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New Mexico Muslim Compound School Shooter Training

courtesy Taos Count Sheriff

New Mexico compound suspects were training children for school shootings, prosecutors say

Not Mexico, not Gaza, not Afghanistan . . .

The five suspects accused of abusing 11 children at a New Mexico compound were training them to commit school shootings, prosecutors said Wednesday.

If the defendants were to “be released from custody, there is a substantial likelihood defendants may commit new crimes due to their planning and preparation for future school shootings,” according to the court filings.

The complaints did not provide further details about the alleged training.

Allegations against the suspects come in the wake of the discovery that 11 starving children had been living in a filthy compound in Amalia, New Mexico, that lacked electricity or plumbing.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Chicago Gang Violence Incompetent

courtesy and Reuters

Chicago officials make plea to shooters after deadly weekend: ‘Get your buddies to put down the guns’

Hizzoner’s big idea: beg Chicago’s gangs to stop shooting each other . . .

Chicago officials called on community members to hold shooters and gangs responsible after a violent weekend left at least 12 dead in shootings across the city.

Rahm Emanuel, the embattled Democratic mayor who faces demands to resignover continued citywide gun violence, turned the blame onto criminals and repeat offenders during a Monday press conference.

“Somebody knows who did it,” the mayor said after at least 66 people were shot since Friday. “These individuals out here in the street need to stop pulling the trigger … where is the accountability for them?”


Sweden Down Syndrome Man Shot By Police Toy Gun


Young man with Down’s Syndrome carrying a toy gun shot dead by police

Horrible . . .

A young man with Down’s Syndrome and autism has died after being shot by police in Sweden while carrying a toy gun.

Local media reported that Eric Torell, 20, was shot by officers in Stockholm in response to what they described as a “threatening situation” in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He had been reported missing by his family after disappearing from his home hours earlier and was carrying the toy gun, which had been a gift.

Javis Crittenden NBA Suspended Guns in Locker Room


Gilbert Arenas Details 2009 Gun Showdown With Javaris Crittenton

Some people are simply too stupid to be allowed to operate without adult supervision . . .

“It was about me calling his bluff,” Arenas said. “You say you’re going to shoot me? Fine, I’ll bring you the guns to do it.”

Crittenton pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at Arenas, scaring the other players in the locker room. The rest of the team ran and left Arenas and Crittenton alone in the locker room.

After the incident, Commissioner David Stern suspended both players for the remainder of the 2009 season. Arenas and Crittenton later pled guilty to misdemeaner weapons charges and were sentenced to probation.

Crittenton never ended up playing in the NBA again and pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2015. He is serving a 23-year prison sentence for killing a mother of four in a 2011 gang-related shooting.

‘Bump stocks’ and other firearm enhancements could be banned in Charleston

Rubber bands, too? . . .

The ordinance acknowledges that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the rights of citizens to own and carry firearms, however it states, “because neither a ‘bump stock’ nor a ‘trigger crank’ is a firearm, they are not constitutionally protected.”

The full city council would have to approve the ordinance banning the bump stock and other gun accessories in order to go into effect.

If passed, the draft ordinance states it would be declared unlawful for any person to be in possession of the gun enhancements, and those found guilty would face misdemeanor charges.

University Of Louisville Grad Satirizes Gun-Toting Graduation Pic With Dildo

These pics should be a fun topic in the criminal justice major’s future job interviews . . .

The photos of (Haley) Davis posing with the sex toy, sans context, are humorous, but she told HuffPost that she took them to satirize another graduation photo from this year that also went viral.

In May, Kent State University graduate Kaitlin Bennett posted an image of herself in front of her university’s sign with a rifle affixed to her back and a cap that read, “Come and take it.”

Bennett’s post said that she “should have been” able to carry a gun on her campus but wasn’t allowed to.

Davis told HuffPost that she wasn’t “enraged” by Bennett’s post, but that she did think, “Dang, this girl takes things too seriously” and that “bringing an assault rifle to the campus is in poor taste.” Those thoughts led her to recreate the photos herself.


The boring truth about 3-D printed guns

Now that the restraining order is in place, the Los Angeles Times discovers that 3D guns aren’t quite so terrifying . . .

From skimming news stories, you’d think the State Department settlement had suddenly made available these digital source files. Actually, they have been legally obtainable on the open web for years via the Internet Archive, and in other digital media, like USB drives and DVDs. All the settlement did was allow Defense Distributed to host these files at its own URL.

It’s also deceptive to suggest that criminals can take their homebrew guns through metal detectors. Only a fully plastic gun is undetectable; but a fully plastic gun is dangerously fragile and unusable after the first shot. And even an all-plastic gun requires metal bullets. (For what it’s worth, it has long been illegal to manufacture an undetectable gun.)

Then there’s the assertion that 3-D printed guns are “untraceable,” meaning they lack a serial number tying them to a specific manufacturer and retail transaction. But there’s no law against making such a weapon for personal use. Furthermore, the benefits of gun tracing have been vastly oversold. Canada shut down their national long-gun registry because it was too expensive and didn’t have a clear effect on crime rates.

Finally, with the exception of the all-plastic single-shot Liberator pistol, the “guns” one would make from the files are not, in fact, “fully functional guns,” but parts, which one must then combine with other parts that have long been freely available for purchase online. (Unlike the classic rifles and revolvers of the Old West, modern guns are designed to be taken apart and customized or upgraded by amateurs.)


  1. avatar neiowa says:

    “Haley” couldn’t find ONE guy on campus to service her? Must really have something wrong in the head.

    1. avatar ollie says:

      She’s probably a “biter”‘. Best left alone.
      On the other hand, a gal with a dildo doesn’t need any help.

      1. avatar Jeh says:

        shes inked so the possibility of undiagnosed mental illness is somewhere around 80%.

        1. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

          What is it with all the anti-tattoo bigots around here? Tell me, why do you feel that having ink makes someone crazy? Projecting, perhaps?

          Are you really that afraid of people who enjoy different things from what you like to do, have, or participate in? Are you terribly disturbed by the thought of someone, somewhere being happy?

    2. avatar Nanashi says:

      They teach Latin in that school. All the guys there know the phrase Accensum qui pedicat urit mentulam.

      1. avatar rosignol says:

        “He was fired, fired a cock Pedicare”


        Was expecting something more along the lines of “Don’t something something crazy”.

        1. avatar Nanashi says:

          “The one who buggers a fire burns his penis.”

        2. avatar Anymouse says:

          It’s graffiti from Pompeii. I’ve seen it translated as “One who fscks a fire burns his penis.”

        3. avatar Sora says:

          Old sayings of mothers said it better.
          “Don’t put your 41(k in crazies.”

          I’d like to see how her job interviews go. Kaitlin on the other hand already has a job.

  2. avatar FedUp says:

    Davis told HuffPost that she wasn’t “enraged” by Bennett’s post, but that she did think, “Dang, this girl takes things defending her life too seriously”

    “As a feminist, I value sexual liberation and acceptance of sexuality. That, combined with the fact that no man will touch me, is why I chose to pose with a dildo.”

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      A sexually-liberated feminist? I guess the grayhaired professors didn’t get their hooks in her yet.

      1. avatar CZJay says:

        Today’s feminists think having sex with as many people they want is liberating. They think the concept of a “slut” is a construct of the patriarchy to suppress the sexuality of women.

    2. avatar California Richard says:

      “….That, combined with the fact that no man will touch me, …”

      Keep telling yourself that snowflake. Keep putting off reality until it punches you in the face and has its way with you. Im sure satire and a dildo will get you far in this world.

  3. avatar Mater says:

    Better be looking for more compounds… thats dangerous right there…

    1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      I’m surprised that the MSM didn’t label this an NRA terrorist training compound because according the David Hogg the Parkland school shooting was only the NRA’s fault.

      1. avatar drunkEODguy says:

        That’s because it was black muslims. Not good for the narrative.

  4. avatar New Continental Army says:

    A compound that manufacture school shooters? That’s honestly beyond disturbing for so many reasons. Has any of the previous school shooters been manufactured there? Who’s running and funding this camp? Is it that far of a stretch to believe the camp could be backed by rogue government figures? With the lengths that the deep state/shadow government has gone to cover up Hillary, destroy Trump, I could see it very possible that this compound is apart of a much larger conspiracy. And I’m really not one to believe the Alex Jones types. But this is quite disturbing.

    1. avatar New Continental Army says:

      And big surprise, it was part of an investigation into Muslim extremists.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        They found the 3yo kid that was abducted by his dad (one of the guys they arrested there). The kid was already dead, though. 🙁

      2. avatar Nanashi says:

        The religion that tells its followers to kill, convert or enslave non-beleivers tried to kill non-belivers? I’m shocked!

      3. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        The cult of pieces and love.

    2. avatar CZJay says:

      They seem more like those patsies the FBI likes to create and use.

    3. avatar Jeh says:

      A pile of tires in the desert is hardly worthy of the term “compound”……..and the only thing that thing is producing is meth and meth addicts.

  5. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

    In case no one reads further the story about school shooting, one of the suspects arrested was Siraj Ibn wahhaj.

    From BBC:

    “according to New York media, Mr Wahhaj’s father, Imam Siriaj Wahhaj, is a prominent Muslim leader in Brooklyn, who has been called “one of the most admired Muslim leaders” in the US.
    He reportedly testified as a character witness at the trial for Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was later convicted of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.
    In 1991, he became the first Muslim to lead an opening prayer before the US House of Representatives“

    The religion of peace right there.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Didn’t the FBI help him bomb the World Trade Center?

    2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      He was the one who abducted his own disabled son here in Atlanta some months ago and then apparently killed him at the school for young Islamic Terrorists.

  6. avatar m. says:

    another n. pees-loosely crew of d-rat voters displaying a “spark of divinity” you think?

  7. avatar WhiteDevil says:

    That one about the kid with Downs hits home hard. I have a baby sister with Downs and I’d lose my mind if someone ever hurt her. I am absolutely amazed that Cody Wilson is still complying with this illegal restraining order. What gives? Put it online. Send a big middle finger to the judge who pulled this out of his ass at the last minute.

  8. avatar bobo says:

    hummm –glanced over her tweeter—-

    2 yapping small dogs, vegan, nose ring and maybe married a ‘soy boy’???

    yep she needs that tools help…and meds maybe??

    1. avatar bryan1980 says:

      “maybe maried a ‘soy boy'”

      Now we know why she has the dildo.

  9. avatar Hannibal says:

    “Local media reported that Eric Torell, 20, was shot by officers in Stockholm in response to what they described as a “threatening situation” in the early hours of Thursday morning.

    He had been reported missing by his family after disappearing from his home hours earlier and was carrying the toy gun, which had been a gift…”

    Can’t wait for the people who gave him such a gift or let him keep it unsupervised blame gun culture or the police for their stupidity.

  10. avatar Shire-man says:

    Hmmm…Muslim extremist terror cell training camps on US soil. That’s one of those outrageous and bigoted hate-inciting lies Infowars has been banned for.

    Seems like a pretty big deal. Odd the MSM has been relatively hush about it. I wonder if they found some white, eschatological Davidian training kids to murder would the story be so buried.

  11. avatar CZJay says:

    The FBI knew for months about Muslims training to commit school shootings and a kidnapped kid? Good old FBI.

    1. avatar ColoradoKid says:

      Too busy with the Trump/Russia thing…priorities you know…

  12. avatar former water walker says:

    I’m not a bit surprised Moose-lims are training kid killer’s. We have a ticking time bomb with our “religion of peace” rhetoric. IMHO one reason the Donald was elected…the murdered 20 year old in Sweden really pizzes me off. Do you crack down on those Moose-lim rapists so vigorously?! Not PC in Upsalla I guess😡😩😖

  13. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Bump on baby !

  14. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    “Don’t point that thing at me lady, I’ll call the cops for brandishing.”

    I just am intrigued about how she “holsters” it for some reason.

    Re:Rahm article, yeah the community is supposed to hold these people to justice because the justice system sure as hell isn’t.

  15. avatar former water walker says:

    BREAKING! Hilarious “ghost gun” story running on NIGHTLINE😄😎😏

  16. avatar Mark N. says:

    Sadly, the LA Times discovered nothing. It was an opinion (well, actually a mostly factual piece) piece written by Jon Stokes, who is the co-founder of Ars Technica, a contributing editor to and founding editor of But I do hgope that the LA Times readers actaully read it and take it to heart, and then tell their councilmen and City Attorney Feuer to cut their crap out.

    1. avatar Jim Bullock says:

      Ars has been demonstrating Conquest’s second law lately:

      “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

      Their politics of tech coverage has morphed into DNC / administrative state talking points at this point. Sad.

  17. avatar Sweep says:

    She missed the perfect opportunity to hashtag it #cumandtakeit.

  18. avatar Sora says:

    Share the crap out of this article. AP fake news will not point to the fact that these are Muslim Immigrant Terrorists. They are doing their best to hide that part of the actual news.

  19. avatar Gralnok says:

    “Muslims don’t create jihad training centers in the US, they want nothing more than to coexist with our communities and go about their lives in peace. The very idea that they would create such terrorist camps on American soil is pure alt-right fantasy!”

    I almost believed it, too. Silly me. Islam was and remains a backward ideology from ancient history that revolves around the disorganized ramblings of a pedophile warlord. It’s more like a cult, than a religion. Until it removes it’s violent passages and teachings, it has no place in modern society.

  20. avatar Sora says:

    REAL NEWS from Breitbart reported that guy is son of Imam who was connected to 1993 WTC bombing by Blind Sheik

    AP, NBC, CBS, ABC all are omitting that.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      And of coarse instead of the justice department keeping tabs on the offspring of known radical Imams in the U.S. they are busy checking out the Steele fabrication.

      This compound was discovered by chance from an anonymous call to local police about child malnourishment.

      1. avatar ColoradoKid says:

        …and then did nothing about it. But they had their eye on the situation for some time.

  21. avatar MilitantCentrist says:

    “Those photos were in poor taste. I’ll wave a dildo around in my graduation pics like a proper lady.”

    Jesus F’ing

    1. avatar Ing says:

      The “liberal” mindset in a nutshell, right there.

    2. avatar CZJay says:

      What’s more dirty, her dildo or an AR?

      1. avatar Evey259 says:

        Depends on how much you’ve used them.

        1. avatar Chris T from KY says:


  22. avatar Wiregrass says:

    “Somebody knows who did it,” the mayor said after at least 66 people were shot since Friday. “These individuals out here in the street need to stop pulling the trigger … where is the accountability for them?”

    Maybe he should ask that dumbass priest Pflegger. I bet he has some good leads.

    1. avatar Father Snuffy Plugger says:

      Everybody knows that the management and staff of Chuck’s Gun Shop shot those people. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t all been thrown in jail yet.

      I’ve asked Cardinal Blase Cupich to buy me a gun so I can snuff Riggio myself.

  23. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Note to Rhan-bo: “Calls” for people to do the job they hired you for are probably a career-limiting move.

    “Hizzoner’s big idea: beg Chicago’s gangs to stop shooting each other . . .

    Chicago officials called on community members to hold shooters and gangs responsible after a violent weekend left at least 12 dead in shootings across the city.”

    Um, we have police, and more broadly city governments to do things like this on our behalf. “Hold them responsible” is, indeed, our responsibility, which we’ve hired you to take care of, for us.

    BTW, if we need to “hold them responsible” ourselves, why do we need you?

    “Rahm Emanuel, the embattled Democratic mayor who faces demands to resig nover continued citywide gun violence, turned the blame onto criminals and repeat offenders during a Monday press conference.”

    Indeed. So, explain again why making administrative criminals out of non-violent citizens just looking to protect themselves (from your mess) helps? It’s almost as it it isn’t the gun that’s the problem, but who has the gun, and what they do with it.

    ““Somebody knows who did it,” the mayor said after at least 66 people were shot since Friday. “These individuals out here in the street need to stop pulling the trigger … where is the accountability for them?””

    Seriously? So if “somebody knows” and you don’t, what good is your surveillance apparatus?

    If they’re known trigger pullers, what are they doing on the street, still. The accountability part is Tiny Dancer’s job. Or, rather, accountability feels all justice-y, but really what we’d like is more room for peaceful, responsible people to live their lives unmolested, including un-shot, un-rousted, and un-surveilled. Maybe get on that.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Maybe this has something to do with the rate at which people run around shooting people in Chitcago?

  24. avatar Gun Owning American says:

    Religion of peace strikes again.

  25. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    There are many people who are afraid of white Christian Republicans who have sex in the missionary position with the lights turned out. They see these Christian’s training their children in firearms safety. Firearms Marksmanship. These Christians are actually encouraging ALL people to learn about firearms and their second amendment rights.

    I would really like to know if these Muslims Immigrated to the United States or are they American citizens. But the story doesn’t state that.

    You can find video of the Jewish Defense League training Jewish children in Firearms Marksmanship as well.

    1. avatar Jeh says:

      Their homegrown nation of islam types.

  26. avatar RedRed says:

    First story linking to CNN, really? Like they would tell the truth about potential Muslim terrorists. Are we to believe that is the BEST reporting done on the situation?

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