Chicago Crime & Chaos on The Magnificent Mile
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Chicago has a well-deserved national reputation for homicides. Most people think the violence only happens in the “bad” parts of town, and prudence demands concealed carry holders avoid crime-plagued neighborhoods when possible. However in Chicago, violence now happens throughout Rahm’s Paradise by the Lake. That includes the Windy City’s crown jewel, the Magnificent Mile.

Large groups of African-American youths took the train to downtown Chicago this past weekend, as they’ve done in the recent past. There, unsupervised, some roamed the streets and wreaked havoc in the city’s prime tourist destination, sometimes looting and robbing with impunity.

In addition, they vandalized property and battered innocent people walking past just for laughs. All in all, they brought chaos with them, tying up police for hours dealing with the crime wave.

While the mainstream media didn’t breathe a word of it for fear of angering city fathers (and probably the local merchants), CWB Chicago and Second City Cop both reported the dirty details. After all, stories like this past weekend might keep tourists and others from visiting the glittering high end stores and spending money. Who would travel to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile to shop if they knew they could return home without some of their teeth, their valuables or maybe even their lives.

How bad did things get this past weekend? Second City Cop described it as “a downtown completely out of control and a police department hopelessly outnumbered and undermanned.”

Here, see the chaos for yourself (audio NSFW):



CWB Chicago offered a transcript of police radio traffic.  Here’s a three-hour sample from Saturday evening:

8:22PM — “Mayhem,” says the downtown police dispatcher, taking a few brief seconds to summarize what she and Chicago cops are dealing with.

8:26PM — Lakeview: Officers call for backup. Fifteen to 20 people are beating up a boy who tried to prevent them from stealing a bike at the Lane Tech High School Memorial Day carnival. Story here.

8:39PM — 70 or 80 teens coming off the Chicago Red Line. “Tell Water Tower to close their doors; otherwise, they gotta let ‘em in.”

8:42PM — Fights behind the historic Water Tower. Crowd: 200 people, per dispatcher.

8:45PM — “Water Tower is closed. There’s one door open so people can exit.”

8:46PM — Cop: “Got a large fight on Pearson just east of Michigan.” “Have Water Tower lock their doors.” “They are, they are.”

8:55PM — Rush & Chicago Avenue: A group ran into Nordstrom Rack, saying someone has a gun outside. Issue appears to be fireworks set off near the historic Water Tower. Also: More cars needed outside the location for a fight.

8:56PM — Millennium Park: “Caller says a Hispanic male has a baseball bat in his pants.”

9:11PM — Sergeant: “We have a Cubs game letting out. Send teams down to the platform at Chicago and State to make sure order is being kept” as the arriving Cubs fans mix with teens waiting to leave via the same station.

9:21PM — Big fight outside the Park Hyatt, says an officer.
9:39PM — “We need everybody we have to try to get rid of these people” at Chicago and State. “Push ‘em to the Red Line.” “Maintain the perimeter, do not let anyone out.” At least four arrests for resisting police.
10:05PM — “Hundreds” running wild in the streets near Roosevelt Red Line station. The train from Chicago and State—which was supposed to run express to 47th Street—stopped at Roosevelt by mistake, an officer says.
10:12PM — Back at Lane Tech, a 17-year-old boy has been punched in the face and robbed by three offenders. Story here.

10:11PM — “I got a group of about 150 running into the Target” store on Roosevelt. “Start blocking these little assholes off!” Three arrests at Roosevelt and State.

10:31PM — 1st District Police station front desk: “Uh, yeah. I guess that group is heading down toward our station, so let the units know we’re locking the front door.”

10:33PM — Up at Montrose Beach:
Dispatcher: “I’ve got a ticket for a female trying to carry her heavy-set intoxicated friend to a car. Can I get a code for that?”
Sergeant: “Yeah…She needs to start working out or get better friends.”

10:39PM — Back downtown, CTA is now holding a train at Roosevelt so all of the kids they let off by mistake can get on and, you know, run express to 47th Street like they were supposed to.

10:46PM — Update on the heavy-set drunk girl at Montrose Beach: “She’s laid out in the sand, face down… Fire’s not responding and neither is she.”

11:31PM — River North: Shots fired. Taxicab struck by gunfire at 500 North Wells. No one hurt. Black BMW with two occupants sped away westbound. No arrests.

Just hours later, cops arrested a 19-year-old for fighting with Chicago Fire Department paramedics. She knocked one of the paramedics out and injured another. The woman’s family also began fighting with first responders and eventually the ambulance itself took a gunshot in the melee.

The Chicago Tribune had that story:

A 19-year-old woman was charged in connection with an attack on two Chicago Fire Department paramedics in the back of an ambulance that was also struck by a bullet during the episode in Englewood early Sunday, police said.

Latorya Thigpen, of the Parkway Gardens neighborhood, is accused of hitting, punching, kicking, scratching and spitting at two uniformed paramedics as they tried to treat her in the 2700 block of West 68th Street in the South Side’s Marquette Park neighborhood about 4 a.m, police said.

The paramedics suffered scratches, abrasions, bruising, and loss of consciousness, police said.

During the incident, a bullet lodged itself in the passenger side door of the ambulance as medics were treating a patient whose family became irate when they weren’t allowed in the ambulance.

The American Thinker picked up the story of the violence – and the mainstream media cover-up – and put it out nationally.

The first hot weekend brings violent mobs to Chicago streets as media turn a blind eye

If you want to know how bad things have gotten there, the major media outlets are no help. The last thing they want is for people to stay away from The Mag Mile – the stretch of Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River – full of glittering shopping, towering condo buildings and hotels, and the iconic Water Tower that is Chicago’s rival to Fifth Avenue around Trump Tower.  You have to go to Second City Cop and CWB Chicago, two grassroots websites that are not afraid of alienating big advertisers or of a phone call from City Hall.

The arrival of 90-plus-degree weather over the Memorial Day weekend unleashed the urban youth. Today, CWB Chicago lists the “highlights” of emergency radio traffic, and it is a horrifying compilation of chaos unleashed.  For example, an hour and half or so of Saturday night:

Meanwhile, Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel loves to blame gun owners and the NRA for his city’s wide-ranging problems while his city is mired in a cesspool of violence.

Sooner or later, one of these mobs of thugs will go after a concealed carry licensee or a family member. When that happens, the number and intensity of the media reporting will be deafening, prominently featuring earnest interviews with gun control activists and the criminal apologists that run Rahm’s Paradise by the Lake.


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  1. Where are the cops? I used to live near Chicago and went there all the time, including the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue) and Rush Street. There were always cops walking the street and more police cars than you could shake a stick at. Now, nothing.

    • Years of budget cutting critical services to maintain the welfare state, combined with solid blue city leadership and “The Ferguson Effect” pretty well explains Chicago. Also explains Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore etc. we are even getting a nice dose of this in Nashville with our new progressive mayor, he advocated for a 9 BILLION DOLLAR train system that would be free to the homeless and welfare recipients while at the same time cutting police and fire cost of living increases AND laying off teachers. Violent crime has spiked around here as well, go figure.

      • what do they expect doing that sort of thing and disarming the law abiding who would voluntarily help the cops etc. some of these programs to help the poor may sound good on the surface but when a certain percentage of those poor just want handouts and to take what they want….. sadly it only makes that percentage more prolific and the downward spiral continues

        • It’s a policy of creating anarchy one city at a time. Next time they should trash and burn city hall.

        • yep well aware of that mate. here they just did it the whole damn country at once. thank god for your 2A

      • Except in Detroit the head cop encourages citizens to buy guns, know how to use them and be prepared to defend themselves against criminals. In Chicago, not so much.

  2. Why are they having any of the trains stop in or near the ghettos on the weekends? If the thugs can’t get a ride to visit their victims, they can’t chase off the tourists. Guess that would be racist and unfair to keep them from earning a living by mugging the tourists.

    • In San Francisco that would be refered to as “procedural racism”. It’s a policy that would adversely effect poor black people and limit their access to public transportation. Kind of like how a mandatory I.D. check to vote is racist because the Left says poor black people are too stupid or lazy to get I.D.’s. Or like how gun control laws disproportionately limit law abiding inner city minorities (the most vulnerable victim group in America) access to firearms… oops…. I mean, “the NRA is racist and wants to put guns in the hands of murderous thugs!”…. Although, I think referring to “law abiding inner city minorities” as “murderous thugs”, is quite racist.

  3. “8:56PM — Millennium Park: “Caller says a Hispanic male has a baseball bat in his pants.”

    Is that a baseball bat in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  4. “In addition, they vandalized property and battered innocent people walking past just for laughs.”


    Maybe next year a few hundred peaceful concealed carriers (in small groups) could show up and ‘see the sights’, do some shopping, eat at a nice place…

    • Hm… under Illinois law, you can conceal carry anything that qualifies as a “pistol”… I think I see a new use for my MP5K clone.

        • Lucky, mine with 30’s caused me all kinds of problems. As soon as I took the extensions off.. back to normal. (CMMG aftermarket extensions, the springs appeared to get caught up in the joint)

        • ” As soon as I took the extensions off.. back to normal.”

          It’s the springs.

          Had the same problem when I tried +2 baseplates on my 13 round G23. Jam city.

          When I put a 15 round spring in there, the problem went away. Stretching a 13 round spring caused jams.

          So I don’t fool with those +2 baseplates anymore unless I have the proper spring for the higher capacity…

  5. 10:46PM — Update on the heavy-set drunk girl at Montrose Beach: “She’s laid out in the sand, face down… Fire’s not responding and neither is she.”

    That’s not a good date!

  6. … and people call me a fascist when I point out that the obvious solution to this BS is to roll in the Illinois National Guard.

    • Serge, I’d like to double down on that and see Rahmhole removed from office for incompetence at the same time.
      Either that or he should be point man on the street at the next “little get together” these young adults have.

      • yep make him point man but make him do it without his armed guards and without any weapons of any worth…. maybe a mini baseball bat at best 🙂

        • LoL
          He only gets to use his mouth.
          Of course he may not be heard with his head up his arse and all…

        • PMSL love it. Hit the nail on the head 🙂 maybe he should be using his mouth to F…….o the criminals into submission

        • I’d rather give him an AR with a drum mag and see him put it down as an act of pacifism or not.

        • lol that might work. could be he would join his mates in the gangs though….. after all most cities like this have very high level corruption. the worse they are the higher it goes usually

    • Unfortunately, along with that Paramilitarized Police commando attitude comes a lack of being able to differentiate between “Goods with guns and bad guys with guns…” They would see everyone as a threat…Which is of course the reverse of a “Socialist Authoritarian Police-State…” But similar… Id just prefer if all lawful US citizens were just to be able to exercise and utilize the second amendment rights…Such as this case….

  7. Where is Cisco Kid to comment how we are all racists for not allowing the young kids to rampage for shitz & grinz?

    • That’s funny! That guy is full blown stupid. I’ve decided to just ignore him. That’s will hurt him worse than anything. Urge others to do the same. Don’t reply to his comments!

  8. Meanwhile in Indianapolis, Indiana; the capital of the state that Rahm blames because “it’s too easy for them to drive across state line and get a gun”. Hosting the greatest spectacle in racing with 300,000 people in one area. Biggest news story was a man found dead at the speedway from nonsuspious cause and a new gun store opened in noblesville and told the mayor to leave. If only I could live in peaceful Chicago

  9. I say we go into orbit and nuke the neighborhoods…. it’s the only way to be sure… (Apologies to Sigourney Weaver)…..

    • No….. just, no…. this is why CN-20 was invented. Nerve gas would be much more effective considering the damage to the surounding infrastructure a nuclear blast would entail. I gotta go with Vasquez on this one.

  10. “Large groups of African-American youths took the train to downtown Chicago this past weekend,”

    Haven’t you read the Associated Press styleguide? You aren’t supposed to mention race unless a white person did something bad.

  11. Chicago is a sh*thole, the whole thing. I was so glad I retired a few years back and never have set a foot back into since. I used do to IT services for some clients in and near the “magnificent mile” and there were pan handlers everywhere. The nearby parking lots, where it could cost $40 to park for a couple hours, made me want to vomit as the stairwells were used as toilets. If would not dare stop for lunch down there as it would cost $7 for a mediocre hot dog. Now I hear things have gotten only a lot worse, terrific. Another liberal paradise circling the bowl.

    • I get the impression Chicago should be walled off and to leave the miscreants to stew in their own juice.

      And use two walls with an at least one-mile free fire zone in between.

  12. All those brave young souls who have mastered the are the the “blind side punch”. WOW, such bravery!

  13. I heard it somewhere else, but this demonstrates the need for high capacity magazines.
    A hundred cops deployed with a stop and frisk attitude would do wonders. I know I know – what the hell am I thinking. The idea of “law and order” is completely outdated.

    • Translation: Your idea of “rule of law” means treading on 4A. If the government you wish for can be so cavalier about citizens’ 4A, why would they be any better regarding, say, your 2A?

  14. “Stop and Frisk” violates people’s rights. Catching someone using a gun or a felon in possession should not be able to be plea bargained away.
    We have the wrong people here with firearms and they get a slap on the wrist – but if you use a firearm for protection against trash like this, you get time.

    • You saw that part too?

      “Police say Hernandez, a La Raza street gang member, matched the description given by the 911 caller and they found a loaded handgun in his waistband during a pat-down search. The handgun was later determined to be stolen, a police spokesman said today. Hernandez is charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, misdemeanor possession of a firearm, and misdemeanor theft, police said. He was due in bond court Sunday afternoon”

      “The handgun was later determined to be stolen”
      “misdemeanor possession of a firearm”

      Law abiding gun owners are living in fear of violating some obscure ATF ordinance which is a felony but apparently carrying a stolen gun is a misdemeanor if you’re a la raza member.

  15. I hope it stays on the Magnificent Mile and doesn’t move West. I’ll be spending nearly every hour of daylight next week standing hip deep in the Miracle Mile. I better not have to shoot anything/one.

  16. This is really sad. At other times the Mag Mile and River North during warmer weather were really nice for us as tourists. But even then you could see and feel the problems. One time, maybe 30 years ago, my wife and I visited in the fall and attempted to walk back from the zoo, I believe, to our hotel on the Mile. We walked through the River North arts district (all of 2 blocks, I think) and after crossing one street, it was Holy Shite, Batman, we don’t belong here. I say that having grown up in NYC, where you knew what was safe and what was not, and you stayed away from what was not. But Chicago was unreal. Another time we took the CTA weekend tour bus to the end of the line in all directions and back and could see how ghettoized the whole city is. Cross one street, all signs in Russian. Cross another, all in Spanish. Cross the next street only black people visible. Repeat at next major intersection. Very obviously gang controlled no matter the culture or color, as not a single “wrong” person could be observed in any neighborhood, and just about every building was tagged. Not sure I would take that tour today. Short of aggressive and very non-PC policing, coupled with shall-issue CHP’s for those not of the criminal persuasion, I don’t know what could bring the nightmare to an end. Well, I do. Like some of you have said – nuking it from orbit would be the other choice.

    • Nah, don’t use nukes. Radiation is a bad thing, after all. Just carpet bomb the whole city with conventional dumb bombs. It would be a great use of some of the aging munitions we have gathering dust. 😃

    • Chicago is the most racist place in North America, far more racist than any place in the South I’ve ever been.

      But it’s not stereotypical media “racism”.

      EVERYBODY hates EVERYBODY who’s different.

      * Whites hate Blacks.
      * Blacks hate Jews.
      * Mexicans hate Puerto Ricans.
      * Mainland Italians hate Sicilians.

      If there were REAL aliens there, the Rumulans would hate the Vulcans.

      The average Chicagoan will let you steal his last nickel if he thinks you’ll use it to hurt somebody different from him.

      And speaking of aliens, Chicago reminds me of that Star Trek TOS episode where the guy who was black on the right and white on the left spent eternity fighting the guy who was black on the left and white on the right.

      Of course the cops hate EVERYBODY, be they a Black kid in an El station or a White barmaid trying to stop them from stealing liquor.

  17. “During the incident, a bullet lodged itself in the passenger side door of the ambulance”

    Must have come from one of those guns that fires all by itself…

  18. Well, I could say how shocked I am, except I read a large part of Colin Flaherty’s book Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry, so I’d be lying. It really is a shame, so many people give such a bad reputation to so many other people.

    About here is where I expect Cisco to claim I’m a racist. I wonder where he is…

  19. One wonders if these incidents will lead to pressure on Rahm to actually do something. I hate to sound cynical, but it always seems like it’s when the problems in bad neighborhoods start to cause trouble in the “draw” areas that bring in the big money/tourists/etc. that City Hall gets an earful. Especially from the well-heeled and well-connected types that even a jerk like Rahm would ignore at his own peril.

  20. Sooo…did someone say something about a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet Of The Apes?

  21. Just waiting for these losers to attempt an assault on a group of concealed carry individuals….this won’t stop until they are stopped….by whatever means necessary….dead thugs sure won’t cause me to lose any sleep…welcome to the HELLHOLE of Chicago!!!

  22. My niece and her husband and children lived on Michigan Ave. until 2016. One of their neighbors was shot dead at the front entrance to their building. Violence on the “Miracle Mile” is nothing new.

    • The Chicago PD has a long history of sitting on its ass and doing nothing (when it’s not stealing).

      You may not have heard of the 1919 race riot, where they explicitly refused to stop White arsonists and rioters (like future mayor Richard J. Daley) from attacking the Black community.

      • Detroit PD did the same thing with Ossian Sweet in 1925. Monroe, SC PD did the same thing with Robert F. Williams in 1961. In fact, their PD was with the Klan. The list probably goes on.

  23. Chiraq is proof that if you need to shoot packs of wild animals, then you are better off with hard cast lead versus hollow points.

  24. “During the incident, a bullet lodged itself in the passenger side door of the ambulance as medics were treating a patient whose family became irate when they weren’t allowed in the ambulance.”

    Read that again…. slowly… and just think about it.

  25. Fuck your bullshit city, use to be a great city, but Mr Head in the Sand Mayor, just keep blaming everyone else like the NRA. You have made the city what it is today, nothing to be proud of. You want to change it, let everyone carry a gun, all this will stop

  26. Anyone with any dignity or basic common sense, has moved. This is what happens when liberal policies are implemented, Cities like Chicago, Baltimore, with large African American population bases have no plan for growth, are millions in debt and no rational or reasonable plan for recovery. Tax and spend, Seattle is on track to join them. I applaud people with insight that have moved for a better quality of life. let it burn!

  27. Can someone please explain to me why those racist white folks think that black youths are dangerous, out of control and criminal in their conduct?


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