Benelli at the 2017 Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!

The 2017 Texas Firearms Festival will be held on the weekend of September 30 and October 1 at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin). Click here for tickets. Then come and shoot guns from dozens of firearms manufacturers — ammo’s free! — including most excellent Benelli shotguns.

Festival-goers will get serious trigger time behind a wide range of Benelli’s best; long guns ideal for hunting, skeet, trap and self-defense. Company reps will be on hand to answer all your questions and explain the features and quality that sets Benelli apart from its competition. Making Benelli shotguns a long-term investment for yourself and generations to come.


  1. avatar Timmy! says:

    “Yeah man, just try this first hit for free. Naw, you won’t get hooked,” said the dealer.

    (All “out of my price range” guns = firearms crack cocaine, in case the “joke” went over your head)

    1. avatar Luke Yarasheski says:

      Well that is true if you want an auto loader or over under (at least for most of us.) However they have many other offerings and i was able to get one of their pump actions for 40$ more than a remmy 870 express which given at the time was during the downhill quality slide for them was a no brainer. It does relatively regular skeet duty and i love it. Plus its always fun to say that i have a Benelli

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