Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mass shooting gun control
(Mark Rogers/Odessa American via AP)
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During a recent address, Texas Governor Greg Abbott made it clear what his priorities are, and Second Amendment rights are a big part of it. In response, the mainstream media have made it clear they’re displeased he didn’t talk about COVID-19 vaccines or deaths.

The following blurb is from The Valley Central:

At no time during the 30-minute discussion did Abbott mention the state’s coronavirus vaccine rollout or the more than 31,000 Texans who have died from the virus.

COVID — not gun rights — was front and central for The Valley Central, though:

Abbott participated in an indoor event hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, where hospitals are critically full, and the city is at its highest level of COVID-19 risk.

About half of the attendees wore masks at the indoor event.

Among other topics, Abbott discussed the need for Texas to become a Second Amendment sanctuary state. There are many towns and counties considered 2A sanctuaries in The Lone Star State but it would be fantastic to see the entire state go that way.

This from The Texan:

“I want to make sure that Texas becomes a Second Amendment sanctuary state so that no government official at any level can come and take your gun away from you, despite those people who said, ‘Heck yes, we’re going to take your gun,’” said Abbott during the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 2021 Policy Orientation.

“We’re gonna say, ‘Heck no, you cannot take people’s guns away in Texas,’” said Abbott in a self-censored reference to Beto O’Rourke’s quip during his presidential campaign.

The Texas Democratic Party wasn’t amused by Abbott’s speech:

“He’s talking about issues that don’t matter to Texans,” said Abhi Rahman, communications director for the Texas Democratic Party. “He’s talking about issues that really stand to benefit himself.”

It’s cute that Rahman is under the impression that gun rights “don’t matter to Texans.” He really should get out of Austin more often.

Of course, if Abbott makes good on his promise, he’s going to win a metric ton of Lone Star hearts and minds both within the state and nationwide. Do we hear Abbot for President 2024? Who knows?

The real question is whether making any state a Second Amendment sanctuary can be done in a way that will be upheld against any federal attempts to outlaw or confiscate citizens’ firearms. So Texas becomes a statewide sanctuary, great. But if the feds come a-knocking – which they certainly could – will that sanctuary status really save anything?

Let’s hear it. What do you think?

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  1. I will be much more impressed with Gov Abbott when he actually follows through with action to make TX a 2A Sanctuary State. It would also be refreshing if he backed off of his illegal “emergency regulations” and either opens up the TX economy, or has the legislature make the restrictions legal.

        • Do you know what year Waco happened? Very few of the folks who were in Texas government at the time are still in Texas government. In fact, during that time, the Governor of Texas was Ann Richards, a Democrat who managed to slick her way into office riding on Bill Clinton’s coattails, so to speak. She was garbage, and Texas hasn’t had a Democrat governor since.

    • With all the incoming blue state refugees and looming open borders Texas is toast in under a decade easy. Real estate in Texas is reminding me of California in the 80s. I would not be moving to Texas if my goal was to escape what is going on. Everyone already thought of that. The last elections in Texas were much much closer than they ought to have been for a state to be considered safely red in the future.

      • This last election the BLUE failed MISERABLY. I think they actually lost ground. It’s much less purple than before. If we TEXIT then follow through folks may not want to come here as we’ll have our own laws, etc., and constitution. Outsiders can simply stay outside Texas if they don’t like it here.

      • We have more going for us than any other state in that regard.

        There are three major power grids in the US. The Eastern grid, Western grid, and the Texas grid. That’s right! We were the only state with the foresight and resources to establish an independent power grid.

        We also are the only state with it’s own existing military, the Texas State Guard. This is not the Texas National Guard. Look it up. It’s only 2500 members without much as far as equipment, but it’s a framework to build on.

        We have a major developed port, and a tremendous coastline. We would border two nations with which to trade, or tariff freight and goods. We have refineries, and beyond abundant natural resources. We can farm almost year round in the southern parts of the state.

        We could control our own immigration, not only from Mexico, but from California and other Blue states. Imagine the revenue we would have without pumping everyones money to DC. We have everything to gain, and not much to lose. #TEXIT

        • In case anyone was not paying attention to T-Bob, Texas has everything that the rest of the country has within our state borders. You want beaches, we got em, mountains, desert, plains, canyons, etc. etc., we got em too. We also two of the largest military posts in the world and I highly doubt we will give them or the equipment back. It may just be the ingredients for a new “Come and Take It” flag.
          What we don’t have as much of is burning, killing, and looting so you lefties and blue backs stay the hell out.

        • Yes … and after our recent arctic cold spell here … now tell me about the Texas power grid … ???

      • Not saying all the transplants are good, but polls suggest they mostly are. Yes there are some who are moving for work and retain their old political bent, but many are actually relocation because they are tired of the BS where they came from. I want to say that Pew did some polling research and found it was about 65% of transplants to Texas were conservative or conservative leaning.

    • Agreed Fedup. At this point I think all Abbot is doing is trying to deflect his covid actions by bringing up 2A issues. Like you, I am wondering too. But, I can say that no matter what he does about anything going forward, the son of a bitch will not get my vote again. I believe that when you make uninformed decisions that hurt people, you are dead to me.

      • “Uninformed decisions that hurt people” – You mean like how New York’s Cuom-stain placed infected Covid patients in nursing homes, wrote a book about it, and then got an award for “masterful” covid briefings?
        Covid is not the only issue going on right now. Abbott may not be the ideal leader, but he’s better than a lot of them at the moment.

        • @Ajax, yes and also included is the fact that it appears no one in the country but South Dakota is adult enough to stay open. By hurt I mean mostly the businesses and churches that are struggling or put down because Abbott is a follower of other governors and not much man enough to make his own decisions based on the settled science of the damn weaponized virus. Just like everyone else, Abbott says its ok for WalMart and grocery stores to stay open but mom and pop shops and bars cannot. He has shown his true colors this past year and he WILL NOT get my vote every again.

        • Andy, I’ve heard a lot of negativity towards Abbott in the last year. Interestingly enough, I hear more anger about him “not doing enough” than I hear about “overreaching mandates”. Both sides are livid at him it seems. To me, that is a good indication that he has walked a fine line between pretending the threat isn’t real, and trying to force everyone to hide under the bedsheets… he hasn’t been afraid to do what he thinks is best, even when it’s not popular.

          While i do not agree with every decision he has made, I’ll be voting for him when the elections come around.

          As far as a TEXIT goes, it’s just not going to happen in my opinion. What is far more likely, is when the day comes, that the ol USofA finally implodes on itself, Texas will still be here.

    • This only works if the Texas state leadership tells the FBI. Or any federal law enforcement to “go pound sand”. When they come to arrest law abiding Texas gun owners. I will not hold my breath for the Texas Rangers to go and arrest FBI agents.

      Civil war 2???

      Are you willing to do what it really takes to defy federal authority???
      As I remember the Alabama governor used his state guard to stop court ordered school integration. President Eisenhower then nationalized the national guard in that state. Making him the Guard commander. And removing the state governor as commander. George Wallace.

      The Utah national guard unit commander refused to follow Louisiana state and local government orders, to confiscate the guns of flood victims. They returned to Utah.
      So yes, there have been times when the military did refuse to follow the orders of the civilian leadership. Unlawful orders.

  2. Texas has the same problem we do, way too many a-holes not from here running for office and telling us what we should REALLY be thinking! The plague is a diversion to keep people distracted enough that they dont notice what the dems are doing behind the curtain.

    • This is very true and I hate to say it worked. They stole the election without consequences and they’re doing it in Texas the same as as everyone else.

  3. The Dems don’t care because unfortunately, Texas might start turning blue during the mid-terms and next primary. They will reverse everything just like they have in other states. There are more than 4 large corporations from California that are moving to Texas. They are bringing over 600,000 liberal voters with them. This has been on the liberal strategy book for years now and Abbot seems to think it’s not a threat. That is more than enough to flip the state. It’s guaranteed to happen unless there are 600,000 + conservative teenagers turning 18 to match it which I highly doubt.

    • “…Texas might start turning blue during the mid-terms and next primary.”


      The last election showed Texas, like Florida, turning even harder Republican with their votes. And it’s Latinos who are driving the change.

      A flood of immigrants over the border over the next 4 years will piss off the legal immigrants in south Texas, and they will show up to vote…

      • A few months back, I was seriously worried Florida would be lost forever to the Democrats in the last election, but the harder to the Left that Democrats turn, it infuriates the Cuban and Venezuelan communities in the greater Miami area, and they turned out *bigtime* in November.

        The same thing happened nationwide to a lesser extent, and that explained why the Leftists lost seats they expected to win easily.

        Don’t change a thing, Leftists. You don’t yet realize the sea change happening right now under your corrupt noses… 🙂

        • It was a great thing, watching Florida kick the Democrap to the curb — and driven by the same people the party thought it owned, too. The mass importation of educated idiots from Silicon Valley idiots isn’t going to help anything, but it’s looking like demographics aren’t the one-way destiny the left always told us it was.

          The harder left the evil jackwads go, the less support they get from people who enjoy being able to take care of themselves and just live decent lives — especially if those people have know what it was like to live under regimes that bow to the hammer and sickle.

        • In Florida the 2018 election was the trial run for Last Nov. Matt Caldwell went to bed 50K ahead and lost. DeSantis nearly lost the same way squeaking out a 3K victory from a corrupt drug addled homosexual. The problem came from Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. DeSantis cleaned house for a ‘fair’ election recently.

      • Since Jim Crow Gun Control election fraud joe signed the order to stop the Wall and pipeline thousands lost their jobs. That sorry democRat pos and his mealy mouth ilk haven’t a clue about how angry people are.

        • Took mine and lots of others lower cost insulin away too. As well as the epipens so many suburban moms depend on to keep their allergic to everything kids safe. Maybe Oma was right when she told us to rieche der Mist. I do not remember many allergic to anything besides poison ivy growing up.

        • Awww, the widdle troll-boy thinks he’s clever!

          I noticed something *fascinating* a few days back, you made one of your trademark little fuckwit comments, and no one backed you up!

          No one! How *humiliated* you must have been!

          That kind of comedy gold comes right at your sorry ass’s expense.

          Dance, little troll. I order you to respond… 😉

        • LOL@GOOffy…. lmfao

          Isn’t it fun reading some incompetent mama’s basement girlie goofboy trying to sound adult?

    • Geoff is spot on. Texas is not a lost cause, and Florida is proof.

      All of you doomsayers need to go look at the actual voting data regarding Florida from this last election. The Latino population has outright turned on the democrats and Florida has become more red.

      If you don’t believe me, check out even the leftist news orgs like politico and wapo. They confirm this trend and go so far as to say Democrats should quit wasting money in Florida and focus on other states.

  4. “But if the feds come a-knocking – which they certainly could – will that sanctuary status really save anything?” How can they come knocking when if Texas is a 2A sanctuary, when ICE agents couldn’t deport illegals from cities that claimed to be sanctuaries. How much power would Fed agents have if they don’t have the support of local LEOs?

    • “when ICE agents couldn’t deport illegals from cities that claimed to be sanctuaries”

      I live in Portland, Oregon and ICE, as well as all kinds of other federal agencies, are alive and kicking here, beating non-violent protestors (including veterans), aiming “less-lethal” munitions at the heads of non-violent protestors, arresting journalists and other observers uninvolved in demonstrations, snatching people off the streets into unmarked vehicles (and cuffing and hooding them in the process), all the while in sanitized uniforms devoid of agency insignia or name tapes.

      In light of all this, just what would declaring Texas a Second Amendment sanctuary provide in the face of such naked federal aggression?

      • I hope all this gets resolved in November. I’ll be thrilled if TEXIT passes. Either nothing will happen if Texas leaves or others may join us.

        What’s your point, anyway with sanctuary cities? You mean you don’t like those?

      • The fuckers in Portland need to be shot in the face with real rounds. That shit needs to end. Fuck those anarchists.

      • None. It was a Janet Reno led fed op from the start. Local LE did traffic control far away from the site.

      • Which “Waco” do you speak of? A few years back when two biker gangs got in a shootout, and many ended up dead with over 100 arrested? That was all local LE.

        30 years ago, when a cult was surrounded and set fire to themselves after a multi day standoff? That was a federal job. It was ALSO almost an hour away from downtown Waco. Way out in the boonies….

        In both cases, bad things were happening before law enforcement got involved. And in both cases some things were handled…….poorly.

  5. Texans who love being free very, very much care about this issue. Its all about the character of the government of our state. If we can make it difficult or impossible for anti-constitutional agencies to operate within our borders that would be fantastic.

  6. Can we become an “energy production” and “healthcare freedom of choice” sanctuary state while we’re at it?

  7. The best way to do this is have it in the Texas Constitution. Constitutions are harder to change and laws can easily be changed. Go for it Texas. I thought Oklahoma and several other states were going to do it also according to TTAG. I don’t know where these other states stand since the 2020 election is over, but it should convince the to become 2nd sanctuary with bills moving through the U.S. Congress.
    H.R.167 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer.
    H.R.127 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.
    H.R.130 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To require the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, and to require the investigation of reports of improper storage of firearms or ammunition.
    H.R.125 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide for a 7-day waiting period before a semiautomatic firearm, a silencer, armor piercing ammunition, or a large capacity ammunition magazine may be transferred.
    S4718 Online Firearms & Ammo Sales Ban

  8. Hey Governor!

    Best way to make Texas a sanctuary state is for YOU start pardoning folks for non-violent gun crimes like UCW, UPW, etc.

    What You Say?

    • The Governor in Texas can recommend a pardon to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, but he has no authority to make one himself. Because of laws limiting the power of the office past after Reconstruction, the Governor’s office in Texas is unusually weak, when compared to other state’s.

  9. There’s no point talking about the vaccine anymore. Word is super-COVID is spreading in the Midwest and the vaccine does nothing. Not even wearing 12 masks will block its virulence!

    Panic and loot today for tomorrow we die.

    • I also heard there is no escape from this super COVID. It’s stronger, faster, smarter, and better looking then old COVID.

      Even if you hide in an underground shelter SUPER COVID will just drill down into the earth and get you!

  10. Well if Biden and Beto come knocking and purposely try to show Texas who is boss there will be a galvanized group ready to jump-start the coming Civil War!!

    • What is the name of the group that “will be a galvanized group ready to jump-start the coming Civil War!!”? Or are you just a 400 pound fat guy sitting in your underwear in the basement in front of your laptop?

  11. Texas born, a .270 Win placed in my hand as soon as I could carry it, and meat in the freezer ever since. Guns are more than a religion in Texas.

    I’m a missionary to Colorado these days, spreading the Gospel and the love of freedom.

  12. So what is Abbot gonna do? Roll out that Gonzales cannon again? That will sure deter the feds. Not.

    • Feds can’t do anything without the cooperation of the state. If the state stops cooperating they won’t be able to do anything.

    • State Troopers and country Sherrifs can arrest anyone, including a federal agent, if they are violating a state law. And sure, they might beat the rap, but they won’t beat the ride.

      We’ve actually already seen this play out. Years ago when the complaints about the groping by federalized airport security got bad, Governor Perry sent DPS agents to monitor their behavior. County Sherrifs deputies joined in the fun, and let them know they would be arrested and charged with sexual assault. The crotch grabbing and “enhanced search procedures” stopped overnight.

      • Everything has gotten progressively worse and bureaucratic since the TCOLE regulatory board actually got real badges and think they are real big boy police now. Texas is a truly awful place to work in LE and the license requirements are ridiculous second only to California in that regard (neither states are any better off for the “higher” standards or hours)

        • It has always been a racket and and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. More than one Governor has tried to take on that system, only to be frustrated and waited-out by the bureaucracy.

      • And don’t forget that a Texas Game Warden has the highest level of authority in the state. Even moreso than DPS or Texas Rangers.

        • Kind of, but not really. They can enter private property without a warrant, but only if there is reasonable suspicion that there is illegal activity involving game animals, or that it is necessary as part of their job (like tracking a wounded game animal). They have no greater jurisdiction or arrest authority.

  13. Rahman and his fellow leftists can say, allege, whine, and cry along with everyone else about Texas being pro gun and to their wits end. Texans are set on individual liberties first and know what it takes to protect these liberties and firearms play a most significant part.

    “The Fed’s Coming” is what’s not our concern at the moment because the Fed’s that would be coming are all about fraud to begin with and they’ve shown us that. Far more Texans than Feds. Come this November the rest of the USA may get a wake-up call about how Texans actually feel about the new Federal Socialism that is about to ruin the USA.

  14. Leftards of any state have a aversion to freedom and liberty, even those in Texas.
    According to the supreme law of the land,the entire country is a second amendment sanctuary.

  15. Abhi Rahman

    What a fucking snob. People like this have no business in politics.
    “He’s talking about issues that don’t matter to Texans”

    Expect an overflowing inbox for months to come. I am willing to bet plenty of Texans can remind you.

  16. Love Governor Abbott and the state of Texas. 2nd Amendment strong now and forever, the way it is and the way it will continue to be.

    • If Texas is so Pro 2A, why haven’t y’all been able to pass a permitless carry bill for the past several years? And doubtful y’all will get it done this year either.

      • I don’t think Texas is, or at least always has been, as pro a 2A state as a lot of the rest of our nation thinks. Hollywood alone has bolstered that image of Texas beyond reality. This has indeed caused Texans to suffer from the lack of liberties regarding firearms. I’m hoping we can come out finally from the remaining darkness of the last Civil War and finally receive the recognition we deserve in being a law abiding society yet one that is finally independently (and constitutionally) armed.

        Another factor of reality we’ve never, but always should have, attacked head-on is the political corruption in Texas and the petty individual power plays for it that has been a major player in preventing Texans from achieving the full realization of intended freedoms.

        For example; before we got permit carry in 1995 we could not even keep a handgun in the glovebox of our vehicle without a permit (but Louisiana could). One of the major and renowned firearms retailers still in operation in Texas today outwardly spoke against passing permit carry and so over the public news media right before it finally came to the vote. This person even cited the fact the last time it came up the prior session with Anne Richards she vetoed it. This was obviously due to the corrupted blue political reasons already plaguing Texas at the time.

        Permit carry has proven it is entirely unnecessary in Texas as our constitution clearly indicates the right to arm is a basic and fundamental individual right and should remain so free from the corruptions of politics and ignorance of politicians.

        • Pre 95, lots of Texans carried firearms. An otherwise law abiding white man had little to fear from the law if caught with a gun. There were also a myriad of unspoken rules, much like the “pirates code”. Ok to carry if you had lots of money on you. Ok to carry while traveling. Etc,.. lawyers, bankers and bondsmen could carry. however, since the laws were on the books, we were at the mercy of the officer involved. If he/she didn’t like the look of you, or your attitude, or anything else, then it was over…

          • Yes I know as I was one of those. Pre 95 folks carried but not necessarily did they wear it. Traveling exception was codified but more defined by case law (3 consecutive county lines) but the “pirate code” wasn’t and like I said we couldn’t even lawfully commute to work, etc., with one locked in a glove box.

            And I don’t know what plantation you were employed at but whites got arrested and convicted for UCW just like all the others did.

  17. ““I want to make sure that Texas becomes a Second Amendment sanctuary state so that no government official at any level can come and take your gun away…”

    That’s nullification, a whole different issue. It’s one thing to prevent state assets from going towards federal laws or prevent state agents from assisting with federal enforcement (like we’ve seen with immigration sanctuary cities, etc). It’s another to try and stop government officials from ‘any’ level from entering the state and prosecuting federal law. There was a war fought over that and the nullifying states lost.

    I suspect the governor doesn’t want to take it that far.

      • Same can be said of a lot of things but that won’t stop it from happening again. I hope several states DO confederate again and this time stays that way until the scourge of leftism is finally put in check.

  18. If he supports being a sanctuary state, I would pray he also supports Constitutional Carry which is one of the bills before the legislature this go around.

  19. Just another politicians making promises to satisfy his supporters. The thing is, Republicans are bending over in most states, they make a lot of concessions while the left doesn’t.

    • What does “most states” have to do with Texas? 2020 was a massive defeat for Dems in Texas. Abbot is on very good footing courting more conservatives.

  20. Will I be able to drill a third hole In texas and mail order a can? If not this is just a bunch of meaningless talk.

  21. Anybody who still trusts Abbott is an idiot. Remember in June when he announced the end of lockdowns etc, then he gets a $600k donation, shezzam, put your mask back on.

    • I don’t trust Abbott. If nothing else he’s just another lawyer. But he’s ambitious and is willing to buy and sell beyond himself to get there.


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