NAACP: Racist North Carolina Gun Control Law Isn’t Racist Any More

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Courtesy Black Guns Matter

“This bill would remove one of the few protections that we currently have in place to stop dangerous people from buying handguns,” said Sen. Natasha Marcus, a Mecklenburg County Democrat.

[Governor Roy] Cooper’s office didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the bill. Attorney General Josh Stein, also a Democrat, asked legislators earlier this week to consider ”the serious threat to public safety this legislation carries and reject it.”

The bill, if it were to become law, wouldn’t end the requirement that sheriffs issue concealed weapons permits. …

The local pistol permit requirement began in 1919 during the Jim Crow era, and some bill supporters argue it’s still preventing law-abiding black residents from obtaining weapons. But a local NAACP leader spoke against the bill earlier Wednesday, and Marcus said such opposition is evidence to her that the current permitting system isn’t racist.

— Gary D. Robertson in Bill repealing NC pistol purchase permit heading to governor

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    • Your sense of “humor” concerning “a black Christian” is a bit far from reality, IMO, but maybe this will start you in a new direction:

      Acts 8:26-40 (It’s from the Bible, just in case…)

      • I can maybe see the reasoning behind Nathan’s statements:

        In Ephesians 6:5-8, Paul states, “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ” which is Paul instructing slaves to obey their master. Similar statements regarding obedient slaves can be found in Colossians 3:22-24, 1 Timothy 6:1-2, and Titus 2:9-10.

        • “Enslaving people is a tenet of Christianity.”

          “Black Americans were the only slaves in the history of the world.”

          (slightly paraphrasing)

        • Conquered people became slaves. It didn’t have much to do with race. Slavery didn’t start with the enslavement of blacks by “whites”, and it hasn’t ended there either.

        • “Slaves” being referred to by Paul were more on the order of indentured servants than the blacks who were captured by other blacks in Africa and sold to the traders to be brought to the Colonies. For further reference to Paul’s references, check out Philemon. Quick read.

          As to the type of slavery today, where one is actually considered property with which the “owner” may use, abuse or destroy for any purpose or at whim, it is alive and well in many countries, particularly those governed under the guise of Islam in the Middle and Far East as well as India. China and other communist countries as well but in those cases it is more likely the government itself that is the owner.

          And to be sure, human trafficking in the West is real, particularly among the privileged Elites. And as someone else has stated here- slavery, “then and now” has usually had little to do with race.

    • There are more black adults (per capita) affiliated with Christianity in this country than white. It’s on the decline with every generation, just like whites. It’s no coincidence that their protest songs during the Jim Crow era were gospel songs.

      • The democrats managed to destroy the black family rather quickly in America. Fewer families, fewer church goers.

        I claim no religion. But I can see that a society with folks attending church regular is a better society than what we have now.

        Even dacian and miner49er believe in a god. Climate change, socialism, these become religion to some.

        • Nothing new…The democRat Party has been sugarcoating their political poo for a very long time. Like their communism, marxism, socialism, Ratism, etc. People walking around with their heads full of demoCrap thinking they are the best and brightest when they rank no higher than expendable useful idiots.

          What the Rat Party did to POTUS DJT is straight from their Jim Crow Playbook. It was the same tactics as those used to concoct slander and libel to remove or prevent Black Americans from running for public office, etc. And for the Gun Owners who joined the POTUS DJT lynch mob well you bozos owe America an apology.

          No ignorant politician sitting in an ivory tower is going to define Gun Control. The millions who perished directly or indirectly because of Gun Control have defined Gun Control.

          And when Gun Owners fail to define Gun Control by its racist and genocide roots pompous democRats are free to pour sugar on poo and define it for them. As is the case in NC.

          Had Gun Control been defined always by its History it would have been as acceptable as nooses, slave shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas, etc. And the fraulein democRat natasha marcus would not have opened her pathetic history illiterate disgusting piehole.

  1. ACAB.
    Also, we can trust cops to sign off on permits without prejudice.

    At least we can count on the NAACP to remain as true to their cause as the ACLU to theirs. Consistency is important.

    • That’s because, in the end, only the racist, murderous cops are trustworthy enough to have guns. If that doesn’t make sense to you, maybe you need to go to an ivy league college.

      • Here we go, another couple who got a DUI or two and are pissed.
        “Since I got a DUI, ALL cops are murderous racists”. ACAB.
        I didn’t have to go to ivy league college college to figure this one out.
        It doesn’t make sense to me, I don’t have a DUI or two.
        You are 100X more like to be murdered by someone in your family.
        Your statement is effectively a racist comment against cops.
        The ACLU is left-wing shysters who don’t protect civil rights or liberties.
        They rest on their laurels from 50 years ago.
        The NAACP gives money to and fully supports BLM.
        Consistency is important when you are SJW Karens.

        • I think only one of them is actually being sarcastic.
          The other one is 100% snowflake.
          I’ll call the ACLU and have them sort it out for me.
          If they don’t know, I’ll call BLM.

    • Actually the NC Sheriffs Association supports repeal of the Pistol Purchase Permit law ,are behind it 100% and are very Pro Armed Citizen. Unfortunately Roy Cooper is a anti gun nazi democrat who goose steps with Fuhrer Joedolph Biden.
      He vetoed the CCW in church bill so I don’t expect he’s going to pass this either. Many believe he cheated his way into the office and Dan Forrest actually won .

      • The NC Sheriff’s Association supports the bill because they have to pay for all that clerical work out of their departmental budgets. Amazing how lassez-faire people become when they have to pay the bill out of their own wallet.

  2. “At least we can count on the NAACP to remain as true to their cause as the ACLU to theirs. Consistency is important.”

    Yes, this always happens when a “group” or association claims to speak for all who they consider to be “under their tent”. AARP, NEA, AFT, UAW and other various labor unions, on and on.

  3. So much for systemic racism. The cops will shoot you dead in the street for walking while black but they’ll gladly hand you your pistol permit you apply.

    • Actually the NC Sheriffs Association supports repeal of the Pistol Purchase Permit law ,are behind it 100% and are very Pro Armed Citizen. Unfortunately Roy Cooper is a anti gun nazi democrat who goose steps with Fuhrer Joedolph Biden.
      There are plenty of blacks who have a NC CCW. I have met and know a number of them. We do have some black and white democrat politicians who are very anti gun/pro gun control and “woke” in Guilford and Mecklenburg counties. Therein lies the problem. I’m sure there are others. Roy Cooper ignores lawful NC statutes concerning CCW.

  4. “The current law directs a sheriff to perform a background check on applicants, evaluate their character and ensure the gun will be use for a lawful purpose.”
    It’s impossible to evaluate based on this criteria. So many today say police officers are racist. But here we have a law that enables a Sheriff who may be racist to keep someone he just doesn’t like, from being able to purchase a gun. It is clearly racist.

  5. It’s only “racist” when it’s in the Democrats’ interest to be racist.

    “Voter ID is RACIST!”
    “Everyone needs to show their proof of vaccination!”

  6. Strikes me as though the minority organizations, such as NAACP, are deeply embedded or intertwined with the Progressives. As such, they have no choice but to carry Progressive water. Likely, they are persuaded by the Progressive doctrine so they do so eagerly.

    If so, the Progressive doctrine at least dilutes, if not corrupts, memory of the Jim Crow era and the slavery era. The minority organizations look to big government, particularly Washington, to overcome their legitimate problems. (And, this leads to looking to government to solve all their problems, including those they could and should solve for themselves.)

    A study of the history of the 1960s Civil Rights movement serves as a good illustration. Dr. MLK was exceedingly reluctant to allow arms bearing to play a prominent role in his non-violent movement. Probably was a good strategy and well-managed tactically. Nevertheless, smaller local and regional organizations did bear arms and contributed to that movement in significant ways.

    The point of the above observations is that we ought to seriously consider supporting such organizations as Black Guns Matter to bypass the mainstream narrative promoted by national organizations (NAACP, et al.)

    We old-fat-white-guys will not restore the 2A to a place of respect alone. We need to broaden our base to the minority communities, Black, Brown and Asian. We have a message of Jim Crow, Latin American cartels, India’s struggle for independence, and the sweep of Communism across Asia to which each of these distinct groups can relate. Evangelism is a thing.

    • Agree 100%. Plus this will help to stop the racism & division the dems are trying so hard to instill upon our Nation.

      • “Plus this will help to stop the racism & division the dems are trying so hard to instill upon our Nation.”

        A Conservative is the new Black, to Leftistism…

    • My American history textbook in high school back in the 1970s had pictures of 5 white people and one black person. This history book stated that these were the founders of the NAACP. This entry in my textbook was not the truth. The real founders of the NAACP were all white people. They were all non-believers. They eschewed their Christianity and their Hebrew upbringing. They were all socialists and or Communists in their political orientation.

      And for this reason I believe the white leadership of the NAACP has never been a supporter of Second Amendment civil rights for black Americans.
      The NAACP propagandists claimed that WEB Du Bois was a founder. But once people found out the truth they started to say that he was the first editor the Crisis Magazine. Which was the first NAACP Opinion and news publication.

      The NAACP was created by white leftists and used to get out in front of a developing all black Grassroots, all black created and all black lead, civil rights movement in the early 20th century.

      For those that want more information, and to see the pictures and biographies of the white founders of the NAACP. I suggest you pick up the book “why I stand” (2018) written by now newly elected Congressman Burgess Owens.

    • True, the community of Second Amendment supporters does need a broader base. However, as the saying goes, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

      The watering hole is open to all comers, and has been for a long time. All they have to do is show up and drink.

      Many of us have spent plenty of time and effort emphasizing this fact.

      I’m happy whenever anyone begins to see the fun, empowerment, and freedom in gun ownership and starts seeing the value of their Second Amendment civil rights. If I see an opportunity to spread the 2A gospel or take someone to the range, sure, I’ll give it a try. Almost all of us would do the same.

      But the sad truth is that most minorities have decided — or been convinced by race-baiting orgs like the NAACP, which is now defending what is literally a Jim Crow law — that they don’t want to associate with us. And we can’t make them.

      • If you live in or near a military town, as I do, you will see an enormous diversity of people in gun stores and practicing at gun ranges. What you see at the range and gun stores depends on the demographic makeup of the community that you live in. I have even seen women wearing pink pistols t-shirts.

        You’ll have to go onto the internet to find examples of this. The mainstream media will never recover it. At least not in a positive way.

        • Yes, I guess it could be more a matter of perception than anything else. What we see in the media is not representative of reality.

          Also, my local area is the opposite of a military town; it’s a university town in which most folks in racial minority groups are associated with the local university, which means they’re marching to the same “progressive” beat as the Jim Crow-defending NAACP. The reality could be different elsewhere.

          The past year’s numbers indicate that black people are embracing gun ownership at an unprecedented rate — but I don’t see it happening where I live, so it’s hard to see it as a reality.

          Maybe here, it’s mostly not; or maybe it’s just that my circle of acquaintances is too limited to see that it is.

    • “We old-fat-white-guys will not restore the 2A to a place of respect alone.”

      Pete Brownell of “Brownell’s” has stepped up to the plate. And become a major backer of Black Guns Matter. He helped to pay for a tour bus with a “Black Guns Matter” logo painted on the outside. Maj Toure has been using this bus to tour the United States, and conduct his classes for several months now.

      The worthless NRA refused to back this project three years ago.

  7. Remember, it’s only RACIST if the libs say it is! Which includes everything that promotes personal liberty and responsibility.

  8. I looked at Carolinas constitution.
    I didnt see the right to be armed was at a sherriff’s discretion.
    Besides it should go down like this.
    “Morning Sheriff, I need a gunm that dang neighbor of mine, Jim you know him, hes out to get me”.
    Well here you go Bill, be careful.,,,,,,
    “Afternoon Sherriff , I need a gunm, that darn neighbor of mine, Bill you know him, I think hes out to get me.”
    Well here you go Jim, be careful.

  9. “Even dacian and miner49er believe in a god. Climate change, socialism, these become religion to some“

    Nope, I’ve seen no credible evidence to support the conclusion that a god or gods exist.

    The right wing conservatives always try to reframe the issue as a matter of ‘belief’, which is a distraction.

    I don’t believe in the theory of climate change, I am convinced by the evidence.

    I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, I am convinced by the evidence.

    I don’t believe in the germ theory of disease, I am convinced by the evidence.

    I don’t believe in the theory of gravity, I am convinced by the evidence.

    The scientific method, you should try it sometime!

    • “The right wing conservatives always try to reframe the issue as a matter of ‘belief’, which is a distraction.”

      Also: “You don’t believe in climate change! You’re a denier!!”

      Favorite political question asked by the news media: “Do you believe in climate change?”

      Also: “Gender is a social construct”

      Also: “We require hormones and surgery to change our gender.”

    • You should shoot yourself in the head and get back to us on the god thing.
      If there is a god when you blow your brains out then put a smiley face on TTAG.
      “The scientific method, you should try it sometime!”
      For you I’m guessing that means pysch meds, that’s scientific!
      Go take some, like the whole bottle. Swallow them with rubbing alcohol.
      It prevents Covid and you don’t want Covid in the pysch ward.
      Nobody on here cares what you believe, jwm was pointing out that you’re insane.
      Huffing paint is bad for your brain but you knew that when you started.
      Signs of huffing paint:
      Intoxication (similar to alcohol intoxication)
      Slurred speech or loss of coordination
      Chemical odors around the individual
      Dizziness or lightheadedness
      Loss of inhibition
      Irritability or moodiness
      Yep that’s you and dacian, I bet you look like the tin-man right now.

      • I dont think Miner49er takes physc meds or huffs paint.
        He believes what he believes and I believe what I believe. Nothing will change that.
        If he doesn’t want to have a God that’s up to him.

        • Possum,
          I firmly believe in the name of science that Minor and dacian should shoot themselves in the head just to be sure about climate change.
          If they don’t believe in a god fine but scientifically they are breathing air. My lawn mower needs that air to run. It also serves a purpose. Neither one of those idiots do. In the name of science I think that the trolls should kill themselves and then be buried ass up six feet down w/o a casket.
          Let’s see if the climate changes for the better.
          If my mower runs better, then the science proves itself.
          If a smiley face appears on TTAG then it will prove there is an afterlife.
          Believe me they both take physc meds and huff paint they are typical 5150 patients and not liberals, just trolls who serve no purpose.
          They are useless so it really wont hurt anyone, it might put them at peace.
          I’m actually being nice.

    • Miner, my issue with the scientific method resides in the hypothesis portion. Too many “scientists” can’t handle when their hypothesis is proven false and choose to cherry pick data to prove their point instead of reporting their raw data and letting people form their own opinions.

    • Miner49Xprog – NO ONE cares what you “believe” (your religion) as you have demonstrated that you are a typical idiot marxist.

    • “Nope, I’ve seen no credible evidence to support the conclusion that a god or gods exist.”

      No, climate change and socialism are just a few of the gods you worship blindly…

  10. Here is the current problem with the current Pistol Purchase Permit (PPP). According to the law, the local sheriff issues the permit. He is required by law to give a GO or NOGO on that permit within 14days of an application. If he denies the permit, he is required to give a written reason to why the permit is denied.

    Here in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) Sheriff Mcfadden has been taking over 6 months to approve/disapprove applications. I know, I personally put an application in last November. I was denied because I was a veteran. He demanded that I supply my DD-214. I was honorably discharged in 1998. I provided my DD-214 and six weeks later, I received my PPP.

    The 7 months it took me to get my PPP bothered me that our chief law enforcement officer scoffed a law that he was required to abide by. (14 days to approve/disapprove). My brother lives one county from mecklenburg county, and he was approved within 10 days.

    It also bothered me that I was required as a Vet to provide more info than my brother did who did not serve. Believe me, if there was something on my DD-214 that would deny me, it would also have that available through a normal background check. Sad that Vets are treated like this


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