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Since President Obama’s re-election, we’ve heard nothing about Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF gun running program that armed the Sinaloa cartel with U.S. gun store guns. Nor have details of other pro-cartel black bag jobs emerged; including the DEA’s drug money-laundering “sting” and the CIA’s ongoing presence south of the border. Meanwhile, billions of dollars flows into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists and the cartels’ rape, torture, intimidation, corruption and killing continues. Denied their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Mexico’s citizens are at the cartels’ mercy—a characteristic of which they have none. Innocent Mexicans are dying in droves. As reports, Enrique Pena Nieto’s election promises no respite from corruption and murder. In fact, things are bound to get worse . . .

To the point where Mexicans are wondering if the brutality and horror experienced during the Calderon administration will seem like the good old days. Here’s a piece republished with permission from that raises the alarm about a new killing field, a stone’s throw from the Lone Star State. It concludes with a wistful hat tip to Calderon. Yup, it’s that bad.

 Written by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Piedras Negras has become a hot spot in the Mexican drug war. The Mexican city shares a border with  Eagle Pass Texas. Logistically sitting in a prime location  at the POE into Texas in Northeastern Coahuila  and connects with many major highways running through the south, west, east of Mexico feeding into Piedras and into the US.

Zetas and government forces have intensified presence, complicated by the apparent growing presence of the Sinaloa Cartel. Last week both Federal Police and the Coahuila GATES agency sent additional convoys of troops to the area, focusing in Piedras Negras.

The Zetas Cartel have enjoyed a comfortable presense and control of the state of Coahuila since they split from the Golfo Cartel in 2010. Golfos, also known as CDG, can take “credit” for the creation of the violent Zetas as they recruited the group as an enforcer wing of CDG together the two groups called themselves “La Compañía”.

Until the split, La Compañía controlled the state of Coahuila.  After the split Zetas gained control of the majority of the state. Seemingly, with collusion from Saltillo, the media and municipalities.

It is surreal to live in a Coahuila city where everyone knows who the Zs are, where they live, where safe houses are, easy to spot halcones, and just about anyone can take a visitor to places such as staging lots filled with stolen boats, and vehicles of all types, mostly with Texas license plates. But, few speak of it, paralyzed by fear. That is changing, slowly but steadily people are beginning to speak of it with friends. But the openess of narco activity exists and has changed little.

It seems the new governor does not want to be completely married to the Zs, or perhaps wants an open marriage of sorts. That sparked the struggle that was inevitable when a party refuses to play ball within Zetas rules.

Ruben Moriera, is the current governor. Ruben is the brother of Humberto Moreira, former governor who resigned to make a successful run for the chairmanship of the PRI party. Only to resign in disgrace when improprieties were made public of missing Coahuila funds.

Much is spoken about Humberto’s governorship and agreements he made with the Zetas. Violence was abound but few spoke about the many “disappeared” or dead, including the Coahuila press of which the Moreira’s have a large investment in newspaper and radio outlets.  Zetas have the last say of what narco news regional newspapers run.  For the killings reported, many times more go unreported. The fact of the matter is that Coahuila has never maintained an official count of drug deaths or disappearances.

Because of the lack of media coverage and official counts, estimation is the method used to tally deaths and kidnappings. The government of Mexico has concluded that Coahuila may have the most “missing” persons, a reasonable person would insist surely it is one of the top 3 or 4 states that have high numbers of kidnapped persons never to be seen again.

If one looks at the Coahuila map it reflects a large land mass, but it has a small  population rendering large masses of land that are vacant undeveloped and many prime locations to dump bodies.

In Acuña, in one violent week while Humberto was governor, terror gripped the city, as kidnappings and killings erupted in a narco rampage.  Buildings and homes burned to the ground-fire fighters were warned not to attempt to extinguish the fires, or pay with their lives-the chief of police was killed left with a narco message in the parking lot of a large candy warehouse, torched and destroyed.

Though citizens witnessed the violence around the city, not a word of the violence was reported  on the radio, television or Coahuila newspapers.  For three days, no reporting then finally a report of the chief, but little else. Fast forward to October 2012, the night of Lalo Moreira’s murder. Lalo [above] is Humberto’s son. Hours after the murder four men were killed and thrown into the Bravo, on the Acuña side of the river.

One victim was not dead and though handcuffed managed to drift to the Del Rio side of the river where Border Patrol watching the events unfold, rescued the man and took him to the hospital. Upon his release he was kept in GEO for deportation processing.  The name he gave was “Jesus Piña”. A strange thing: Jesus is a dead ringer for Victor Sifueñtes- the police supervisor wanted for Lalo’s murder- and when parties connected to the “Jesus” case were shown  Victor’s photo they made a positive ID.

Victor disappeared directly after “finding” Lalo’s corpse and was on the run for weeks. “Jesus” was deported, then Victor was apprehended in the Coahuila city of Monclova.. When he was picked up Victor’s face still bore the injuries and scabbing consistent with Jesus’ injuries sustained from his late night encounter in the Bravo, just hours after Lalo’s killing.

None of this was reported in Mexican news. However, the story of the 4 bodies dumped in the Bravo was in the Del Rio Herald, stating the bodies were dumped on the Acuna side. Four bodies and not a word written about it in Coahuila nor Mexico. It is evident that Coahuila is no better off with Rueben Moreira. Corruption is still very much alive and thriving in Coahuila.

Ruben made the decision to send forces and fortify  the border town of Piedras Negras. Zs did not take kindly to that action, and successfully executed a mass prison escape from the Piedras Prison of 131 inmates.  When most inmates stayed close to and in the area it was obvious they were freed to defend Zeta ground.

About and hour west of Piedras lies the border town of Acuña, adjacent to Del Rio Texas. It was in this relatively peaceful city that all hell broke loose, pitting governor on governor, brothers on brother, split a powerful family, killed a nephew in retribution for the GATES killing of the nephew of Miguel Treviño aka Z40 leader of the Zetas.

In early October  in a conflict with GATES 4 gunmen were killed in Piedras Negras. One of the dead gunmen was the nephew of Miguel Trevino, his name; Alejandro Treviño Chavez.  This incensed Z40 who ordered a hit on one of the Moreira family members.

Banners began appearing in the region almost immediately. This was confirmed by Carlos  younger brother Ruben and Humberto. The banners warned “Family for Family” and were signed Z40. Jose Eduardo Moreira was the most vulnerable.  He was the son of Humberto and known as “Lalo”.  Lalo lived in Acuña with his wife and infant son, he was 25 years old.

His dead body was found in his truck 24 hours after Z40s nephew was killed in Piedras. The absence of Ruben at Lalo’s funeral  brought to light the severity of the estrangement of the once close brothers. Followed by accusations by the young widow holding the governor culpable in the death of her husband.

Stating that Ruben knew of the warnings and did nothing to protect Lalo,  even though he knew he was defenseless as one month prior Lalo’s armor truck and state police body guards were taken from him with the governors order for the municipal police to fill the roll of body guards. Ironic, as it was the police chief, and supervisor on duty that were two of the 6 men suspected of Lalo’s murder, the chief has already confessed to the killing.

If the relationship between the two governors ever had a chance in hell of mending after that, the fate was sealed when Ruben said it was El Lazca, the other premier leader of the Zetas at the time of Lalo’s death, as the one who ordered the Lalo’s murder. Convenient, since Lazcano is now deceased. Ruben announced the “case closed”.

No one believed the governor’s announcement and the action incensed the Humberto Moreira family further. This time Lalo’s younger brother took to Twitter to accuse his uncle Ruben of being a liar.

In the weeks that followed, police and army presence increased in Acuña and Piedras, Zetas retreated from Acuña seemingly to concentrate on Piedras.  Meanwhile as this heavy deployment in to the area by federal and state forces with the intent to fight off the Zetas and maintain peace, rumors of CDS presense growing both in Acuña and Piedras. The rumors have been persistent.

Two weeks ago narcomantas (narco-banners) began flooding Coahuila. In the banners they accuse two men of being free to conduct narco business with the blessing of the federal police in Piedras. The men are identified as member of the Golfo cartel. Sinaloa and Golfo have an alliance. So if this is all true, and it appears so, what he have is a war zone with federal and state forces, and three cartels.  Is it any wonder if some are suggesting that Piedras is the new Juarez?

Take a look at the Brewster County Sheriff’s office entry on their FB page this week [above]. Although it says Acuña, I am certain it is meant to read “Piedras Negras”. The men in the photo were the accused killers of Lalo upon the transfer to the Acuña prison from Saltillo this past week. The one on the left is Victor Sifueñtes, the police supervisor who “found” the body, and suspected of  his murder.

The elements are in place for Piedras and Acuña to become the hotbed of the drugwar violence.  Much will depend on the Peña administration taking over in December.  He has  contradictions in explaining his vague “plan”.  It would be a waste of over 100K drugwar deaths if lessons were not learned and taken into the new administration.

There were many lessons available from the Juarez tragedy. Let’s hope they are applicable in the strategy of Piedras Negras and other hot spots so we will never reach a point of being able to declare a city as having  “8 Murders a Day”.  Let’s hope those deaths were not completely in vain.

I have written about President Calderon sometimes not in a favorable light, but I ever thought he was not brave, nor honorable, nor the one and only hope Mexico has ever had. His downfall was perhaps his stubbornness, and inability to adapt, sticking with plans that fail without making changes.

I think it is unfair to speak of him as the Death President. I think no matter who was in office the numbers would have escalated, because the playing field has changed. Many groups, gangs and smaller cartels have evolved, all wanting a piece of the plaza. There are more players, more players result in more deaths. One can easily argue a case that Calderon kept the number down from what it would have been.

But he was the first, and the first is seldom the best. However,  if I am to be honest he was the best that Mexico ever voted into office. No doubt in my mind about that.

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  1. “In the news today numerous atomic sounding explosions were heard underground all along the US/Mexico border. Just minutes later Texans were heard shouting “Holy Shit” as Mexico began drifting south around the southern tip of South America.”
    The US had no comment but agreed to help return Mexico to its proper geographical location as soon as all of the Cartels had “disappeared from existence”!!!!
    In other news the POTUS and HR Clinton are nowhere to be found after landing in Jaurez Mexico on a fact finding vacation, Senators Fienstein and others to include R Emmanuel and M Bloomberg were also thought to be accompanying the fact finding vacation crew.
    Many Americans were quoted as simply saying” Damn I hate that”, when asked about the disappearances!!

  2. On a more somber note: this is crazy stupid!!! Mexico is actually, or used to be a beautiful country with a lot of old history.
    It is a crying shame to see and hear about how the cartels have overrun the country, and about all of the innocent people who are dying over all this crap!!

    • The mexican government, which gets a lot of U.S. taxpayer money…….

      more than 300 million per year….

      has been corrupt for way longer than the cartels…..

      • This is very true!!! Still hate to see it tho!! Just another reason we as a country need to quit meddling in other countries affairs. Close our borders and get our collective shit together first!
        It says in the good book that the Lord helps those who help themselves!! One reason our country is in such sad shape!! We are not helping ourselves, just letting ourselves go to hell in a hand basket while we show off how we are so “concerned” about other parts of the world.

        • I agree with your the feelings behind your post, Speedracer. But, have a different take on the situation.

          First, the situation would not exist in Mexico except for the billions of dollars of revenue the drugs make in the American market. So, like it or not, we are part of the problem and need to be part of the answer.

          I 100% agree about getting control of our borders. Absolutely nothing will be done until we accomplish that and KEEP the border secure.

          Now, this statement you made:

          “One reason our country is in such sad shape!! ”

          I TOTALLY DISAGREE!! First, the bad. Yes, our economy is currently in a recession. Well, so is the world. This is not new. Ups and downs in economic situations, worldwide, are normal. Check history and the driving forces of economic growth.

          Now the good. Fact #1: We have the most open, free, democratic society in the world. Fact #2: The most open, free, unencumbered access to firearms in the world. Fact #3: We enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. Fact #4: Our crime rate ranks 13th in industrialized nations.

          In my opinion, we should be celebrating, and be thankful for the country we live in. I can easily list 50 countries that none of the above facts enjoy. In fact, on a daily basis, the opinions expressed on this site would get you killed, tortured, or imprisoned in at least 20 of the countries on the list.

          Do we have problems, sure. Is our border one of them. Darn right. Should it be a priority. Absolutely.

          So, what are we doing about it? Have you written your representatives at State and Federal level?
          On a regular basis? Attending any town hall meetings? Raised this issue when they campaigned near you? Could we do more, sure can.

          I read the posts from those on this site. I believe, for the most part, we are a group who cares. So, time for us to “put up, or shut up”. Be part of the solutions, not part of the problems.

        • JPD I do agree with pretty well everything you said but let me be a little clearer on a few things.
          One of the things our country is based on is our belief in God, and freedom of religion. But as more and more PC people become more influential in government our schools and education system keeps declining. Now I do believe on separation of church and state but at the same time I see from an outside point of view how much our schools and children suffer, both because of the parents and the schools being either too lazy or too pc to truly care about our kids education.
          I graduated in 1981 and the curriculum changes and lack of discipline in schools from then to now has made a difference and I don’t feel like it is for the good of the students.
          While in the military from 1981 to 1996 in a combat arms MOS we participated in the “War On Drugs”. While I have some reservations about legalizing drugs and drug use I do see some benefits to it too. This is one of those lesser of two evil things it seems like.
          I won’t lie, hell i have smoked a few joints in my time, but on the same hand I see a lot of the death and destroyed families caused by a lot of the drugs out there. No idea what the solution is really. The war on drugs is a big failure and money sucking hole but…!
          Having worked in both the European and Desert Theaters I have seen a lot of bad places in the world that are truly a lot worse off than we are. But again if we are going to try to help others we have to get our shit together first.
          Believe me I am very very thankful and respectful of our country and all the great freedoms we have and enjoy everyday, and I say a prayer every night for those still out there keeping us free, and those that have given the ultimate price freely before us!!
          Yea I bug the hell out of our state reps. We are pretty well on a first name basis whether they like it or not!!
          I try everyday by talking about rights and politics and other things we as a country need to do to shape up!! Some listen, some don’t!!
          Kind of a shot in the dark type deal when you go to talking gun rights and politics with people.
          I do agree with what you said above, just wish there was a way to get everyone to realize the need to open their eyes and see what is going on in not only our country but in the world.
          We need to get this country back to the top of it’s game like it used to be. Even as good as we have it in the US it can still be better. Probably not in our lifetime(as my GF’s little girl tells me…I am a half century old)!!!! Gotta love ’em!! LOL!! Hopefully our kids and grandkids can make a difference for the better, and for their benefit and the benefit of future generations.

  3. I say this about anti-gun people, that they are delusional, in denial and down right insane in believing a sign wth a picture of a gun with a circle and slash through it will keep out a mad man with a gun.

    I say the same about people who believe in and support the war on drugs, delusional, in denial and down right insane,; 40 years of failure, enriching gangs to the point they can fight head to head against governments; corrupting the cops, the courts and a continual attack on our civil rights as a direct result of this “war on drugs” and guess what, illegal drugs are easily available on practically any street corner;

    And STILL, there are enough people who support this “war” that the madness continues.

    The inmates are running the asylum.

    • Hey come on man, if they legalized it, just think of all the people who don’t do drugs who would start! I’ve always said to myself, “Man, if heroin was legal, I would love to just ruin my life with it!”

    • What I find interesting is that speaking in broad brushes, the liberal/progressives are more supportive of legalizing drugs, especially pot, but are more supportive of restricting or outlawing guns;

      While conservatives are more supportive of loosening gun laws but are more supportive of restricting or outlawing drugs.

      In the process, both groups have obvious blind spots when it comes to trusting people to make thier own choices and being resposible in those choices.

      Each group trusts people in different areas, one around using drugs but not guns; the other in using guns but not drugs and both support laws that infringe on what should be left to individual choice.

      Robert Heinlein said it very well, there two types of people, those who have no interest in controlling others and just want to be left alone and those who want to control others, but only for thier own good.

      Hate to tell you guys, those who support restrictive gun laws or restrictive drug laws, you are brothers and sisters in the same camp, you are of one mind and one body and that is of government mandated control of your fellow humans, tyrants, in other words.

  4. Let’s not forget the innocent US citizens who lose their jobs or even their freedom because of irrational and illegal prohibition of narcotics.

  5. I find it funny how this idiot corrupt President of Mexico think if we ban bayonet lugs and collapsible butstock this will give his forces a chance to crush the cartels. Even when over half of the Police and sizable portion of his military is payed for and is under cartel rule.

    I find it funny how we neglect our own southern border and let bandits cross to murder americans citizens. And poor billions in defending murdering Muslim scum in Syria and Afghanistan. Wonder who is the real criminal here?

  6. The federal government of the United States first misdirected its military, filled the world with spooks and criminals, then pretended to be disgusted at the results. Immoral, unjust, evil, unethical, illogical and stupid the enforcers crave only more control over what doesn’t belong to them. And so humanity stagnates in a worthless progress toward more of the same. No one should be grateful for having to sacrifice all the great potential of nature just for that: a big pile of worthless shit.

  7. Most people don’t care what happens in far away lands on the other side of Earth. When this arrives in the four boarder states full tilt maybe we’ll decide it’s a problem. It’s already spilling over, just not at the full power we see below the line.
    I predict CA will be the first to fall.

    • So, hypocrites I encourage you to ban something popular, since you think you’re so right on every issue. Ban something that more than one percent of the population uses. And drop dead.


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