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You’ll see TTAG increasing its video content in the months to come. I figured…why not audio, too? I had a couple glasses of scotch and decided to record my various musings. And I did this one on Tuesday. My plan is to post a weekly podcast, that all future episodes will be twenty minutes or less, and they’ll cover what’s writing queue, what I’m working on and what’s added to the hopper. All I ask is some honest feedback and questions for the next week’s podcast. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Too many “uh’s” and “um’s”. Bullet point your ideas before you start… or have one less Scotch?

    If you want to go with the unstructured idea for a podcast then try taking a page from Joe Rogan’s podcast. He smokes pot instead of drinking unless he’s smoking weed AND drinking. Even when he isn’t doing an interview he has someone there with him to kinda keep him on track and bounce ideas off of.

  2. No. Just no.

    If I want to see 3 minutes of information crammed into 20 minutes, there are plenty of them on YouTube.

    Keep writing and let us read and then move on.

    Thank you and good night.

  3. I enjoyed this, TK! Of course, I definitely connect with you on a lot that haha. You’re too talented to work blue, though 🙂

    Looking forward to future installments. …and booze & cigars next week after Texas Firearms Festival!

  4. So, the click bait ads aren’t doing the trick anymore huh? Decided instead of writing articles you are going to sell ad time on your videos?

    Well, I’m not going to watch a videos. I come here to read, I come here to waste a few minutes while a commercial is on the TV.

    Sorry, nothing on this site is worth watching a video (and its ads) for.

    • To be fair, I saw this post in the back-end scheduled posts queue late Wednesday night, after a few drinks, and listened to the podcast while I was doing dishes and such before heading to bed. It was great for that. Not sure I would have enjoyed it as much were I listening in the morning, all sober and without the sort of spare time to enjoy the ‘musings’ style, slow-ish-paced format. This “Tuesday Morning Podcast” (which went up on the site here Thursday morning, just FYI haha) might work better as a “Tuesday Night Podcast.” It fit my mood, level of mild inebriation, and relaxed, unhurried circumstances nicely.

      • Interesting take.

        Of course if had listened to it in that state. I probably wouldn’t remember the topics very well.

        To each his own. I prefer to read for information.

        Delivery styles can skew the content.

        Maybe just me being a cynic. Is that possible? So unlike me.

  5. I would enjoy a weekly round table podcast with the TTAG writers. Get on a conference call, or a Hangout or something, and do a “week in review” kind of thing. Favorite gun stories, favorite comments, crazy tweets and Facebook posts. Fifteen minutes to half an hour each week, brief and breezy.

  6. I can’t find the time in my life for long-form podcast style content.

    If you’d like to start making some short, gun-focused videos like TFB TV (perhaps to fill the void left by the departing Alex C?), I’d watch that.

    I’d also MAKE that since video is kind of my thing. (Call me!)

  7. Sorry, your audio blog was drowned out by the Honda popup ad, and I ended up closing the entire page after trying to X out of the Brownells ad.

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