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(sponsored post) It’s not easy setting up a machine gun shoot at a normal gun range. The muzzle of a firearm equipped with a giggle switch tends to rise as you shoot. Rounds can fly over the berm, if you let them. Then there’s the target challenge. While it’s a hoot to shoot at old cars and other solid stuff, the danger of splash-back and shrapnel makes it a lousy idea, especially if you’re machine gunning at a relatively short distance. Shooting paper and other soft targets is certainly safer, but nowhere near as much fun.

Which is why VIP ticket holders at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival’s Full Auto Friday will be shooting steel targets with Sinterfire lead-free frangible ammo (sold at our cost). As you can see from the video above, Sinterfire ammunition completely eliminates the splash-back issue, even on solid steel. To further ensure safety, every shooting position will have a manufacturer rep by the shooter, under the watchful eye of our Range Safety Officer.

In two days, you can experience the joys of ringing steel with a post-1984 modern machine gun or pistol loaded with Sinterfire lead-free frangible ammo at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. We’re running the new-for-2016 event Friday from 4 – 9pm at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin).

Click here to buy your VIP ticket, which also gives you the chance to try and buy guns from 40 major manufacturers on Saturday and/or Sunday (when ammo’s free).

If you can’t make it to Full Auto Friday, Sinterfire will be selling their amazing rounds on the weekend. General Admission ticket holders [click here to buy] can ring steel with Sinterfire ammo through Wilson Combat’s handguns and rifles. You can also buy the rounds to take home. But first, come and shoot it!

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    • Have fun playing with the full-auto toys, Griz.

      H’mmm. This is odd.

      This Texas Firearms Festival sponsored post is different than the earlier one…

      • Someone else pointed that out too. Thanks I will have fun. Giggle switch was on the bucket list. So is an m1 garand, but I’m a long way from buying one of those.

  1. Totally off topic, but is anyone else laughing their ass off that the WikiLeaks stuff had Podesta’s login creds in it and people have now broken into all his accounts and are dumping the info they got onto Twitter?

    Supposedly they also got a ton of information on nearly everyone who works for the HRC campaign and all his recent emails. Then, as the last kick in the dick they wiped his phone remotely LOL!

    Apparently there are some really juicy screen grabs headed towards Assange right now. The guys over on 4chan are saying they’ve got some serious dirt out of this and will be releasing all of it soon.

      • Indeed. 4chan, 8chan, the reddit… doesn’t matter. You can get in over your head really fast with some of those guys and when they’re pissed they don’t play fair.

        I haven’t checked in with the reddit but some of my friends who are deep into 4chan say the scuttlebutt they’re getting from reliable anon guys says this might sink her campaign. Apparently the dirt is rather dirty. I sure hope that’s true given the other article here on TTAG about Breyer’s comments.

        • I’m on 4chan now and watching twitter. They took over Podesta’s twitter account and started tweeting about how he’s switched teams and wants you to vote Trump.

          They’re dumping massive lists of DNC operative and even US Senate email addresses and passwords and claim to have all the emails from them as well.

          Here I thought twitter was pointless.

        • It’s too much. the MFM is using the sheer volume as an excuse not to really cover any of it.

          Plus of course there’s lots of emails making them look like the brainless Dem operatives they are, so of course those must be suppressed.

        • We’ll just have to see.

          I’m not going to repeat some of the scuttlebutt I’m hearing because it’s “out there” IMHO and if true could… well I don’t know what it could do but this is a case where a lie could do the work of truth and cause a real mess. At this point it’s scuttlebutt to me because channels are going up and down on 4/8chan and reddit so fast it’s impossible to keep up.

          Maybe this is all bullshit. I have no idea. Some of the things I’m hearing from friends however, are really disturbing at best and some of the well known folks are having their accounts deleted for reporting on it.

        • Rough gist: Recorded FaceTime type conversations where officials and operatives describe criminal activity. Emails alluding to the same.

          If you’re the conspiratorial type: Google Seth Rich… That’s who anon is dedicating this to… like I said, it’s conspiratorial shit but they claim they can prove it. We’ll see.

  2. TTAG doctors – How does a surgeon treat a wound when frangible, compressed-powder ammo hits it?

    Pick out the big chunks and leave the fines behind?

    • I’m not a surgeon.

      Flesh wounds should, theoretically pass right through, it’s only bone that should break up the round. That may or may not be the case IRL.

      Either way, if it breaks up you can’t get all that stuff out, it’s not possible so some of it will be left.

      Since they’re made of compressed copper powder it shouldn’t matter that some of the “dust” is left in the person because the LD-40 is 30 mg/kg in animals but that’s for Copper (II) Sulfate (CuSO4). That would be over two grams (2040mg) for a 150lb person if we worked the same way as rats. However, we have systems in our body that regulate our copper absorption and secretion and should balance us out unless you’re talking a massive amount of copper.

      Really, it’s certain copper salts that are the problem when ingested or inhaled. Cu itself should be harmless unless the doses are massive. You won’t get that from a few rounds of frangible ammo. The body will simply process it out.

      That said, I’ll call some serious chemists and ask to make sure I’m right. I’m no PhD on this topic.

      • The problem is the Ph of the flesh, it’s not Ph neutral, its acidic or basic a bit, I forget what way…

      • So I asked two PhD chemists, a Heavy Metal Carbonyl chemist and an Electron Spectoscopist, as well as an MD.

        Both say that any residual particles of a frangible round in the body are not a problem unless they get sucked into a vein or artery and returned to the heart. Copper, in it’s elemental form is not dangerous. Our bodies process it very well.

        As I said, I also ran this by a regular old doctor. The danger is mainly from infection. The body will process the excess copper and use it or excrete it very, very rapidly. There may be some Copper Oxide formed but it will basically remain until the copper itself is processed out of the body and the oxide will go back to oxygen as that happens. This process is slower but it’s not dangerous.

        There are, as far as any of these folks know, no studies that indicate that copper miners have any problem with this. The real danger is inhalation or ingestion of certain salts which can screw with enzyme reactions, especially in the lungs, and create things you don’t want in your body as byproducts. Elemental copper seems to have none of these effects. The salts do not exist in a frangible bullet.

        Hope that helps!

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