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“I can’t fathom the idea of going to the mall and just thinking that under that coat over there, or in that purse, there might be a weapon . . . We cannot allow concealed carry to be the law of the land.” – Ald. Ricardo Munoz of the 22nd Ward, Chicago, quoted in Concealed carry foes want Illinois to maintain status quo [via]

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  1. Because it being illegal really stops the bad guys from doing it…. Seriously, how do these people even tie their shoes in the morning with intelligence that low?

    • WOW Mr. Ricardo should just go back to Mexico, no offense, but damn….
      Maybe he should go live outside of Chicago for a while.. See how it feels, you know they have counseling available for hopolophobia.

  2. And I, Mr. Munoz, can’t fathom that you don’t feel naked and defenseless as I did when I visited Chicago. The dodgy characters on public transports were sizing me up like a dog would a poorly watched sirloin, and having arrived by air, I didn’t even have pepper spray. Of course, aldermen like you probably have a police bodyguard, so you can’t feel my pain, nor that of the citizens you’ve condemned to helplessness.

    • Alder-idiots like Munoz get “reserve deputy” credentials, so they can carry concealed whenever they want to.

      Shut up and eat your gruel, peasants. Your role in life is victimhood!

  3. IQ’s to match thier hat size. Illinois is being very poorly served by those who would call themselves leaders.

  4. Here in VT these people would have a heart attack then. Imagine a state that requires no permits to cc. I can and am thankful everyday.

  5. You’ve just made an argument from ignorance… your right to express an opinion has been revoked, don’t speak again until you learn to use your words responsibly.

  6. What in the world is he crying about? Its not the law of his land. Its the law of our land sure but he seens to be proffesionaly well established in Chicago so if he just stays there he’ll be “safe.” From himself.

  7. “I can’t fathom the idea …” that is because you are stupid Alderman Munoz , it is not an idea, but a REALITY that criminals carry weapons on them wherever they want because they DO NOT CARE FOR THE CURRENT LAWS, nor will they care if you put new laws in your state to regulate firearms.

    If the way this guy thinks is representative of most of the local govt in Chicago, then they are in a shit state and the people need to stand up to this stupidity and put someone else in his place.

  8. Well then, he might want to stay clear of Wyoming. Just like Vermont, we can buy a gun, walk out of the gun shop with said purchase loaded and under our coats. No permit, no nothing.

    I might want to draw his attention to the differences between Chicago’s crime rate and ours…

  9. Little Ricky is just playing to the white liberal establishment in Chicago: The Tribune, the Sun Times (now controlled by RE’s , aka the tiny dancer, campaign bundlers), WTTW , the North Shore and Lake Front/Hyde Park liberals. They give money and have influence with 9.5.

    The current West Side Congressman , Danny Davis, is black and getting old. The influx of Mexican’s into the near west side and the near suburbs in this District may be enough to elect a Mexican/American to this Congressional seat when Davis is called to the Great Gulag. Little Ricky wants to the that guy.

    Little Ricky knows gangs very well. Little Ricky’s father was the target of a Federal investigation into wholesale manufacture and distribution of false identification including Drivers Licenses and SS cards from his (the father) photo studio on 26th Street. Rick’s feared gang members were the middlemen an retail salesmen of these.

    Gave your readers as few things to Google: Tiny Dancer. 9.5, West Side Chicago, Danny Davis, Pilsen Chicago, Berwyn, Cicero, Forest Park, Little Village Chicago, 26th Street Chicago

  10. Mr.Munoz is apparently unaware, probably by his choice, that Chicago and many other very restrictive anti gun cities have very high crime rates just because the government, just like the BG’s just don’t care!!!
    The BG’s aren’t concerned with the law and are therefore more able to commit the crimes they do, and the government of these cities, in their infinite wisdom, don’t care about their populations as long as they get their way and re-elected each time.
    They get free protection anywhere and everywhere they go, and at the same time condemn their citizens to any bad guy’s whim that happens to be in the area at the time.
    If our SCOTUS and POTUS would get off their collective ass and enforce the Heller and McDonald rulings everywhere and stop such stupid, biased laws as Chicago an other cities have in red to handgun ownership things might get a lot better for the average joe and Jane!!!!

  11. Ha! Well, you might want to get past that “fathom-block” you’re having. Because odds are, you’re probably right, there probably is a weapon or two hiding in that purse over there, or under that coat there, and so on. And your status quo seems to have failed in preventing that…so maybe it’s time for something different?

  12. Delusional, in denial, if not down right insane; not adhominem attacks, simple statements of fact; it’s not that this man says he believes this, it’s that there are enough people who believe this to put him in power.That is mind boggling!

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  13. Ald. Munoz has connections with the Latin King street gangs. In Chicago, street hoods often control territory with a LOT of potential voters. One public housing project can contain hundreds of voters-and none of them can legally carry a weapon. In exchange for political favors by the Alderman, the gangs “deliver the vote” for him/her.It keeps the police off the crooks’ back, and illicit money flowing to the Aldercreatures’ pockets. The only loser is the Chicago citizen.

  14. Seeing how no one has brought this up……..I will……

    The poor peons (citizens) of Chicago will never know, as we here won’t either, how many alderman in Chicago DO in fact conceal carry, due to a law from the 1800’s that said alderman were “peace officers” and…

    after supposedly some firearm training……

    are able to LEGALLY conceal carry!

    What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander!

  15. Maybe he’d feel safer in another part of Chicago.
    I hear that gangs members carry openly (read
    brandishing around like an idiot) in certain

  16. The woman in the background has her trigger finger out, seems like she might have something black and evil concealed in that bag. Watch out Alderman!

  17. I go with “al from chgo”‘s assertion this guy is just a pup Chicago Political Machine aspirant. He’s making statements he can count on the constituents and Political Bosses to gobble up like ice cream and cake to advance up the political ladder.
    Chicago will never change.

  18. Richardo is the man who would be King.

    Even in places like Chicago and NYC there are lots of law abiding citizens discretely walking around carrying weapons for their own protection. Most people are law abiding so knowing many other law abiding armed people are in the area I feel safer knowing it will help deter criminals from acting.

  19. Some people can’t fathom numerical optimization, climate, biochemistry, or the destructive power of a handful of iphone batteries. Doesn’t mean that these things should be stricken from life.


  20. Is it me or are Chicagoan as dumb as they where in the 20s when instead of making there own booze they bought it from the mob and led to gang land wars 1.0 They fail to know that they are safer when your family has a off duty cop or off duty security guard or retired solder packing pistols and can stop another mass shooter in a mall.

    Whats with Chicago you mush have a ice cub IQ to live in that hole to begin with.

  21. I can’t fantom a “man” who has no means to protect his children while going to the mall or anyplace else. That’s because you are NO man, your a wuss! That’s right Mr. 22nd ward Alderman, thugs and thieves carry their guns everywhere, that’s why Chicago instead of being a gun free paradise, is a hell for the residents who are held hostage by criminals. You so called alderman, are nothing but a step up from a homeowners association and you keep your residents dependent upon government. Chicago used to be such a wonderful city of everything that’s great about america, including her wealth, hence the amazing skyline. What it is today, is a symbol of government failure and corruption. The best part, is concealed carry laws failed by only 6 votes. It will pass and Illinois, concealed carry is coming. Your cowardice will be replaced by those who will step up and protect their own and their community.

  22. Well, I live in the Windbag City suburbs and can;t fathom the idea of paying the ridiculous taxes that it charges. I’m happy to do my shopping across the border in Wisconsin and Indiana, and to patronize the restaurants in the suburbs when I feel like eating out. I’d like to see your malls die a slow death, Alderman Munoz. Remember how Carson Pirie Scott closed down their downtown store? They do very well at all of their suburban locations, by the way. Can’t wait to see more businesses move out of Michigan Avenue, State Street, Wacker and other neighboring streets. Have fun – on Black Friday, I did visit Chicago and shop in Pleasant Prairie. You might want to go across the border on a weekend and note that most of the vehicles parked in the mall there have Illinois plates. Have a good day!

  23. Clearly, Alderman Munoz is a man of very limited imagination (i.e. “cannot fathom”) and situational awareness.

  24. He knows it’s safer to be armed or protected by someone that’s armed. He’s just giving Chicago voters what they want – gun control, and pardoxically, more crime and violence.

    • Ricardo’s political aspirations are natural in Chicago, and he begins every morning with a prayer: “Please, Lord, let me win two more elections so I can get full-time CPD protection!” Somebody should tell him to phone the Kennedy’s. That whole dream doesn’t actually work.

  25. “I can’t think like an adult! Since it’s illegal, obviously no one would do it, so I don’t have to imagine anyone is concealing a firearm!”

  26. “Yes, Aldermen are considered “peace officers”

    So Jerry “The Ice Man” Butler, a Chicago alderman, can pack heat?

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