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(sponsored post) A one-day General Admission ticket to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is an incredible value. A $79 ticket gets you trigger time behind the latest and greatest handguns, rifles and shotguns from forty different manufacturers. Ammo’s free on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16, at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin). You could easily spend that much on a day’s target ammo at your local range. Click here to buy a GA ticket.

If you want the very best the world-class Texas Firearms Festival has to offer, click here to buy VIP tickets. In addition to the normal Festival shoot, shop, and buy fun, VIP ticket holders will enjoy —

Full Auto Friday October the 14th (included with all VIP Tickets). Shoot over 20 modern machine guns and pistols…and a mini-gun! (Ammo sold at a discount.)

VIP-only range time from 9am – 10am. (Doors open to other ticket holders at 10am.)

“Fast Pass” access to the front of any line (just show your VIP wristband to jump to the front!)

Admission to the National Shooting Sports Foundation VIP lounge for free high-speed WiFi, complimentary lunch (from 11am – 1pm), non-alcoholic beverages, and hang time with the TTAG team.

Festival shuttle service so you can easily access all areas of the range.

Whether you buy a Non-Shooter, General Admission or VIP ticket to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival, you will enjoy a firearms experience like no other. Come and shoot it!

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  1. Good luck keeping me cooped up in the lounge! I’m gonna be turning ammo into noise and empty brass haha. Pew pew! See y’all on the shooting line 🙂


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