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Eleven Minutes

Because a cop is too heavy to carry . . .

(D)espite the fact I believe mass shootings are symptomatic of a larger societal problem that has little to do with guns themselves, it was a hard point to argue in the wake of tragedy without sounding trite and callous.

Then the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School happened and the subsequent press reports uncovered something that crystallized my conviction.

Eleven minutes- the length of time it took law enforcement officers who responded to the school to enter the building after the shooting began.

“Eleven minutes” supplies the explanation that I’ve never been able to clearly articulate: I believe in the Second Amendment because I want to be able to protect my loved ones and myself for those eleven minutes, wherever and whenever those eleven minutes happen.

Rebranding the NRA

Out with “rifle” and in with “freedom” . . .

Ironically, protests and movements to ban guns simply drive enthusiasm for them: purchases are spiking — even though Americans already own over 300 million. Accordingly, Oliver North, the NRA’s new president, expects, in short order, to more than double his current membership from six to 14 million.

Despite this mounting firearm fervor, or perhaps because of it, the protestors are gaining influence, momentum, and funding — from the likes of George Soros — and aren’t going to stop.

Neither will politicians in blue states such as California. Democrat Gavin Newsom, in the lead to become the next governor, has been running on an anti-gun platform. Democrat Dianne Feinstein is doing likewise to hold on to her Senate seat.

What can the NRA do?

Change its name. That’s right, change its name.


Teacher Threatened Mass Shooting To Empower Women To Be Serial Killers In New #MeToo Movement, Police Say

Maybe the #metoo movement has mutated a little beyond its original intent . . .

Authorities in Las Vegas arrested a high school teacher after she threatened to shoot up a concert so she could start a new #MeToo movement aimed at empowering women to become serial killers.

Bonanza High School teacher Leslie McGourty, 48, was arrested earlier this month on terrorism charges after she threatened to “poke a lot of holes in a lot of people” at a concert in Las Vegas in text messages she sent to her friend.

kyle kashuv nra gun rights

KASHUV: ‘Common Sense Gun Control’ Lacks Common Sense

Someone’s learning something at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High . . .

I survived a mass shooting in an American public school. Like many of my classmates, I was thrust into the debate about guns and the Second Amendment. Prior to that horrific day on February 14th, 2018, I was a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Following that day, I have watched as many have sought to misinform the public about guns through faulty arguments, misleading statistics, and shameless emotional appeals. Being uniquely situated as a survivor, I felt it was my duty to sort out the good from the bad while I had the public’s ear and to disseminate what I believe are the strongest arguments regarding gun control.

Last week the New York Times published a piece by opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof titled “10 Modest Steps to Cut Gun Violence.” The article has been shared and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and lauded by my Parkland peers as “common sense gun control.” As someone who has spent nearly every moment since the shooting reading gun control materials and engaging in the debate with other students, members of Congress, and even the President, I realized that this article was not only lacking in common sense, but would be entirely unproductive. Here is my rebuttal to Mr. Kristof . . .


America, your gun problem is killing our children

Somehow she fails to mention that violent crime is at a generational low while the number of guns owned by Americans is at an all-time high . . .

Two weeks after the National Rifle Association convened in Texas, two attendees, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas continued to pretend that guns are not the problem. Gov. Abbott said at this month’s NRA conference, “The answer to gun violence is not to take guns away, the answer is to strengthen the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.”

Gov. Abbott was forced to look in the faces of parents who will never see their children alive again. Somehow he forgot to tell them that they and their godless hearts are the problem, not the guns. But the NRA playbook dictates that the deflection message always comes a day or two later, which always seems to be enough time for us to somehow be a little more OK with guns killing another 10 innocent lives.

This is the woman who called for a ban on machine gun magazines and would make smart guns mandatory.

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  1. 11 minutes. It can be a lifetime. I wonder how many fewer minutes it would have been if that coward from broward had gone straight in?

  2. How about the NRA keep its name and let the progressives take over the ACLU and change their name instead? Sounds like what the republicans did years ago (except they forgot to change the name).

    • The progressives took over the ACLU a while ago. I used to donate. Now, when they ask, I refer to them as the American Social Justice League, n quote them back at themselves.

      They don’t get it. Sad.

  3. The NRA just needs to act like they did after Newtown. That would be a great start! Yeah 11 minutes can change your life…just ask my 2 sons in their 40’s! I sure like that Kashuv kid. The abuse he’s gotten pizzes me off. Man these gal’s are deranged…😖

  4. Well with Wayne LaPierre in charge the NRA isn’t for rifles or freedom so it doesn’t really matter.

  5. Machine guns ? Where ? Children being killed by ? By people , guns do not fire themselves. So many ignorant , uneducated people speaking on a subject they have not a clue about. Try focusing on the truth , the facts , and do not be a Hilliary. Even an idiot can see that guns do not shoot anything , without a finger on their trigger. The said fingers doing bad things to innocent people need to be addressed. This country has a problem , it’s not guns !! It is however , mentally ill human beings. Fix them , problem solved. You will not get law abiding citizens to give up their right to bear arms. EVER !!!

  6. America, it’s your FORCEPS problem that’s killing our children.

    • To the tune of 600,000/year, but since it doesn’t fit the anti gun narrative, it’s hate speech to talk about it.

      • At least Planned Parenthood doesn’t have to use its millions of Federal tax dollars budget to fully float the evil POS (D)emocrat National Committee, because they sell the baby body parts which are used as food and medicine.

        All y’all (D) fuckers out there, from POS (D) voter, thru dog-catcher and school board, to Presidential candidates ARE ALL SATANICALLY EVIL MFrs. Shit is too wrong with all of you to un-fuck.

  7. Common Sense Gun Control Law ——Eliminate all gun control laws all the way to and including the 1934 ” Machine Gun Law”. Educate the American public on the constitution and bill of rights. Include the definition of infringed.

  8. “Authorities in Las Vegas arrested a high school teacher after she threatened to shoot up a concert so she could start a new #MeToo movement aimed at empowering women to become serial killers.”

    Jeeze, just *look* at the look in her eyes!

    If there was ever a candidate for a ‘Red Flag’ law, it would be her.

    Not. Balanced…

  9. “Bonanza High School teacher Leslie McGourty”

    The scary part is they let this woman around children,after all everything is for the children.

  10. “Ban machine gun magazines”?
    But I like those articles… And the pictures!

  11. Common sense. Or commonsense. That wording or phrase doesn’t mean what the left thinks it means.

    For something to be common it must have consensus. The left doesnt have consensus.
    For something to make sense it must contain logic. The left doesnt have logic.
    The left or any anti 2nd Civil Right of any stripe.

    Common sense or commonsense is just worn out and has little meaning anymore to anyone I talk to. The same as the phrase Second Amendment. It’s also worn out and anyone I talk to either doesn’t understand it or is flat tired of hearing about it.

    Ears and eyes do open up to Civil rights. When I have the opportunity to speak to those interested in a civil right that people are trying to take away I use the term 2nd Civil Right. I use a direct comparison to the 1st Civil Right, a term universally understood. Most of those conversations are actually started by strangers asking why I carry as the wife and I carry openly. The question comes “how do I do that” or ” is that legal?”. Oddly enough the men ask the wife, women ask me. Always a positive interaction.

    But this is Texas. People of every stripe are used to seeing firearms and are not afraid of them. I know Texas isn’t the greatest state for firearm laws but far better than others. And we are getting better, slowly. And also Texas has the most unique reputation. Most out of state visitors, especially northerners, still expect cowboys and Indians and cattle drives everywhere. Litterally. I feel honored to be able to explain their 2nd Civil Right to them and why it is so important. A civil right which is not given by the government, but protected from it. Or so it is supposed to be. And can be again if we can get more people to understand and stand up for it and ALL civil rights they are supposed to have.

    • Consesnus is manufactured, and the phrase “common sense” is popular with those who rely on emotion While avoiding factual data to push their agenda.

  12. Did somebody say Commie Sense?

    What’s that, something that only makes sense to somebody who believes Marxism is a superior economic system?

    • And a goodly portion of Arlington is planted with people we sent to kill those MFrs.


  13. Obviously , *(D= DummiCRAT. )*/C. Maloney-Baloney, Needs a serious Litmus Test….Like basic history and the US Constitution-Bill of Rights….

  14. Amazing how many people don’t get the reality of response time.
    Inevitably I run into clowns who poo poo the typical 7-11 minute response times and rebut with some fantasy like “they’ll be here in like 2 minutes.” I offer to start a stopwatch and punch them in the face for 2 minutes. They never take me up on their offer.
    The plain fact is any response time other than immediate is TOO LONG.

    • I usually just use a different example but I think I’m gonna use yours now. Normally I ask them about the last time they waited somewhere (doctor, ER, pizza joint) then ask if they think they could survive that while someone is trying to kill them. Anyone saying anything other than maybe or no is a fool.

      The other issue is that the attack may not stop when police arrive and nobody factors in that additional time. Sure the police may get to a mass shooting in 5 minutes and may go straight in but that shooter ain’t stoppin till he’s found and stopped.

      Oh and Shire just a thought to improve your example start punching them before they call 911, more realistic if they have to try to create distance, pull their phone, and dial while under attack.

    • @ Shire

      The plain fact is any response time other than PRIOR-TO is TOO LONG.


  15. Because a Broward cop is too heavy to carry into the school, especially when he’s struggling to run away…

  16. From David Codrea an apt description of Leftist nostrums on guns: “Commie Sense Gun Control.”

  17. Caroline Maloney is the female/NY/House equivalent of Chris Murphy. Just another one-trick pony who accomplishes nothing for her constituents but is able to her her puss splashed all over all the anti-gun media. Kyle Kashuv, on the other hand is an articulate and intelligent counter point to the sniveling little David Hogg.

  18. I see the faux Cisco comment stream has been deleted. Well played by whoever started it. I think TTAG has made a serious editorial mistake. It seems like the fastest way for anybody to silence someone they don’t like is to hijack their name and post absurd comments. The editors might want consider a system where you have to register a name instead of using the current system.

    • Are you sure it was a faux nazisco? Would it surprise anyone to find out he was a pedo?

  19. “even though Americans already own over 300 million” when Obama entered the White House.

    How is it that after 8yr of the anointed one promoting the best years for gun sales ever, the # has never increased?

    • There are at least 600 million guns in America with at least 75% of households having at least one. That bunk that gun ownership is down to a couple of white guys is just that, bunk. Pure lies from folks that have nothing but lies.

      • Someday, 75% of the homes in America will have 600,000 guns each. People will start growing more arms just to ‘bear’ those arms.

  20. This # me too movement should really rethink their name. Most of my life the “#” symbol was called a “pound”. If you pronounce it that way, it really changes the way I think about that group. And then you pair them up with the other anti-rights group, you get “Mom’s demand action/ pound me too.” Sounds like a great porn movie.

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