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Why does the anti-gun left…the people who denounce police as violent racists, and slave-catchers… seem perfectly happy to ensure those same men and women in blue are the only ones with firearms?

The ‘government is needed to make us feel safe’ proposals are not limited to white nationalism, of course. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney used the shooting of six police officers in his city to crow, “Our officers deserve to be protected and don’t deserve to be shot at by a guy for hours with unlimited amount of weapons and bullets. It’s disgusting.”

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte went so far as to suggest conservatives are hypocritical for their support of police and guns by crying, “Conservatives’ utter lack of interest in stronger gun laws to protect police, despite all the “blue lives matter” talk, is certainly hypocritical. But it’s hardly surprising.” She then proceeded to re-enact Thelma and Louise’s drive off a cliff by suggesting, “Both the sanctimony about police and the attachment to guns are symbolic issues for conservatives. They have less to do with real concerns for public safety and more to do with the racist, nationalist resentment that also led to Donald Trump’s election.”

The facts are quite the opposite. Gun control laws had their origins in racism – not against whites, but against African-Americans. Robert J. Cottrol wrote in Gun Control and The Second Amendment, “Most laws restricting the possession of firearms were to be found in the slave states of the antebellum South. Generally, they prohibited the possession of firearms on the parts of slaves and free blacks.”

The 1994 tome also features an essay by David C. Williams looking at an 1825 law in Florida allowing whites to go into the homes of non-slave blacks and confiscate weapons. Jane Coaston also wrote at MTV.com in 2016 how California, run by then-Governor Ronald Reagan, passed its open carry ban two months after armed Black Panthers gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in a protest against the government.

Whites were wary of armed blacks so their ‘feel safe’ solution was disarmament. One would think those who intone the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” – and condemn the idea of trigger-happy police – would embrace whole-heartedly the idea of “Black Guns Matter.” Yet, they are full of hypocrisy by desiring disarmament and leaving all weapons in the hands of the police they protest. Their ache to ‘feel safe’ simply allows them to ignore the history of racism in gun control.

– Taylor Millard in Government and the Need to Feel Safe

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      • Not really. The left has conducted a genocide on the black population of America through planned parenthood. A very successful genocide. The only color group in the US to decline in numbers is black. White, Asian, Hispanic are all on a steady rise while black decline and it is almost exclusively thanks to the left’s support of a womans right to chose. The left is the most murderous and racist group in America.

        But they have the msm in their pockets and they have mouthpieces like Miner49er and vlad tepes to spread their lies.

        • They’re trying to make up ground in having less white people by promoting interracial relationships. Notice how often it is promoted now in commercials and in television / movies.

        • You’re making my point. Politicians don’t care about black lives, they just keep promising stuff to get their votes. Latest exhibit, Philadelphia: they elect a progressive DA who is for Criminal Justice Reform, which means more criminals in the street thus, more crime. He got the black votes, even though this is going to cost more black lives.

      • You like rolling the dice and living dangerously, don’t you? 😉

        • Why would you be proud of something you never had to work for? White/Black pride is the same as “gay pride”. If you were born with it, you’ve got nothing to be proud of.

        • “If you were born with it, you’ve got nothing to be proud of.”

          Does that count for unalienable rights as well? What about being a natural born citizen?

          For example, a song lyric:
          “I’m PROUD to be an American, where at least I know I’m free…”

        • white lives matter

          it’s ok to be white

          ok boomer- try being a young white person in today’s america. there’s a reason why they are all alt-right: they are living in the dystopian hell for whites that boomers created, all because they cared more about the left not calling them racist. (the left still hates you wants you to die off)

        • Truth man actually has a point about the age thing. Today’s white youth, just like today’s European youth, has been raised with constant shaming. The hyper liberal version of history and constant implications of white guilt, have actually led to a backlash among many in this age group. It’s exactly why the alt right is quite popular among young men in America and why Europe is seeing a strong return of nationalist and actual fascist movements. These age groups never experienced unifying patriotism that previous generations had. Even gen X and early mellenials had 9/11 and the war on terror that at least brought a sense of an American identity to the forefront. But late mellenials and zoomers have either been brainwashed to blatant socialism or have backlashed with some fairly hardcore beliefs. And, it’s the lefts fault. They created this mess, and I just hope I live long enough to watch the thing they created eat them.

        • @jwtaylor

          I was born an American.

          So an immigrant who comes to American and “earns their citizenship” is somehow better than me? They can be proud of being an American? And I can’t?

          Boomers, you need to examine where your ideas come from.

          Do they come from:
          Greek mythology?
          Roman philosophy?
          The gospel?
          The renaissance?
          Peer-reviewed academic journals?


          Jewish TV

          think about it…

        • @jwtaylor
          Sorry big boy. But you need to get some pride.
          When I reached “legal” age I ended up in the Army.
          I got to see the beginnings of “black pride”.
          Race relation classes mandatory, put on by a black Lt.
          3 black soldiers killed a white MP at Ft. Gordon, no punishment.
          Blocked from promotion, even with outstanding EERs, more education, more awards and medals, ’cause an “underprivileged” and “oppressed” black was more deserving. That was the actual quote from the CSM.
          At Ft. Bragg a young white soldier from the 82nd Airborne was mutilated and cut with a straight razor requiring over 600 stitches. He had gone into the “wrong” bar in faggotville.
          So, get some Pride and quit with the SJW stuff.
          Also tired of hyphenated Americans. Either you is or you ain’t an American.
          Sorry for the rant, but it hits close to home for me.

        • Ancestry is not earned, it’s a inheritance that comes with a responsibility. Our ancestors struggled over the ages so we could have this chance to live and prosper. Having pride in the accomplishments of our ancestors and knowing we have a grave responsibility to do right by our children shouldn’t have to be justified or explained. The Founders explicitly addressed this human desire in the preamble of the Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
          Too bad Congress completely ignored one of these foundational clauses, specifically the responsibility to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” by passing the 1965 Immigration Act opening the borders. America sold out their children and we are now experiencing a horrific tragedy of the commons nightmare and enduring massive demographic displacement. This is why having a little ancestral pride is God damned important.

        • I saw jwtaylor’s comment as believing pride should be about accomplishment rather than intrinsic qualities, not denigration of any particular folks.

          • “I saw jwtaylor’s comment as believing pride should be about accomplishment rather than intrinsic qualities, not denigration of any particular folks.”


  1. And the really disgusting part is, they think nobody outside their circle is smart enough to see through their hypocrisy and agenda driven actions!

    • As Owen the Big Bear Benjamin says
      1. Trump is literally Hitler
      2. Only the government should have guns

      Conclusion:. Give all your guns to Hitler

  2. It’s no secret. there are different left wing factions with different positions on this and that issue. Same as the right wing, it takes all sorts to make up a mob.

    • And it takes 9 guys and 1 M864 DPICM to end a mob and I for one would love to see it happen.

      • 9 guys?

        How about 3, one driver on a jeep, and number two manning a mini-gun mount in the back, and number three re-loading?

        • Almost exactly what my class three dealer has. Except the mount up is an M-60 and the chassis it’s on is a VW based sand rail. It’s a blast on the NE Montana prairies, sure enough.

        • The lack of 4 wheel drive doesn’t matter, when there’s enough power to keep the front wheels off the ground most of the time… 🙂

      • A sniper, trained to look for the mob leaders, yes mobs do have leaders, incapacitates the leaders and a mob will falter on it’s own.
        An example of a mob leader is the one with the megaphone, one or more.
        At the rear of the mob will be “pushers” also with megaphones.
        Watch videos of “mobs”, there will always be leaders and pushers.

  3. Millard hasn’t been listening to BLM and their supporters. They want everyone disarmed except for criminal gangs. Like all faux Libertarians, Millard agrees with them.

    Let’s put this Black Panthers protesting the government meme to bed. The Black Panthers were one the nation’s first modern domestic terrorist groups. They were the Antifa/BLM of their day.

    • Libertarians Liberals and the Left all strenuously supported the Klu Klux Klan marches through black neighborhoods while carrying guns. The jewish lawyers of the ACLU supported them as well. But they have never supported the right of the Black Panthers or any law abiding black people to carry guns.

      The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was around for less than 10 years. The KKK on the other hand has a 130 plus year history. Now Antifia has replaced the Klan as the democrat parties military wing. They now are carrying guns and the three L’s support them as well.

      Gov Reagan was wrong to sign the Mulford Act into law. And so the ACLU for helping to write it. Yes that’s correct. If you research who wrote the law you will also find out it was the conservative lawmakers, members of the John Birch Society, who SPOKE UP FOR the panthers right to open carry loaded guns.

      The next time a Leftist brings up the Mulford Act ask them why they don’t support blacks having guns? President Bush was correct. The Left has a soft bigotry of low expectations for blacks.

      • When you say “libertarians”, I think you mistake Tea Party as “libertarians”, because those folks glommed onto an idea that was new to them and they superficially supported. There’s a reason Ron Paul stepped away from the movement here created when the likes of Cruz and Palin showed up. Libertarians don’t give a fuck who exercises their rights, so long as the exercise thereof don’t violate anyone elses rights.

      • You’re out of your mind if you think libertarians support antifa. I’ve been a “l” libertarian for more than 20 years, and a registered “L” libertarian for just under 20 years. Never in that time have I heard support for antifa. Even more specifically, those libertarians that identify as anarcho-capitalist, such as myself, find antifa to be nothing short of worthy about hooking that we need to bring back Pinochet for the purpose of giving all those antifa folks helicopter rides.

        • Do you support the constitutional right of Antifa members to carry guns?????
          It don’t bother me because I have mine.

        • You can call yourself a “libertarian” but it’s a joke when you’re looking for the government to engage in extra-judicial killings of political opponents of yours. Sounds almost like fascism.

      • I, too, have a problem with you lumping Libertarians with liberals or the left. Based on what? 1-3 letters isn’t enough. Explain, please.

        • michael Ejercito
          Alan G. Sieroty was one of six lawmakers who wrote the Mulford Act. At the time he was a member of the ACLU board of directors.

    • The leftists still need the police, but the police will have to undergo political indoctrination and be supervised by Commissars drawn from ANTIFA and “community organizers” to ensure the politically correct position of a crime is followed.

  4. “The Same People Who Call Police Racists Want to Disarm Civilians…And Leave the Guns to the Police”

    Or Not ,a Burlington Vermont city councilor wants the police disarmed also and she has just proposed such a item for the board.
    These are the same Leftards that have given Vermont the Burnmeister and thus possibly the nation,hopefully Not.

    The Leftards of Vermont are not Vermonters,they have all come here from some other shit hole,to show us uneducated wood chucks just how backwards we all are. 80% of the state legislature is comprised of people originally from out of state,not native Vermonters and have turned a once conservative state into a broke,anti business,Leftard haven,where when it’s young graduate collage,they leave.

    Vermont lawmaker: It’s time to disarm the police


    • Man, you live in a Vermont that I simply don’t remember being in. Of course, I lived around there and banged around Bennington and Arlington back in the 80s. But back then, most of the people in Vermont were just tourists from the neighboring states in the summers.

    • This is pretty common among the far left ninnies. While those who have aspirations of higher office hide it better you’ll find a lot of local yokels that think we should have unarmed police just like in the latest European country they visited so they could smoke tons of Hashish and pretend to be cultured.

  5. Presidential candidate Pocahontas last week:

    “It’s time for Congress to raise those rates — to 30 percent on guns and 50 percent on ammunition — both to reduce new gun and ammunition sales overall and to bring in new federal revenue that we can use for gun violence prevention and enforcement of existing gun laws”

    “As president, I will immediately take executive action to rein in an out-of-control gun industry — and to hold both gun dealers and manufacturers accountable for the violence promoted by their products”

    Only a couple inconvenient facts ignored by the disarmament movement:

    Fewer than 1% of firearms will ever be used in the commission of a crime. So, fewer guns doesn’t equal fewer violent crimes. I’m not more likely to commit a crime if I own 20 guns instead of just one.

    Criminals usually obtain their guns from personal sources or theft, not from gun stores.

    • This one pisses me off because the Pittman-Robertson act is the tax that we have in place to help fund wildlife conservation projects and management. That tax is there on every purchase related to firearms and it has done extraordinary things for wildlife. They wanted to extend that tax to backpacks and tents that exceed 200$ in Washington and these tree-huggers through a fit about it. Yet they’re the ones who care about animals and nature, just not on there dollar. This tax Pocahontas proposes will hurt wildlife.

      Try taking your gun violence education to inner-city Chicago and get back to us on the results.

    • Chief Sitting Bull needs to study how the US government works before she promises any EO of any kind. And she needs to get past Joe and Bernie to stand on that podium next summer, a feat that is going to take some doing.

      • Think they’ve already given her the nomination, they just haven’t told the rest of the clown show.

      • Great point, but this is the same party that is okay with making laws that specifically target one person.

    • How about locking up all the criminals like the one that shot the police officers the other day. had a damned rap sheet long enough to tie a big bow around Kamala Harris’s butt !

  6. I agree the cognitive dissonance is strong. On the flip side, though, many on the right don’t trust DC to competently empty the liquid out of a boot with the instructions written on the tread will blindly trust when the same DC talking heads will say we need to invade and bomb brown people on every corner of the globe.

    • One reason the establishment hates Trump, is that he has promised NOT to do this. Hopefully he keeps that promise.

    • To be fair, we haven’t bombed any dark brown people in over 25 years (and that was just because the didn’t like us feeding them even though they were starving). It’s only been the light brown people we’ve been bombing lately. Of course flying commercial jets into our buildings to kill white people could be considered a provocation by some.

      • “Brown people” is a dumb left wing idea of lumping the entire world of people into one group that aren’t “white” or “black”. I’m “Caucasian” but my skin (especially my neck) is darker that plenty of people from the middle east or south of the border. So how are they “brown” but I’m not?

        • They just like to say ‘brown people’ to push their lie that conservatives and Republicans are racist, but they don’t think it was ‘racist’ when brown people killed white people because only white people can be racist, no matter how much the brown people hate white people for no other reason than the color of their skin. That’s still not racism to them. Which is why the word ‘racist’ has totally lost it’s meaning and it’s effect as a political attack.

          By lumping all brown people together then all brown people are responsible for the misdeeds of the few.

      • The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid. This is based on a racial classification made by Carleton S. Coon in 1962.

        I’m sure all the folks screaming “Racist” would disagree….cause I don’t see “Brown people” listed.

        `just sayin 😎

    • I’m sorry I simplified the argument. Perhaps I should have wrote something along the lines of many on the right are ok with the military industrial complex waging wars in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and it eventually even in the US. There are factions backed by one government department fighting factions backed by another government department, there are conflicts (because we can’t officially call them wars) where Al-Qaeda factions are backed by the government we all pay taxes to. The United States government’s foreign policy is so schizophrenic you need a lobotomy to understand it, YET many on the right will support it because it’s the military, even though that military is run by liberal leftist socialist big-government progressives.

      • The problem is that you deliberately implied that the wars were were instigated because of a dislike of brown skin which is a notion that is as counter productive as those military excursion themselves.

        • It was the Democrats under President Kennedy who started killing yellow people in Southeast Asia. And it was the Clintons who made unprovoked war on white people in Serbia. Also it was A half black Obama, and a whole white Hillary, who made unproved undeclared war on Libya.The end result was to bring back the black slave markets to that Arab land.
          Obama and Hillary helped terrorism to grow across Africa as a result of removing a dictator.


        • Obama also undermined the Syrian government and promoted civil war by supplying al-Assad’s enemies, helping to create a humanitarian crisis and empowering ISIS.

        • All the while that was O’Bama’s head bobbing up and down under the Ayatollah’s dress.

      • Remember when that right wing nut, Obama helped to take out that “brown” Egyptian president? I blame white supremacy.

  7. The difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives wish for only the law abiding and the law enforcers to be armed while liberals wish for only the law breakers and the law enforcers to be armed. This is the kind of logic you come up with when you celebrate victimhood.

    • They only want the law enforcers to enforce their will. They do not want law enforcers to enforce the law against actual law breakers. Given a choice between the former and the latter they go with disarm the police.

      • This is typical of the left. They were so worked up with the idea that Trump would reject the election results until he won and it was them who insist he isn’t a legitimate president because he must have cheated or something. So now they try to drive him out of office on trumped up charges of ‘collusion’ and claim that in the next election he won’t leave office when he loses because he’s a dictator, I guess. They have no respect for the will of the people or the rule of law. They want their way by any means necessary, which is why you have little fascists running around calling them selves anti-fascist. They don’t even know what fascism is – it’s them.

        • Stacey Abrams runs around claiming the election was stolen from her via voter suppression with zero evidence. As a matter of fact Abrams even bragged that she INCREASED voter participation among black and minority populations, and there is proof of record black votes. Yet her media enablers just nod and agree with her. The amount of willful ignorance on the left is amazing.

        • Yeah, it takes real talent to brag about the increase in minority voting in one breath and blame voter suppression of minorities for your loss in the next. She’s going to go far in the Democratic Party.

        • Dude
          Stacy Abrams lost by over 600,000 votes. She lost the black vote when she came out supporting illegal immigration. That information spread like wild fire all over “black YouTube”.

          White socialists are bank rolling her now.

    • Not really. Some individuals want to be armed but most would prefer to outsource that responsibility to a person or group they trust to look out for their best interests. Laws and government are just the formalization of that desire. The more unfamiliar and foreign authority figures are to the people, the more the animosity. At best you have a non-ironic Officer Friendly who lives next to you, looks like you, and shares your cultural mores. Someone from far away, who looks completely unfamiliar, and speaks a different dialect or worse language, might as well be a Roman Centurion in Jerusalem. The very concept of an every-man Officer Friendly is impossible in today’s multicultural America, now it’s just a meme for an abusive police officer.

  8. The Jackass that runs Philadelphia and his D.A wasted no time blaming the gun on the violence against the police last week.This thug had a track record as long as my arm.I will take a guess that his lawyer over the years plea bargened a lot of the charges down to allow this drug dealing drumbeat to walk the streets.But you won’t hear the mayor or d.a explain why that happened.They blame it on past administrations.This city has been run by Democrats for decades.This type of crime didn’t happen under Frank Rizzosj term as police commissioner and mayor.

  9. “Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it will get us all killed.”
    – M. Savage, radio talk show host

        • So it looks like you lose the popular vote and there is no electoral college to bail you out. FOAD.

        • They don’t like my response so I will give you a grown up one. The left wants to disarm the police which, given the culture of the United States, is the same as abolishing the police Faux Libertarians like Millard don’t want police at all. Faux Libertarians at Reason supported BLM in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. Sounds to me, and to others that Libertarians are as nuts as the left.

        • In some circles, yes, but the term “libertine” leans toward the sexual; meaning that someone who identifies today as a “libertine” leads a life of sexual permissiveness. Words change as time moves on.

          Such as how “gay” once meant happy. Now it means queer. Or “faggot” once meant a French cigarette or a bundle of thin sticks for starting a fire.

        • “Or “faggot” once meant a French cigarette or a bundle of thin sticks for starting a fire.”

          ‘Fag’ is still a slang term for a cigarette in England.

          And a ‘Nancy Boy’ is slang for a male homosexual…

        • ^this is the truth

          Back in the Ron Paul days Libertarianism was fun and exciting. Finally- a movement that:
          -doesn’t support endless wars for Israel
          -allows me to have my drop-in auto sear and my copy of The Turner Diaries
          -third hole in my AK (so much yes!)
          -allows me to attend church.
          -krugerands and hating the Fed
          -recreational nukes
          -milton freidman / murray rothbard ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING

          But at some point (2015ish?), it became LOLbertarianism:
          -rationalizing the monkeys jumping up and down on cop cars in Ferguson, MO
          -drug abuse; aka dude, weed!
          -open borders
          -what if the child consents? (like seriously sick stuff)
          – your recreational nuke violates the NAP somehow
          – your job went to china thanks to milton friedman
          -wait, i’m not FREE to dislike the brown people now? WTF?

          It was then I realized libertarians, all – should be in a concentration camp.

          And at some point- maybe around 2015ish, everyone who wasn’t a drug-addicted degenerate atheist- left the movement and joined the alt-right. Then the alt-right imploded in 2017/2018 with infighting and bad optics.

          The only people advocating for libertarianism today are jews, degenerates, and boomers. Which one are you?

          • “The only people advocating for libertarianism today are jews, degenerates, and boomers. Which one are you?”

            Me? You talkin’ to me?

        • I said concentration camp. why do you think you would perish?

          The old guard libertarians were cool with me explaining how the holocaust didn’t happen. (hint do that math of the number of supposed killed, how long it takes to cremate them, and the number of ovens… you’ll run into a problem. oh – where are the bodies? problem. typhus. orchestra. wood doors on gas chamber. soap and lampshades… bro)

          Anyway- dude. weed. are you blind? Libertarians today are tranny porn for kids, drugs, and mutualism. It’s cool that you think you’re different and special and an individual because you vote for the drug and degenerate sex party.

          you must be a boomer

          and since you threatened to kill me- i choose 9mm. weak unlike calibers that start with 4. we can meet here in san francisco. want my address? we can meet in front of the navigation center i am sleeping in.

          honestly- if you told me when i was 17 and got my appointment to the airforce academy that i would be homeless, i would have not believed you

          but now i have all the time in the world after i lost my tech job and family to shitpost on this boomer blog

          • When you are replying to someone other than the listed “reply to…” it is important to identify the intended recipient, as in “@whoeveryouare”, followed by commentary/reply. Using random “reply” feature is way too confusing.

  10. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, a million people wave flags, invoking the distinctive US
    individual right to arms as helpful vs the “law eforcement” tanks summoned to impose outside Chinese law, reniging on the autonomy promised for another couple decades.

    Because sometimes guns are more convincing than umbrellas or bags of groceries.

  11. They have re engineering plans for the police too. Once they have election proof majorities they can issue policies which favor constituents over enemies. See how the UK turned out. Criminals have unheard of rights and privileges while the ordinary guy on the street is at the mercy of both the goons and the government.

  12. Stupid white people Not being cordial while open carrying guns. In washington State. This is not how to open carry.


    More stupid white people not being cordial in public while open carrying guns.

    And yes stupid black people do it to. Not being cordial while open carrying guns. Inside the California capitol building.



    In washington state. I’ve always thought the Black Panthers were very well dressed while carry guns in public.

    The Left is just as racist as the other people they complain about. The Left totally supports the Mulford Act in California. The racist white homoseuxal leader Tom Ammiano publicly endorsed the Mulford Act when black gay people began to open carry guns. Historically is has been the Right who protected the gun rights for everyone. Not the racist Left.
    When a military recruiting station was attacked by muslim terrorist, it was the Militia that came out to protect the military men and women across the country. At their place of work. Openly carrying guns. In a cordial manner.

    Here is a smart black man who knows how to open carry in a non threatening and cordial manner. In Arizona. He is very well dressed. one minute long.

    Here are some smart white people who open carry in a non threatening and cordial manner.
    Who are the Oath Keepers? 2 minutes 30 seconds

    Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry: When is it appropriate? with Jerry Miculek 14 minutes long

    • stop with the racism against white people

      we are already discriminated against enough! (try getting into college, applying for a job… hollywood movies disparage us)

      i stand as an ally with white people!

  13. Same reason while people in Hong Kong fight to be more like us people here are fighting to be more like China. Honk, honk.

  14. Black, White, Asian and Australoid are the only 4 races that exist. Unless we all get our collective crap together none of this will matter. We need a strong new candidate to vote for that believes in climate change and the 2nd amendment! Climate change needs more attention from the GOP. it had to be said…

    • There is only one race. The human race. Noah had 3 sons who were the father’s of what we call races. Shem = Asiatic people groups, Ham = Black people groups and Japheth = White people groups. Yes, Noah and his wife had 3 differently colored children! Since that time Satan has used the divide and conquer philosophy to get us to hate and kill each other.

    • Pull away from “climate change” in firearm forums. The climate is always changing and mankind has very little impact on it. How much does the oceans (3/4 ths of the planet) effect the change of climate? How do we effect the rise in temps on other planets? The left is pushing climate lies to gain control of the planet just like they use gun control lies to disarm us so that they can control us. Anything to gain control is their mantra.

  15. Police are civilians.

    Police should be disarmed. Citizens should be armed, not government employees. Citizens should always be able to defeat the King’s men.

    • “Police should be disarmed. Citizens should be armed, not government employees.”

      No, the citizens should be armed with parity of law enforcement on patrol.

      Meaning, semi-auto Glocks of standard capacity, semi-auto or pump shotguns, and AR-platform (or similar, in function and capacity) patrol rifles.

      And since ‘Uncle Sugar’ in the recent past has handed out select-fire rifles like candy to law enforcement, the full-auto registry needs to be re-opend, since those are good-to-go for the citizens as well… 😉

    • “Can you say “oxymoronic”?”

      Is disparaging humble ‘beasts of burden’ like Oxen really necessary?

      #FarmAnimalsMatter 😉

  16. Calling this racism is stupid moral grandstanding and blindly blaming the government for trying “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense” is obtuse. The root of the problem is not the government. Americans have historically had much more trust in the government. What changed to cause peak trust in 1964 at 77%, even during times of social strife like the Vietnam War and Civil rights era, to drop to 17% today? https://www.people-press.org/2019/04/11/public-trust-in-government-1958-2019/

    In 1965, congress decided to embark on a bold new multicultural experiment by passing the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act. Since then the government hasn’t changed, Americans did. Americans who are now electing people like AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and those before them to transform America to suit their image just like the men who put George Washington and Thomas Jefferson into power to create America in theirs. Of course there is going to be ethnic conflict and trust is going to nose dive as the government tries to serve too many divergent interests.

    “The 1994 tome also features an essay by David C. Williams looking at an 1825 law in Florida allowing whites to go into the homes of non-slave blacks and confiscate weapons.” No shit, the 14th Amendment, was only added to the Constitution in 1868, until then citizenship of free blacks and the rights thereof was a State question.

    Red letter laws will allow the government to go into the homes of actual citizens, statistically mostly white men, and confiscate weapons. The boot is on the other foot now. Multiculturalism and diversity are cancer to the founders of any nation.

  17. Ronnie Raygun did not outlaw open carry, rather the Mudford Act bans the open carrying or LOADED forearms. It was thus technically legal to openly carry unlo9aded guns–until 2013. Open carriers (until the peaceful open carry demonstrations in 2012 a great rarity) were subject to having their firearms checked by law enforcement officers to make sure that they were not loaded. (Which was used to intimidate open carriers to convince them that open carry was a bad idea). Now the only open carry is by security guards, police, or out in one of the many state or federal forests.

  18. Meh. It’s all an argument of convenience for whatever crowd they’re trying to rile up at the time.

    Statists do this about everything. They’re not stupid. They’re conniving.

    “Well, it’s bad so we’ll tax the hell out of it so that people do it less! Because higher prices via sin taxes mean less sin!”

    “Uh, OK, then why do you want to raise the taxes on medical devices? Are medical devices bad?”

    “Shut up, pleb!”

  19. Why do they do this?
    I’ll go with Ocam’s Razor. The simple answer is usually correct.
    They are STUPID.

  20. Yes, by all means, disarm the police in all BLM-infested areas.

    Like the fires that burned down so much of Detroit, The Bronx, etc., we can call the result “urban renewal,” declare victory and move on.

    • Remember when entire blocks in Detroit were going on sale for under 100k? The Democrat establishment starved out and burned out poor people from their homes, only for out of state investors to buy them (guilty!), develop them, and sell them back to younger, richer, whiter Democrats who wanted to live in those areas because it’s where the poorer, darker, more “authentic” people used to live .
      You can’t fix stupid, but you sure as hell can profit from it.

      • The Democrats like it that way. Expensive rents, overpriced homes. San Francisco (open defecation) is the future of every American city if you not careful.

        • “Boomer brags about real estate speculation.”

          Agree. Gentrifying slums is akin to destruction of the habitat for darter snails. When a slum is abandoned, the only legitimate, caring and environmentally conscious way to deal with it is to let Nature take its course. Interfering with Nature is a major source of man-made climate change. Abandoned slums gotta be free to be.

    • “Like the fires that burned down so much of Detroit, The Bronx, etc., we can call the result “urban renewal,” declare victory and move on.”

      And stick the taxpayers with the bill to rebuild it all? Gee, thanks.

      Democrats run the inner-city and the corrupt unions will be the ones jacking up the cost of the reconstruction when they inevitably find *expensive* ‘problems’ with the job.

      Have you forgotten how expensive ‘The Big Dig’ in Boston eventually got, Ralph? Yeah, lets do that, *nationwide*.

      Forgive me for not cheering and an utter lack of enthusiasm…

  21. Communists have always established rule by force of arms. American Communists are no different. They know full well that to accomplish a hostile takeover of the US and establish tyranny, they must first disarm the populace.

    Peel all the ‘progressive’ arguments away, and that is the simple truth of the matter.

    • Exactly….. Instead of asking questions that we all know the answers to, how about writing some articles about how to STOP THE INFILTRATION BY COMMUNISTS

      • Not enough clicks in it. The quick money is all in slavery. The benefits of liberty (stability, freedom to have commerse, unbiased laws, etc.) take years to show up… OFC, once they do, its years later and someone can always come up with an excuse as to why that all would’ve happened even better under socialism. OFC by the time the sheeple figure that all out, it’s too late.
        “What luck for the rulers that man does not think” -Adolf Hitler

  22. Wtf.

    They are banning reasonable criticism of JWTAYLOR’s not-proud to be an American buffoonery…

    But they leave up posts about drop in auto sears?

    Between criticism of the NRA and advocating murder of spouses… I wonder if the entire blog is a PsyOp.

  23. These types of idiots don’t know what they want. It literally went from BLM movement to Antifa because they simply exist to protest and cause chaos. We could have a black republican president or even a black independent president and these idiots would still be doing this dumb shit.

  24. What any sensible human should do is make any race related protest or organization a terrorist organization, and then idiots like Antifa can be handled for their bullshit as well. Because Antifa started here in the US after the BLM protests (or during) and on the rise came white nationalists protesting BLM’s bullshit so naturally, ANTIFA thinks they have all the answers and wants to cause chaos in support of communism while protesting fascism and racism… What a bunch of idiots.

    Seriously… make the race related shit illegal and despite the outlash from black organizations (that are all racist whether they want to admit it or not) including the black caucus and other equally political parties, eventually it will be countered by anti-racial protests because any other pro race protesters that show up will be treated the same as the pro-black movements. That sounds a hell of a lot more equal to me than allowing pro racial events continuing to give birth groups like ANTIFA.

  25. same that are all about saving the children…unless they are still developing…then 600,000+ per year are disposable
    on the plus side…many would grow up to be dems/libs…

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