Benjamin Crump
Attorney Benjamin Crump looks on as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., and Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., meet with members of George Floyd's family in the Rayburn Room of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, May 25, 2021. (Greg Nash/Pool via AP)
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It is simply not debatable that the claims of many popular modern movements are far removed from reality. BLM’s contentions about a near-genocide of African Americans directed by police may be the best example of this.

To give only two famous examples out of dozens, Black Trans Lives Matter activist Cherno Biko stated on prime-time television in 2015 that an innocent Black person is “murdered” by American police “every 28 hours,” while star attorney Benjamin Crump hinted at an even higher total in a 2019 book he titled Open Season: The Legalized Genocide of Colored People.

These sorts of claims have become conventional wisdom on the political left. A well-run and large-N study from the Skeptic Research Center in February 2021 found that 54% of Americans who “identify as very liberal” believe that the average number of unarmed Black men killed annually by U.S. police is somewhere between “about 1,000” and “more than 10,000.” A major empirical survey conducted by the political scientist Eric Kaufman in April 2021 found that 80% of African Americans and 60% of educated white liberals believe that more young Black men die annually at the hands of police than in car wrecks.

OK. The actual number of unarmed Black men killed by police last year was 17. Given the grave importance of this issue, it’s worth repeating that number—17—across the tens of millions of annual police-citizen interactions. As it turns out, about 1,000 people of all races, sexes, and ages are shot to death by on-duty police officers in a typical year (1,021 in 2020), and about 250 of those are identified as Black.

Even this gap—between the share of Americans who are Black (13%) and the share of police shooting victims (24%-25%)—largely vanishes when a simple adjustment is made for the gap in reported crime statistics (and thus in police encounter rates) between Blacks and whites, which was 2.4 to 1 when the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Study collected data on violent crime victims in 2019.

Even leaving such academic points aside, it is clear that estimates of police violence on at least the political left are several orders of magnitude higher than reality.

— Wilfred Reilly in The Assault on Empiricism

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  1. Sure, but white liberals think Donald Trump wears his pants backwards, so who cares what they think.

  2. This is what we should expect when a fairly large sector of the American population seek to get their “news” from rigged, filtered social media stes than to just get up and look out of their living room windows, or will believe government propaganda concerning things like “inflation” when all they really need to do is look at their grocery and fuel receipts.

    • Craig in IA,

      Actually, the root problem is far more problematic. A giant percentage of the population has a deep-seated need to be integral members of “society”. That need is so deep that those people will embrace obvious lies and destructive policies if absolutely necessary to be part of “society”. (Such people may justify their choice to embrace lies and destructive policies as causing less harm than “anarchy”.)

      Sadly, unscrupulous people take full advantage of that characteristic of our population and manipulate/coerce the masses into compliance under threat of being cast out of “society”. Hence the incredibly apt term, “cancel culture.”

      • Absolutely correct. Been demonstrated time after time in scientific experiments that a group making a hidiously wrong decision will usually pressure a dissenter. It takes a brave man to stand up to the mob.

  3. How many buildings burned and people were assaulted over the last year because a sea of ‘tards confused empirical for imperial? Toss that one in the bin with niggardly and the flag of Norway I guess. Feels good to know so much of our world is being shaped by morons.

    • This is all happening (and I mean ALL) because the left decided the majority of the public was now dumb enough to believe the sh*t they were peddling! And as sad as I am to say it, they were correct.

    • Yesterday there was a Black democRat Member of Congress basking in Jim Crow joe’s Gun Control. Not only that he was adding his own ingredients to it. Something is terribly wrong when you see a Black American falling for Gun Control. It’s either White Rats like bloomberg and soros are paying them or they are as history illiterate as history illiterate can get or a combination of both. Instead of Content of Character America gets poop for brains sitting in Congress.

      No doubt there are some people who should never have been in law enforcement. Look no further than those in an ivory tower pulling the strings at ATF. Nonetheless if you are going to protest do not allow the communist party to tag along so they can instigate and profit from it. Look at BLM royalty enjoying the good life off the backs of useful idiots. Frankly BLM and ATF brass deserve each other.

      I’ll say it again because history backs it up…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

    • Well they do identify as some of those so it’s not entirely out of step with official use in some regions.

      • Dude has it right. Ask an educated black person if they think the CIA “invented” crack or AIDS to kill off the black population.

        You might be surprised that sometimes the more educated a person is, the more they are likely to believe these urban myths. I have had people who had PhD’s and lived rather successful lives tell me this.

        At first I thought it was some joke that I wasn’t in on. It’s not. There are some people with PhD’s that actually believe this, they will go as far as to tell you the Magic Johnson was given HIV.

        Talk with someone who went through law school. There are a lot of people of every race who gets indoctrinated and becomes a full blown liberal. They went from pro gun, pro death penalty to anti 2A and anti death penalty.

        Mention some one like John Wayne Gacy and how the proof was so overwhelming that he should have been put to death in 2 years instead of 15. They will counter that if he had life in prison it would have cost less then to execute him. I call BS and while off subject he was white and a deranged killer. Somebody didn’t sneak into his crawlspace and bury bodies.

        Anyway as I write this there have been 13 people shot by the Chicago Police in 2021, 4 killed and 9 wounded. There is no break down as to race. There have been 11 CPD officers shot, 1 killed (Ella French) and 10 wounded.

        The numbers are close so I doubt the police are killing unarmed black men for fun.

  4. The left supports abortion. Abortion does more damage to the black population than to any other. Abortion was introduced to this country as a policy to exterminate blacks. The Sanger plan.

    And with the planned demise of the black community the same folks that have guided the genocide have now put the final nail in the black communities coffin. They opened the southern border.

    The left will have a new army of sub minimum wage slaves to replace the butchered black community.

    The fascist left is soaked in blood.

    • They’re always planning to “help” people survive poverty, but never planning to lift people out of poverty because why would the left be needed? They serve no other purpose. Why do you think there’s such an intense focus on trans rights and fighting white supremacy? They have to pretend like they’re fighting for something.

      • Socialism is about dragging everyone down to the lowest level, except for the elites and their favored groups.

  5. Numbers are for people and Crows who keep track of things.
    Crow hunters found 9 people could walk into a field and 8 could walk out, the Crows wouldn’t come back. 10 people could walk into the field and 9 walkout and the Crows would return.
    When younger and squirrel hunting in a pecan timber all of a sudden I heard *Boom* it was some kind of cannon designed to scare the crows off, Crows eat pecans, all the crows took off. I sat there awhile and pretty soon the crows came back, *Boom*, this time they didnt fly as far . A few lit in a tree and observed things, the rest of the flock rejoined them. After awhile the cannon would go off and the Crows were not scared away and continued with their pecan harvesting.
    I thought wow them guys wasted a lot of money for nothing.

    • Yep, propane cannons for crows, pffft. We found that the best deterrent for keeping crows out of the sweet corn patch was a kid sitting on a bucket, wielding a .22. If I could manage to sneak into the corn undetected and then manage to pop one of those buggers, they’d stay away for a several days. Especially if I managed to pop a second one during their funeral proceedings. A couple .22 cartridges saved a lot more corn than one of those cannons ever could.

  6. It’s convenient to blame ambulance Chasers like Benjamin Crump. But he is supported by a vast Network of white left wing and white libertarian news media. They spread this lie that the author is describing. Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri was not murdered by a police officer. But how many articles have been written retracting what they said about that police officer, in libertarian or Liberal Publications???

    Michael Brown was a shoplifter who assaulted the store owner and stole property he did not pay for. He was willing to kill a police officer for cigars that cost I think less than $5. And you will not find in any white libertarian publication or white liberal publication that states the police officer was justified in shooting Michael Brown.

    When your political ideology and your political philosophy blind you to reality, now you have become part of the problem.

    Blacks are 13% of the population. But yet they commit more than 50% of all the murders in the USA. White Libertarians and white liberals don’t want to dissect this fact to understand why this fact it true. But it is something that is discussed among black people.
    The fact is that these criminals come from single mother lead homes. There is no father in their home. Which is something most white Libertarians, Liberals, and the white Left don’t think is important. They are comfortable replacing the father and his discipline and love with a welfare check. And replacing the father’s guns, with the guns of a big city police department.

    The Libertarians liberals on the left have made it quite clear. They do not believe that the traditional family, the nuclear family is important to society.
    They’re fetish about drug legalization will not eliminate crime. Yes you have a right to put whatever you want to into your body. But the Three L’s refused to accept the responsibilities and consequences that go with It.

    Ending prohibition in this country did not eliminate crime. It did not eliminate the criminal gangs that were making money because of prohibition. They did not put down their guns and become nice people. They simply found other ways to make money breaking the law. The Netflix documentary entitled “Fear City, the FBI versus the Mafia” is a great example of former “rum runners”, finding other crimes to commit to make money. And murdering people along the way as they’re doing it.

    They continue to try and find ways to make crime easier to be committed. Their support of proposition 47 in California is only the latest example. They don’t support Property Owners using extreme violence if necessary to protect their private property.

    And then the police are called to come and deal with the shoplifters. What the three L’s want never works.

    • But it’s ok for Governement to make you marry who they choose? GTFO you are a classic statist as long as it fits your beliefs. You are equally as bad and equally to blame.

      • I don’t think it’s hard to acknowledge reality and try to help people, while at the same time, let people live as they choose.

        • We are told we have to allow the National Socialist to march in the neighborhoods of holocaust survivors, as they scream out “we are here to finish the job that Hitler started”.

          We are told we have to allow the KKK to burn crosses on the private property belonging to a black person. Yes, that’s correct. Now go look up the court cases.

          So you are going to have to put up with the 1st amendment rights of Christians and other religious people as well. And yes that does include those that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

          I think the blacks and the Jews should be allowed to openly carry firearms as of the Klan and the Nazis are marching through their neighborhoods. But there are many of the so-called Libertarians Liberals and Leftists, who are against the open carry of firearms by civilians. But they are very comfortable with only the police and military being allowed to openly carry guns.

          And that is “a price” that the “freedom of speech freaks” are not willing to pay.

          Because it would force people to have self-control. And that is something dthat many do not support. An openly armed Society really is a more polite Society.
          And there would be much less government in our lives.

        • quote————–Chris T in KY August 20, 2021 At 13:18
          We are told we have to allow the National Socialist to march in the neighborhoods of holocaust survivors, as they scream out “we are here to finish the job that Hitler started”.———–quote

          Bold face outright lie as usual. It was the Trump Far Right Nazi’s marching in their torch light parade in Charlottesville that were screaming “The Jews will not replace us”.

          Nice try but you got burned on that one.

          And do not even try to lie about the Far Right Racist man and wife that threatened peaceful marchers with an assault rifle and German Nazi pistol who were on a public street going past their house. News coverage proved it so do not even try and start a diatribe about the marchers in the video as it will roast you with the truth. There were zero threats against the Far Right Racist Nazi and his wife (She Wolf of the SS)

          quote———–So you are going to have to put up with the 1st amendment rights of Christians and other religious people as well. And yes that does include those that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.———-quote

          Another bold face lie. The Far Right want to change the U.S. into Religious Caliphate where only the Far Right Holy rolling fundamentalists will be given the right to force their region onto the students in public schools despite the fact that the Constitution upholds the separation of nut case religions and the state.

          And the nut cases on the religious fanatical Far Right have gone so far that when they have employed people they took out the part of their heath benefits that even paid for birth control. A clear violation of privacy and human rights.

          The Far Right Nut cases have screamed that even when a business is open to the public they can kick out or refuse to serve anyone they do not like the looks of and then discriminate on the basis of race, religion or political affiliation as for example when one couple only wanted to buy a birthday cake or when the far right fanatics refuse to photo graph a gay wedding. They say to hell with everyone else’s rights only ours are valid.

          quote——————-An openly armed Society really is a more polite Society.————quote

          More Right wing bullshit. Robert Reich cited more than one study that proved you can always rely on the naked ape to live down to his lowest bestial level. The more guns in an area the more killings. Men kill their wives, their children, they shoot their neighbors when the neighbors dog pisses on their lawn. On visiting Japanese boy dressed for Halloween was blown away with a .44 magnum pistol by a Far Right nut case gun owner, One woman who stopped for help when her car broke down was shot and killed right through the mans door that he never even opened. He was your typical paranoid far right nut case that never would have passed a mental exam if it was required to own a firearm. I could go on and on but you ignore the human nature of the maniacal, racist, violent naked ape.

      • to the Bson of TTAG
        Larry Elder running for governor in California is a libertarian. But perhaps he is not pure enough for you? Because he does not believe in open borders. And he also believes that a father is necessary in the home. And unlike many white Libertarians liberals and leftists who support drug legalization which he does. He also believes that the welfare industrial complex is destroying families in this country. And they don’t.

        But in a recent libertarian conversation Nick Gillespie and Dave Smith both downplayed the effects of government welfare on increased violence in the inner cities.

    • “They do not believe that the traditional family, the nuclear family is important to society.”

      We have the data to test this theory, but the Party of Science isn’t interested in it. Asian immigrants come here and out earn people born here. African immigrants do the same. We can now conclusively prove that your earning potential has nothing to do with your skin color. Why wouldn’t we both acknowledge what the differences are, and equip our American citizens with the truth? The Left prefers to brow beat our children. They tell black kids they won’t amount to anything because of their skin color. They tell white kids they are terrible people because of their skin color. Meanwhile, they support destroying the nuclear family as well as our longtime belief in equality. The Left’s only chance of holding onto power is to make people miserable, and pretend like Democrats are their only hope.

      • to Dude
        Believe it or not I agreed with you up to the point when you started attacking Liberals.

        quote————-hey tell white kids they are terrible people because of their skin color.————-quote

        In Germany they have been honest with their citizens and confronted their horrible Nazi past and today they are a much better Nation because of it, read that Liberal.

        In the U.S. the Far Right like yourself have for decades done everything possible to hide America’s hateful murderous past in regards to the treatment of minorities. This is the sickening reason that the Far Right has gone out of their minds when confronted with teaching Critical Race Theory. The truth was too much for them to bear or admit. Try reading the history taught in Southern States on slavery. They even paint pictures of happy slaves and kindly benevolent slave masters when in reality slaves were beaten, murdered and their women raped on a daily basis. How could reality be more different except in the minds of the warped Far Right.

        And the Far Right also oppose Critical Race Theory because they are aware of Germany becoming a liberal nation after confronting their horrid racist Nazi past and the Far Right in the U.S. do not what the same to happen in the U.S.

        quote————–Meanwhile, they support destroying the nuclear family as well as our longtime belief in equality————-quote

        And like a true Far Right Radical you claim Liberals are sub-human when it comes to treatment of the family. Its following what the Nazi’s said about the Jewish families before WWII broke out. I find no difference between todays Far Right and the Far Right Nazi’s of Hitler’s Germany, none what so ever.

        • Stop putting words in my mouth and responding to the stereotype in your bigoted mind instead of the individual in front of you.

      • African immigrants also do very well coming “to the most racist country on planet Earth”.
        The Party of Science is real the flat earth party.

      • dacian, please drop a load of your bullshit directly below…. I will collect it later for use as garden fertilizer. Thanks

    • to Chris T

      quote—————The Libertarians liberals on the left have made it quite clear. They do not believe that the traditional family, the nuclear family is important to society.
      They’re fetish about drug legalization will not eliminate crime. ————-quote

      What absolute Far Right Wing Hogwash. It is laughable. Looking past your childish hateful assault on Liberals and their family values lets look at the drug problem.

      History has proved you wrong. In civilized European Countries drugs have been de-criminalized and treated for what they are, a disease just like cancer is a disease. When people get free Socialist drug treatment, not imprisonment, the people on drugs are not going to rob to get money for drugs or support drug gangs when they get drugs free with treatment. Now even a mental midget like yourself should understand that simple concept its not hard if you only try. But you will not because the underlying cause of your ridiculous diatribe was that of being too cheap and stingy to be willing to support higher taxes to pay for it.

      And by the way genius it was proven in Europe that the cost of hiring more police and incarcerating people because of being in possession a bag of weed was far more than treating them a human beings with an affliction that could be cured. Its called living in a civilized country. I find your whole diatribe absolutely sickening and repulsive to the extreme. But hey in Capitalvania the only god worshipped is money, not human life or suffering, its the Republican credo.

      • Nah. You chopped off your quote a mite short. Here’s the next 2 sentences Chris wrote:

        “Yes you have a right to put whatever you want to into your body. But the Three L’s refused to accept the responsibilities and consequences that go with It.”

        Looks like you are tilting against windmills again.

      • I hope you are learning your Arabic. You will need it to communicate with your new masters.

  7. During the last 5 years Blacks were killed at 3 times the rate of Whites.–Yale News

    Looking past the usual blatant Right Wing Racism let us look now at ALL police shootings.

    In 2012 U.S. jackbooted thug cops, largely untrained, compared to the rest of the world gunned down 1,300 people as opposed to just 12 killed by the professional police force of Germany and only 4 people shot and killed in China that has a population of 4 1/2 times that of the uncivilized U.S. were life is considered cheap and expendable especially if you are a minority as you are considered sub-human by the ruling white community. Capitalvania can proudly say “We are the new 21st Century 3rd Reich”.

    The shocking truth is that if you lived in the U.S. 3RD REICH IN 2012 YOU WERE 325 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE by police shootings IN CAPITALVANIA THAN IN CHINA so all you flag waving Right Wing Fanatics next time you scream from the roof tops about the Chinese think about mass police murder in Capitalvania and let that sink in.

    In 2020 there were 989 people killed by U.S. Cops. On-duty law enforcement police officers across the country have fatally shot nearly 1,000 people annually over the past five years. In May — the month of George Floyd’s death — police shot and killed 110 people, the most of any month since The Washington Post began tracking such incidents in 2015. [The Washington Post]

    In Germany Police are heavily vetted to weed out the usual jackbooted sadists, bullies, and mass murders that are drawn like flies on shit to this profession.

    In Germany Police get 3 years of intensive professional training. As in all aspects of German life training for everything in daily life is of paramount importance.

    The training you get just to receive a fishing license would flunk out the average U.S. Hillbilly.

    How many police shootings a year in Capitalvania? No one knows


    We have had to resort to private businesses like the new media to keep track of police killings. All civilized nations have official counts of police killings but not Capitalvania.

    Yale News—-Racial disparity in police shootings unchanged over 5 years

    In an analysis of 4,653 fatal shootings for which information about both race and age were available, the researchers found a small but statistically significant decline in white deaths (about 1%) but no significant change in deaths for BIPOC. There were 5,367 fatal police shootings during that five-year period, according to the Post’s database. In the case of armed victims, Native Americans were killed by police at a rate three times that of white people (77 total killed). Black people were killed at 2.6 times the rate of white people (1,265 total killed); and Hispanics were killed at nearly 1.3 times the rate of white people (889 total killed). Among unarmed victims,

    Black people were killed at three times the rate (218 total killed), and Hispanics at 1.45 times the rate of white people (146 total killed).

    • Remember, gentleman, that dacian is demonstrably mentally ill. Beating on him would be a waste of time and even cruel.

      Show mercy and pray that he gets the help he needs and just ignore him.

    • D 2 things. First the numbers are backwards according to the FBI UCR 3 times more whites are shot and killed by LEO’s than blacks. Second 1% is not statistically significant. Perhaps you should take a closer look at your sources. They appear to be extremely biased. Don’t bother replying I don’t follow up on my comments.

  8. “A lie will gallop halfway round the world before the truth has time to pull its breeches on.”

      • “A lie can travel half-way around the world before the Truth can put on its shoes.” – Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain)

  9. “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes.”
    –Thomas Paine

  10. Of all the laws we’ve made in this country we should finally pass one that affords for the prosecution for riot incitement if false information is used that directly or indirectly leads to the cause of any sort riot or destructive non-peaceful demonstration.

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