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Steve Hilton is a Fox News talking head and hosts a show called The Next Revolution. He devoted his most recent Swamp Watch segment to Wayne LaPierre and the swirling controversies surrounding the NRA EVP and CEO, concluding with this . . .

“For years Wayne has taken NRA members’ money to live the life of a king, but he’s not a king. He’s the head of a nonprofit trusted by millions to use its funds to secure constitutional rights,” Hilton said Monday. “Wayne LaPierre is an odious little grifter and it’s time for him to go.”

The host’s criticism came after the Wall Street Journal revealed that LaPierre got the NRA to agree to pay for a $6 million Dallas mansion for his family. The NRA had claimed that no money from the organization was used to pay for the mansion.

– John Gage in Fox News host to NRA head: You are ‘an odious little grifter’



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  1. Enough! He and his cronies in management and on the board have to go. Time for another revolt like Cincinnati

  2. He’s not going anywhere without a fight. It will take a public outing of what he’s done and forcible removal.
    He’s lived the life of Riley and he’s not going to give it up.
    Not sure I could either after living like a King for so long.

    • I agree I don’t think he’s leaving freely. And that right there tells you what his motivation is. He isn’t working in the best interest of members and 2a issues, he’s looking to make money and protect his power.

      Anyone working for the NRA should have the interest of the members as their number one priority. Wayne is drunk with power and he needs to go.

  3. I heard rumors for years and never even bothered to look into them. I just kept sending my money on blind faith even though there were red lights going off and I had that feeling in my gut that something was wrong. I was lazy. This is what happens when you let your SA drop in other areas of your life.

    • And this is why I’ve always re-upped on a year-by-year or 2-year basis. I’d feel like a schmuck now if I’d have taken a life membership.

      Before Wayne was there, I didn’t have the money for a life membership. Since he’s been there, I’ve never liked him and never trusted him. Yeah, in the long run, it has cost me more. A few years ago, Glenn Beck promoted a special for $300 and I almost bit. But I couldn’t help think I would lose my loudest voice with them forever.

      I just took a 2-year renewal in January. I will not renew again as long as Wayne is there.

      • My most recent 2-yr just expired last month. I’m waiting to re-up until the dust settles and we have a satisfactory outcome, whatever form that ends up being.

      • “And this is why I’ve always re-upped on a year-by-year or 2-year basis. I’d feel like a schmuck now if I’d have taken a life membership.”

        Life member here, can confirm.

    • Indeed. WLP would have stepped down voluntarily *long* ago if he cared about the organization. I hope people are praying for the NRA, because it looks like that’s the kind of intervention it will take to save it in our lifetimes.

    • “mene mene tekel upharsin”;
      Meaning that the one in charge has been weighed, numbered, and found to be wanting. And all that he has will be taken and given to another more worthy.
      How apropos…

      • Nice. Daniel 5:25

        Although I’ve never seen the fourth word spelled that way. I’ve always seen MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN

  4. Regardless of guilt or not LaPierre should have retired for the betterment of the NRA.

    Now it looks like he’s a crazy ship captain that won’t steer away from the iceberg.

  5. NRA comments notwithstanding, Steve Hilton is no great fan of 2nd Amendment rights. First of all he’s Not From Here—he’s from the UK. But more importantly, he is in favor of more gun-control and doesn’t like “assault weapons”. His opinion on the NRA doesn’t amount to much one way or the other. Fox News has him stuck out on the West coast which means he’s not very relevant and is hanging on to his Fox News gig by his fingernails.

    • I surmise that makes Hilton’s comments all the more ironic: Coming from someone from the UK that hates guns, and wishes we did not have any either. When even the likes of Steve Hilton can see the handwriting on the wall, and voices the truth, you know NRA has a serious problem, even if LaPierre does not. Only in Hilton’s case, he would cheer if the NRA went down in flames. I am starting to wonder if LaPierre would do the same thing?

    • Charles C.W. Cooke is from the UK and you won’t find a stronger Second Amendment supporter in the media than him. He’s pretty damn smart too.

    • I’ve watch Steve Hilton a lot and didn t get the impression he hates guns. Otoh you left no doubt you hate him. Do you know him personally?

  6. No one should become a multi-millionaire from running a nonprofit or working for the government. The sad truth is, he could have just spent his OWN millions from his obscene salary and retirement minimum distributions, and no one would bat an eye, especially if he was actually doing a great job. But he was too greedy to spend his own millions that he “earned.” It wasn’t enough because it’s never enough for greedy bastards like him. Future episode of American Greed right here. This will be his legacy. I would change my name in shame if I was related to him.

  7. Wayne is sitting on a gold mine and is about to touch off dynamite and blow himself and the NRA into oblivion if he is removed from absolute power. If he can not have all the gold he is hell bent on destroying everything before he is forced out which will probably be right in the middle of the election year. He can then claim if he had never been forced out he could have saved gun rights.

  8. No chit and everyone but WLP and his sycophants know it is past time for ole La PeePee to go.

  9. Now that the Murdoch cabal has weighed it, all is lost. Next up the Koch Brothers endorse Wayne…

  10. Why do most of the news casters, announcers and late night host that have a British/Aussie accent seem to bash the NRA.

    I’m not saying that Wayne doesn’t have some problems, but I wonder how much of this is real and how much is ‘leaked BS’.

  11. Pretty funny(?)this bloke has an opinion. I doubt he has an NRA membership either. Nevertheless he’s right. I won’t reup until old Wayne is gone. Join your state groups with the $ you save…

  12. Several months ago, Wayne announced the NRA could no longer supply free coffee for employees! And Wayne baby gets a couple mil per year, and a mansion for free? Sounds like Wayne is in need of a peek at reality. And why the hell isn’t coffee mentioned in the bill of rights?

    • The mansion deal didn’t go through. Regardless, it was ridiculous that even the first steps in the purchase were taken. WLP is again pointing fingers at AM for doing it as a rogue operation. If that’s true, it still shows failed leadership on WLP’s part for not supervising NRA’s biggest vendor properly.

  13. You guys are all fools.

    Wayne is doing a great job, which why they are trying to shut him down.

    Listen to some non-american who wants to ban assault weapons… see how that goes for you…

      • LMAO…
        It’s obvious that Wayne MUST leave the NRA now. His reputation is too tainted to save and impact the whole organization. If he truly cared about the NRA and its’ mission he would have resigned already.
        The public opinion of, and political influence or the NRA is now in shambles.
        While the NRA provides many things, it is primarily a political organization that is quickly losing all influence.
        I will direct my contributions to other 2nd Amendment organizations.

  14. BREAKING😄Gotta’ appeal to reup my NRA membership a few moments ago…no paid return postage so I promptly deposited it in FILE 13. Oh well.

  15. My postcard telling him he’s fired has been sent. If enough of you join me and send one too, he’ll get the message.

  16. The NRA and Churches which are charities by regulation, have done similar things for their retiring pastors. Its one reason why I’m not a church member as a christian. And I think I will let my NRA membership lapse.

  17. My membership expires in December, this will be the second time I quit because of Odious. I disliked the way he controlled NRA, but didn’t know how he had stolen from us. Not another dime till he is gone, and the entire board restructured and replaced. No wonder they have let so much slip in recent years, they had their heads so deep in the feed trough they couldn’t be bothered look up and see what was happening!

  18. I’m a life member, but I have been asking the NRA to have him step down for a decade. Anybody that is going to shift blame instead of denying it outright needs to step aside for someone more informed. Tons of studies fail to show any correlation between violent video games and real life violence. Yet – because he is old – WLP loves to shift blame to video games. Wrong, step aside. Financial weaseling is just the cherry on top of why he needs to go.

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