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“At a time when nearly every day we turn on the television we are faced with the horrific images of a community rattled by gun violence, making the decision to stand up with the Brady Center was a no-brainer. While many are using their feet to march and their voices to be heard, we wanted to lend our lips because we’re ready to join the fight for our lives.” – The Lipstick Lobby founder Davida Hall in The Lipstick Lobby Releases New Lipstick to Support Gun Control [via]

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  1. So… these are the sorts of vermin we’re supposed to be “civil” to? Um… nope. Not going to happen.

    • Yeah all they want is a discussion,well here it is,their feelings don’t overrule my civil rights and they can STICK it,End Of Discussion.

  2. As usual they have it all backwards. it’s violence perpetrated by evil people that chose a firearm as a tool to commit their evil deeds on others. This is a societal problem brought on by anything goes, socialist godless atheist culture that has permiated our society.

    • I don’t know, man, I’m a godless heathen and I’ve never committed a crime nor devalued human life.

    • Godlessness has nothing to do with it. I work in the firearms industry with a lot of great people. Myself and many of my co-workers are all non-Christians. Stop blaming atheists for a problem that is clearly unrelated.

      A lot of America’s violence is committed by gangs. Many gangs use religion to fuel their movements and invoke god to protect them, but you don’t see the vast majority of law abiding Americans, both religious and non-religious, blaming religion for the violence because the root causes have nothing to do with religion.

      • Nobody cares about gang violence. Gang violence is not the focus of this article or the campaign it is reporting on. Stay on topic.

        The topic is spree shootings, primarily at schools, and what can be done to eliminate them or at least limit their frequency and mortality.

        Since you’re so certain of what is not the root cause, why dont you enlighten us as to what the root cause is and how we might confront it?

        • Look into Latino gangs if you are interested in how gangs utilize religious iconography and ideas.

          In terms of more logical theorized root causes other than “not enough Jesus”: unstable and/or abusive family lives, bullying, unaddressed metal health issues, etc.

        • All right, let me take a stab at determining the ‘root cause’ of mass shootings in schools. . .

          Step 1: Pack a large mass of young human beings into walled enclosures, from early morning to mid-afternoon, and (after a certain age) don’t let them out of the building for any reason. Make ‘gym’ optional, and if there IS ‘gym,’ fill it with competitive events that pit one against the other to see who ‘wins.’
          Step 2: Put those young, immature human beings under the sole control of some rather odd people, people who are generally Leftist Liberal Progressives who really care little for their charges, but who are fully willing to indoctrinate them and ‘use’ them as necessary. Employ only those administrators and teachers who willingly toe the NEA line, and who are in it for the money as a general rule.
          Step 3: Bearing in mind that these young, immature humans have young, immature brains awash with newly-introduced hormones, put them into relatively high-pressure situations where they are compelled to perform to standards they have never been expected to reach before.
          Step 4: Introduce to those immature, hormone-crazed young humans the opposite sex, their new procreation drive, their dreams and fears for their futures all tied up in self-image and the ‘need to succeed’ with their peers and prospective mates.
          Step 5: Having thrown all of these immature humans into contact with each other, make sure that some succeed/are handsome/are cute/are attractive/are jocks/are quick learners/can afford nice clothes and that some are neither handsome, nor attractive, nor successful in pretty much anything, which is the common human condition for adults as well as children.
          Step 6: Ensure that the immature humans awash with hormones get their fill of rap music, music videos in general, violent programming and games, pretty much unsupervised by their ‘parents’ who expect the school to deal with such things as SOMEbody has to earn money to buy all of that ‘stuff’ that you just can’t do without any more. Make it a relative certainty that the most unsuccessful, ordinary, not-very-popular misfit has the most inattentive parents, or the divorced parents, or the missing parents.
          Step 7: Wait until somebody gets shot.
          Step 8: Hold a protest march.
          Step 9: Demand more gun control.
          Step 10: It’s for the Children.

          Did I miss anything?

      • Gangs ‘use religion to fuel their movements…..’
        Really? What exactly are you basing your statement on?

  3. I see faces of unearned entitlement, narcacism, and ingratitude.
    This is the Left.
    Very troubled and unhappy souls.
    They need mental health professionals.

  4. well we could always give them their safe space. it has 4 walls and armed guards and they get a bit of time each day out in the yard to exercise. if i was running it though their safe space might only have stale bread and water and they would be expected to work be that breaking rocks for road base or any number of other projects i could get up and going to pay for their “protection” from the savagery of the real world.

    • ” if i was running it though their safe space might only have stale bread and water…”

      Toni, here in the States, if a ‘guest’ at a state-run bed-and-breakfast is ‘non-cooperative’ with those running the bed-and-breakfast, they are fed a *delightful* concoction here known as “Nutraloaf’ :

      “Nutraloaf (also known as Meal Loaf, prison loaf, disciplinary loaf, food loaf, lockup loaf, confinement loaf, seg loaf, grue or special management meal)[1] is a food served in prisons in the United States and Canada…”

      It is 100 percent nutrition, and *zero* percent pleasant. The taste is bland.

      You would prefer bread and water over ‘Nutraloaf’…

  5. I don’t know what any of that is or means and since I work with what could arguably be considered Teen Vogues target audience and have seen no evidence of them knowing what it is or ever even picking up a Teen Vogue, visiting their site or talking about it I’m guess this campaign is reaching exactly the number of people pictured above and a bunch of old busybody ladies who are decidedly not the target demographic of Teen Vogue.

  6. Lipstick Lobby founder Davida Hall:

    …the decision to stand up with the Brady Center was a no-brainer.

    She did get one thing right, but not in the way she intended.

      • Obviously not the right kind.

        If they really cared they would go balls out with face tattoos. For the children. For the motherfucking children!

        Clearly they don’t care about kids very much.

    • First it was Carhartt jackets, now its lipstick. I have no idea how Kevlar with inserts is even still a viable item in stores with all these new armor technologies

  7. Teen Vogue? Teen militantism? Militant: Somebody of sophomoric intelligence acting defiant. Double that for the Teen Vogue crowd, who apparently only care about lipstick, make-up and dressing as if they were the next super model. How are we supposed to take this seriously?

  8. Protect kids…. Agreed! That is why I carry a gun! Hopefully I never use it, or airbags, or hurricane kit, or fire extinguisher, or tourniquet. Maybe several home invaders enter my house, maybe they kill me. Maybe I die trying to defend my kids. Maybe I pull out my EDC and the perps scamper off into the night. Who can know? But I at least want the possibility, a chance to survive, rather than cowering in fear as the perps tie up, rape, murder, and set my house alight. “Am I next?” Maybe, son, but hopefully you can refuse to be a victim, and rather than lay down and die a martyr, fight for your life and those you love. I would hope your parents would fight for you too.

  9. To The Unspoken,
    That is a very well written comment!
    I agree with every word
    I will call 911 and until they arrive, I am my own first responder.
    First aid kit, fire extinguisher, Hurricane supplies and firearm are all ready
    With the hope I never have to use them
    I will protect my family any way I can
    If I die in the attempt, that is what a man does


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