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School shooting video game removed online after backlash

Someone not only thought this was a good idea, but bankrolled its development and marketing . . .

A Seattle-area company has removed a school shooting video game from its online platform following widespread backlash.

The Active Shooter video game was pulled days before it was to be released on the video-game marketplace Steam.

Steam’s parent company Valve Corp. said Tuesday that it was removing the computer video game because the developer was a “troll with a history of customer abuse.”

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Chicago police insist ‘some progress made’ despite violent weekend that left 7 dead

Imagine how bad things were such that this now constitutes “progress” . . .

Still, Chicago’s Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said police only can do so much, and he continues to call for stricter sentencing and jail time.

“I won’t be happy until we have zero murders, and zero shootings. But there was some progress made, so I am happy about that,” Johnson said following the violent weekend.

Chicago police currently report 46 fewer murders year-to-date compared to the same time last year. CPD attributes the decrease to a focus on community policing and ShotSpotter technology — cameras and radar placed atop utility poles that instantly alert police to gunshots and allows them to track offenders in real-time using 30,000 cameras citywide.

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Dick’s profit jumps as gun policy has muted impact

Same store sales fell, but revenue and profit were up due to new store openings . . .

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. posted higher quarterly profits and sales, allaying concerns that its controversial decision to tighten gun policies would dampen demand at the sporting goods chain.

The retailer said its hunting business suffered, but reported better demand for other items, which helped profit margins. Dick’s said it relied on fewer promotions to move merchandise and was able to reduce its inventories.

Why I Joined the NRA After Writing Gun Control Articles

You can almost hear the sound of the scales falling from his eyes . . .

The Second Amendment isn’t necessarily a call to arms — it’s an inconvenient reality for unelected officials who continually act with impunity and without government oversight.

As for mass shootings, the propaganda of the Left will not save lives. …

Without an armed guard or officer protecting schools, in the manner armed security protects a synagogue in Los Angeles I’ve attended during Jewish holidays, active shooters don’t need powerful firearms. Adam Lanza used 11 minutes to murder 27 people, including 18 children and didn’t need an AR-15 style rifle. Eleven minutes is enough time to reload the same handguns used during the Virginia Tech shooting that killed 32 people. The NRA is correct; schools need armed guards, like the heroic resource officers in Illinois and Florida, who prevented massacres and stopped armed killers before they reached innocent lives.

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A False Choice on Banks and Guns

The conservative case for regulation . . .

The choice between concocting a new regulation that would violate free-market principles and letting financial institutions destroy a legal industry has split the GOP. But the notion that what these banks are doing is merely the free market at work is a distortion of the truth. These restrictions are an attempt to use banks’ power to circumvent the normal legal and political process. For Congress to stand by and let bankers neutralize the Second Amendment would be a dereliction of duty, not a defense of the free market.

The attitude of some banks toward guns is similar to President Obama’s stance on immigration laws: If Congress chooses not to act, that gives them license to act on their own. The primary cheerleader for this movement is New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin. The writer, who doubles as one of the creators of Billions, the Showtime program about a United States Attorney and a billionaire hedge-fund owner who manipulate, exploit, and violate the law to advance their interests, has been urging the financial industry to put gun manufacturers out of business.

Women Should Be at Vanguard of the Gun-Control Movement

You mean they aren’t already? . . .

Women in the U.S. are rarely the perpetrators of gun violence, and they are 11 times more likely to be shot by an intimate partner than women in other countries. In addition, guns are the weapons most frequently used by men to kill them. When women experience domestic violence, the presence of a gun increases their risk of being murdered by 500 percent. And women own fewer guns and support gun-controlmeasures more than men.

That’s why they should be at the forefront of the campaign intensified by the recent spate of mass killings. A new movement could further empower successful groups such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grassroots organization founded after the shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, that is active in 50 states and has representatives in every state capitol. (Moms Demand also gained the support of Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg.)

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  1. ‘Women in the U.S. are rarely the perpetrators of gun violence, and they are 11 times more likely to be shot by an intimate partner than women in other countries. In addition, guns are the weapons most frequently used by men to kill them.’

    I wonder what the likelihood of a woman being beaten to death by her intimate partner’s bare hands are as related to other countries. Or what the ratio of women who are killed in that manner vs men who are killed by women using their bare hands.

    • Oh boy my comment is being moderated. Probably because I said the L-word, and how they abuse their girlfriends more often than men. Many Asian, Latin American, and African countries probably doctor their numbers on domestic abuse and domestic partner murders because they view women as livestock.

      I forgot to add in the original comment that no one ever brings up how often women abuse their boyfriends/husbands and children.

      • Do middle eastern countries even call it domestic abuse if it’s the women getting beat up?

      • Check out Papua New Guinea’s stats on violence towards women & children. Take note of how often guns are used. I’ll save you some suspense, machetes are the tool of choice.

  2. “Women Should Be at Vanguard of the Gun-Control Movement
    You mean they aren’t already? . . .”

    I’m not going to claim that women’s suffrage isn’t a problem, but for those who have been paying attention the vanguard of the gun-control movement are rich Jews.

    • “… vanguard of the gun-control movement are rich Jews.”

      Well, 2 of them anyway (Soros & Bloomie).

      I don’t believe that Buffett or Gates have converted yet.

      • Don’t forget about Feinstein, Schumer, Rahm Emmanuel, Barbara Boxer, Richard Blumenthal, Carl Levin, Alan Dershewitz, John Rosenthal, Dan Gross, and Max Nacheman. For 2% of the population they sure seem over represented in backers of gun control. Maybe they’re afraid that if ordinary peasants have weapons there will be more pogroms?

      • Yeah, pretty much the Jews. Not because of some conspiracy nonsense, but because that demographic group has been able to be the most successful in the big American urban settings, and people in the big American urban settings are overwhelmingly anti-gun. They’ve earned more resources & wealth than other groups over the years, and all but a tiny majority “don’t believe in guns” or something similar.

        It’s not just Bloomberg, it’s nearly the entire upper echelon of anti-gun leadership, funding, and media in cities on both coasts (where the urban Jewish population is most dense, and most successful). Not some vast conspiracy (at least not in the non-political sense) just a bunch of rich dudes with similar background promoting a pet cause that they believe will benefit them personally.

        If the NRA/etc were smart, they’d try to make inroads with the urban Jewish community so they wouldn’t continue to be such a monolithic and effective opponent to their efforts. But sadly there’s just as much push-back and social consequence for Jewish folks willing to go off the reservation on this issue as there is for urban black Americans joining the Republican party.

        • Yeah no. You sound like some ignorant professional-repressed-minority type complaining about how you shouldn’t have to “act white” to be successful. They did the same stuff as everyone else to become successful, they were just better organized & diligent on average than other demographic groups. Emphasis on education, public speaking, and profitable careers like Wall Street, banking, legal, medical, and business/media makes for profitable persons; who knew?

          Is there corruption or foul play in many/all of these fields? Sure. Is it limited to the Jews or higher for them than the ‘average?’ Not really (if it was, the Jews wouldn’t be nearly as successful on the whole).

        • Regardless of the exact details, it does put urban Jews into cultural conflict with suburban and rural well let’s be honest, largely whites. It is a conflict they acknowledge and they have their own stereotypes and portrayal of us. We would be wise to at least acknowledge the conflict as well.

      • Bill Gates certainly has. He donated $1 million to the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a gun control advocacy group, according to its most recent financial report with Washington State

    • Soros isn’t a real Jew. He doesn’t even qualify as a CAPO since his father bought papers. He is a Nazi war criminal.

      • On paper, he was the teenage nephew of a NAZI party member and local government official. Sometimes he helped his ‘uncle’ keep count of the undesireables being loaded onto the trains. I don’t think that makes a 14 year old kid dodging a death sentence into a ‘war criminal’. He’s done plenty of crimes against humanity as an adult exercising free will, let’s stick to those.

        It was a happy time in Soros’ life, for watching people get shipped off to concentration camps in tightly packed freight trains was happier than being on the train with them.

      • I read that Soros was nine years old at the start of WWII. In any case, calling him a Nazi war criminal makes you sound like a fact free, Alex Jones-type jackass.

        • Alex Jones has been right far more times than he has been wrong, and calling him “fact-free” makes you sound like one of those gay frogs (that he was also right about) who needs some of Alex’s patented Male Vitality. Git u sum.

        • “Alex Jones has been right far more times than he has been wrong”

          That might be the most ridiculous claim I’ve ever seen in the comment sections of this website!

        • Erik Weisz: So calling a nine year old a Nazi war criminal doesn’t make you sound like a fact free jackass??? 🤔🤔

  3. My wife, a woman, always gets pissed off when women are used as pawns in a proxy manipulation scheme. For all the women’s liberation they sure seem to get herded into line with regularity. I suppose if it were woman’s lib there’d be more independent thought and less group think. You can yell at me for being male now.

    • “My wife, a woman,…”

      Is xe really a woman, or is that a patriarchal construct?

      (Sorry, just kidding, I couldn’t resist. BTW, my wife claims to be a woman as well (and I’ve seen proof)).

      • Well, in today’s USA, qualifying that your wife is actually a woman may be necessary.

        • at fifteen, my wife was not yet a woman when we met. she developed into one briefly while she raised our brats. decades of marriage to myself has had her mutate back into girldom.
          she may have been a lady at some point.

  4. Yeah “progress” in Chiraq. A gazillion cameras on every street corner and a boatload of expendable rookie cops. The exact same # of murders as last years Memorial Daze weekend…oh and we just emerged from 6 months of winter. The brother’s get testy in hot weather😡😧😩

  5. While I’m not a fan of the theory that video games cause people to murder ‘n’ stuff (sorry, Lt. Col. Grossman), I might concede that they _might_ lower the threshold for someone who is already predisposed to commit such acts. In contrast, the playing of these violent-themed games might act as a catharsis.

    That being said, I’m not a fan of such games. My boys played “Grand Theft Auto” and they seem OK. While there is collateral damage, the main “targets” are not nuns and accountants.

    The school shooting theme looks pretty sick to me. I’m waiting for “Colombian Drug Lord” where the player gets to give out neckties, “West African Coast” where you capture people to sell into slavery, and (***Godwin’s Law warning***)”Holocaust” where you get to gas people in showers and burn their bodies. Oooh, what fun. 8~(

    • Manhunt. That game was seriously twisted in the sort of way you’re talking about.

    • There’s a fine line in video games that most developers simply ignore for shock value. I, for one, would like to see video games be treated like tobacco or alcohol. Sure, if you’re an adult, go nuts. Some games, however, should never be marketed to children.

      Let’s take a good example of one of the finest “video games as art” arguments in the past decade or so. Spec Ops: The Line. It is a fantastic game which deliberately broke out of the AAA cookie cutter mold by introducing a fantastic narrative and a real feel of consequences for the player. Hell, most of the game is a continuous exercise in subtly destroying the 4th wall. It’s one of the few games I’ve played that actually made me sit back and think about the medium as a whole and what it says about us.

      Here’s the problem. An adult playing the game will get the very subtle message woven throughout the narrative. Most teenagers? Not so much. Simply put, kids shouldn’t have easy access to this kind of thing for the same reason they shouldn’t have access to tobacco or alcohol. Their brains aren’t developed enough to properly process the messages being conveyed and will often walk away idolizing some fundamentally twisted shit. (GTA is a good example of that.)

      Do you think it’s ok to take a 12 year old to watch Saving Private Ryan? No? Then why the hell would you hand the same 12 year old an X-box and the latest Call of Duty game?

    • violent movies / video games are a deflection from crappy parents.

      me and plenty of kids grew up not being shielded from fictional violence at all and we never went batshit crazy, we also had parents who kept us in line.

      • To that effect, I wonder how many kids tried to do the things found on the old Tom and Jerry cartoons? None. Kids knew better, back in the day. I blame shitty parents.

      • Some people can smoke a pack a day for 80 years and die because they got hit by a bus. The simple fact is that it’s not just crappy parents. Crappy parents existed for a long time. The real issue is the confluence of influences, or lack there of. A parent can watch Apocalypse Now with their kids and then have a conversation to put it into a perspective the kid can understand. Most kids won’t go crazy because someone plops them in front of an xbox for eight hours per day seven days a week. The problem is that there are a few kids who have serious developmental issues and the addition of adult oriented artwork that they can’t process doesn’t help.

        • The media showed you get 15 minutes of fame for it and Bush+Clinton’s Gun Free School Zones Act make them great targets. Violent crime has fallen as concealed carry has risen, but the one area concealed carry is still prohibited rises. It’s that simple. All studies that suggested video game violence was leaked to real world violence have all been exposed as badly conducted, non-scientific research.

        • @Nanashi

          You get a lot more than 15 min in today’s anti-gun media. You get celebrated for weeks, months, maybe more if you decide to have a sex change in the middle of proceedings…

        • Nanashi…

          The link would be a 2nd order effect and nearly impossible to pull out in ethical studies. Unless you plan to deliberately expose mentally unstable children to thousands of hours of violent games with no adult supervision.

          As I said it’s a confluence of factors.

    • There was an urban myth the Colombine killers made a DOOM mod of their school.

      My son has played everything from FPS, historical strategy, racing, and RPG. From FPS games he has learned situational awareness, map reading, navigation, and even the basics of flying aircraft. From strategy the principles of attack, defence, and combined forces tactics. From racing why street racing is illegal. No matter how good you are there are others on the road who can appear out of no-where. And for RPGs, it takes work to improve yourself, but the 20+ years old game Diablo is still fun. And moreso playing it multiplayer.

      There’s a joke that video games don’t influence people. Otherwise Pacman would have me sitting in the dark, popping pills, seeing ghosts, and listening to aweful techno music.

      • Video games don’t have any more power in making people bad or good than guns have any power in making people bad or good. Video games do allow a person to become conditioned to an act, in violent video games case (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and such) they condition people to the act of killing another human being. This in itself isn’t a bad thing. To use Grossmans own theory here, if a sheepdog becomes more conditioned to the act of killing wolves then he becomes a more efficient sheepdog, and if a wolf becomes more conditioned to killing sheep he just becomes a more efficient wolf. Violent media does not “turn” people from good to bad.

        • The problem is that games that are not appropriate for children without close adult supervision are being given to children in lieu of supervision. When some of those children turn out to have other developmental issues, sooner or later, you’re going to get a timebomb.

      • That’s a facetious argument and you know it. In a properly raised healthy child? Yeah. It’s not going to do anything… Then you add things like developmental disorders and an utter lack of adult supervision and you’re talking about a whole different kettle of fish.

    • Sim Communist? I could see that being educational.

      Just like I can see a war-game simulator demonstrating how much harder it is to wreck havoc with armed opponents in the mix being educational.

      It’s like these vidja game fools don’t realize that live action role play mass shooting drills (with volunteer students present & everything) aren’t already a daily occurrence across the nation. Oh the horror, oh the humanity, oh the PTSD and psychotic breaks…

  6. Maybe those 46 fewer murders are the result of restrictions on officers rather than anti gun leglislation

  7. About Dick’s, the reported results are for the quarter ended May 5th, which means it began on or around February 5th, two weeks BEFORE Dick’s announced its new anti-gun policies in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Let’s see what their results are NEXT quarter, once their virtue signaling has had a chance to kick in.

  8. The school shooting game genre started I believe back in 2005 when Super Columbine Massacre came out ….a game that is still downloadable and playable even today….

    I don’t know why everyone is making such a stink about the now…’s already been done it’s old news

  9. Bloomy makes hoggy look like an actual man in that pic. Would love to give them both a solid forearm shiver to the face.

  10. A little late, eh Dan? The Active Shooter game has been on people’s radar for a while now. Personally, I would have bought a copy, just to piss off the gun grabbers and the demoncrats. Hell, I might even have played it once or twice, just wishing they had David Hogg’s face on the pixilated figures.

    And before some moderator decides to delete my comment, AGAIN, just because I shoot pictures and figures in a video game, or even effigies in real life, doesn’t mean I’d pull the trigger on the real person. I might wish someone else would, and I might frame the obituary for my wall, but I wouldn’t do it.

  11. $2,500 bucks for the little camera Hogg.
    WooHoo! He can buy a house now!
    Wait. Maybe a car.
    OK, a well used car.
    I’ll sell him my used SUV. then I’ll go buy a couple of guns.

  12. What i was hoping for out of this game was an armed response mode– police only, you have about three to five minutes free time to shoot your way through the school before police assault the campus. Check a box and you can opt for armed faculty, which respond as soon as you begin.

    Wonder in which scenario you last longer in.

    • There’s actually an official government one in development. It’s going to be free for first responder agencies and school faculty. Naturally the rest of the internet is waiting for a leak.

      Supposedly there’s an option for armed teachers. Watch the play statistics get suppressed when they realize it is the only effective method.

      • Watch their hit-accuracy programming be lower than the responding police officers’, every time, despite having a single fixed approach to guard in a classroom.

  13. “”Why I Joined the NRA After Writing Gun Control Articles”

    Is it “I realized the NRA’s leadership supports gun control and they are my friend, not my enemy”?

  14. Maybe they should have just made the video game from the perspective of the police or an armed staff member. That actually might work. From the perspective of the d bag shooter? Yeah l, not so much.

  15. There is something I don’t understand about this Hogg sensation . It is obvious that he is a sociopath like Bloomberg and he is foolish enough to be used by the libs until he falls on his face .
    The part that I cannot understand that his fellow students and the parents of the casualties are not in an uproar over Hogg’s profiting over this tragedy.

  16. “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…”- George Washington
    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”- Thomas Jefferson
    “To disarm the people…is the most effectual way to enslave them.”- George Mason
    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”- Samuel Adams

    • “Bunch of slave-owning cis-white men *spit* talking about freedom & rights & slavery. What do they know?” –Trigglypuff

  17. The banks will fail, those loyal to the Democrats will be bailed out, those objective or loyal to Republicans will be nationalized or parted out for pennies. If the theft extends to retirement accounts or mortgages, it will probably be the spark that kicks off our incipient civil war.

  18. So Hogg is now a literal paid Bloomberg shill, who literally received a check covered in the blood of his fellow school children.

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