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Stayce Robinson poses for a portrait in Decatur, Ga., with her AR-15. Robinson, 49, from Douglasville, Ga., is an entrepreneur and tax analyst for a software company. She also is among the ranks of the nation's black women who own a firearm. (AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)
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The Violence Policy Center (VPC) on Monday released a 39-page report about the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the gun industry as a whole. The gun control group takes issue with the NSSF and NRA “targeting” blacks and Latinos as first-time gun owners…

“Mr. Sugarmann’s theories that the firearm industry and others are seeking out Blacks and Latinos to replace present firearm owners is demonstrably racist. It is shocking to me that he believes Black and Latino men and women cannot decide for themselves how and when to exercise their God-given rights. The Second Amendment is a right of all law-abiding Americans at birth, endowed by their Creator and protected by the Second Amendment. It’s not a white right, a Black right or a Latino right,” NSSF’s Director of Public Affairs, Mark Oliva, told Townhall. “It’s not a right of red states or blue states. It’s [a] God-given right of every American and it is appalling that Mr. Sugarmann believes an entire industry should ignore the personal safety concerns of Black and Latino Americans because he doesn’t believe they should be exercise their rights.”

“The Second Amendment belongs to everyone, regardless of race, creed, or gender. The NRA is here for all gun owners and we want all Americans to know they are welcome in our ranks. This ‘study’ – if one call call it that – is inane,” the NRA’s spokeswoman, Amy Hunter, told Townhall…

It is obvious that Sugarmann and whoever else wrote this report has never been to SHOT Show or talked to those who are involved in the firearms community. The gun community is one of the most welcoming communities around. Everyone works together to make sure new gun owners get the resources and training they need. And safety is always the number one priority. Not only has Black Guns Matter received support from people all across the industry, but so have the Pink Pistols, a group for LGBTQ folks who want to protect themselves.

That doesn’t fit their narrative though. And that’s why they did their best to manipulate data, saying blacks and Latinos are more likely to suffer from homicide by a firearm. The problem, however, is the data they cite doesn’t conclude that. Whites are higher on the list than Latinos.

– Beth Baumann in Gun Control Group Has a Racist Take on Black and Brown Gun Owners

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  1. It isn’t just the report that is racist, it is the entire bunch of anti-gun organizations and the politicians and businesses that support them.

    • Ah yes the originators of racism,the Democrat,DemoCommie,Commiecrat party, with such a proud tradition and they aren’t about to change.

    • Big deal- so we openly invite blacks, Latinos and (they forgot to mention) Asians into the Second Amendment. We (NRA) also invited, and quite successfully, I might add, women into the fold as well a number of years back, much to the chagrin of the leftist feminists and their limp boys. Oh, yes, we also had a spike in gay interest and membership after the Pulse Nightclub incident in Orlando as well.

      It must be tough, even with all the lies and deliberate censorship via social media and internet deplatforming to convince the American public that they’re much more safe relying on law enforcement for their overall safety from freaks and crazies. Hard to keep making up lies to get sane people to toss their basic human instinct to survive.

      • Now imagine what life would be like with an honest media and an education system that just taught critical thinking skills instead of ideology. They have to keep the lies and division going just to survive.

        • Yes indeed…democRats even sense Black and Brown Americans are wandering away from the plantation they’ll make it their business to drag their diaper load of demoCrap to the table just to reel in the wanderers. Can’t have Blacks and Browns thinking for themselves…ever.

          Throughout history the democRat Party has made it perfect;y clear that minorities have their place. That place amounts to cleaning uppity democRat toilets and always voting democRat. Should your skin color get out of line you are upsetting a slave master, Jim Crow, KKK democRat Party Family Tradition..

  2. Another group that wants to infantilize minorities for their gain. First they can’t get IDs to vote, then they can’t defend themselves. This is a message that falls flat considering that in many cases these were among the groups that government failed the most in 2020. The NRA, SAF, NSSF etc. didn’t have to “target” them at all to get gun purchases; The gun sales were done by politicians in cities and states that turned a blind eye to people who needed protected the most.

    • To add to this, why is it that national guard troops in cities are oppressive when the average guy is getting his stuff looted and burned but they can show up in an instant in DC when pols are being threatened? The Democrats like to talk about privilege, systemic oppression etc. yet they’re noticeably absent in this conversation.

      • Excellent point.
        If calling 911 is “white privilege”, then sending out the national guard is “political privilege”.
        I read another article yesterday that suggested that putting Harriot Tubman on the $20 was a bad idea because…
        “Putting Tubman on legal tender, when slaves in the U.S. were treated as fungible commodities is a supreme form of disrespect. The imagery of her face changing hands as people exchange cash for goods and services evokes for me discomfiting scenes of enslaved persons being handed over as payment for white debt or for anything white slaveholders wanted.”

        Point being, even if one “does the right thing”, someone will misinterpret / misrepresent it. Oh, and let’s not forget, there were Black slave owners too…..

        • There is no way to satisfy the left or make the them happy. They hate this country – yes, hate it – and want to take scalps, not achieve meaningful goals. Their complaints are tools in a fight for power, dressed up in rhetoric to keep the masses from noticing what they’re doing. Trying to satisfy people like this is a fool’s errand because satisfaction isn’t what they want. They will not be appeased until their power over us is unassailable.

        • It’s all about the Tubmans. They get Tubman and and MLK Blvd. what else could they want? That’s really all I can think the democrats have given them.

      • I’ve compared governmental reaction to the Capitol riot versus police response to last summer’s riots that destroyed homes and businesses. Statists consider the former to have been an existential threat to the country whereas the latter were significant only to the property owners who aren’t important.

  3. Dems have always been the racists, some more camouflaged than others, but they’re feeling invincible now so the masks are slipping!

  4. “Get back on the plantation!”

    A core tenet of leftism since the very beginning. No wonder it’s a movement funded by billionaire plantation owners and backed by would-be overseers the world over.

    • “The quintessential self-defeating conservative move”

      I agree that the conservative establishment is largely self-defeating. There’s some additional context for the rest of your quote, but I’ll just say that there’s nothing wrong with pointing out reality. I don’t like the self-righteous finger pointing from either side. Like most normal people, I just want a rational discussion.

      Regarding the conservative establishment, as mentioned in your link, there’s a reason they fought Trump harder than they fought Obama. Trump was in the process of realigning the republican party, and calling them out for decades of failed policies. They saw that as more of a threat to their power than electing democrats.

      • I agree with your viewpoint of wanting to have a rational discussion on the gun control debate. But how can you do that when their whole gun control argument comes from an irrational thought process to begin with. As an example do you think that you could persuade any Mom’s Demand nutjob that they are mistaken? Just kidding! :0)

      • That is 100% right. The truth here is that Trump is out to make America great, not to be a puppet of a political party. Our 2 party system is very divisive, where do you go when you believe in some socially liberal ideals, but you are a gun owner?
        The real truth here is that neither party supports 2nd amendment rights. The right tolerates it, just to get those votes. The powers that be in both parties do not want the masses to have guns unchecked.

    • Why is it wrong to call a spade a spade?
      This is like dismissing a point as “whataboutism” as though holding groups or people to the same standard is somehow wrong.

      God forbid we recognize realty, remember history and hold people accountable with consistency.

      No. Apparently it’s much better to let people rewrite, misrepresent and get away with whatever they wish.

      • What, Minor IQ, indoctrinated by their Leftist teachers to follow all stupid instructions from adults, without question? Probably true.

        Show me ONE IOTA of evidence that ANY of those kids intended that to be a Nazi salute. Or STFU, if you are capable.

        I think the kids were stupid, but I don’t blame indoctrinated kids for following their indoctrination – they probably had lots of teachers who were as stupid, and fascistic, as you. I pity them; I don’t despise them. Now, if any of them INTENDED to do a Nazi salute, then I despise them. But, again, receipts, please?

  5. Democrats get really angry when they are questioned and challenged by minorities.

    A couple minutes of that and the old democrat party comes out of them real quick.

  6. We should take issues with the fools if they knew as much as they pretended to know they would really be dangerous but as nit-wit dopey bastards they ain’t shit so dummies hold your little meetings and wipe your mouths 👄 you ain’t nutting

    • This guy is so deranged and incoherent that he makes TTAGs resident sentient crash test dummy Geoff the Goof PR look like a rocket scientist.

      • Hey, fuckwit –

        If you ask your mom real nice, she’ll probably let you wear her underwear around the house again… 😉

  7. As usual, no matter what “we” do (“we” being anyone who is not a member of the Far Left), the Far Left will claim fault in our actions.

    If we discourage/prohibit minorities from joining the firearm community, we are RACISTS for excluding them! If invite minorities to join the firearm community, we are RACISTS for singling them out!

    Similarly, if we do nothing with respect to “system racism” (e.g. go about our lives living normal lives like everyone else and treating everyone else equally with dignity and respect regardless of their minority status or lack thereof), our “silence is violence”! If we “speak up” about “systemic racism”, it is a disingenuous and wholly inadequate feeble gesture!

    We would be wise to recognize that the only way we will ever satisfy and pacify the Far Left is if we die — or shut-up and comply with their every whim.

  8. Josh Sugarmann has built a strategy of lying to and misleading the public. He advocated the use of the term “assault weapon” because the general public would confuse them with military machine guns. Antis have continued the trend with pushing LCMM (large capacity military magazine) and “weapon of war” in their newer talking points.

  9. Idiots spreading lies and taking people down with them.

    Every gun owner is a first time gun owner at some point in life.

  10. The most racist people in the USA are white Liberals. The second most racist are the racist non white liberals. Both want to disarm law abiding poor people, of every skin color.




  12. I spent a lot of years in the military, and am of the opinion that as far as marksmanship goes, the talent is distributed pretty equally. Train people up right and they can shoot. In fact, the best revolver shot I ever saw was a black E-6 cop. While most of us felt lucky to keep a six inch pattern, this guy had a single roughly 2″ hole in the center of his target and no flyers. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

  13. I agree with your viewpoint of wanting to have a rational discussion on the gun control debate. Unfortunately, there are still racists who believe that one race is superior to all others. I’m a student with a homework assignment to write an essay about racism. So my father informs me about the website which contains a lot of Racism Essay Samples. You may be aware that racism is the concept that distinct groups of individuals have different behavioral tendencies according to hereditary characteristics and may be segregated based on racial supremacy.


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