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Hello? American mainstream media? Mexico! The plight of the defenseless citizens across our southern border continues to generate little to nothing in the way of U.S. press coverage. This despite the fact that American consumers are funding the slaughter of hundreds of thousand of disarmed innocents at the hands of narco-terrorists. Despite the fact that the American government is arming the Mexican military, who are equally if not more culpable for the loss of life and liberty amongst these disarmed citizens. Here’s a story from that chronicles just one in the long line of homicidal crimes committed by Mexico’s U.S. equipped military personnel . . .

Borderland Beat Reporter Lucio writes:

In this video I would recommending beginning around 1:30, before then is wasted shaky footage. View the video keeping in mind the government said those killed and wounded, mostly children, was due to the firing of weapons from armed citizens. They had to revise the story after videos appeared showing citizens were not armed, except for those armed with black painted sticks.

The government then said government forces, “shot into the air”, which may have resulted in some people being hit. Witnesses, including tourists said soldiers indiscriminately shot at anything, buildings, people outside, anything.  Some people were hit simply sitting inside their homes.

This action by federal forces goes even beyond extrajudicial killings of late, these amount to the slaughter of innocents. This event stemmed from the arrest of the Indigenous autodefensa leader Semei Verdia on July 19th.

In this footage heard is a barrage of weapons firing into an area where people were outside.  A 17 year old boy named Delfino Antonio Alejo, is taking bean tacos to his father when he is shot in the back.  People gather around the boy, and an American, who was blocked from travelling further because of the roadblocks, offers to take the child to Colima for medical assistance.  His voice can be heard at the end of the video.

He and other tourists said protesters and citizens were unarmed, and soldiers did not seem to care who they injured or killed, they just shot “everywhere” at citizens. Delfino has so far survived his injuries. The lawyer of Semei Verdia, Ignacio Mendoza Jimenez,  said Monday the court issued a release order,  after having found no evidence against him.  It is expected his release will be in the next few hours.  The government presented no evidence in the case.


After the courts issued a formal order of freedom for the indigenous autodefensa leader Semei Verdía Zepeda, due to lack of evidence in the case, in what is being described as political persecution, Michoacán Governor Jara has ordered new arrest warrants, to ensure Verdia remains imprisoned.

The Michoacán administration headed by  Governor Salvador Jara is pressuring  the judiciary to implement the new arrest warrants. (Jara in blue checked shirt above)

Jara was not elected into office, but stepped in for Fausto Vallejo, the governor who resigned because of controversy over the video tapes featuring his son “El Gerber” and Templarios leader “La Tuta”.

Jesus Reyna was the previous person named as a temporary governor while Vallejo was in the U.S. receiving a liver transplant.  Reyna was appointed by Vallejo, and later Reyna was arrested for his ties to the Templarios.

It was autodefensas leader Dr. Mireles who first brought attention to Reyna as being in collusion with the Templarios and whose wife has family ties to the cartel.

Verdía would be leaving the Nayarit prison in the next few hours, but the leader of the Community Police of Ostula would be arrested again immediately, because right now a group of state police moved to Tepic to complete two arrest warrants against him; one for theft against the council and another for murder.

This action is identical to that in the case of American Nestora Salgado.  She also is a leader for indigenous people,  who the Mexican Government found the only to silence the popular leader is what they do when all else fails, imprisonment.

Saldago was hours away from release when she was hit with two warrants for murder, two murder charges seemingly out of thin air.

Dr. Manuel Mireles was also ordered released, however his attorney said a final decision for refiling charges would be made in another week.  Meanwhile, Dr. Mireles old attorney’s for some reason insist on intruding into the case and said new charges were filed.  However his attorney on record has not confirmed that those charges were accepted by the court.

United Nations investigating Government forces shootings on July 19

Members of the United Nations (UN) met with  a meeting with a commission from the indígenas de la etnia náhuatl, of the community of Santa Maria de Ostula, in the municipality of Aquila, to document the violence committed by personnel of the federal  and state forces committed against residents.

The community spoke out against the actions of the government forces, and said that Semei Verdia was appointed comandante de la Fuerza Rural, and as such was carrying legally registered weapons.  It is noteworthy that Governor Jara says any release would have to be made with a condition the Verdia would no longer be a part of Rurales.

Which is why Jara resorted to “new charges”of murder and theft.  It was the state that charged him initially for having prohibited weapons.  The two guns are only illegal, if he was not part of a police or armed forces group. He appointed commander gives him the right to bear the weapons he had in his possession

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  1. “There was a riot today in Philadelphia. National Guardsmen fired over the heads of the crowd, killing 200 people who live on the second floor.”
    George Carlin

    • Ya, sh_t heads who aren’t paying attention. Hell, we haven’t even reached the 100th anniversay of our last war with Mexico. So the US govt opens our southern border, and people come across, mexican police (at the behest of the cartels they work for) kill students, and people flood across our bouder from the south. Mow Mexican military kill civilians, and it further primes the refugee status of those flooding across our border. They figured out how to invade, come across starving and unarmed and our gov’t (say it wth me “your asshole neighbors needing jobs”) is trying to beat hell to make our side match.
      Get your glass of milk ready, Operation ‘Down A Brownie’ will likely recommence [after they fire the first shot, but] sometime before the next election. Buy ammo.

      • We’ve been through this shit with Mexico like five times, now. It seems like every fifty years (until recently) like clockwork, we had to go down there and clean house ourselves. The Feds are hoping like hell this story remains low-key across the border, or they’re gonna have a real problem with vigilante Americans going down there to assist the auto-defensas –against the Mexican national government. The longer they let it fester on its own, the stronger the ‘gravitational’ pull for those criminally minded or morally outraged to get involved (see: Syria)

    • You can fool yourself a hundred times with your yuppie Cancun vacation but Mexico is NOT the “modern world”

      • Nah, man, you don’t wanna be anywhere near Cancun these days. Cozumel is how far back the line has been pushed for people looking to not have their heads chopped off and left in a bag in front of the resort.

  2. Is it because american guns have been ending up in the hands of drug cartels and other dangerous groups due to the lax gun control laws in the country along with the tyranny of the NRA, TTAG, the “law abiding gun community” and other “Pro-gun” terrorists that have a stranglehold on our politicians and these same terrorists that refuses to acknowledge their responsibility for the violence in the mexican region.

    Australia had a mass murder in 1996. Their government responded by banning ownership, use, and sale of all automatic and semi-automatic firearms in the country. The homicide rate dropped 59% and suicides dropped 65%.

    I so tired of this lame BS argument that they “Pro-gun” terrorists use that everyone needs to be armed and people will be protected. That is nothing but a myth! Another NRA/TTAG unfounded argument that has led to too many guns in this society and we are not better off because of it.

    That’s the problem, people have easy access to guns and simple altercations escalate to deadly events because I don’t care how well trained a person is you are still dealing with human emotions. Freedom without common sense and responsibility is destroying this country.

    All a mentally ill person, felon or extremist has to do is drive to a state with lax gun laws and stock up. Gun laws are useless unless applied to ALL states.

    Only idiots think that everyone being armed everywhere they go is appropriate. Sorry, but the general populations unalienable constitutional right to LIFE trumps your sociopathic paranoia all day long.

    People’s rights include the constitutional right to live.

    Oh yeah, Did gun nuts know that states with lax gun laws that are considered “safe” have higher murder, suicide and accidental death rates than states with strict laws.

    Chicago has over 50% LESS murders per capita than pro gun St Louis….STl ranks higher than Chi on ”most dangerous” cities lists….Chi twice denser population…NY city has many times LESS murders than pro gun STL ….LA also less murders..NY state and CA less murders than pro gun Missouri…how do the criminals get the LEGAL guns away from LEGAL owners??

    All illegal guns started are legal initially which proves criminals would not have guns if you didnt.

    • Lol! It’s a myth that Mexican cartels are armed by the American civilian market. Unless you’re talking about the ones the ATF gave to the cartels…

      I bet they’re getting their fully automatic weapons and grenades from our civilian gun shops too?

      Or is a problem caused by rampant corruption and crime all throughout Mexico and many parts of South America?

      Australia never had issues even close to what Mexico is experiencing right now.

    • Lol. Too funny. Your logic insinuates that the possession of a gun makes a person more likely to become a murderer, or escalate a non violent situation to a deadly force situation. This mentality proves you should NOT own, carry or handle a gun, knife or vehicle. You call people who like guns paranoid sociopaths, but you are the one who sought out an argument in a venue suited for your political, moral and ethical adversaries. Who is a sociopath? You are probably paranoid too, but don’t worry, they ARE probably following you. If you take my guns away, the only thing you accomplished was making me just as vulnerable as you, because criminals will still have one or more of the 350,000,000 (that’s million) firearms LEGALLY sold in the U.S. to date since 1950. The time for asking us to give up our guns are over. Get over it. Move to Germany. They have gun laws as strict as NY. When you are there, don’t forget to mention you favor civilian disarmament.
      Furthermore, you do understand that there are more variables to homicide rates than guns per capita ? Try socio-economic reasons, education, convict recidivism and unemployment.
      You want to live in a world without guns. I want to live in a world without criminals. Neither of us will ever get what we want, but at least I am not a lamb for the slaughter who’s only planned defense for his family are prayers, tears and begging. If this world didnt have criminals you would see these guns for what they are to us, a discipline. Try some. Even as disabled as I am, as much pain as am in everyday, as much medication I take everyday to simply live, I still can think more rationally and logically than you.
      The only reason you feel safe is because the most dangerous and persistent enemies of the U.S. don’t have a serious navy or Air Force. If they were off our shores or in our skies, you would not be misguided or stubborn anymore. You would be humble. You would be collateral damage.

      • “Furthermore, you do understand that there are more variables to homicide rates than guns per capita ? Try socio-economic reasons, education, convict recidivism and unemployment.”

        Exactly right. In most of America the homicide rates are not much different than Canada’s or Europe’s. In fact in many ways our crime states are better.
        Our numbers become extreme only in the areas that have the exact challenges you mention. .

    • “pro gun St Louis”
      “The homicide rate dropped 59%”

      Lol, two outright lies. Surprising from a gun grabber I know. Try to sugar coat the absolute fact that the most violent cities in the US are Democratic gun control Mecas, and the rural areas where there are, per capita, the most guns are also the most peaceful. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the guns.

      Here’s a video from a pro gun control nation murdering it’s disarmed citizens and you are still not moved. That’s why people like me will never disarm for you no matter how much you statists rage. We can refuse to give up our guns precisely because we have guns. Catch 22 like that. So F off.

    • My wife is 4 feet, 9.5 inches tall and weighs 106 lbs. Even with excellent training (she was military, I still am, and we both pursue professional instruction in our personal time), she is simply too small to defend herself effectively against virtually any male and most average women. It is unreasonable to deprive her of an effective means of self-defense just because she got dealt a hand of tiny-DNA and was born premature on top of that. She’d rather have a gun, I’d rather her have a gun. You can go on and on about all these statistics that you failed to cite any sources for (strange, considering that you write like someone who is educated [up until you lazily start abbreviating city names and forgetting sentence structure toward the end]), but you make a good point about the Constitutional right to life.

      My wife can’t effectively defend her life, should it come to that, without a weapon. Preferably a weapon that affords her distance and has good physical and psychological impact. Women are very frequently the victims of violence, especially considering that we propagate a rape-positive culture in this country. She’s an outgoing, social, friendly person, and people frequently mistake this for interest, despite the wedding ring, if I am not around. She, like all woman, also has a past, and people from that past seem to think that’s intrinsic permission of some sort. She has to put her foot down about this, but it usually don’t get through people’s heads because she wears kids-size shoe. She frequently has to leave, pointedly, and/or block people on social media.

      So, don’t deprive my spouse of the right to defend herself, be it from sexual assault or be it the defense of her life, because some people somewhere misuse firearms, and because you are scared of them. Don’t misconstrue reasonable concern with sociopathic paranoia. She gets this stuff all the time. She’ll even show me messages as they’re coming in.

      I’ve never been around when someone escalates a situation unnecessarily, and I hardly even read about it. I’m excluding gang activity. I’m sure this sort of thing is frequent in that kind of honor-based society. Bottom line is, though, that even behind tough talk, most people simply don’t want to hurt or kill another human being as much as you seem to think they do.

      Full disclosure, I’m 6’1″, 175 lbs, I have a lot of reach, I’m in spectacular shape (master fitness trainer for my garrison unit, too) and I still carry a handgun when I’m not at work. I’m only one man (who doesn’t weigh much), and I have a wife and a son. If something bad happens, plan A is to leave. Plans B-E are variations of leaving. If it comes down to something horrible and unthinkable, I’d rather have as good an upper hand as I can get, so I combine situational awareness, physical fitness, combatives, and weapons into an effective toolkit.

      I’m not planning on a fire, but I still have fire extinguishers. I don’t know that there are bacteria and germs that could be harmful on my hands, but I wash them anyway. I don’t expect to get into a wreck, but I wear my seatbelt. I don’t expect to be exposed to life-threatening diseases, but I’m vaccinated against them. I don’t expect to need to use trigonometry, but I can do it regardless.

      Stop trying to take people’s prevention. Especially people who might need it a lot more than you think.

      • Throw in pic of wife next time. ?

        TTAG is, there have been fewer gratuitous Israeli supermodels featured here lately.

    • Willy is at least entertaining. He is on some really great stuff. I love that all the guns are going to Mexico because of our lax gun laws.

      • A shame they aren’t going to the very people who are most in need of them. Though I expect that to change, if the US continues to turn a blind eye; citizens on this side of the border WILL eventually take matters into their own hands.

    • “Oh yeah, Did gun nuts know that states with lax gun laws that are considered “safe” have higher murder, suicide and accidental death rates than states with strict laws.” (That should have been a question mark at the end but I already see that grammar is not your strong suit.)

      Hey tubesteak, just one word in reply – Vermont.

    • Well Wee Wittle Willie proves one thing. There is an undercurrent of tyranny in our country, enabled by those who cannot control their emotions or even agree to live and let live. What happen in Mexico is a wet dream for the Willie’s of the United States so long as it is his political opponents being executed by government troops.

    • @Lunchmeat What a long winded troll. Most of them can’t keep the lies/crap flowing that long. Constipated a while were you?

    • Willy can count to potato. His mother is so proud of him. His dad went for a pack of smokes………in 1985.

  3. This video shows nothing. Zero. As for an unarmed populace who only had black painted sticks… well guess what, Gracie? You point a black painted stick at me and I might blast you. As would anyone.

    This is similar to those Palestinian videos that supposedly show the IDF firing at kids when, in fact, it was staged or the kids had a gun and were firing off-camera.

    I’m not saying that the Mexican Government is good; it ain’t. Never has been throughout its entire history. But -this- video proves exactly zip to anyone that doesn’t have an agenda and preconceived notion.

  4. I thought the u.s. gov’t sent guns to mexico—-but I’m sure those were not the ones used,–or were the bullets————–maybe i’m mentally ill–but I never shot at, wounded, or mass murdered anyone, by the way I try to always ‘carry’. in my short meanless life if have seen too many sh*tters in the world.–by the way–if the criminals as you call them cannot get guns, they would stab, club, hit the victim from behind, usually with a brick. there are many other ways not mentioned—-by the way—I jus censored my remark regarding your intelligence

  5. I believe in right of people to bear arms for self-defense or any lawful purpose. But making an argument that having firearms would prevent a tyranny in today’s age… yeah don’t think so. I mean look in the mirror and tell me that I’m wrong.

    pretty soon all the guns will be registered and then when the time comes, it won’t be random knocking on the door. we as the pro-gun community should focus on arguments such as defensive use. open people’s eyes that yes, even they could need it one day to defend their own family. there is a lot of evil people out there. the whole gvt issue makes us look out of touch with reality, especially in common folks’ eyes. Just my two cents.

    • I admit, ugly mirrors breed ugly people, but we’re all just “people” [butcha slippin evil blue house of (D)].
      People gotta eat/drink, and they’ll all sleep somewhere sometime. If you can’t abbreviate it for them to your liking, at least make it difficult to sporting. Assume your promised nothing less.

    • Just don’t use the word tyranny anymore. Government is an acceptable synonym. I also think self-defense is the better modern justification for gun rights. But protection against government still is and always will be a legitimate reason for gun rights. I think the reason you and I want to steer clear of the word tyranny is it has modern day connotations of paranoia when the word is used because of generations of crying wolf on the topic. If you just replace the word tyranny with government, protection from government specifically, it makes a ton more sense in dialogue. I think there’s a universal acceptance that governments can and do use force against people, sometimes very unjustly.

    • “But making an argument that having firearms would prevent a tyranny in today’s age”

      It did, and still does, in Somalia.

      And, were it not for a gun (and weapons in general) culture that makes The Republic of Texas seem like San Francisco, Afghanistan would for sure have succumbed to tyranny at some point in it’s history.

      The US Founders, in the 2nd, were talking about militarily useful guns. As in, whatever the military gets to buy, any American gets to buy. If Americans had only persisted in clinging to God and guns with that much determination, we probably wouldn’t have succumbed to tyranny, either.

  6. We share a 2,000 mile border with these people. You’d be crazy to think it’s impossible this could ever happen in our country. This can spill over if we’re not careful, especially in States with strong cultural ties to that country like in California where Mexicans are the largest ethnic group, more so than whites even.

  7. This Is What Happens To An Disarmed Populace: US Police Fire On Unarmed Civilians In Waco, Again, Still.

  8. Drug smuggling is just big business and big business and big government are best buddies.
    Think of it as governments version of “under the table.”

  9. Despite the fact that the American government is arming theuniformed arm of the drug cartel Mexican military

    Fixed it for you.

    In theory, the Mexican Marines are mostly honest.

    • Are they honest enough to show their faces in the daytime? ETA Nope, nothing but balaclavas as far as Google can see. Hard to hold people accountable let alone trust them, when you can’t even tell who they are. “Oh, but their loved ones will be at risk!” That only means they live amongst the enemy, since no honest soldier would keep his family in such circumstances, which means it is impossible they are untainted by them.

  10. That vid is like the beginning of a movie…horrendous…

    A lot is being said about Mexico and I’d like to add a bit of history as told to me by my aunt some 48 years ago.

    The money in Mexico is controlled by those of Spanish decent. The people you see doing jobs in the US, and in fact the bulk of Mexico’s population are of ‘Indian’ descent. The Spanish descendants view the indigenous Mexicans as cattle. To be used, abused and controlled by the wealthy. Not quite slavery, but near enough to use the term IMHO.

    The influx of illegals to the US is a positive to Mexico’s economy. The dollars sent back to family are the 3rd largest source of money for Mexico. Only oil and tourism are more important.

    Though it is true that the resultant crime and influx of drugs is a huge problem neglected in the US by the political elite, most of these folks are God Fearing and family oriented. The work HARD! Honest and friendly.

    It is the cruelty performed on these people that has them turning to desperate means in order to survive.

    BTW, that was the only time I ever got to talk to my aunt. She was stunningly beautiful, intelligent and better than my uncle deserved…..she was of Spanish decent. She said one had to make that claim to be treated properly in Mexico.

    She lived and died in Laredo TX. All three of my cousins are successful in government and/or business.

    Mexico is a ‘3rd World Country’ and every bit bad as any mid eastern country regarding civil rights and it’s envy of the United States.

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