Kenosha shooting rittenhouse
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A 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, Kyle Rittenhouse is reported to have been arrested and charged with first degree murder in a shooting that took place in Kenosha Wisconsin last night.


Rittenhouse was seen holding a rifle and shooting several people who were chasing him down the street in a video shared online.

Rittenhouse was reportedly arrested in Antioch on Wednesday. …

In several videos seen online, a person with a long gun is seen running down a street when he appears to trip, at which point demonstrators run up toward him and he is seen firing several shots at them.

He then gets up and makes his way toward police vehicles up the street.

He could also face a federal charge of intestate flight to avoid prosecution. Stay tuned.

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    • He has white privilege and being white, of course he was born racist. So, I’m sure this will be classified a hate crime as well.

      Not only will his injustice be swift, but very expensive as well.

        • The nitwits that I saw shot were in the words of Weird Al, “Whiter than sour cream”.

          But hell, why should Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) tell the truth when a lie advances the narrative?

          Note to Maoist terrorists: If you’re going to play Spartacist, eventually you get to play Rosa Luxemburg… ONCE.

          Freikorp’s coming, hide your heart girl…

        • GoFundMe and fundrazer and many others have shut down support for Kyle Ritterhouse.

          It was self defense. Watch the many videos. From start to finish, they would not leave Kyle alone, or let him escape unscathed. In each instance where he fought back, he fired at them not out of malice or vengefulness, but only to stop the threat. Once the threat was no longer there, Kyle let them go. Kyle let go the first guy that kicked him in the face, because he ran away. Kyle let go the guy with the pistol after he shot him in the arm, because he turned away. Kyle only put forth the minimum force necessary to save his life.

          You can Support Kyle here:

          Meanwhile, Gofundme is raising money for the rioters that chased him down and wouldn’t leave him alone, who forced him to defend himself.

      • There is no race factor so why talk out your butts? The juvi was charged with murder and that’s the problem. These incompetent race baiters on this forum need to do a much needed head flush and focus on supporting the accused. As it appears the shooting was justified. Had a mob not been chasing the accused there would be no need to defend one’s life. The accused did nothing more than what is prudent given the circumstances.

        • They are chasing him AFTER he shot someone. Had the crowd been armed, they would have been the good guys with a gun.

    • Easy acquittal. But the Wisconsin local prosecutor simply could NOT let the 17-year-old go. Mr. Prosecutor would be tarred and feathered.

      It’s sad that it took a 17-year-old young man to do what the entire law enforcement of the State of Wisconsin couldn’t do. Or wasn’t allowed to do.

      Welcome to Democrat local and state governance.

      I’ll donate to Mr. Rittenhouse’s defense.

      • Same here. If anybody hears of particulars of how to contribute to his defense fund please let us know.

        • Crowd funding websites keep censoring any means to donate to his legal fund. They are calling him a murderer while branding the Antifa thugs (shot in self defense) as heroes.

      • This shooting was not the same as the New Mexico shooting over the monument. Looked very similar but had major difference that would consider it justified.

        I hate how the DA will go after us and cover up for the murderous cops. That’s why a lot of those militia guys down there are on the side of BLM to an extent, they just don’t want innocent people being harmed because of government incidents.


        • Casper, no it isn’t. I don’t know you. I’m not with you. You are on your own. We all are.
          Figure that out.

        • Chief Censor,
          I still don’t know who that is. Do you mean everyone that isn’t a government employee?
          If so, then feel free to lump yourself in with Antifa and their sympathizers, but leave me out of it.

        • Word, JWT.

          Chief, I’ve been reading your comments for, a few years by now? You’ve made it pretty damn clear you’re not of the POtG I relate to.

          You actually seem to take perverse pleasure in pointing it out, so convinced of you of your superiority over us, those in the ‘trenches’…

        • So basically, every man for himself huh JWTaylor? That is how the Marxists will win and why they are winning now. We have been warned about these very events by people for many decades. Enjoy your safe bunker while it’s still yours comrade, they will soon take if from you and make it “ours”. There are are too many people that act like this is all going to go away…it’s not. And not getting yourself involved is basically just waiting to be put up against a wall. Good luck to you, I hope I’m wrong. People on the right need to step up now, or these Marxist terrorists will successfully assist in the takeover, and it will be too little too late for anyone.

        • BlueLightning,
          That’s not what I said. That is what you said. If you would like to have an argument with yourself, feel free to do so. No one will be better for it.
          Here’s the reality of the really real world. You are on your own. No one is coming to help you. You are one person, solely responsible for your actions.
          If everyone realized that, and acted in accordance to the fact that we, as free people, have the sole RESPONSIBILITY for our own safety, we would have free, safe communities.
          This is not the bumper sticker logic you are projecting. It is the foundational principle of our Republic.
          The minority must be protected. The greatest minority is the individual.

      • How do I get on the jury, considering I live in another state… No your honor, no preconceived notion…

      • All the keyboard commandos calling for counter violence here had better be providing this kid with substantial support and not just ‘popping popcorn’ and continuing to try to instigate yet others to do what they did not/would not. This young man did it. He put himself 100% on the line and it sure looks like he has the courage of his convictions. If it turns out that this is how it looks and this young man was in the right, he deserves a lot of our support, not just a token and a “yeah buddy!” in a comment section.

      • Self defense. The ones that should that should be arrested are the governor, mayor, police chief. failure to protect the public , aiding and giving comfort to insurrectionists, giving illegal orders to police. Fire the police that betrayed their oaths and sat by and watched all this happen.

        • Since when does somebody in the USA need “authority” to be somewhere? His right to use force is fear of his life while on the ground and being attacked by superior numbers of armed assailants. One was using a skateboard as a club (Dead Guy #2) and one was holding a Glock handgun (Missing Arm Guy). This is immediately following “Shoot me, n—r” Guy chasing him and throwing objects at him and becoming Dead Guy #1.

        • you are legally authorized to protect others. what more do you want. this isn’t a micromanaged Nazi state where everything has to be done with the approval of some superior.

    • They don’t even know what happened nor his name. I know way more than the pros do. They arrested him because they don’t like gun owners, the militia and they want the good PR. These guys enrage me when I listen to their filth spewing out their mouths.

      When it comes to the white cop that shot Blake he gets paid vacation and a lengthy and thorough investigation.

      • “They arrested him because they don’t like gun owners, the militia and they want the good PR. These guys enrage me when I listen to their filth spewing out their mouths.”

        Actually, sounds like a reasonable conglomeration of your posts in TTAG, CC. Or have you had a change of heart since you showed up a few years back?

        All of your cryptic comments giving little hints as to what you know that we don’t. Toying with us as my cat did with the Anole lizards she caught on my back porch…

        • Odd you would say that because the militia asked the sheriff if he was willing to deputize them. He said hell no to the request, but the cops did say they would push the protesters to the militia so the militia can handle them.

          Having a gun makes me capable of shooting people tying to hit me with poles, who try to throw dangerous items at my skull, who try to shoot me, who try to stomp on my skull, try to bash me in the skull with a skateboard, etc. I don’t need a badge to exercise my natural right as a living being: self preservation.

        • Tiger said: “Ownership of a gun does not make you a deputy Marshall.”

          Being a “deputy Marshall” is not a prerequisite of owning a gun or defending your life. It isn’t even a requirement to lawfully protect other people or their property.

    • In this case, justice is fast if you shoot people with the right skin color.

      He will be prosecuted for killing white people.
      Meanwhile the police kill black people weekly and face nothing.
      Still waiting on Breonna Taylor . . . . and Tamir Rice . . . . and the list goes on.

    • All of these riots and so called peaceful protests are occurring because of people jumping to conclusions and assuming that they know all of the facts in every police shooting. The mass media is also guilty of throwing gasoline on the fire. These matters must be settled in the court of law and not in the streets by people who believe what they want to believe.

  1. Plenty of video evidence, so it’s clear as day that he was defending himself. Charges won’t stick. In the meantime, they can make his life hell anyway.

    • That’s what I see, a bunch of people chasing him, one caught him, and tripped him. He started shooting anyone approaching him. Good kills, seems to me. More video from different angles could change my mind whether he was right or wrong, more video preceding what we see here could do the same. If this is all the evidence available, he should be cleared. Let’s all remember – he IS one of the outsiders, who came into Kenosha looking for a conflict.

      • The actual shootings did seem fine but the suppressing fire he was laying down at the end is a bit of a problem…

        • At first I thought that’s what he was doing, but I couldn’t tell if he had the rifle shouldered or not — and some are saying that various people in the crowd were popping off shots at him as he walked down the street. I dunno about that one.

        • @Ing I watched it again and you’re right, it easily could have been somebody else doing that shooting after the kid’s defensive shooting.

      • More video is out, he only shot those who attacked him with intent of great bodily harm and one guy swung up a pistol to murder him. It’s clearly self defense. I encourage you to look up the videos and still’s to see for yourself that these Antifa/BurnLootMurder guys were attacking him.

        • Why was he there with a rifle??????
          You people would do good to read the constitution AND UNDERSTAND IT!!!!

    • By the time he was being chased, he had already shot someone. This retard deserves what he gets.

      • Yeah, he shot an adult who threw a molotov cocktail at a child. This kid is 17. He shouldn’t have been there, but he defended himself with remarkable restraint.

        • I think he accounted for himself well under pressure, but you can’t really call him he a kid, he was there with man-sized equipment, he has to walk the walk. He did, and he’s young, but the kid thing doesn’t work, any more than it does for any other yoot that shoots somebody.

        • I think I have viewed almost all of the events – except for the throwing of a molotov. Can you possibly link to that? All I’ve seen, is older dude chasing Kyle between the cars, I don’t see anything thrown, up to that point. Mind you, I believe the shooting justified, based only on dude chasing the kid with the gun. I just want to see for myself the attempted murder by explosives.

        • @paul Lots of video at Mrgunsgear facebook.
          There are two angles of the red shirt “shoot me first” dude throwing the molotov that didnt break.
          The one from across the street shows the throw.
          Then an alternative view from inside the parking lot of it smoldering.

      • Au contraire, mon frere. The retards already got what they deserved: bullets.

        He stepped up to defend a little piece of civilization against antifa communists and BurnLootMurderers. The mob tried to kill him for it, and he sent some of them to hell in defending himself. This kid is a hero.

        • Well said…
          And yes…. he’s got some balls that’s for sure…. and he’s exactly who should be the first line of defense against these communist infiltrators…
          Guys like me with a wife and children are the second line of defense…..
          I’m still waiting for the first line to kick in…

        • Tiger

          Since you love badges so much, I have a badge for people like you.
          I cut it out of cardboard, and it says “BLOW ME, MORON”.

      • A man was chasing him and throwing stuff at him and tried to get a hold of him (assuming to disarm him). This man was threatening the militia not long before the shooting. He went after the kid because he was alone. The famous last words of that man were, “shoot me, nigga!” Before the man could grab the kid someone fired off a handgun. Then the kid turned around and shot at the masked man 4 times hitting him in the head with the first shot.

        He immediately called the cops, but had to run away after the crowd threatened him and were going to shoot him. A man ran after him appearing to be holding on to his Glock that was being carried at the small of his back until he got close enough to shoot the kid. The man took out his handgun and was about to use it when he was shot in the bicep disabling him from raising the gun but not from holding the gun.

        Everyone he shot had threatened him and other militia guys hours prior because they were protecting businesses.

        This is all in evidence, with multiple angles.

        • “The man took out his handgun and was about to use it when he was shot in the bicep”

          I saw the picture of that *horrific* wound without context, glad to hear it was probably somebody that actually deserved it.

        • And can you blame the guy for wanting to distance himself from the mob a little? After that incident I’d probably try to find a friendly district and turn myself in. Not sure if he turned himself in or was arrested otherwise.

      • Best video yet – thanks, C.C. I saw most of that already, but this video is the clearest of all.

        • it wasn’t 308 or the mag would be bigger, straighter, and probably shorter.
          it wasn’t 5.54×39 or the mag would be straighter. those are rare anyway.
          it wasn’t 7.62×39 or the mag would have been a lot more curved.
          it was more likely 556, but could have been .300BLK, or something more rare like 6.5 or 6.8 (they all use the same magazine) but I would definitely lean towards 5.56 because you don’t find those other three calibers in a weird ass upper receiver like he had. 18 or 20″ barrel with a carbine gas system. that is a lot more likely 5.56.

          plus, other pics with more detail, show that the barrel has a M203 grenade launcher step-down which I have never seen on anything other than 5.56.

          so yep I’d say it’s a 5.56.

      • FYI the guy in first part of the video was the 2nd one to die. He is the one who attacked Kyle with the skateboard . His name is Anthony Huber, 26, he has a criminal history that includes charges of battery & repeat domestic abuse.

    • LOL. This is the same state where making a murder was filmed. Jury of peers may as well be jury by prosecutor.

    • 200 years ago in France, when dealing with a corrupt regime, storming the Bastille was a thing.

      If any government refuses to protect its citizens from those who would do it harm — it no longer is a legitimate government. If that same illegitimate government actively prevents citizens from protecting themselves it is a legitimate enemy that should be destroyed.

  2. When a mob is chasing you and you are in fear of your life, I think it is called self defense. He needs a good lawyer and to say nothing.

    • I support what this boy did…but where are his parents to allow a 17year old to travel to Kenosha heavily armed?!? Clearly self-defense. Right NOW Kenosha officials(& cop’s) are on FOX giving excuses for their awful response. Good to see Black Looters Murder(and ANTIFA) shed some blood!

      • WTF does “heavily armed” even mean? I hear that term all the time. This kid didn’t find his arms heavy enough to slow him down much.

        You do make a point with the age. Where were his parents, and what were they thinking?

        To be fair, my parents didn’t control me at age 15, let alone age 17.

        • Fair questions, how’d he end up in Kenosha, and how’d he get back?
          He’d be in a lot better position if he lived there and had a connection to the community, other than being a cop Stan. On the scene, purely in the context of what occurred that night, clearly self defense. I’d like to know what led to “shoot me nigga” dude chasing him in the first place. That’s relevant. But he was running away and being pursued in both instances.
          So what’s gonna happen tonight, now that the bar has been raised?

      • How about those cops? He’s trying to flag them down after being attacked and defending himself with a gun. They have a million lights flashing and completely ignore him, drive on down the street leaving him alone, now somebody wants to arrest him for beating feet? Was he supposed to hang around until he was killed?

      • We need more facts. Is he only weeks away from his 18th b-day, but still legally “only 17”? Regardless, per USC 10, Ch. 12, a 17-yr-old is federally recognized as part of the United States militia body. Per the circulating video, I see that the young man was attempting to remove himself from the situation and de-escalate. He was pursued, he was (apparently) struck, he was tripped, and he was approached and attacked. He shot only those who came close enough to cause him serious bodily harm, and then he immediately stopped shooting once those threats were diminished. He also walked directly toward responding LE with his hands in the air (though I’m still a bit gobsmacked that the MRAPs simply drove right by him).

    • “He needs a good lawyer and to say nothing.”

      Leftist GoFundMe will likely refuse to host a fundraiser, what other options do we have to help him afford a competent defense?

    • Cops are the only ones that can use their emotional state to excuse their murders. We have to use a reasonable belief of grievous bodily harm or death to justify a shooting.

      The kid acted better than the Kenosha cops and deputies.

    • So you’re going to sit on the sidelines ‘eating popcorn’ while true patriots do what’s necessary? Coward!!!

      • @derpman Путин Баттбой Валдимир разберется с тобой позже

      • Sitting on the sidelines, you say?

        I have a lot of resentment for BLM/Antifa, by reason of Soros paying to ship busloads of “peaceful protestors” into each and every hotspot.

        I have questions, why was this kid in Kenosha, when he is from Illinois?

        For me, or for any of us, to drive cross country, for the express purpose of participating in these riots, on EITHER side, is to raise more questions, along the same lines.

        Anyone from outside of Kenosha found to have been involved in violence in Kenosha has some serious questions to answer.

        If the troubles come to Texarkana, I’ll be good with defending local businesses. I have no business in Kenosha. More people need to understand that, regardless of which side you are on.

        Best thing I can possibly do, is look at the available evidence, and decide how much to contribute to Kyle’s defense fund.

        • I live in South Texas. If you were having this kind of trouble, would it be wrong for me to come help you ? How many miles is too far to go to help someone ? You did come up with the same question I did as to why he was there, but I decided that it was legal for him to travel anywhere in the U S.

        • How far is too far, well put Ed. I think about this a lot in the context of DFW, Austin or Houston (which I almost want to watch burn tbh, sorry Harris county.) What is the line in the sand that is so often talked about and does it even exist? I feel that most would say unless it is on their street and in direct threat of their comfortable existence, its a NIMBY situation. Liberty dies a quiet death I fear.

    • That is a lame thing to say. Just because you hear other people say it often doesn’t make it cool for all occasions.

      • I say it only because watching Fool’s like this will only make it tougher for those trying to do the Right thing. All this has accomplished is to give the “Government” another reason to clamp down on firearms. Especially the “EVIL” Black Rifle. He was and is a Fool walking around like he’s G.I. Joe. No good will come of it for either side. I commend those who were armed up and protecting property. From the many Videos I’ve seen they were doing their best to act in a professional manner and avoiding conflict as much as possible. Right or Wrong this Man-child did far more harm than good simply by playing Kid Commando. I saw the video of him before the shooting incident and he was making it all about himself and his weapon. Not The face “We the People” need right now.

  3. Nice. Prove yourselves worthless to the average american again and again. If cops just fucked off for even a day the tree of liberty can be mostly peacefully decorated with the bodies of socialists and what remains of the country (actual humans) can continue in peace.

  4. You’re just supposed to let the mob beat your brains out.
    That’s the new PC American way.

    • Agree if they were chasing him then it’s self defense not murder just because he’s white it’s murder but F black adult can kill a 5 year old or beat a 76 year old or rape a 89 year old and rape kill a 6 year old done with this Fu shit time to clean them out immediately

    • A young man who put his life on the line to protect a city he doesn’t even live in by putting himself in front of a violent mob when even the police who are paid to protect were doing nothing…

      Who only fired his weapon in self defense….

      Yeah – sounds like a very fine person to me .

      • …And I bet this cat goes to church and considers himself a Christian.

        • One can only turn the other cheek so many times before the face is bashed in and ass is black and blue. Contrary to what many believe, being a Christian does not mean being a pacifist or a martyr. The kid lacked a cloak, must’ve traded it for a sword.

          Turn the other cheek brother, but when the mobs come, Si vis pacem, para bellum is a much more practical mantra.

        • And if he’s willing to defend the civilization that Christians built against looting barbarians and godless communists, then he’s a very good Christian indeed.

        • I’m an atheist and I agree with most here, the kid was justified in his response. Christians do not hold monopoly on goodness and decency, and there are quite a few who speak it but don’t abide. That being said, the cops were not protecting the people or property. Protect and serve their own interests, I guess.

          People don’t seem to think those standing picket duty with firearms to protect private property will actively use them to defend themselves. If you’re dumb enough to rush a guy with an AR-15, you deserve to get shot.

          Darwin was right, after all.

        • “…And I bet this cat goes to church and considers himself a Christian.”

          Translation: “I am not a God-botherer and despise Christians, but maybe I can use their beliefs against them or at least score some points with the fence sitters”.

        • I’m an atheist/agnostic with pagan-leanings, but I have little use for the pseudo-intellectual arrogant type of atheists.

          I’m not a Christian; so I’m not a big fan of mercy or compassion. I like the fact that my some of my ancestors were Vikings and did ruthless stuff like “blood eagles” to people. I’d rather be related to Vikings than a mewling weakling.
          1) Hard times create strong men
          2) Strong men create good times
          3) Good times create weak men
          4) Weak men create hard times

          We are at 4, moving towards 1. A lot aren’t going to make that trip.

  5. Demonrats now have a 17 year old political prisoner. The Pigs can always be counted on to side with the rioters.

  6. What I am concerned about was after he gets up and then puts some distance and then fires more.. Did those rounds hit anyone? I cannot condone that… Up to then he was chased and attacked by a mob and defended himself.

    • I don’t know…In for a penny, in for a pound? If you know you’re going down anyway, you might as well take as many as you can with you.

    • Those shots were not his. He stands up after shooting the guy with the glock and his rifle is pointed down and then he turns around to keep going to the cops.

  7. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Perhaps best had the 17 year old stayed at home and not gone out of his way to put himself in a bad situation. Defend your home, neighborhood and city but don’t travel to another state to engage unless you have property there.

    I can see the jury nailing him for putting himself in that situation. This will be interesting to watch.

    • So lets say you go somewhere out of state and get mobbed and fearful for your life and you smoke some of them would your opinion still be the ? I’m going to guess probably not. I’m not familiar with the state law concerning open carry but he had EVERY right to protect himself. Get over your pedastool point of view. He had EVERY RIGHT to be there just as the “peaceful protesters” did.

      • It’s not about whether or not he had a “right to be there”, or if anybody did. It’ll come down to would a reasonable person, in his situation, knowing what he knew at the time, act the same way.

        Some will argue he did, because he was there and it happened and that was a reasonable response. Others will argue that he failed that test much earlier, when he geared up and crossed state lines to participate in any capacity in a protest that’s known to to have been violent.

        Now, you and I might argue that it’s not about the protest, it’s about doing the right thing and standing up to people burning down a city. Any city, because your city could be next. But that’s not the rope they’re going to try to hang him with.

        • Anton, this gets more and more interesting, legally speaking. According to the Wisconsin Constitution, “Wis. Const. art. I, § 20. Military subordinate to civil power
          The military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.”
          While the National Constitution says that those 17 to 45 are members of the militia, militias are controlled by the states. So, does that mean that Wisconsin has the right to set the age at 18, not 17? I’d like a constitutional lawyer to help me out with this.

          Another question–does anyone know how many charges of murder have been handed down? Could the DA be charging Rittenhouse with the first shooting and calling the next two self defense?

        • The whole ‘state line’ thing is over blown. The town he lives in is right on the border. It’s not like he had to pack a lunch because it was such a trek.

      • He was breaking the law. Open carry is for those 18 and older in Wisconsin. I think he is screwed, even if he was defending himself. Once he is breaking the law, he is in a world of trouble, I would imagine.

        • “An unconstitutional law is void and is as no law. An offense created by it is not crime. A conviction under it is not merely erroneous but isillegal and void and cannot be used as a legal cause of imprisonment.” – Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371 (1879)

          See 2nd Amendment (you know this one) and US Code Subsection Title 10 Subsection 311.

          “(a)  The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age….”

          Kid was abiding by the supreme law of the land.

    • Sounds suspiciously like: “she shouldn’t have been at that bar and wearing that skirt.”

      • No woman deserves to be raped, but being inebriated in revealing clothing amongst strangers or known sex offenders isn’t the wisest decision she could make. Similarly, forcibly defending property you have no interest in or breaking up a domestic disturbance in a parking lot may not be wise either. Besides risking injury or death, you are also subjecting yourself to criminal and civil justice. Shooting someone in self-defense is homicide or attempted homicide. Be prepared to be arrested and need to convince a jury it was justified because of self-defense. You need to decide if it’s worth the risk to you and your family. Some of the attackers in the video may have even believed they were trying to apprehend a murderer if all they heard were the people yelling that he had just shot someone, but using a skateboard or less against a rifle is even less wise.

        • Gd your brain is FRIED…. DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF?….
          These rioters are lawless and murderous… this CHILD has done more than ALL the “American men” in this country!…

  8. The only reason the “real” victims of all the BLM bulls*it haven’t reacted with force is what we’re gonna witness now! Selective prosecution!!!!

  9. After watching a bunch of videos last night, one notes that there were blacks on the street looking to loot and burn, but their number seems dwarfed by the number of young white males wearing face masks. I cannot believe that these were BLM members, but, particularly in that they set up a coordinated assault on the courthouse, with shields, helmets, gas masks, fireworks mortars, and assorted weaponry including long guns, ANTIFA members who came spoiling for a fight. Tearing down the judicial system and the police are core goals for ANTIFA.

    • “Tearing down the judicial system and the police are core goals for ANTIFA.”


    • What I’ve been seeing is that the majority of the violence is white people. In SLC in june I saw a bunch of protesters and not a one of them were black even though they had blm signs.

      People here like chris mallory are running a false narrative that the trouble is mostly blacks. From what I can see is that ain’t so.

      • Just watchin’ TV, but from here I believe you are correct. I hope, eventually, to be able to say blacks were too smart to be taken in this time. Hope that keeps up through November.

      • That’s one of the reasons why the media and all the Democrats were trying to pin the early violence on “white nationalists” and boogbois. Can’t have people catching on to the fact that it’s your own lily-white communist constituents initiating most of the mayhem.

      • I have seen rainbow flags all over the Antifa and BLM riots. And they are all carried by white people. I know saying this makes some people nervous. I want all rioters shot dead. And I don’t care what flag they wave. Some BLM thugs have an american flag in one hand, and a Molokai cocktail in the other.

        • Pray tell, does Chris T in KY distinguish in his mind between legitimate protesters exercising their first amendment rights and violent rioters?

          Or are they like leftists, liberals and libertarians to him? All one in the same, closet communists that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the while conspiring to dissolve and destroy religious institutions around the country, plunder and pillage the good citizenry, rape all the white women and turn America’s youths intro drug addicted homosexuals.

          Also, most rioters would favor a Molotov cocktail over a “Molokai cocktail”.

        • to Esoteric Inanity

          “I know saying this makes some people nervous. I want all rioters shot dead.”

          I’m glad I made you nervous. As a black gun owner I’m very concerned about black women being raped. As well as any woman being raped. It seems however you are only concerned with the rape of only one group of women????

          I do know that it was a racist pig LGBTQxyz white man, Tom Ammiano, who in California, wrote the law making rape victims, regardless of their race, creed, color, national origin, or sexual orientation. Making them wait an extra 10 days to get a gun.

          Perhaps you can explain why a white man of the LGBTQxyz orientation thinks a woman who has been stalked or even raped needs to wait to get a gun???

          Also can you explain why a white man of the LGBTQxyz sexual orientation thinks inner city children don’t need to learn about their 2A birth right??? Since he also was responsible for ending the rifle teams in the SF high school system. You must really be a hateful LGBTQxyz white man. To work to get l elected to the school board. Just to destroy the 2nd amendment in the public education system San Francisco Ca.

          “Ammiano was instrumental in getting rid of San Francisco’s High School competitive .22 cal rifle teams, and worked to put an end to the junior ROTC program in San Francisco’s High Schools. Ammiano supported the ban on allowing gun owners to carry an unloaded gun in public. “Whether a gun is loaded or not, it’s still an act of intimidation and bullying,” Ammiano said.”

          Thank you for correcting my selection for the word Molotov. Please feel free to continue correcting me. When you find I have made a mistake.

        • @Chris T in KY

          Esoteric Inanity can see that reading comprehension still isn’t Chris T in KY’s forte, or perhaps he just doesn’t take the time to read thoroughly. This one would attempt to edify, but due to Chris T in KY’s idiosyncracies regarding dialogue, it would take someone far more intelligent and patient than Esoteric Inanity. If interested look up the words “sarcasm” and “parody”, that might allay some confusion.

          Thank you for correcting my selection for the word Molotov.”

          It was Esotetic Inanity’s pleasure, although (As with Chris T in KY’s initial comment above when he quoted himself and attributed it to this one) he admittedly was uncertain as to what Chris T in KY meant. There is such a thing as a Molokai cocktail, though it would be quite out of place at a protest, let alone a riot.

          “Please feel free to continue correcting me. When you find I have made a mistake.”

          Appreciate the offer, but Esoteric Inanity will have to politely decline as such an endeavor could be quite time consuming. He will however, look forward to more unproductive dialogue with Chris T in KY on occasion. The guy’s likely not malicious, just very confused and angry. His rejoinders are so unreal as to be squatchy in origin.

        • Wtf is wrong with this “esoteric” weirdo?
          Do you have some kind of brain damage that’s makes you believe you have to act like you’re more intelligent than others?… while acting like a complete freak while doing it?
          Grow the fk up and learn MIGHT IS RIGHT!
          As much as you THINK trying to convince others that you’re smarter than them is making them actually believe it, IT’S NOT!

        • @George Washington

          “Wtf is wrong with this “esoteric” weirdo?”

          Many psychiatrists have analyzed him, but have yet to come to a unanimous consensus.

          “Do you have some kind of brain damage that’s makes you believe you have to act like you’re more intelligent than others?… while acting like a complete freak while doing it?“

          Obviously Esoteric Inanity is a highly conceited narcissist who is intellectually superior to his contemporaries. He’s also a magical jackalope, with wings!!!

          Freak?!?!?! Hey don’t knock it till trying it, whips and chains can make for a very memorable evening. Being a freak isn’t so bad.

          “Grow the fk up and learn MIGHT IS RIGHT!”

          Esoteric Inanity doesn’t want to grow up, and if might is indeed right, then there are many people who must always be wrong. If being wrong is right then this one never wants to be right again.

          “As much as you THINK trying to convince others that you’re smarter than them is making them actually believe it, IT’S NOT!”

          No worries friend, this one won’t waste his time trying to convince Georgie boy of anything.

          In all seriousness, intelligence is wholly subjective, entirely dependent upon the parameters by which it is gauged. Existence can be quite tedious, banal and miserable at times. Don’t take things too seriously, enjoy the inanity in this divine comedy called life. And the next time that that girl/guy winks at George Washington, go up and say hello. One never knows how wonderful it can be around the right people.

          Safe travels and god speed friend!!!

        • Their skin color doesn’t matter. When the mob is bearing down on you, all you’re going to be concerned about is the threat. If you’re interested in statistics, Pew Research said that most BLM activists are white. Based on the videos I’ve seen, the vast majority of antifa/anarchists are white.

  10. I want the whole story. What was he doing there? Visiting family? Did he go to protest? If so for or against blm/antifa? Way more questions than answers right now but sure looked like self preservation.

    • He was interviewed by several different people before and after. He states he is there protecting businesses. He told the police that he worked at one of the businesses.

  11. Talk about video confusing the issue. Why were they chasing him to begin with? What had he done prior? I don’t know how close Antioch is to Kenosha but what was he doing there in the first place? A lot of unanswered questions.

    • How about being an American citizen. What was everybody else doing there? Is there a law preventing him from being there? No, no there isn’t. If the terrorist groups BLM / ANTIFA can run wild and be free to intimidate, assault, murder, loot, burn, destroy livelihoods then it seems fair that this young man has every right to be there to counter their actions. As proven for the last 6 months we have seen the law enforcement agencies involved haven’t lifted a finger. Kudos to the young PATRIOT for having the balls to go there and take a stand as well as defend himself.

  12. This not agent to end well for Kyle. He was being chased down because he had just shot a looter in the head. He fled that scene and then had the mob after him. He was 17 and had an AR. He should not have been there. He was also vocal on social media about his AR and his support for Blue Lives Matter. Regardless of the legitimacy of either incident, he made a lot of bad choices. He will be going to jail for a very long time.

    • How about all the terrorists BLM / ANTIFA ? Waiting on all the murder, assault, looting, destruction of private property charges that aren’t being filed. Yawn…..pretty sure the young man was defending himself from great bodily harm from the looted who got what was coming. Sucks when accountability and instant justice is meaded out doesn’t it?

    • He already shot someone before that video starts? Citation needed. There is clearly gunfire going on around him. Who is shooting, and who are they shooting at, and why? Seems obvious that Kyle was probably only part of a skirmish. If you have citations, please provide them.

      • The videos are everywhere, go look around. What isn’t mentioned in this comment, is that the first guy he shot in the head had just thrown a Molotov cocktail at him. Sticking around to face a mob is generally ill-advised and “fleeing” was a justifiable action.

      • Paul,

        I saw at least four videos of the accused. A few moments earlier in the timeline, some scumbag was chasing the accused for a long distance. When the accused was nearing a possible dead-end, the accused turned around and shot his pursuer at point blank range. At that point he appeared to call 911 and then left the scene to go to police who were down the street. That is when the mob continued to chase him and, when he tripped, closed in to beat/maim/kill him. It was only after someone struck him in the head with a skateboard that he began firing at people who were at contact distance.

        The videos are available and some of them are fairly clear.


      It appears that Kyle shot someone before the video in the article – that Youtube page claims to have all video of Kyle.

      Next question: WTF were the older men who Kyle was with? They left him to fend for himself? Or, he took off from them? They should have been watching out for the kid.

    • If he does go to jail for a long time it will be because the legal system today is as retarded as you are……js

  13. Yea, from what I could see, the “ran up on him beating on him” because he was separated from his group.

    • He was being chased after he left the scene of a shooting where guy in the head at car dealership. There is video of that and him leaving the scene. It is not clear if he was the one who shot the looter in the head.

  14. So, the bottom line is that we are all better off without the police. Since the police did not help the good citizens, but is only preventing their self-defense, why the hell do we need it? Can someone answer that?

    • Alexander,

      I have made the very same argument.

      It sure looks to me like we would be better off if police get out of the way.

    • It seems the police of Kenosha have broken their contract with the people. They’re essentially mercenaries for the municipality if they only protect their codified assets and everyone else finds themselves YOYO’d (you’re on your own).

      People are waking up. It’s taking a bit longer than I would have anticipated, but they are waking up.

      • Not only in Kenosha. In Frederickburg, VA,, a mother with kids in the car was told by the police (on the phone) that they will not protect her, plain and simple. Everywhere, the police stand aside and let the rioters loot and burn, but they are very active when it comes to protecting the mayors and the city halls. Many of us still believe that the police serves and protects the citizens, and perhaps that was the case decades ago. It is no longer true. The police make money for the municipalities by writing out traffic tickets and they are also good at sorting out the bodies. Frankly, I can’t think of anything else that they’re good at nowadays. Oh, and acting as personal bodyguards for the politicians. We are better off without them.

    • Pretty clear that they will not be acting unless you are going against the status quo i.e. not destroying things. The full weight of the legal system will be heaped upon him, instead of using the myriad of video evidence to try and piece together some kind of justice for people like the family furniture shop that was burned, the owner has a great interview on youtube talking about the situation. Pretty sad that Mom and Pop are paying the cost while the city and people that steal their income to fund nonsense are complicit in the destruction.

  15. Duty to retreat; check
    chased by multiple attackers; check
    person with skateboard swinging at him; check
    Self Defense..
    Unless there was something we missed from the video, this is an over zealous DA.

    • I would agree. But, he was 17 in possession of a long gun. Not good in Illinois where he is from or Wisconsin. I would imagine he would be tried as an adult and an argument could be made that if tried as an adult, he should be teated as adult in the eyes of the law as far a possession. There are potential valid charges to be levied that would not be outside the realm of overzealous.

        • No the 2A has not been amended. Both states have regs that limit the age of possession. That is the ticket to entry to an indictment – bogus or not.

      • He’s not being charged for the crime of possession of a Long gun under age 17.
        He’s being charged with premeditated murder.
        So now the legality of his being in possession of the gun is no longer important.
        A person can still be gifted a rifle along before age 18.

      • Just because he’s 17 in possession of a long gun doesn’t mean he can’t defend himself with said firearm…
        The charge for possession of a long gun by a minor is the LEAST of his worries…. that has NOTHING to do with the murder charge…

  16. BS. Corruption from the infamous Kenosha county. Cop shoots man 7 times when not in danger, the government calls for a lengthy investigation and no charges. Kid gets attacked by a group of violent gun toting criminals on video, gets charged with 1st degree murder within hours.

    Police are no good. Arrest the mayor, chief, sheriff and DA.

    • wow Chief Sensor, you seem to have no information whatsoever in regard to the Jacob Blake shooting. It is already all over the place, possession of a knife, reaching for a weapon in his car. maybe 7 times to the back was excessive, but as LEO I am not waiting for you to turn around and shoot me. this kid is clearly defending himself, and running TOWARDS the police. Please never run for any office, including dog catcher. Thank you.

  17. If the rioters stayed home and did something productive nobody would have been shot or injured. Americans have had enough and are now protecting their towns and businesses.

    • “If the rioters stayed home and did something productive nobody would have been shot or injured. ”

      You need to pass that on to this kid’s legal counsel!

      • Stfu moron…
        His legal team isn’t worried…. he will be acquitted of all charges…

  18. Charging someone with a death penalty offfense for defending himsekf from the people trying to destroy our civilization. This is outrageous!

  19. This video isn’t the whole story. What was he doing before the video started that he had to run from a bunch of people?

    • Ragnarredbeard,

      What was he doing earlier that precipitated the event where he tripped and fell on the street? He was running a considerable distance from a member of the mob and, apparently about to be cornered, it looks like he turned and shot his pursuer in the melon. After calling someone (likely 911), he left the scene and headed toward police who were parked down the street.

    • Hard to say, context is a funny thing. What is clear is that the kid is retreating from multiple pursuers. Said pursuers are clearly chasing an individual that at the time was evidently looking to avoid a fight. One pursuer then appears to assault the fleeing and clearly armed individual. The guy on the ground, now certainly shown to have been attacked, reluctantly appears to go on offense. The kid then shoots the initial aggressor and proceeds to shoot another attacker after a minor struggle. A third aggressor then approaches the young man, at first with some reluctance then boldly charges in only to apparently take a bullet to the right side of his body.

      After this, the kid gets up and slowly starts back on his way. Turning to survey his surroundings several times before discharging several more shots with no apparent targets visible to the viewer. After this he proceeds toward the oncoming police vehicles. While doing so he clearly puts his hands in the air several times and occasionally drops his left hand to reposition his firearm which is hanging from a sling at his left side. He then attempts to walk up to a police cruiser that is parked along the street when the video ends.

      This is what Esoteric Inanity perceived from the video. He attempted to transcribe as objective of an interpretation of it as possible. However, as Ragnarredbeard has so succinctly stated: “This video isn’t the whole story“. Indeed, there are a multitude of scenarios that could have led up to these events. Some may strengthen a case for self defense, others could cast doubt upon it.

      “What was he doing before the video started that he had to run from a bunch of people?”

      Now for the speculation. The kid may have been fleeing his pursuers because he had already, as some other posters have speculated, shot one/some of them. If this is the case, then there are other considerations to also take. Whether he would have been right or wrong in such a scenario would still be up for debate. While it is not only difficult to judge the unknown, let alone a theoretical scenario, one can juxtapose this with other incidents that have taken place across the country during this period of civil unrest.

      In Austin, Texas several weeks ago, an individual in his car was stopped by protesters and approached by a man with a kalashnikov style rifle. Claiming that the protester pointed said rifle at him, the driver, fearing for his life, shot and killed the other man. He then fled the scene while being shot at by another individual as he drove away.

      Another incident occurred in Provo, Utah back in July. As with the former story, a man was stopped in his car at an intersection by protesters. Only in this scenario, said driver was approached and shot several times. He however, managed to escape with his life.

      Meanwhile, in Eugene, Oregon a motorist and a protester engaged in an armed stand off. Once again the driver was stopped by protesters, he was then threatened and proceeded to pull a gun on them. A protester responded by pulling his own firearm on the driver. Eventually the situation descalated and nobody was harmed.

      One can extrapolate from the aforementioned incidences, that obstructing traffic and aggressively confronting dissent are part of the “protester’s” modus operandi. Physical violence is also in their oft utilized bag of tricks. Talk while successfully relying on the media and crooked politicians to cover for them.

      Now, most reports that this one has read claim that Kyle Rittenhouse was affiliated with a local militia that he was in the company of prior to his fleeing from aggressors. Where the other militia men went is not mentioned, nor how he became separated from them. Maybe they were, as had been claimed, defending local businesses when the “protesters” swarmed their location. Rather than fight or willingly be beaten, perhaps they elected to retreat and Kyle became separated while being pursued. The individual in the video seems to be a bit tired as though he has been running for some time. Or perhaps he and his friends were stopped at an intersection by protesters and forced to flee their vehicle, it’s happened before of late.

      On the flip side, maybe the militia provoked said protesters by hurling racial slurs at them. Would this justify violence though? Maybe the militia men attacked the protesters, potentially killing several. However, Esoteric Inanity can find no mention of such a scenario. If Kyle did indeed assault a protester prior to the recorded events, then why were said protesters so aggressively pursuing a clearly armed man in such a way, towards law enforcement no less? They apparently were converging on him (A clearly armed individual) with little fear or apprehension being shown, not the action of victims in this one’s opinion.

      Some might say that Kyle, a 17 year old out of stater, had no business being there and that he certainly shouldn’t have been armed. Really, does he have any less right to exercise his first and second amendment rights than the other protesters? Also a damned good thing that he was armed as it very likely saved his life.

      In closing, while the narrative can always change in light of new evidence, as it stands Esoteric Inanity can hardly see how these shootings were not justified irrespective of what took place prior to the events. In this one’s opinion, Kyle was clearly attempting to retreat (towards police) from several pursuing assailants that were closing in on him like wolves. He seemed fatigued and reluctant to fight until given no choice.

      His decision to discharge several other seemingly reckless shots is another matter worthy of criticism though. If one or more deaths/injuries is attributable to this, then that is a different matter entirely.

  20. 32 people shot in Chicago monday and tuesday waiting for Lebron to say something about how awful that is and for the rest of the NBA to boycott those shootings!!!!

  21. Although it was clearly self-defense, this lad is going to be crucified for crossing state lines. I guess you just need to understand the possible consequences of participating in a riot, even if you are morally in the clear.

  22. I’ve seen the videos, seen the still’s. That kid was out to defend property and the first guy he shot in the head was attacking him and trying to hit him with a Molotov Cocktail, the other guys attacked him intent on great bodily harm, and one guy swung up a pistol to kill him.

    *Self defense is never denied*

    • This is worrisome, after I finished laughing. I mean, after seeing this kid blow some asshole’s head off, a guy chases him down the street seeking to hit him with a skateboard? There are serious drugs in play here, I would have never expected that.

  23. What I didnt see:
    What went on before the initial jogging in the video.
    The shooter threatening anyone before being tripped.

    What I did see:
    The rifleman was tripped and then attacked by multiple people.
    People attacking him even after he started shooting and hitting his attackers.

    I imagine there is more to the story, but this would not convict him if I were in the jury.

  24. I’d like to say that I’m consistent in my thinking.
    If you (two men) chase an unarmed person down the street in a pick truck and then shoot that unarmed person. You have some explaining to do. And if you are a mob (A mob is always well armed) and are chasing a person with a gun. You just might get shot. Since the gun owner has just as much a right, to be on the street, as the so called “protesters”. And no, its not intimidation to walk around carrying any gun. Long or short. Its your american birth right to do so. The 2A is for everyone.

    This is what you get when you have no police. The Utopian dreams of Libertarians Liberals and the Left have come true. As I have said before. I like the police. You, (the three L’s) complain american jails have more prisoners in them, than any Western nation. Yes the three L’s have said just that. The Democrats did what you wanted. They let thousands of criminals go free. Of coarse crime spiked the those same democrat cities. Its simple logic.

    Amazing to see the mob, who hate cops, then run to the cops to tell on a person who defended himself. And demand his arrest. I say Jury nullification, Jury nullification, Jury nullification.
    Now I will say it again. You let me know when the three L’s support the government shooting rioters. Or you let me know when the three L’s support, anyone, who shoots rioters.

    Why is a member of an attacking mob screaming for a “Medic”??? A wounded mobster doesn’t deserve a “medic”. Is he asking for a government worker to come and help him? Or does he expect a tax paying civilian, who’s car was just smashed, or his business burned to the ground, to come and now save his life?

    I think my mossberg 590 loaded with 00 buck shot would have had a much better result. Several of his targets were still standing. After he shot them. With his AR-15. Also a mounted bayonet would have been very useful in this situation as well.

    • To mount a bayonet, an AR must have either a 20″ or 14.5″ barrel. Not many sold that way anymore.

      • Sad but true. I know many people think the bayonet is an outdated weapon. But the mob doesn’t seem to believe they will be shot. I think we as a society have lost a healthy respect for guns. However I think everyone on planet earth has been cut by a knife or sharp object. Either by accident or on purpose. And a very large knife had done wonders to focus a rioters attention.
        I bought the mossberg 590 just because it came with a bayonet lug on it.

      • Not true. A midlength gas system on a 16.25″ barrel with the appropriate sightblock will work with the same dwell distance for a bayonet.

        The more you know…

      • I chose my AR specifically because it had a bayonet mount and was the same as my A2 without the burst setting.

        The art of rifle bayonet is not dead, just forgotten. Every weapon can jam or become inoperable, the bayonet may be what saves your life.

      • I just saw a photo of a 16 inch AR 15 with a bayonet today by a man I just met. Both of us former military. He bought an adapter that allowed him to out it on.

        • What is the spirit of the bayonet?
          Answer: to kill.
          Just one of the many things I learned while serving in the US Army.

    • The cops admitted to not even knowing what happened that night yet charge the guy with murder.

      I bet if I told the chief and sheriff I was going to do something to them, I put on a mask and snuck up behind them to disarm them they would shoot me dead. If he was on the ground and I tried to jump on his head he would probably shoot me. He definitely would shoot me if I hit him in the head with a skateboard. There is no question if I put a Glock in his face he would mag dump on me rather than shoot me in the arm or leg once.

      • LE didn’t charge him will anything. They don’t have the authority to press charges. That is done at the Prosecutors digression. They may make a request for a warrant. If approve they then make an arrest or ask another jurisdiction to do so. There’s much yet to come out as far as guilt of innocence of this person. Seems many people are jumping to conclusions not yet in evidence. Just like BLM. I’m not siding with or against either side. I’m simple pointing out the optics and like it or not for most people perception is reality. Regardless of the facts.

        • We have all the evidence needed to know that the charges and accusations are not warranted and not based on truth. Just because you don’t put in the work to find those facts doesn’t mean the rest of us haven’t done the work ourselves. Stop with the wait until the investigation is over or the court case is over. That is pure nonsense. We know exactly what happened within a few minutes after the shootings, even before both men were declared dead. Everything was live streamed. Apparently the Kenosha government says they haven’t even seen the videos yet, but they asked the local cops to arrest the boy for murder.

  25. Apparently the shooter was involved in two incidents. In the first, he shot a guy at a car dealership. I haven’t seen video of that actual shooting. Then people chased him, threw molotov cocktails at him and then tried to stomp and brain him with a skateboard when he tripped.

    The second shooting is justifiable. But the first shooting? Don’t know.

    • Hannibal,

      I saw video of the first event: it looked more-or-less justified to me. A mob attacker was chasing him a considerable distance (50+ yards?) and he was trying to run away. When he got to a point where there may not have been any more room to run away (the pursuer was about to corner him), he turned and shot the pursuer in the melon.

      Other people are reporting that, prior to the pursuer pursing the 17 year-old accused, the pursuer had just thrown a Molotov cocktail at a person and the 17 year-old accused was somehow there or involved in a righteous capacity — and then the deceased alleged Molotov cocktail thrower pursued the 17 year-old accused.

  26. Might be bad for his parent in Illinois. I think one of those new gun control laws just passed put a lot of punishments on parental control of firearms of anyone under 18 years old. I have to find the law that was past in the last few years to be sure. Moving a firearm from Illinois across state lines to Wisconsin without parental control as minor could put his FOID card carrying parent in jail in Illinois also. Illinois will prosecute the parent that has the FOID card to the maximum to make an example out of them. Hope the kid has a good lawyer in Wisconsin and parent/s have a good lawyer in Illinois. Kid looks to be in the right, but a Democratic jury might not see it that way in Wisconsin.

  27. I also saw the videos.

    He was a foolish kid, but that aside, he HAD every right to be there at that time and place, just as the looters did, if not more.

    If he gets ANY jail time, the shit will really hit the fan.
    I have seen enough videos in the last 4 months for me to determine that it’s time to start shooting the evil ones.

    Since there is no prosecutor, judge or jury that is doing the right thing, it is up to us.
    If we wimp out, it WILL be the end of the story of America. The PURGE will be forced upon us by the liberal retards running everything, , and we had better reply, and in the strongest possible terms.

    Terminate looters, arsonists and thieves with extreme prejudice….Isn’t it strange how they’re mostly democrats????

  28. The white red shirted guy screaming “Shoot me, n—-a!” like a goof deserved to get smoked, he chased him down and clearly meant to badly hurt if not kill him.

    Instant karma, made my whole month.

  29. I said in the other thread that it is my hope that ‘these kids, LARPs, Antifa, BLM, anarchists, whatever’ have gotten a reality check now and seen with their own eyes.

    This is not a game and there are no restart buttons. If the rioters, and they all have that label now IMO, don’t stop the destruction there may be no turning back. The governors, mayors, and police must do their jobs now, no excuses.

    No one who is effing sane wants to do this. Last time we decided to have a go at each other it was 2% of the population. There will be no winners, only death and sadness.

    How many this time?

    • We’ve probably already hit the point of no return.

      This combined with people actually feeling what really happened in Q2 in terms of economics are going to cause people to defend businesses like this because they literally can’t afford to take another hit.

      The rioters, having gotten away with this shit for months, will not be deterred until a bunch of them get shot dead.

      On top of that Trump is likely to win reelection and when that happens the Left is going to go totally fucking bonkers.

  30. First degree murder?

    I’ve concluded that Peak Clown is myth. Every time you thing it’s been reached you’re looking at a false summit.

    • If he was unlawfully possessing a similar automatic rifle in Illinois at age 17, that’s a felony.

      If while committing that felony, he cross state lines, then it becomes a federal felony.

      By open carrying in Wisconsin under the age of 18, he was committing yet another crime.

      If, during the commission of a felony, anyone is killed, you’ve earned a murder rap.

      He is going to prison as an adult.

      • “If he was unlawfully possessing a similar automatic rifle in Illinois at age 17, that’s a felony.”

        That would be a felony in Illinois after the incident in question. It has no bearing on whether or not his shooting of people in self-defense in Wisconsin was legal.

        “If while committing that felony, he cross state lines, then it becomes a federal felony.”

        Also irrelevant to the situation at and, and on top of that crossing the state line would again create a felony in Illinois but not an interstate felony because it’s not a felony in both jurisdictions.

        “By open carrying in Wisconsin under the age of 18, he was committing yet another crime.”

        Unless he had completed Hunter’s Safety, which you can’t possible know. So it MIGHT be a crime or it might not be and we’re in no position to say this without further details.

        “If, during the commission of a felony, anyone is killed, you’ve earned a murder rap.”

        Yeah, well even if he was in illegal possession of the gun the worst that could constitute under Wisconsin law is a Class A Misdemeanor. Max punishment is 9 months and $10K. And, as I previously pointed out, what happened after the shooting, in another state, is immaterial to the shooting itself.

        See Wisconsin Statute 948.60.

        “He is going to prison as an adult.”

        Probably not. But miscarriages of justice do occur.

        Regardless, literally nothing you’ve said turns a self-defense shooting into a murder. Considering that the guy who took one to the head is on video assaulting this kid before shots are fired, the kid has a pretty good self defense case.

      • One thing consistent across all these incidents: Whiner 69er/Crisco knows not of which he speaks.

      • “The incident was captured on a series of videos on social media, which appear to show Rittenhouse opening fire in the parking lot of a car dealership and again on a crowded street, and then walking past police responding to the scene without being taken into custody. As he walked past police at the scene, Rittenhouse apparently told officers he works at a nearby business, but court records indicate that he is a lifeguard at a YMCA in Lindenhurst.”

    • Wow!!! Thanks for posting this. A real combat journalist. Citizen journalism at its best. This is why we have the 1st amendment.

    • That was the best break down I’ve seen from any reporter in a long time. Multiple angles, solid commentary.

      • Incomplete, he had no coverage or even speculation as to why the individual was being chased in the first place.

        • The fact that you consistently move the goalposts specifically to avoid having to deal with falsifiable claims says quite a bit about you.

          If there’s evidence brought forth about “the beginning of the chase” that’s not in your favor you’ll start wanting to know the perspectives of the dead before we can “know” this isn’t murder.

          It’s really rather uncommon to find someone who is both completely unserious and entirely dishonest. So take heart miner, you’re a rare bird indeed.

  31. Remember Sheeple cops are not your friends! They will arrest you after defending yourself but not the criminals coming after you or burning the city down! Police are trash bootlickers that doesn’t as they are told for a pay check! They picked their side.

  32. Sadly even if this young man was acting in self defense. He’s still smoked if he is only 17. Having a long gun or ammunition under the age of 21 in Illinois is a Felony without written permission of the Parent or guardian who must possess a F.O.I.D. card. Instantly making any action committed while committing a felony. A felony. Even if the act is justified. I’ve seen people go to prison for that very crime. They will make an example of him. If for no other reason than to show how tough they are on Gun Violence.

  33. Steve Crowder is reporting that people calling themselves “Libertarians” were at the shooting with there own guns.

    “SHOOTING In KENOSHA: Crowder Reviews Twitter Clips In FULL CONTEXT | Good Morning” video 5 min long

  34. Did anyone look at a map? This kid lives 20 minutes from Kenosha. There’s even video of him saying he works at a business in Kenosha. Yes he crossed a state line from his place of residence to get there, but stop making it sound like this guy came cross country.

        • I guess the point is Americans are better off relying on a kid to prevent criminals from committing arson and murder. The kid even showed mercy on the man who pointed a gun at his head after pretending he was not a threat.

          Kenosha police department and sheriff office should be cleansed and replaced with those young militia guys. They do a way better job at the important stuff.

  35. It will be interesting to learn what actions he had taken to cause him to be chased in the first place.

    “According to witness accounts and video, police apparently let the young man responsible for some or all of the shootings walk past them with a semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder as members of the crowd were yelling for him to be arrested because he had shot people.
    At the news conference, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth speculated that officers might have been distracted by radio traffic or people screaming and running past. “I can picture all kinds of reasons,” he said.”

    So witnesses said he had shot someone but the police refused to even question him? Perhaps that is why members of the crowd were chasing him, he was a fleeing felon.

    He was in violation of Wisconsin open carry statute, so that will be a significant problem for him.

    And we need to learn more about his possession of the semi automatic rifle in Illinois, he may have some legal exposure there as well.

    • “So witnesses said he had shot someone but the police refused to even question him? Perhaps that is why members of the crowd were chasing him, he was a fleeing felon.”

      He was on the phone immediately after the shooting. Maybe with 911? I’m sure we’ll find out. He wasn’t trying to hide from the police. There is video of him trying to get the attention of police driving by.

    • The video that the media is pushing is only the end of the incident. The beginning of the ambush happened across the street from the hospital when a white male chased him and Antifa tried to attack him with poles and shot at him. He then shot dead the white male who was trying to attack him. More shots come from the Antifa side. The kid called the cops and decided to run back to the police line after Antifa threatened him.

      This is where the video you see people playing everywhere picks up. The lynch mob is activated and are trying to kill him without knowing what happened down at the corner. Another white male is chasing him with a Glock. After the shooting of the other two white males it appears black males pull handguns and start firing at the kid as he walks towards the police.

      Here is the evidence of the third white male shot having a gun in his hand when he was shot. You can also see the gun in the higher quality videos.

      The kid was ambushed and they were trying to shoot him. I guess they believed one of the loud mouth black guys that was saying the militia’s guns are loaded with blanks and they probably thought a kid wouldn’t actually use his gun or maybe it’s not even real.

    • No question at all. The first guy he shot is on a couple of videos coming at people yelling “shoot me nigga” over and over.

    • “Perhaps that is why members of the crowd were chasing him, he was a fleeing felon.”

      An assumption that large requires a break-taking amount of stupid on the part of the person making it.

    • Wow, miner, just wow. At what point do you cross the line? You and your leftist buddies in the university system have created these antifa fascist. You enable them. You spin these brain dead minions up and send them on violent rampages.

      At what point does the doj step in and charge you with multiple felonies for your actions? Conspiracy is one charge. How many others? Trump is on the verge of having antifa declared a terrorist .org.

      When he gets his second term, and he will, don’t think you can step back from your keyboard and proclaim your innocence. I’m willing to bet there’s all kinds of trails leading right back to you.

    • “It will be interesting to learn…”

      Read the damn comments. Watch the linked videos and see it for yourself. It’s all here for you. Learn…if you can.

      • Obviously they were asking him to mask up to protect grandma and he took offense, flew off the handle and went alt-right on everyone in sight.


  36. “Hard times are coming. Harder than most Americans can even imagine. Harder even than The Great Depression. Root, hog, or die, and the weakest go to the wall. Those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members.”

  37. “Rittenhouse has been assigned a public defender and will make his first court appearance Friday.”

    He’ll need more than the public defender.

    Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who is Black, said in an interview with the news program “Democracy Now!” that the shootings were not surprising and that white militias have been ignored for too long.

    “How many times across this country do you see armed gunmen, protesting, walking into state Capitols, and everybody just thinks it’s OK?” Barnes said. “People treat that like it’s some kind of normal activity that people are walking around with assault rifles.”

    • Indeed, the white militants have been ignored, because they are left-wing militants favored by the left-wing politicians. They are clearly charging the wrong person because of politics.

  38. On one video, the shooter claimed that he worked at a business in that area. It appeared that he was part of a group that had declared their intent to protect some local businesses.

    I read that the first person shot had attacked the shooter by throwing a molotov cocktail. One video showed an object thrown near the shooter, but it was not clear whether this was actually thrown targeting the shooter, or whether the person shot was the thrower or was attacking at the time that he was shot. If someone has a better video clip or other documentation, that would help clarify the situation.

  39. There is another still photo from a different angle showing one of those men who were attacking the man on the ground pointing a handgun at him. The other man is right over the man on the ground, and one cannot be sure but he may have a handgun–or may just be trying to wrestle the rifle away from the man on the ground. This would, since the man on the ground was being pursued and trying to get away until stumbling, and then was attacked on the ground, a very clear case of self-defense.

    • Video seem to also indicate he was being shot at before he shot masked man and after he shot backpack man. These people were trying to assassinate him, then they sent a lynch mob after him.

      Very ironic that BLM would create a lynch mob.

  40. I can only wish that he zapped every shit bag in that entire group that was mobbing him and just left the commie cleanup for the local stooges. THIS is the polite society everyone loves to talk about but forgets the 2nd half of the quote. “An armed society is a polite society,. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

    There has been so much content from Patriots etc relating to this topic lately, Im not gonna link anything. America is gone unless WE (the people etc.) decide it is worth fighting for. The time for the silent majority is reaching an end, THINK about the Martin Neimoller quote and just apply it to November.

      • The article? Probably.

        DM is known for it’s high quality pictures rather than actual journalism though.

        Guy shot clutching his chest tells a firearm, caliber, and shot placement story as well.

    • I didn’t notice them mention how the backpack man pretended to be unarmed when he put his hands up and was like “don’t shoot me, bro” as he drew a Glock and tried to shoot the boy.

      The kid should sue every damn lying person that ruined his reputation claiming he is a murderer. That includes the Kenosha government.

      We literally have numerous videos showing how everything started, who the perps are and how people were trying to shoot the kid before he shot anyone and after he tried to escape to the police.

  41. #VentilationNation it’s a “sensation”!

    There’s a reason the DA/Atty Gen. both Democrats didn’t present this clear-cut case 0f “self defense” to a grand jury, they knew it would be “no-billed” ie. the grand jurors would justifiably refuse to indict. Now they, the state’s legal arm will persecute this teen, attempt to crucify him, and bankrupt his family.

  42. Score Keeping

    [size=18pt][color=green]Good Guys 5[/color]
    [color=red]Commies -7[/color][/size]

    Score break downs

    Good Guys
    (1 for AK commie shot in Austin, .5 for Seattle Antifa Bike Punch, 1 for Portland stabber lady, -1 for Machete comes to Dallas, 1 for multiple Antifa beaten after attacking wheelchair veteran, 2 commies dead and 1 wounded by 17YO in Kenosha)

    (NFAC shot 3 of their own, Aurora protester wounded 2 other protesters and another jumped off a bridge, -2 for Playing in Traffic in Seattle, +1 for Portland driver crashed and beaten)

  43. It was not a molotov thrown, It looks like it because of the back lighting. It was a brick in a trash bag.

    • Old Antifa tactic was to put a lock in a sock and swing at people. That was very common three years ago. This was done because you can’t say a sock is a strange item to have and when you have a bike nor is a lock. It was advised by lawyers to have such weapons to make it harder for cops to arrest them.

  44. This whole chaos and the its consequences (the worst is yet to come) were all planned folks. First, you have a failed impeachment followed by the DNC putting together an unbelievable list of loonies for 2020.

    Then you have the COVID 19 crisis, brought to you by irresponsible (at best) “journalists” and treasonous politicians; months of COVID 19 paranoia have hurt the economy, many lost their jobs and businesses and the whole thing has definitely impacted people mental health negatively. It is also a good way to train us in becoming slaves (although most Americans already have the “slave morality” as Nietzsche defines it).

    Phase 3 I guess would be the BLM/Antifa circus: social distancing doesn’t apply to them, arson is no longer a felony when they do it, they can threaten people with firearms, they can randomly assault people, they can…….and when a normal American uses force against these people, he/she gets handcuffed and charged. Meanwhile, in most cities where rioting as become normal, law enforcement does nothing or very little. This failure to maintain law and order encourages citizen to take care of the mess themselves. This is what they want, if not a civil war at least a bunch of evil white folks being used as an example, hoping the rest of us will just submit to their tyranny.

    • “…months of COVID 19 paranoia have hurt the economy…”

      Hurt? There’s an understatement. The IRS itself doesn’t expect to hit February 2020 level numbers again economically until 2028 and that’s if the lock downs all end tomorrow and everything is rainbows and unicorns for eight solid years. Lock downs go until after the election? Half your economy is gone by December 1 and unemployment is around 50%. They don’t even bother to project a “recovery” date for that.

      I don’t think that people really realize how fucked this country is at this point. There is no “going back to normal”. Nearly every metric is worse than the Great Depression. Far, far, far worse.

      Jumping from frying pans and whatnot.

      • I agree with your point, but please do note that IRS numbers are backwards looking a year to 20 months. If the reality is that by 2026 / 2027 our economy is back where it was in 2019 to early 2020, which was one of the, if not the most productive and wealthy year in our country’s history, well that’s a pretty good thing.
        My prediction is that by March of 2021 the general population will be at 90% of their income level as they were in January 2020. But that’s only if Trump wins.

        • The real issue with that IMHO is that this is not a normal slow-down/recession.

          This isn’t a credit freeze. It’s a full-stop of productive means via regulatory fiat. That’s problematic because it means that businesses don’t have any lead time nor can they manage risk or look for alternative income streams while making adjustments and staying afloat. Everything productive just stops but the bills pile up.

          That means that the adjustments that would normally be made over, say a couple of quarters, during a downturn are 1) mostly not yet visible because people believe they’re going to go back to work “like normal” at some point in the future and 2) those adjustments can’t realistically be made until things “reopen”.

          In some regards this is like some of those jokes in physics. It’s not the fall that gets you it’s the sudden stop at the bottom. Well, in some ways we’re suspended a quarter inch off the ground but when things “turn over” we’ll hit with the force of a long freefall. Then we’ll accelerate at a bone crushing pace because the courts will reopen and creditors will start looking to get lost payments immediately because they’re hurting too. That’s likely to cause a tidal wave of foreclosures, bankruptcies and evictions that we don’t yet *know about* but which will hit us in the face in whatever quarter we reopen in. (And of course large blue states can always drag everyone else down by refusing to reopen.)

          Now, there’s a couple saving graces here which is the petro-dollar and the retardation world-wide. If we can manage to “be the tallest midget in the field” then that might cushion us. Ditto re-shoring which looks to be something many industries are really seriously considering. But cushion is all it can do, if Europe and Oceania are wrecked or still locked up Victoria style to whom do we sell what we produce?

          I tend to agree that the IRS forcast is overly gloomy, I’d shave 2-3 years off it, four if we get the above mentioned cushion and use it properly (LOL!). Still. 2021 is going to be fucking rough for tens of millions and 2022 won’t be that much better.

          I also agree however, that any recovery is predicated on a Trump win. The Democrat’s policies will make things exponentially worse, like Wiemar Republic style worse.

  45. You get 100 bonus points when they’re child molesters. I remember the days when even democrats used to despise child molesters, times have changed.

  46. Have been listening to Kenosha PD on Broadcastify tonight, citizens have been calling 911 telling police if they, law enforcement, doesn’t address the unrest in their neighborhoods they will do it themselves, a 17 yr old has shown taught them to defend their community. In one incident at approximately 8:00pm an male harassed then physically the elderly in a residential area, they beat the piss out of him, subdued, tied/bound him with rope, and kept him down, on the driveway, until police arrived, he will be mocked mercilessly for years.

  47. I’m just not seeing it. he was fleeing from the first guy and got cornered (there was a mob behind those cars), after he shot that one in self defense the mob was after him, chasing him down the street, and when he tripped, all three of the first mobbers to get to him attacked with deadly force. an attempted kick to the head, skateboard to the head, and a gun.

    then, how can they say he was fleeing prosecution when he is on video trying to surrender to the cops and they ignore him, kept on driving? well? he tried. then he went home. ???? wtf

    • The fleeing prosecution charge is a formality to speed up extradition from Illinois.

      “Rittenhouse is currently being held at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois, according to Guttschow.

      He is expected to be charged as an adult back in Wisconsin.

      Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is assisting in tracing a firearm recovered Wednesday that is believed to have been used in Tuesday night’s shooting, a law enforcement official told ABC News.”

      Learning more about how a 17-year-old boy came in possession of his semi automatic rifle should prove interesting.

      By the way, does anyone know what ‘4drsmorewhores’ means?

      These crazy kids with their hip lingo…

      • off the top of my head I would say it’s a reference to a boat car having 4 doors fits more ho’s inside.