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(sponsored post) According to Liberty Suppressors, they make “the world’s greatest firearms suppressors.” Click here, buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival — October 14 – 16 at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin) and put their claim to the test. Liberty’s bringing a wide range of cans for your suppressed shooting pleasure. Specifically . . .

Leonidas  Liberty’s AR (above) features an integrally suppressed .300 BLK upper (as featured in the video above). It also boasts a Seekins iRMT-R Billit Upper with forward assist and dust cover, NiB M16 Bolt/Carrier Group, 8.5″ Lilja 1 in 8 twist match barrel and a Seekins 15″ MCSR free floating rail.

Mystic X  – The Mystic X is equally at home on rifles, pistols, centerfire or rimfire. Rated for a full 52 calibers, the X can handle anything from 17 HMR all the way up to 7.62x39mm. With Dual Arc Baffle Technology, seven of those calibers are full auto rated. A TTAG five-star rated multi-caliber suppressor.


Cosmic .45 ACP – Liberty calls this one “the most versatile 45 ACP suppressor on the market today,” and no wonder. The Cosmic is rated for a full 66 calibers, from 17HMR and other rimfire rounds all the way to .458 SOCOM (and a thing of beauty on 10mm).

Centurion 9mm –  The perfect nightstand can, providing excellent suppression on 9mm handguns dry or wet. As 9mm tends to run a little dirty, Liberty designed the can to be taken apart. This makes it suitable for 22LR as well.

Victory Mag – Liberty makes its flagship 7.62 suppressor with a titanium tube and core to provide both strength and rigidity, weighing-in at a svelte 18.5 oz. total. Designed for the venerable 300 Winchester Magnum, the Victory Mag works equally well on smaller cartridges like the 308 as well as the mighty 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. At 34+dB sound reduction with the Victory Mag, it has never been easier to “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

And if that’s not enough, Texas Firearms Festival exhibitor Roughneck Firearms will be running Liberty suppressors on their .308 and 5.56 rifles.

The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is your chance to fire over 150 firearms from 40 major manufacturers for one low ticket price. Ammo’s free on Saturday and Sunday! No gun cleaning allowed! All guns are for sale, most at significant Festival discounts.

If you’ve already bought your tickets, thanks for your support. If you haven’t, click here to purchase your tickets now (sales are strictly limited to minimize line length, prices go up at the door).

And don’t forget: VIP ticket holders get access to Full Auto Friday. You can shoot over 20 modern pistols and rifles firing Sinterfire lead-free frangible ammo (available at a discount price). And enjoy VIP benefits, including close-in parking, free shuttle service, lunch, FastPass access to the front of any line and an hour of VIP-only range time.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: come and shoot it!

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  1. “Liberty Suppressors at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival.”

    Are you referring to the Democratic Party leadership? They’re the worst liberty suppressors that I know.

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