norm. The bad guys carry anyway . The argument of how will the police know who the bad guys are is simply answered by ” by what they do stupid.”

  3. I take it someone forgot to tell this chick that cutting her hair short adds a 15 lbs penalty

  4. It’s funny how the newer “educated” types are spouting all kinds of emotionally-soothing rhetoric without offering any actual rational premises to support their conclusions; instead just “We should change gun laws to prevent shootings.”

    Read that again. She might as well have said, “We should change our healthcare laws to prevent cancer.”

    Now the biggest question: Who is dumber? The kids who buy into the bullshit they hear at college or the “professors” spouting it all?

    There used to be a time when people were encouraged to question things and generate their own viewpoints based on their self-actualization. Well, most people don’t even know *who* they are anymore, other than a fashionable personality to change with the seasons like their clothing style.

  5. Making sure than “a crime with a gun enhancement laws” are not to be plea bargained would go a long way in taking guns away from people that misuse guns. Someone who carries a gun illegally when they go to illegally purchase drugs(which could be a misdemeanor or even an infraction in some states), should fall for the felony gun charge, not have it swept away in a plea bargain action. The drug buyer may be scared and feel he/she needs a gun, but going to an unsafe place to do a crime is not wise – adding a firearm the mix increases stupidity.
    There are many people out there that should know better and who should not carry guns. How many LEOs carry and drink too much at the bar?
    Enforce the laws on the books and pay attention to guns that criminals have.

  6. Perhaps the problem is that guns are viewed as Talismans now, they are evil or they are good (depending on personal views) rather than an amoral tool that serves the righteous and the wicked equally well. Take the example of the Glock 19, Colt 1911, and Tec 9. All three sold (and still sell except for the tec) relatively well and there have been quite a few examples turned into police evidence lockers over the decades but there are many more found in a regular Joe’s gun cabinet that have never fired a shot in anger and in all likelihood never will because that regular Joe will never find himself or herself needing to resort to that particular option.

    • Because someone handed her a public platform for her to spout her stupidity, that’s why…

    • 400,000 people die per year from medical errors, ban doctors. My sister was 1, Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia.

    • If we had background checks, health locks and permits to have cancer then it would all go away.

  7. I’m still saying in clear cut cases,without a doubt about the murderer. Hung by the neck until dead on the State Capitols lawn. For all to see, with media coverage, no sack on the head. I’m certain a few of those and these school shootings would become very rare. What this country has now is lethal injection complete with alcohol swab, if it even comes to that. Instead these terrorist are locked up never to be seen again and the cycle continues….. How the law works. Three days ago a 14 year old individual whom runs the streets and has a meth head momma, was dissed by a girl. This threat was made by him to her,” I’m going to get my grandpa’s gun and shoot you.” She reported it, the law took him in for questioning, told him what they could do. So he cut a deal, 4 people are in jail now for drug poccession, he’s out on the streets again, momma’s still rolling dirty and nothing changed….. What happened to this society that the first impulse is grab a gun and seek revenge for being rejected. Schools, parenting, religion, repercussions, what’s happened? It used to not be like this, maybe this country needs a real War and implement the draft? Somethings got to give or the ” powers that be” are going to start fucking with the Constitution and IMO that ain’t to good

  8. “When You’ve Convinced Yourself That More Laws Will Stop School Shootings”,you’ve swilled one too many and have fallen in the Commiecrat Kool Aid tank,that or you are a complete Moron.

    • Yeah, and a low-cut blouse and-or a short skirt has the same effect.

      “A peek at Heaven” turns men stupid…

      • That’s actually an interesting article, Ralph. It asks what practical applications that observation has.

        Here’s a big one – Companies should only use women to interview other women for hiring purposes.

        Heterosexual women, that is…

    • I get real stupid when I want to play the game ( just the tip ) with a pretty girl

  9. If making a gun law will prevent school shootings, why not just make a law making school shootings illegal? Wouldn’t that be easier and more direct?


  10. She’s so wrong that she’s almost right. There are some laws that really would help stop school shootings, and Utah already has some of them…but those aren’t the laws she wants.

  11. A republican hears a shooting and gets a concealed carry permit so she can defend herself.. a Democrat hears a shooting and hides in a closet for 4 hours… that pretty much sums it up.

  12. Daily Utah Chronicle is a loose and cankered sphincter.

    Don’t get too close, and don’t let what comes out of it near you.

  13. “I do think gun laws should change, though, and they should change in order to prevent more shootings.” – Elise Scott in U Students Come to Terms With Guns’ Place on Campus Half a Year After Shooting Death”


    So what should the changes be? Why do you think each change would work. Specific, concrete change. With the specific, concrete anticipated gross benefits, gross costs, and net improvement, for each. (Remember to balance any gains in “safety” vs. the impact on the 2.5 million or so DGUs each year. Just because the CDC buried the info for a decade or two, doesn’t make it untrue … just unavailable.)

  14. Arming teachers is the fastest most definitive way to counter school shootings. Nothing else will work as fast or be as effective. And yet the left opposes this solution due to an ideological bias against firearms. The source of this bias is, what?

    • Looks like some of the teachers should be saying that they would like the chance to protect themselves too.

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