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Hudson Manufacturing is bringing their H9 handgun to the Texas Firearms Festival, September 30 and October 1 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just outside of Austin). Coe and shoot the revolutionary striker’-fired pistol with its 1911-inspired trigger, as well as hundreds of guns from other famous makers (many sold at a substantial discount). Ammo’s free! Click here for tickets.

The Hudson H9 is Engineered to Advance. Built in the Lone Star State, its constructed from premium quality materials, boasting a stainless-steel slide, insert chassis and barrel. Chambered in 9mm with a double stack magazine capacity of 15 + 1, the pistol combines its perfectly controllable trigger with striker fired reliability and a substantially lower bore axis. The result? Reduced felt recoil and unparalleled precision and accuracy.

The H9 features top-shelf components from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. The Trijicon HD front sight, premium VZ G10 grip panels and Hogue G10 textured lower back strap add a premium feature set to the forged steel construction coated in H&M Metal Processing’s Blacknitride.

Until you shoot the H9 you can’t appreciate the gun’s remarkable advances over the competition. So . . . come and shoot it! Click here for tickets.


Headquartered in Temple, TX, Hudson Mfg is a veteran and woman run small business producing the new and innovative Hudson H9 pistol. The flagship product, the Hudson H9, is a unique and original design combining the features and benefits of some of the most successful products in the firearms industry. Hudson Mfg is a company comprised of passionate and experienced subject matter experts from across the firearms industry. Be sure to check out


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  1. I like the looks. Not sure if the bore is lower than my SR9.

    Weighs as much or more than a Beretta 92. Not exactly lightweight.

    Looks like a nice duty, home, or truck gun.

    Retail price is a little too stout for me.

    Let me know when they hit $500.

    • With Trijicon sights, VZ grips, and a design that is not interchangeable with other handguns, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a $500 price tag. Glocks have been on the market for 30+ years and a new one is still going to run you more than $500. Sounds like you should also add a cure for cancer to your wish list.

      • It’s also all-steel. In interviews, they had talked about releasing a polymer model later on (assuming they are successful and the company is actually profitable), which will presumably be priced much lower. Since they are a brand new company, there is no way that they could meet the $500 price point today, so they focused on the higher end market where a $1,100 gun is completely in line with the mid-tier 1911’s. The steel model appeals to me more, but what I really want is a red dot cut in the slide.

        All steel, 1911-style trigger, optional safeties, steel frame, modular chassis system, crazy low bore axis, small startup company… I really, really, really want them to succeed.

        • You pretty much read my mind. Make a version that takes an RMR direct mount to the slide and I’ll be all over it…
          Heck, I like it as is. The RMR would just make it one step better

    • I heard it’s more of a competition gun. That’s more in line with the price.
      I’m sure it could be used as a high-end defensive gun as well.

      • But it looks like a duty gun….from Bladerunner.

        Looks cool…like to try one.

        Have yet to see one in the wild.

  2. Another 9mm. I’m not that impressed.

    If you’re gonna hype it up at least have a phaser or a plasma rifle.

  3. I see all the marketing hype, but have not seen one in person
    A 1911 trigger on a striker fired gun is a tall order
    A Shield with an Apex Trigger is a nice gun and half the price
    I see lots of $1,000 handguns for sale, especially 1911 types
    They must sell them or they would not be in every gun shop
    This gun does look odd with the fat nose
    Does anybody else think it looks like the head of a sperm whale?

    • Ian and Karl at InRange TV spent a good while talking about the Hudson H9 with the authors. That’s a good place to form an opinion about the pistol, outside of handling one. You can find that video on Youtube and Full30.

    • You have not seen one in person because they have not been released yet. They were at SHOT Show, and they impressed the heck out of a lot of people whose opinions I trust. I’ll wait to judge until I can get a production gun in hand, but the specs sound amazing on paper. My main concern is that, as a new company, there might be issues with the actual production models. I’m excited, but, then again, I was excited by the R51.

      Based on these very in-depth interviews with the creators (roughly 115 minutes), though, I’m guardedly optimistic that the production model might actually live up to the hype:

  4. Well, are they ever going to release it? The longer they take the less impressed people will be. There are some really nice new models popping up lately. I like the Springfield XDS .45 mod 2. Half the price but smaller, similar to a Glock and a 1911 but in a smaller package and half the price. Did I mention it is very accurate as well?


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