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“A Baltimore police officer [not shown] was injured at police headquarters on Sunday after a gun the officer was handling during an evening roll call meeting fired,” The Baltimore Sun [via] reports. “Emergency responders were called to the rear of the building in the 500 block of E. Baltimore St. downtown shortly after 6 p.m. for the shooting, said Anthony Guglielmi, a police spokesman. The officer sustained minor, non-life-threatening injuries when the gun discharged, Guglielmi said. The incident is now under investigation, he said. ‘We’re looking into the circumstances surrounding how and why the gun fired,’ Guglielmi said. No further information was immediately available, he said.” Nor is it likely to be, I might add.

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  1. The gun will be questioned intensively until the truth of why it fired is known. And on a side note, the first 2 officers standing inspection in that photo need to drive past the krispy kreme. They’ve had enough donuts.

        • When I see comments like yours I think another ND waiting to happen.

          Safeties reduce the probability of stupid happening. Stupidly playing with a trigger on his Glock is likely to make it go bang. Doing the same thing with an XD, while stupid, is not going to set the gun off unless you get a good grip on in. Two things have to go wrong. And for those range cowboys who believe they have a “decisive” advantage with a Glock will lose nothing with a Springfield with the added safety provided in the grip.

        • I have an XD .45 Compact and the grip safety is a “Passive” safety. When you have a good purchase on a pistol is when you have to keep your mind on the ‘ol booger hook. When you have a good purchase on a Springfield you have the grip safety depressed and therefore disengaged. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my XD. We never cuddle. but I do love the little Croatian.

  2. “‘We’re looking into the circumstances surrounding how and why the gun fired,’”

    Quick, someone cut off that cops trigger finger and beat it with a rubber hose until it confesses!

    • Any explanation as to why a cop would be touching his firearm (for any reason) during roll call? I just don’t get that sense of “I’m a professional, so I can do what I want”.

      When I stand duty, I have to log in the duty book any instance where my firearm is unholstered. Any instance. Additionally, the only permissible reason to unholster a firearm is if it needs to be used (no show of force, no warning shots.) So, I never log anything because I never remove the pistol from its holster, from the time I check it out at the armory to the time I return it. No cleaning, no nothing. It’s that simple. Cleaning takes place at the armory, after or before duty.

  3. Nope, was not the cops fault!!! It was clearly the fault of that mean,evil pistol!!!
    Poor defenseless policeman was simply outsmarted by that evil black gun!!!(sarc off)!’
    Wonder how Mikey and the other Anti’s will spin this one in their favor, to further their cause.

    • Now speedy, you already answered it. Tomorrow we will hear your words repeated about the evil gun…I am sure they will accuse it of being…….(gasp!!)

      An ASSAULT WEAPON!!!! What color was it again? Yep, let’s roll out the AWB.

      • Yes you are so right!!! Once again something besides the real problem will be blamed.
        Not a glock fan but really??!! They are so intent on hurting their owners everyday!!
        BTW: Since when did the police force start hiring Weebles?? I am overweight a little but damn, I feel like I am starving to death compared to those two!!!

    • OMG! if the highly trained instruments of law enforcement, (especially the eating part), can’t handle a gun without it just firing itself, obviously, us “civilians” can’t handle those weapons of mass destruction safely!

      • OMG!!! You just solved the case!!! The cop was starving to death and in the process of munching down a handful of double glazed chocolate filled Krispy Kremes he bit his finger, jerked his hand from the pain and shot himself!!!
        Why the heck didn’t we see that before!!!
        It’s not the guns fault, it is the donuts fault!! There now that the case is solved we can all rest a little easier tonite.
        We can handle it, just not while eating donuts!!!

  4. Are yall serious for saying it was the glocks fault? Its clearly user error. My glock has never gone off unless I asked it to….

  5. Yea, I’m sure there would be a very compassionate investigation if it were a civilian. And why are you fondling your gun during roll call? why is it not in it’s holster? But Holy Blue Hell will fall on you if you question the judgement of a cop. But they are all professionals, right?

  6. A friend who retired from the BCPD, having been a firearms instructor for more than 20 years, told me that I would be surprised how many officers were carrying their Glocks with an empty chamber, due partially to their fear of their own guns.

    Clearly, their fears are justified !

  7. The Gun just wanted to get the Idiot Cop in trouble.

    Of all the people I have had at my range… Cops are the most careless with firearms. I feel more safe with teenagers shooting at my range. Given the things I have observed, I wonder how it is that cops do not shoot each other and themselves on a daily basis.

    The worst part of it is that if you ask them to not point the damn muzzle at you, they tell you its OK because they are Cops and know what they are doing.

    I have know a few properly train cops too that know and understand firearm safety. Turns out that they were trained outside of the police department.

    • Pocono, your statement:

      “I wonder how it is that cops do not shoot each other and themselves on a daily basis.”

      I have been keeping score, seems we do read about a cop a day doing something stupid with a gun.

  8. “And the cop’s guns were confiscated and he was booked for discharging a gun in the city limits. His kids were taken by CPS and he was fired from his job”

    Whoops, that is how The Onion would report this, not really the truth.

  9. I sat down with my GLOCK over a cup of coffee for me and a glass of EEZOX for it and very carefully explained to it that just because some other GLOCKS were going off by themselves, it would be no excuse and VERY BAD for it to do it too, and that I would not put up with that kind of behavior in our home. It didn’t say anything, just sipped a little EEZOX, but it looked to me like it understood what I was saying. So hopefully we’ve resolved the issue in our household.

    • Now THAT is pro-active gun safety. Good for you. I think I will follow your example……

      here glocky, glocky, come to daddy glocky…..we need to talk.

  10. Seen this one coming Cops can be more dangerous with a gun than a crook. I have friends who said some squad car have holes in there roofs when some idiot put a loaded (in the chamber not mag) in there car and after hitting a speed bump it goes off. Time to ban cops not guns LOL.

    • ^ huh? The loaded (doesn’t loaded mean one in the chamber) gun just went off from hitting a speed bump? It was pointed at the roof? How does any of this make sense??? Not trying to be rude or anything, just very confused by this comment.

      • He’s probably talking about a vertically mounted pump shotgun discharging through the roof. It’s not safe to keep a round in the chamber because a hard bump can cause the bolt to bounce and fire the round.

  11. Again with the media reporting a gun that practically fired itself….. im so sick of these stories. Tell the truth! The cop pulled the trigger! That statement should be in every one of these stories. It should say while “cleaning” a loaded gun, they pulled the trigger, and the gun fired, or while showing off their gun to a buddy, they pulled the trigger and the gun fired. Sorry… end hopless rant now.

    • August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima: A nuclear bomb has been observed to have exploded itself. Sources report widespread uncertain as to how the bomb had suddenly triggered itself over such a crowded city.

      • HA! Well played, sir.

        The English language is truly an interesting beast; a man can completely avoid responsibility for his actions by the simple phrasing of a sentence.

  12. “……after a gun the officer was handling during an evening roll call meeting fired,”

    Clearly the gun was acting in self defense when it fired. When someone plays with my trigger without permission I fight back too, badge or no badge. Someone should get the victimized Glock’s side of the story.

  13. That’s why we honor police officers, for their bravery. They go to roll call and face down the danger of a room full of loaded weapons that might start firing themselves so that the rest of us can sleep safely and comfortably and not have to come into contact with these menacing homicidal contraptions of death. Thank you officer for taking that round on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore, your sacrifice was not in vain.

  14. Im begining to think we need to start duracoating our guns pink and maybe throw on some Hello Kitty decals (or Strawberry Shortcake, your choice).

    Maybe thoes guns will chill out and stop being so evil if we do this!

  15. Baltimore PD definitely carry .40 cal glocks. Having been a resident for 3 years I can also attest to the fact that most of them aren’t winning any foot races.

    • One of the main reason’s, the “Bal-ti-Moron Police Force”, and other American Police Forces,carry the, No Outter Safetied “Glocks”; can be attributed, the The Plastics Mogul, and Genius of Marketing, “Herr Gaston Glock”! Redesigning, the 9mm, to his Poly-Plastic, gun design; Herr Glock, sold this new gun, to the Austrian Army! Big Hit!… Offering, to buy all the outdated .38’s, that the American Police used, back in the 1980’s, he sold them, .9mm’s. A few years later, when the bad-guys, got better guns, he bought the .9mm’s, back, resold them, privately, and Sold our Many Police Forces, the .40 Calibers…. Eventually Now, doing the same, with his .45 designs!…. Solution, American Police, Buy “Springfield’s”!…. A Better Gun, American Made, and “Springfield”, has been making weapons, for the United States Army, Since the Days of George Washington!….[M-1, M-14, M-16,ect. that Series, was produced, by Springfield!]….. Ahhh Yes, some will respond, “Springfield, in now made in Croatia!… Still, an American Company, producing Guns, to our Strick, Standards!… [Personally, Deploring, this move, But, i still support American Products!…I have 2, of their .45’s, 1 Glock, 9mm, which isn’t as accurate, and has more recoil, than my .45 Springfields!…[try them, side by side, as i Did!… You Too, will be Amazed!…

      • “A Better Gun, American Made, and “Springfield”, has been making weapons, for the United States Army, Since the Days of George Washington!”

        Of course you know the present company that calls itself Springfield Armory has nothing whatsoever to do with the original Springfield Armory which closed in 1968. They are just trading on the name. However, I agree with you, they make a better gun than Glock.

        • Oh, I am sure everyone already knows this but just in case the present Springfield Armory had nothing to do with designing the XD. They are just the marketing firm for the gun in the US. It is a Croatian designed and manufactured pistol known there as the HS2000. XD was a Springfield Armory marketing name, something Americans are the best at, marketing. It’s still a damn good gun, better in my opinion that a Glock especially when you consider besides the grip safety it is available with an external thumb safety.

          Personally in this sort of weapon I favor the S&W M&P with a thumb safety. But that’s me.

  16. Omg, look at the size if those officers! They’re massive. The gun probably went off when Officer Lard-Butt tried to jam their “too fat, massive, bear-paw like” fingers into the teeny-tiny trigger guard, and accidentally mashed the trigger!

  17. Has anyone sent a picture of the boyz to Bloomybergyyy or Mrs. O? I believe that an overabundance of caloric intake has a back story effect here. Were there any >16oz soft drinks in the area? And (hard to keep from laughing) have the officers been getting at least 1 hour of outdoor activities on a daily basis? Remember! Sound body, sound mind. The possibility of having nothing other than the trigger to wipe the creamy filling off his finger has been ruled out.

  18. The anthropomorphic acrobatics continue.

    For all I know, my firearms are busy shooting up my apartment while I’m at work. Bastards!


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