Chesa Boudin
Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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San Francisco’s district attorney said Wednesday he is suing three California companies that make and distribute “ghost guns,” the untraceable, build-it-yourself weaponry that accounted for nearly half the firearms recovered in gun killings in the city last year.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the lawsuit at a news conference, alongside advocates of tougher gun laws.

The suit names Blackhawk Manufacturing Group, GS Performance and MDX Corp., three companies that are not based in San Francisco but are responsible for producing a large share of the firearms found in the city and elsewhere in the state, Boudin said.

“Guns are flooding our streets. Enough is enough,” Boudin said. “It is not enough to wait until after someone has been shot and killed by a firearm. We must get to the root of the problem.”

— AP in San Francisco DA sues 3 California-based ‘ghost gun’ makers


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      • If we pass laws like Texas, we could just have them picked up. But if we pick up every politician who violates their oath to protect the country and uphold Constitution, would we have a quorum to vote on anything?

        • So they wouldn’t have the ability to infringe further before being replaced by someone less corrupt…………failing to see a problem here bud.

  1. I have noticed that ‘Ghost Guns’, generically, include guns with the serial number disfigured. So I would want to know how many were homebuilt and how many were disfigured. I find it hard to believe that someone dropped $500+ to built a copy of a G17 or 19 instead of buying a black market gun for less.

    • We also need a law that says when you bring a frivolous law suite, you have to pay restitution to the legal companies you have caused damage to. That cost should be shared by the legal firm who brought suite and in this case the city. Judges that allow such suits, knowing full well the should not be brought should be removed from the bench.

    • “I find it hard to believe that someone dropped $500+ to built a copy of a G17…”

      Coupla things….

      Thinking the black market might charge a premium for the “untraceable” guns. However cannot really give credibility to the idea that 50% of recovered guns are made from parts builds. Or that 50% of people committing crimes with guns have the patience, or skills to build their own guns from parts kits. Not giving credence to the idea that a huge number of people had their home-builts stolen and later used in crimes. Of course, anti-gunners don’t care about the credibility of stats.

  2. So this cats root of the problem is gunms, not just Casper gunms but all gunms.
    Does RiceaRoni affect the mind? It appears it must.

  3. ” Guns are flooding our streets, enough is enough.” Yeah, it makes it too hard to walk in the street, since their sidewalks are impassable because of human shit, discarded syringes, and sleepng vagrants. ( Or worse, awake vagrants). Truly a people’s paradise that our own dacian dreams of frequently.

    • Yes looking at the homeless and the deplorable conditions in most of America’s cities a person has to wonder about the future of the U. S. A.

  4. I wonder what legal argument there will be to state there is even standing for this in court? This has all the trappings of a frivolous lawsuit.

    • Not so frivolous when the city’s lawyers are paid with taxes and the gunm companies lawyers are paid by products sold.

  5. The root of the problem is not firearms regardless of the name you call them. The root of the problem is criminals. Many of which are given cashless bail or worse yet no filed charges after multiple arrests.

    Fix your criminal system. Hands of my property and if you feel the need to sue someone direct your lawsuits at your Legislature and criminals. You created the criminals, deal with the fallout.

  6. St. Louis, Mo. is in court today trying to overturn the governor’s 2A protective ban against abetting enforcement of federal firearms law in the state. I’m sure that if it gets overturned , we will soon be seeing cooperation with enforcement of federal immigration laws to rid St. Louis of it’s huge number of illegal “guests”.

  7. The District Attorney is 100% correct ghost guns must go. The only people that need them are criminals and psychopaths.


    Are ghost guns frequently used in violent crime?????????????????????????

    Yes, ghost guns are increasing being used in shootings across the country.

    In July 2020, an individual who was prohibited from possessing guns allegedly murdered two people in Pennsylvania using a homemade 9mm handgun.9

    In November 2019, a 16-year-old shot five of his classmates at Saugus High School in California—two of them fatally—using a homemade handgun, before fatally shooting himself.10

    In August 2019, a shooter used a homemade gun kit to build a .223-caliber firearm that he later used to fire 41 shots in 32 seconds in a bar in Dayton, Ohio, shooting 26 people and killing nine.11

    In 2017, in Northern California, a man prohibited from possessing firearms ordered kits to build AR-15-style rifles. On November 13, he initiated a series of shootings that began with fatally shooting his wife at home, followed by a rampage the next day during which he fired at multiple people in several different locations, including an elementary school, killing five people and injuring dozens more.12

    In 2013, a shooter opened fire in Santa Monica, California, shooting 100 rounds, killing five people, and injuring several others at a community college using a homemade AR-15 rifle. Reporting indicates the shooter had previously tried to purchase a firearm from a licensed gun dealer and failed a background check, potentially indicating why he opted to order parts to build a gun instead.13

    Law enforcement officials around the country are sounding the alarm about the dramatic increase in the recovery of ghost guns at crime scenes in their communities. ATF reported that approximately 10,000 ghost guns were recovered across the country in 2019.14 Ghost guns have also been illegally trafficked to Mexico.15 In addition:

    In 2019, Washington, D.C., police recovered 115 ghost guns, a 360 percent increase from 2018, when they recovered 25 ghost guns, and a 3,733 percent increase from 2017, when only three such firearms were recovered.16

    In 2019, ATF reported recovering 117 ghost guns in Maryland with almost 25 percent recovered from Baltimore alone. Ghost gun recoveries in the state then tripled in 2020.17
    According to law enforcement in Philadelphia, ghost gun recoveries in that city rose 152 percent from 2019 to 2020.18

    The special agent in charge of the ATF Los Angeles Field Division reported in January 2021 that 41 percent of the division’s cases involve ghost guns, and a May 2019 statewide analysis in California found that 30 percent of all guns recovered in connection with a crime in the state did not have serial numbers.19

    In addition, an investigation by The Trace found that ghost guns are increasingly becoming the weapon of choice for violent white supremacists and anti-government extremists.20

    In conclusion the ATF is a law unto itself and as in the past it rules at 8:00 AM and it is then a new “regulation” (disingenuous term for new law) is now the law of the land at 5:00 PM.

    No Judge Conservative or Liberal will declare the ATF ruling illegal or Unconstitutional because ghost guns are a danger to the people of the country and even the much ballyhooed Scalia decision with the usual double talk and smoke and mirrors declared “The Courts had the right to regulate firearms” (slick disingenuous term for ban or restrict firearms).

    In conclusion your right to own a weapon rests with the rulings of the courts, not the Constitution, and history has proven this reality like it or not.

    No sane person would want ghost guns legal and no other civilized nation tolerates them.

    • Bill of rights. Rights, not needs, not wants.

      The rest of your “argument” is specious, not to mention long-winded. Brevity is the soul of wit.

      • Gentlemen. I find myself in an awkward position. I hate all that dacian stands for. He is a statist fascist in word and deed.

        But it is also quite obvious that he is very mentally ill. Very.

        Arguing with him is useless. The best we can hope for is that he will eventually overstep and wind up in an institution where hopefully he gets some help.

        Responding to him is simply a waste of resources.

        • Responding to him is simply a waste of resources.

          It CAN be rewarding when you hit the right button (hint: it’s not that hard)… I find it rather amusing when you finally get that fact that blows all of its bullshit out of the water and it goes quiet on that subject..

    • Does any product that someone uses and creates death and mayhem need to be abolished and criminalized?

      Or you only concerned about homemade firearms? You do realize that people have made firearms since the first firearm was created?

    • dacian…Now that your drama queen behind has copied and pasted a handful of criminal acts of violence committed against defenseless victims in a country of over 300,000,000…How about including one by one the millions of deceased who were imprisoned, tortured and murdered directly or indirectly at the hands of Gun Control? Answer you worthless insane pos Gun Control nazi kkk ratbassturd or gfy.

    • Hey dacian, two quick questions. Does Soros pay you the standard penny per character rate for cut ‘n’ paste recycled tripe (complete with math submitted by a third-grader)? , and also, have you brushed your teeth after the deposit cleared?

      • In this case Soros may pay more. Small “d” dacian copied and pasted directly from the FAQ page from the Center for American Progress (CAP), a well known far left disinformation, fake news agitprop site funded by…. George Soros (A convicted felon).


        How morally corrupt is CAP? When Neera Tanden, head of the far left-wing think tank CAP, was nominated by Biden, she was so toxic that even people from the left objected to her nomination. She was so vile that even the RINO’s could not stomach her, and her nomination was pulled.

        • There are documented names , dates and places Thorn Head even a retard can confirm the information.

        • To Thorn head

          quote————Oh, you confirmed it then.——-quote

          Nice attempt to say “Do not confuse me with the facts it does not fit my political agenda and I am too paranoid to accept the facts.

          Let us pick one. Now dear paranoid let us see you lie about the Dayton Massacre which went viral world wide and how about 24 hours early in Texas, two mass murders only hours apart. You will reject those with the usual wave of the hand. By the way we could pick others on the list that went National and International which you would scream never happened. Sorry the News Media proved you wrong before you even spoke.

          Give up you are out of your league you are only making a complete fool of yourself. Go do what you do best , climb up on the nearest building and start waving the flag that does not take any special knowledge or advanced training or education. Anyone can do it even you can.

          And before you say “I gotsha” I do know the Texas gun was not a ghost gun.

    • “white supremacists and anti-government extremists” and the Easter Bunny, Pink Unicorns and BigFoot.

      The only violent “anti-government extremists” we’ve seen are the mostly peaceful progtard BLM and antifags of 2020. This who daciantard is interested in?

    • Maybe the BATFE is helping to get some of those ghost gunms out there?
      The first window smashed during a peaceful protest is most likely broken by a secret agent man.

      • Keep in mind that dacian likes to identify with a long-ago vanquished tribe that pressed their luck against the roman legion back in Transylvania ( hence, his clever use of “capitalvania” to denote his hatred for free thinking) , which is way cooler than letting on that he is a pimple-faced dropout living in mom’s basement in Piedmont, N.D.( hence, his use of the highly accurate Alfred E Neumann avitar).

  8. “The suit names Blackhawk Manufacturing Group, GS Performance and MDX Corp., three companies that are not based in San Francisco but are responsible for producing a large share of the firearms found in the city and elsewhere in the state, Boudin said.”

    So selling a parts kit is equal to “producing” guns, now? Because that’s not how that works. The person making the gun (drilling the final holes, milling out the trigger pocket, etc., depending on the kit) is the manufacturer.

    And why these three companies? If the guns are untraceable, how’d they choose these three in particular?

    • Unless you walk into a place that’s never seen you before, wear gloves, wear a mask, dark sunglasses, a hoodie over your head, clothes two sizes too big, park 6 blocks away from the buisness, pay cash and carry, no questions asked.
      Nothing is untraceable.

  9. Anyone can see the problem in nothing more than the criminal misuse of firearms. Instead of fixing that the fraulein chesa boudin uses the acts of her criminal pets to go after those not connected to criminal acts anymore than GM, Ford etc. is connected to transporting perps. To use backdoor Gun Control to make your case it takes the mind of a bullying racist and nazi.

    I find their numbers for kit guns used in crime to be overblown. If the numbers of such firearms were so high where are the photos of such guns on tables for all to see? And if such a photo exists and was not staged?

    What fraulein chesa boudin is doing is charging inanimate objects with crimes like those from Salem Witch Hunts charged inanimate objects such as a runaway cart wheel for damages, etc.

    Until America sees Gun Control as a turd along the lines of its slave shack, Jim Crow and nazi thug relatives expect more and more Gun Control BS. Of course it’s hard to define Gun Control for America when Gun Owners are all over the map and lost in space trying to define it themselves. That’s really the problem.

  10. SanFran’s DA has less pull that the US IC or MIC and we all know what utterly useless wokey jokeys they are so just tell him to fuck off. He’ll wet his pants and cry a little.

  11. “We must get to the root of the problem.”

    What makes criminals with “ghost guns” different from the non-criminals who also have in their possession guns without serial numbers? If you really want to get to the root of the problem, then you have to answer that question first. These fools would never be allowed to come into power without the death of critical thinking.

    • To bad you never learned Critical Thinking Doodlebug.

      You do not lock the barn door after the horses all escape rather you prevent or make it as tough as possible for criminals go get guns in the first place.

      Strange that you and all of your knowledge of the world (carried in a thimble) are not aware of the fact that every civilized nation on earth does not permit new or second hand firearms to be given to criminals (no background checks) and of all absurdities with the gift of no serial numbers on them. Any sane person would understand why this law was universally adopted by all civilized countries.

      • So all horses should be registered and the barn inspected by a federal agent , bolted with a government approved lock which has two keys, you get one of them.
        Hey Dacian, this is fun.
        Got any more ideas on how to fck with people?

      • You’re appealing to consensus. That isn’t critical thinking. You failed to answer the question. Look at it this way: If you give guns to 20 people, but only two commit violent crimes with them, then very simply, the guns are not the root cause of the problem. If they were, then more people would be committing violent crimes with their guns.

      • His thinking is if “civilians” didn’t own guns, criminals wouldn’t get them by theft from careless civilians.

    • quote—————What makes criminals with “ghost guns” different from the non-criminals who also have in their possession guns without serial numbers?—————quote

      Look genius boy even a mentally handicapped person knows that tens of thousands of guns floating around with no serial numbers get sold and the person selling his gun does not give a damn who he sells his gun to as long as he gets the cash, that is human nature. So to put it so even you can understand it , guns without serial numbers owned by law abiding citizens get sold to criminals and criminals also buy kits and build them because they can get complex frames 85 per cent or more finished for them, something they could no do without a machine shop.

      And often law abiding citizens do not stay law abiding citizens they do things like kill their old lady for the insurance money, get hard up for money and rob a bank, go insane and kill people and then drop the gun on the floor and disappear into the fog and night. Its all easy to do with guns that do not have serial numbers.

      Have you dear genius Doodlebug ever taken a look on how many criminals and psychopaths were caught precisely because a gun did have a serial number on it. It amounts to tens of thousands. Now dear genius tell me we do not need serial numbers on firearms.

      I realize of course that extreme paranoia makes the Far Right unable to use logical thinking or understand simple concepts as a sane person would.

        • And dacian, you are aware that leftist, like you, ‘project’ their mental illnesses and crimes on others?

          Therefore, “extreme paranoia”, “unable to use logical thinking” or “understand simple concepts” “as a sane person would.”

          Thats quite a list, you should seek professional help.

          Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another.

        • I think he was able to do that because one of his Alfred E Neumann ears was sticking out of his ass, so the drivel was unimpeded after entering the opposite ear.

      • “And often law abiding citizens do not stay law abiding citizens they do things like kill their old lady for the insurance money” 😂🤣

      • And often law abiding citizens do not stay law abiding citizens

        Please, oh enlightened one, won’t you share with us lesser mortals just exactly WHAT your definition of OFTEN is… A more precise number of actual cases would be helpful (hint I already know, and you are FULL of feces) keeping in mind that there are over 100 million KNOWN gun owners in America… And remember YOU are only talking about “ghost” guns…

        • I posted just some of the horrific crimes committed with ghost guns (which you laughed off because it did not fit your political agenda) and if your reading comprehension was not at the 3rd grade level you damn well know that I have consistently advocated for Universal Background checks which would cover of course the resale of millions of second hand guns that change hands without paper work right now because they are second hand guns.

          No one who is sane and not gone off the deep end with paranoia would argue against vetting all gun purchases and the banning of ghost guns. If you want to build a gun, fine, do it but only after the manufacturer put a serial number on it and you signed a 4473 form. If you are not a psycho or a criminal or a Proud Boy Nazi what are you afraid of?????

        • horrific crimes committed with ghost guns (which you laughed off because it did not fit your political agenda)

          You want so desperately to try to impress upon peope that you are a sophisticated intellectual with ALL the answers yet your response to disagreement is attack, you slur other peoples screen identities and flat out LIE about those responses to you… You said “which I laughed off”… That is a gross misrepresentation (aka: LIE) of my reply to your list which as I pointed out, did in FACT only list five incidents of ghost guns being used over a seven year period (2013 through 2019) that is hardly an epidemic of unmarked guns used in shootings and some of those were actually commercially manufactured firearms which had the serial numbers filed off, that is really quite different from the custom builds that people spend hours and hundreds of dollars to complete… Get it right and maybe people would take you seriously (NOT)…No one is laughing about mass shootings/killings but they DO mock you and your feeble attempt at presenting yourself as relevant….

        • 5 events in 7 years aren’t even a statistical blip in the total numbers. A significant emotional event for some. Lost in the noise for others.

        • statistical blip in the total numbers

          The TOTAL numbers of non-serialized home built firearms that have been actually been used in the types of incidents described by VLAD is negligible… Those weapons were mostly brand name pieces with the numbers removed… VLAD has conflated ALL non-serialized firearms into one group of “ghost” guns which is factually lacking…

      • to Thorn Head

        quote————-Thorn August 19, 2021 At 11:06
        And dacian, you are aware that leftist, like you, ‘project’ their mental illnesses and crimes on others?————quote

        No its Far Right people that laugh off all the horrific deaths with ghost guns. They say “who cares it did not happen to me and I am too cheap, stingy and paranoid to sign a 4473 form”.

        Or even worse they say “I want a gun with no serial number “just in case I ever need one”. I have had plenty of guys like that tell me that and its chilling to say the least. Even a child would get the meaning.

        So Thorn head why do you need a gun with no serial number on it????? Let us see how you project.

        • Leave him alone guys. He’s very obviously suffering from mental illness. It’s like beating a puppy. You can, but why?

          He doesn’t even have the clearness of thought to realize that he is the nazi here. What a shame.

        • JWM, because I want hear that popping sound of his head exploding from my side of the big pond (Pacific Ocean).

          He has a habit of not answering questions directly and then attacking the person asking the question while going off on a wild tangent thinking he’s won the argument.

        • He has a habit of not answering questions directly

          Exactly what I said… Clown hasn’t “won” an argument since its return… And as soon as it realizes it has lost it’s lights out on that subject and off to do its FLY thing (eat shit and bother people) on something else that it knows absolutely nothing about…

  12. “San Francisco’s district attorney said Wednesday he is suing three California companies that make and distribute “ghost guns,” the untraceable, build-it-yourself weaponry that accounted for nearly half the firearms recovered in gun killings in the city last year.”

    Hmmmm there is something suspicious about this claim like the fact its not true. But anyway, why don’t they account for the fact that over 90% of ALL the killings with any weapon in San Francisco last year were committed by known violent criminals which the DA failed to convict or had been released early from incarceration for a prior conviction for a violent crime and they had a almost 40% increase in crime because of ineffectual policing because police were hamstrung by the city governments.

  13. “Ghost Guns” are flooding his streets?

    I’ve seen a lot of streets in my time.
    Seen quite a few floods too.
    Seen water flood streets something awful. Really bad.
    Never once seen a massive wave of guns roiling down a street, floating away cars and homes.

    I think he’s confused.
    Possibly, delusional.

    There are medications for that.

  14. Newsflash – people who buy 80%s are suckers.

    You can 3d print a 100% lower for a fraction of the cost, in your basement, with no paper trail.

  15. Hmmmm… San Francisco… walk into a store and “steal” less than a thousand dollars worth of stuff… No bail release, B&E… No bail release, Assault and Battery… No bail release, Robbery… No bail release, Sexual Assault… No bail release, Possession of a “ghost” gun… No bail, No release til trial… Yeah, I get it…

  16. This guy is so full of shit. Also facing a recall for his failing policies and absolute refusal to prosecute nearly any case that crosses his desk. Typical SF politician, when your policies fail, deflect blame everywhere else.


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