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Look, seriously though, she has a great personality.

Make sure to check out the Kimber R7 Mako gun review.


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  1. My Kimber Custom Shop CDPIII in 45ACP (the only caliber) does what I need it to do, when I need it to do it. Don’t need anything else. LOL

    • Grand Raptor ll. 12yrs and counting. 10k rds and counting. Only failures have been dud primers. I did replace the barrel just because. Ain’t so pretty no more, but still a pretty nice gun. Lotta wear and love. Kimbers are good to go.

      • Bought mine in 2000. I lost count of the rounds through it. Barrel rifling still sharp and clean. If I ever replace it I might get a threaded one. Kimber lasts forever. Thanks.

  2. Polar bear and black bear get together they don’t make a Panda. They make a possum. Saw it on Animal Planet. I think.

  3. Tell yah what, them HiPoints ain’t all that bad.
    No pizzazz that’s fore sure but the do go bang for cheap.

  4. I do own a Hi-Point. Cheap gun. New Saturday Night Special. Heavy, Clunky, Poorly balanced. Still goes bang when the trigger is pulled. Never had an issue with it. Bought it to toss in the bug out kit as a spare weapon. Still carry my ancient Colt 1911A1. Wife carries a Glock and has an old Walther P38 as her back up bug out bag weapon.

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