Training School Shooters in NM, Stupid Basketball Tricks and the Boring Truth – TTAG Daily Digest

New Mexico compound suspects were training children for school shootings, prosecutors say Not Mexico, not Gaza, not Afghanistan . . . The five suspects accused of abusing 11 children at a New Mexico compound were training them to commit school shootings, prosecutors said Wednesday. If the defendants were to “be released from custody, there is […]

Guess What Percentage of Comments Opposed ATF Bump Fire Stock Ban

“In December, the ATF announced that it would explore the possibility of regulating bump stocks by reclassifying them as machine guns,” The Trace reports. “The agency initiated a public comment period to solicit input from manufacturers, retailers, and consumers . . . All told, the ATF received more than 36,000 submissions, which are still being reviewed and posted online. Trace staffers […]

Bump Fire Stock Ban: DOA?

Congress’ deadly dereliction of duty: Republicans are blocking action on bump stocks, which let semiautomatics fire continuously. That’s the headline at The anti-gun rights daily reader reckons . . . As the nation absorbed the insanity that civilians not only can buy weapons of war, but can equip them with bump stocks that allow […]