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How to Raise an ‘Army of Angry Moms and Women’ From Your Own Kitchen

Another big wet kiss for Shannon and her bought-and-paid-for gun-grabbing group from a compliant media outlet . . .

When she started five-and-a-half years agoWatts was a stay-at-home mother of five, living in suburban Indiana, so politically unsophisticated that she joked about dutifully sending in a $15 donation to the Obama campaign every time she got one of those ‘win a lunch with Barack’ contest emails, really believing she might win. She’d worked in corporate communications for 20 years, and says that experience gave her some know-how on social media and outreach.

Other mothers came in with organizational or design skills. Chapters were established, each with a chapter leader and a circle of supporting moms, each tasked with handling data, membership, survivor outreach and other elements.

Firm at Center of NRA’s Business Woes Tells Gun Group: You Brought This on Yourselves

Plus, their skirt was way too short. They were just asking for it . . .

“The NRA’s own overtly political and inflammatory approach” to marketing, “as well as its provocative public stances, have resulted in a shift in the enforcement priorities of insurance regulators and heightened scrutiny,” Lockton said in a counterclaim filed in June, which The Trace is reporting on here for the first time. It was the NRA, Lockton adds, who put its insurance products  “within this broader political maelstrom.”

When New York regulators cracked down on Carry Guard, they concluded that the product broke state laws against insuring people who deliberately harm others and slapped the NRA for marketing Carry Guard and 11 other insurance products without the necessary license. In May, Lockton signed a consent agreement with New York, paying a $7 million fine and promising not to participate in Carry Guard or promote any other NRA insurance products in the state.

Students stage ‘die-in’ outside Wells Fargo to protest bank’s business ties to NRA

And yet no one is holding a die-in outside Rahm Emanuel’s office. Or Scott Israel’s. Why do you suppose that is? . . .

Parkland survivors spent the summer touring the country to advocate for stricter gun laws, and on Monday eight Southwest Florida students staged a “die-in” outside a Wells Fargo branch on Fifth Avenue South to protest the bank’s business dealings with the National Rifle Association.

Wells Fargo has provided more than $413 million in loans and bonds to two of the largest firearm and ammunition companies since the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting in December 2012, according to Bloomberg. The bank also has established a $28 million line of credit for the NRA and operates the group’s primary accounts.

We’re not holding our breath . . .

There have been innumerable instances of concealed carry permit holders defending their own lives or the lives of others. Sometimes incidents end merely by showing or drawing a firearm. Other times, discharging the firearm is necessary to end the threat.

News coverage of these defensive gun use (DGU) interactions are normally only covered locally. Whereas mass shootings garner all the headlines because of the number of casualties, major networks have little to gain by covering an event that prevents or limits the number of people shot.

Anti-gun people are very strongly against a national reciprocity law. Besides opposing it merely because it is a “pro-gun” issue, one of their main arguments is that some states give out the CCW permits too easily. Many of us in the pro-Second Amendment community understand their concerns.

The simplest solution is to discuss and negotiate the standards of a “national carry permit.”

Andrew Cuomo Angry Governor Soprano

NRA Says It’ll Spend at Least $1 Million on Pro-Kavanaugh Ads

This is exactly what Governor Soprano wants to stop . . .

The National Rifle Association says it’ll spend at least $1 million on television ads urging the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in states represented by four vulnerable Democratic senators and a Republican considered a key vote on the nomination.

The advertisements promoting President Donald Trump’s nominee will run on cable and local broadcast stations as well as on digital platforms in Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, North Dakota and West Virginia. It adds to the flood of money from outside groups on both sides of the confirmation fight that will take place in the Senate in the fall.

“The NRA strongly supports Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court because he will protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Chris W. Cox, executive director of the group, said in a statement on Tuesday. “It’s critical that all pro-Second Amendment voters urge their senators to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”


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  1. “Shannon Watts has a bodyguard who travels with her. He doesn’t carry a gun—his job is to scope out the local hospitals and know which one to rush her to if she gets shot.”

  2. Aw he!! Shannon. Man I miss Dirk…Just watched YankeeMarshall on YouTube. He sez to hell with the NRA while wearing a GOA t-shirt. Tell me again wtf does GOA actually DO?!? Seriously…

    • I think the law defines them differently. I think the GOA is a lobby group and the NRA is a business. The NRA used to be a lobby group, but they moved out of DC to make money instead of lose it.

      • NRA is a non-profit. NRA-ILA is its separate lobbying arm, which also manages a PAC (PVF).

      • The NRA was never a lobbying group. The NRA-ILA was founded in 1975 and is the lobbying arm of the NRA.

    • …whatever happened to quirky Dirk anyway?

      While often crass, he did liven things up around here.

  3. Question for you lawyers out there: in what ways is CarryGuard different than liability insurance? From what I understand, they will reimburse you for the cost of your defense in a criminal or civil case, if you are not found guilty of a crime.

    • As I understand it they only reimburse if you are found not guilty. Because it is a reimbursement system I would never buy it. You have to foot the bill on the front end…refi your house or sell it, raid your 401k, raid the kids college fund; the prosecution has unlimited money to roast you with.

  4. National reciprocity yes! A national carry permit: hell no! Any national permit system is going to be subject to manipulation by every Democrat Congress and every Democrat President. Forced reciprocity cuts that out, they would have to repeal the legislation entirely and accept the reaction of the voters.

    • Which part of the second amendment says permits are Constitutional? Because I don’t see it. I also don’t see where states have any say so over the second.
      Article IV section 2 and Article VI, Clause 2

    • It’ll turn into “may issue” everywhere, I’m sure, meaning the politically connected (and their bodyguards) and people carrying expensive stuff get to carry, and the rest of us are second class citizens. BAD idea.

      • I agree. Over the years, it’s amazing to me how many people I’ve come across that think there should be a national permit to take it out of the hands of states. Great, until the Democrats run things, and the permitting system is modeled after NYC’s.

        Constitutional carry, from coast to coast is the only way to go. 🙂

    • I find all the fuss about differing standards for CC licensing very interesting, plus confusing. This is not new, any more, there have been lots of different states passing and changing their firearms laws, can’t someone examine the results? I mean, if you started with zero carry, like Texas for example, and go to classes in extended torture at high prices for a license, then maybe open carry unlicensed, then constitutional carry, is there no record as to what happened to violent crime, accidental death, and so forth after each change? I am betting that nothing whatever happened when the mandatory classes and range qual were dropped for constitutional carry in a variety of states north, south, east and west, and if that’s the case, it becomes obvious the BS is only there to discourage people from exercising a specified constitutional right. With such amassed data the stupid laws could be explained to Kavanaugh and friends for what they are, and maybe we could get RID of them!

    • We don’t need national driver’s or marriage licenses, and we don’t need a national CCW card. We need states to honor other states’ permits. There already is a defacto national CCW permit for thw politically connected.
      Cronies, like Diane Feinstein, can become special deputy US Marshals and carry anywhere under color of Federal law enforcement.

  5. Shannon’s bodyguards are indeed armed.

    A stay at home mom? More like Shannon Renee Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm.

    Gosh. The lies never end in this puff piece.

    If her cause is so noble and just, why does she need to lie?

  6. I’m not for a federal permission slips scheme. We already have reciprocity on the federal level. I think it’s been there since 1791.

    I read some of that bill for a federal permission slip, it was way too complicated and redefined things in a horrible way. I honestly think it was trash. I would not support such compromise, it’s a major regression.

    I rather have a bill that will enforces the 2nd Amendment — as it was written — on every state. If a state refuses to follow the laws, punishments will be handed out to the politicians and residents for being insurrectionist oppressors.

      • I’m in no way convinced we are going to hold the House in November. They are *pissed*, and that will motivate them to show up. We are a bit complacent, but conservatives tend to vote in mid-term elections, that’s how we kicked Obama’s ass in ’12 and shut him down for the rest of his terms in office.

        All of us *must* vote…

        • I just don’t see it. I live in a conservative area and work in a very liberal area. The conservatives are pretty psyched to vote but none of the liberals really seem to care. I interact with a lot of college students as well, and none of them give a shit. I think the media and the tiny cadre of communists in the country are pissed and they will vote, but I really don’t see democrat turnout being very good. Business as usual.

        • I sure as heck am…they’re trying to turn my district blue. People shouldn’t let all the “winning” convince them not to go to the polls, even if the pols aren’t perfect. If you don’t…they impeach Trump (meaning it gets tried in the senate, not that he’s out) and things just go nuts.

        • I’ll go to the polls too, but if the Dems take the house and impeach Trump, there is no guarantee they will even have him removed from office. Even if they do, they are stuck with Pence and I’m not sure that would be the worst thing to happen.

        • They impeached Clinton.

          How did that hinder him in *any* way?, even with his ‘legacy’?

          They will never get the 3/4 of the required votes to convict in the Senate if the only thing they have to show for the ‘investigation’ is bullshit process charges or ‘obstruction of justice’ charges.

          They probably won’t even be able to convict if they had something on him, based on the bat-shit crazy way the Leftists have reacted since Trump beat Shillary…

    • And we held on to win the Ohio special house election

      That’s the one that was being billed as “a referendum on Trump,” isn’t it? I hope you all have your neck braces on, because that narrative is about to change directions rather abruptly.

      • They’re already out blaming Russia (seriously) and the Green Party. The loss is PROOF of Russias meddling.

    • He is. One of the first things he did when he knew he wouldn’t get in trouble with the Feds for it was visit Cuba and kiss up to the Castro regime. I tell people, pay attention to who politicians rub shoulders with for fun, it will tell you a lot about that politician. I have little doubt in my mind that, if he could get away with it, Cuomo would imprison and/or execute political foes in NY, and he has a lot of foes in upstate. People scoff, they can’t imagine that happening in America. I guarantee leftist politicians like Cuomo can imagine it, though.

      • “…and he has a lot of foes in upstate.” He would have no foes in upstate if upstate NY, like eastern CA, could form its own state away from the criminal sickness that is NYC (and coastal CA.) The rest of us outside of NYC and close suburbs would not need to care about him, and his political venue would be a laughing stock for the rest of the country. Upstate NY plus eastern CA would radically tilt the balance in the US Senate against the urban “elites”, in favor of normal people including of course gun owners.

  7. I do not understand Lofton’s contention that the NRA “brought this on themselves” because of their aggressive pro-2A stance. Although it may be true that the NRA’s stance–and Cuomo’s hatred of the NRA–may have brought on greater administrative scrutiny, scrutiny does not make a legal product illegal or an illegal product legal. In other words, there is no causation if the product that Lofton put together was a legal product. Which it probably was , in that it was a reimbursement policy that paid upon acquittal, and therefore not a product that indemnified for intentionally wrongful conduct. Cuomo is full of crap to suggest that it is murder insurance–and what is even more hypocritical is the number of democrats who have advocated for mandatory firearms insurance for gun owners.

    I am pretty sure that all of the other carry insurance policies are the same (yet New York hasn’t gone after them). Why Lofton didn’t fight this is something of a mystery to me unless, a I suspect, their attorneys told them that an appeal of an administrative decision which is reviewed under an “abuse of discretion” standard was unlikely to prevail in a New York Superior Court in Albany.

  8. A horse walks in to a bar. The bar tender asks,
    “Hey, why the long face”?

    Brought to you by Monsanto Chemical.

  9. “The simplest solution is to discuss and negotiate the standards of a “national carry permit.”

    Wrong, the simplest solution is to use the already existing system of reciprocity that is honored by many states for CCW, and all states for Drivers Licenses, and mandate that, upon meeting of certain minimum standards, a permit from any state MUST be honored in any other state or US territory.

  10. So, annoying the state government (without being convicted of anything) is so scary Lockton runs from making money selling (or brokering) a product people want?

    They an inflict costs on you, so better not get out of line. They don’t have to convict: the process is the punishment.

    Am I wrong or did Lockton pretty much make the NRA’s case for them, right there?

    • Yes, but…I understand settlements like this are often worded in such a way as to have Lockton not admitting either fault, or lack thereof, and probably to legally deny any strong arm tactics. They probably really need to get to trial, then start the fun of discovery, where we get to see all the holy hell Cuomo raised and the incriminating stuff about abuse of power. So long as the NRA gets the right lawyers in a decent (I.e. not 9th circuit) jurisdiction, things will get fun. I’m sure the right lawyers are positively giddy at the idea of getting the loads of evidence Cuomo is bound to have generated.

      • You’ve just outlined the blueprint for every “Hey, look a scandal!” in NY State. A new one develops from time to time, but only on days ending in “y”.

        “Discovery” … it’s entertaining what comes out.

  11. Don’t just wait on Judge Kavanaugh. Vote against any primary candidates who are not actively supporting him. Email them, they read and reply.
    I just voted against Aaron Bean in FL because he voted for Red Flag confiscation law. So did Charles McBarney. They are done with their term limit and now looking for other positions like Agriculture (issues CCW in FL) and Judge, Hell NO!
    Matt Caldwell voted against the Red Flag confiscation and 18-20 age gun ban on adults. So he’s getting a vote.
    Rick Scott is getting voted against in the primary, too. He will win, but he will know his decrease support.

  12. The majority of individuals that participate in die-ins and anti gun protests are future and retired menial job holders .

  13. NPR ran pretty much the same claim of her being an average mom, politically uninvolved, a couple of years ago:.

    June 21, 2016
    Update June 23: This story has been edited to reflect the information in this correction.

    This report previously referred to Shannon Watts as one in a group of “regular people” who began advocating for stricter gun control measures in recent years. After the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., she created the “One Million Moms for Gun Control” Facebook page. It later became “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” We should have noted that Watts has a background in corporate communications. From 1998 to mid-2012, she was a corporate communications executive or consultant at such companies as Monsanto and FleishmanHillard. Before that, Watts had what she says was a nonpolitical job as a public affairs officer in the Missouri state government.

    Our report also stated that Watts had never “done anything political” before the shootings at Sandy Hook. We should have noted that Federal Election Commission records show she began contributing money to Democratic campaigns and political action committees earlier in 2012. According to those records, she has made about $10,000 in such contributions, and about one-third were made before the Sandy Hook shootings.

  14. Adding to Serpent_Vision:

    Shannon Watts $15 donations to Obama is a gross misrepresentation. From March of 2010 until late August of 2012(Sandy Hook happened in December) our little Suzie Homemaker donated $6500 cash to Obama and the DNC. Zero of her contributions were for the amount of $15.

  15. “A National Concealed Carry Program”

    The U S already has such a program,it’s titled the Second Amendment.

  16. “And yet no one is holding a die-in outside Rahm Emanuel’s office. Or Scott Israel’s. Why do you suppose that is? . . .”

    Because the people outside their offices are actually dying?

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