Dayton Antifa murder mass shooting
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America has had a number of high-profile mass murders committed by lunatics with guns in recent years. One commonality in 26 of the 27 of the worst recent incidents was made public eighteen months ago. But it got buried by the mainstream media.

As Jim Treacher once tweeted . . .

News of this particular commonality certainly applies to the overwhelming majority of these spree killers. If you guessed they all had an NRA membership card in their wallets, you failed and probably watch too much MSNBC. It has nothing to do with religion, race, or crazy pills either.

Here it is: only one of America’s 27 worst mass-murderers who used a gun, as of early 2018, had a father in his childhood. That one would be the Virginia Tech killer (name intentionally not used).

Suzanne Venker wrote about it last year after Parkland:

The desperate cry of America’s boys

In response to this week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a man named Michael Ian Black, whom I’ve never heard of but who’s apparently an actor and comedian, invited a “conversation” on Twitter that began with the following statement: “Deeper even than the gun problem is this: boys are broken.”

This is an absolutely, 100 percent true statement…

Mr. Black is correct that boys are broken. But they’re not broken as a result of being cavemen who haven’t “evolved” the way women have. They’re broken for another reason.

They are fatherless.

The solution to male violence is not to spout off drivel about the evils of masculinity. Masculinity, channeled well, is the reason assistant football coach Aaron Feis died this week. Feis shielded students from bullets by pushing them inside a classroom.

Broken homes, or homes without a physically and emotionally present mother and father, are the cause of most of society’s ills. “Unstable homes produce unstable children,” writes Peter Hasson at The Federalist.

He adds, “On CNN’s list of the “27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. History,” seven of those shootings were committed by young males since 2005. Of the seven, only one—Virginia Tech shooter [scumbag’s name redacted]—was raised by his biological father throughout childhood.”

Life for [Parkland killer] was no different. His adoptive father died when [the loser] was very young, and his adoptive mother had a difficult time raising him.

America’s boys are in serious trouble. As Warren Farrell’s new book, The Boy Crisis, explains, boys are experiencing a crisis of education, a crisis of mental health (as in the case of [the Parkland loser]), a crisis of purpose. And at the root of it all is fatherlessness.

Indeed, there is a direct correlation between boys who grow up with absent fathers and boys who drop out of school, who drink, who do drugs, who become delinquent and who wind up in prison.

And who kill their classmates.

A lack of fathers…and gun-free zones.

Imagine what Aaron Feis’ courage would have looked like with a GLOCK in his hand.

We don’t blame trucks, gasoline or airplanes for the acts of evil men. Why then do we blame guns for the acts of evil males – typically boys and men without fathers present in their childhoods?

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      • Well, they could have really done something by repealing the NFA, GCA, and gun-free school zones.

        Then we’d be getting somewhere.

        • Here’s my suggestion. Ya know, buncha morons trying to get elected have made up a “right” to healthcare, which they then propose must be free. 2A recognizes a very REAL right to keep and bear arms, I’m betting those same morons would eagerly support the concept that guns should be free, as well. Government offices should be established to hand out guns and ammo of your choice to all comers. THAT will end your mass shooting problems but quick!

      • And the 10 or so kids who die each day while driving and texting had cars … and phones. Just because you don’t like the answer does not invalidate it. Guns were prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s, and we did not have this problem and more families had fathers and mother’s present. So, what changed in the 60-70 years that have past. Blaming inanimate objects is easy but it is no solution; London had more murders than New York City, knives being the preferred weapon since guns are largely banned … and that does not mention the horrible acid attacks. Besides, firearms are used hundreds of thousands—if not a million or more—of times annually to halt or prevent crimes.

        If 26 of 27 did not have proper male role models, THAT is a big deal, especially when these boys are exposed to the violence our entertainment resources. Where else do they learn if not from a proper male role model—and don’t tell me that the violence in the entertainment industry cannot possibly okay a significant role: that is arguing that the entire multi-billion dollar advertising industry that is based on research and science is a hoax.

        • Winchester model 1907 was sold through the Sears catalog as early as 1908. Semiautomatic with a detachable magazine.

  1. Used to be that if a married couple with minor children wanted to split up they stayed together until the youngest child left for college. Otherwise they would not be considered “respectable” in the community and they and their offspring would be stigmatized.

    • That was my thinkin’ as well. The thugs in the “gang” become the father figures and role models. A certain recipe for failure and disaster. And none of the politicians will recognize and address this.

      • Those surrogate gang daddies didn’t have real fathers either. So its just one justice involved individual lacking an emotionally and physically present cis gender male identifying genetic material donor (as we are legally required to say in San Francisco now) leading similarly deficient individuals down the path of inevitable “justice involvement”.

        • Yeah, I heard about that. In this “newspeak”, how are we supposed to say “fuck you”, now. Inquiring minds want to know!

        • (Go fuck yourself?) would be esiest, “please kindly remove yourself from my presence and attempt to engage in the act of coital relations with your own person..

          (Fuck you?) “May I suggest that….. Fuck it there is no way to effectively tell a prson to fuck off or fuck you other than just saying it”….

      • Have you seen how some of these thugs mothers act? Here’s the dirty little secret. These young men learn plenty from their mothers as well.

  2. It says only one of seven young male mass shooters since 2005 had a father in childhood, not one out of the whole list of 27.

    • I saw that. I also haven’t found anything to suggest the Sutherland Springs shooter was raised without his father in the home. Same thing with the Pulse Nightclub shooter. Same with the Aurora Theater shooter.

    • It seems as though the article was truncated without fully fleshing out the argument.

      There are two competing claims here. One is Mr. Boch’s that “…in 26 of the 27 of the worst recent incidents…”.

      The other is a claim that CNN is making about the worst 27 shootings in US history. That’s somewhat confusing.

      Breaking it down:

      The author (John Boch) asserts that 26 of the 27 worst recent shootings in the United States came from broken homes with no father.

      In support of that he quotes Suzanne Venker. Venker claims that CNN has compiled a list of the 27 deadliest mass shootings over the period of US history and Venker claims that if we take that list and create a sub-set which is those shootings since 2005 which make the top 27 then 6/7ths were the result of young males with no father present in the home. That would seem to fit the definition of “recent”.

      That’s a statement Mr. Boch is using to support his claim that a full 26 of the 27 over the history of mass shootings in the United States were committed by young males with absent fathers. Mr. Boch cites an author who, in turn, cites another author.

      Now, does that make Mr. Boch’s claim true? I don’t know because he doesn’t offer further supporting evidence for the 26 of 27 claim past this “recent” subset, nor does he operationally define “recent”. However, the citation does seem to show that if Venker did her homework and CNN did theirs, then out of the 27 most deadly shootings, and out of the subset of seven of them have that occurred since 2005, 85.7% of the shooters were young men without fathers present in their lives, which would seem to be a piece of evidence strongly supporting Mr. Boch’s claim.

      That said, the cited statement doesn’t fully support Mr. Boch’s claim of 26/27 recent shooters. Instead it is related to a subset of the the overall list that CNN compiled covering the history of the United States, and limiting that list to “recently” which would seam to be about 14 years in this case.

      So, while it may not fully support Mr. Boch’s overall claims it in no way contradicts or undermines them. It’s simply a cited claim that covers six out of seven of the 27 shootings that are the both “worst” and “recent” and does so by citing a subset of 2005-present out of the top 27 shooting in a much longer time frame.

      It would seem that the next logical step is to discuss the other 20 “recent” mass shootings that are the “worst” (having operationally defined those words for the context). It’s entirely possible that given the constraints of “recent” and “worst” that Mr. Boch is entirely correct but we don’t know because the article just kind of leaves us hanging for some reason.

      • *claim that a full 26 of the 27 over the history of mass shootings.

        should read as “claim that a full 26 of the 27 over the recent history of mass shootings…

        my derp.

        • If just one more of the 27 shooters had a biological father in childhood then it would make the statement untrue. After checking out the list for a couple of minutes I see that Dylan Klebold also had his biological father in his life throughout his childhood so it’s more than one of 27. Idk why the writer needs to exaggerate the facts. You lose credibility that way.

        • I would tend to agree.

          However, I would point out that the argument should be taken in the context of the antis who are arguing that mass shootings are getting more deadly and more frequent in recent years. They also don’t operationally define “recent” or “more deadly” (or much of anything else). They do this to provide wiggle/weasel room in what they say.

          However, they generally argue this in the context of “recent” and they tie this to the time “after the sunset of Clinton the AWB” because they seek to reinstate the AWB and “more and deadlier mass shootings” is a talking point they use to advance the argument for a reinstatement of the AWB.

          That would mean that the start of the “recent” time-frame is 2004. Therefore, if they’re going to place the AWB time-frame as a constraint on the argument, which they do by bringing up and AWB/the old AWB, then it makes sense to argue “recent” starts 2004-2005 which means that Columbine is outside the “recent” era since it took place in 1998 when the AWB was in effect and therefore cannot be affected by the AWB’s sunset. Ergo Klebold’s family status is not an issue under debate and is therefore not germane to the discussion.

          A huge problem here is that if you actually want a rational conversation about this the TL;DR crowd, which is large on both sides of the issue, can’t handle it. Just setting the framework and rules for the debate and defining the terms exceeds the attention span of those folks. Especially in a written format.

      • This is the best comment on an article I’ve read in a long time. Those on the right regularly argue mass media bias, but tend to turn a blind eye when conservative articles are produced using the same tactics. Distorting facts and figures to create a false narrative is the downfall of our society. Read all articles with suspicion. Look for clearly ambiguous wording or claims of research where none of the data is identified. So either do the legwork and find the facts yourself or deem the article as not credible. Unfortunately the language in this article is not credible without citation of which 27 incidents were surveyed. “Statistics don’t lie, statisticians do.”

        • Hear! Hear! Thanks strych9 and MACB for intelligent nuanced conversation. The ability to understand nuance and the attention span needed to gather relevant credible information to make informed positions are so sorely lacking in this day and age.

  3. Dear commies. Quit treating boys as defective girls. Also, give men automatic custody of their sons. Problem solved.

    • There are sperm donors who shouldn’t have custody of anything more than a pet rock. Without denying the beneficial influence of a good father, their sons are better off without them.

      • I think they are better off than with anybody stupid enough to sleep with said “sperm donors” It’s a demonstrable fact. Women can’t raise men.

        • +1,000. I don’t always agree with you but I certainly agree with you on this point. Men need raised by a mother AND A FATHER! (I hate when people use all CAPS, but I feel strongly about this. LOL)

  4. “Your princes are rebels and companions of thieves. Everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts. They do not bring justice to the fatherless, and the widow’s cause does not come to them.”

  5. I thought the Dayton shooter had a father present. But clearly there were problems at home, since the sister was trans.

    • Not all of them. Divorces are initiated by the wife between 70% and 80% of the time. The divorce and child custody proceedings are generally stacked against men and have been for a long time.

      I know a guy who’s wife decided to leave him recently. Her lawyers aren’t just trying to get a percentage of his actual income for his ex-wife. They’re trying to get a percentage of how much they believe he SHOULD be making because she doesn’t think his current job is paying him his full earning potential. He has to pay the increased number regardless of how much he’s actually making.

      End rant.

      P.S. – Don’t marry the wrong woman.

      • The divorce process assumes the man is the problem.

        The states, like California, who isolate the men are seeing a spike in child abuse. Hmmm…

        Kids are being taught be be afraid. This week I cut a path to a nature trail from my backyard. I let the path overgrow as it kept out racoons (but not bunnies). My daughters asked me to open it and helped me. The women (grandma, ex, neighbors) all listed off the dangers. My mom (one grandma) listened. Kids need risk and other Dad influence.

  6. We as a society are coming apart at the seems. We have no affordable health care for people who are physically ill or mentally sick. This is because we have the most corrupt industrialized country on the planet. Our Lobbying system turns politicians into paid prostitutes of the super rich. Our gerrymandering system and an electoral college make a laughable joke out of any semblance of a real democracy, and thank the founding father swamp rat criminals for that one.

    Our lack of high paying jobs has forced women into the workforce which simply means children come home after school to an empty house devoid of adult supervision.

    The struggle to pay bills with the average minimum wage part time shit jobs that have replaced all the big paying jobs in years past in the auto and steel industries have placed so much stress on family life that more than half of all marriages fail which again deeply affects the lives of the children.

    Blind greed in government is destroying the U.S. citizens both mentally and physically just as it did 2,500 years ago during the Roman Empire. As a result of all this violence with firearms is tearing the nation apart and the guns get all the blame. They are not the cause of mass murder but a manifestation of societies complete societal break down. The high paying jobs will never come back and to stem the extreme violence the gun ban laws are becoming inevitable because its the cheap way out to control the proletariat troglodyte worker slaves who have no rights and are dying like dogs in the street due to a lack of health care and affordable life saving drugs.

      • Ransom says:
        And yet people from all over the world are fighting and dying to get here.———–quote

        Don’t make me fucking laugh. I have been to Europe even some of the poorer Eastern European countries. I have asked people if they wanted to come here and the majority told me that they were not fools they would not live here if you paid them to come. Of course the most vocal were the richer Western European Countries that had THE MOST SOCIALISM. They have us pegged correctly, we are all lunatics living in a lunatic and corrupt country and our government could not care less about the welfare of its own people.

        • Interesting…. you do all this traveling… yet you are in fear of being “mowed down by a machine gun.” Your own words.
          You claim to own more guns than the rest of us do, yet you do nothing but spout anti gun drivel.
          My bet is they are all airsoft and the only travel you do is surfing the web in mommy’s basement.
          I’ve been to Europe many times, and I hear way more people who want to come to the US than those that dont. They hate what Europe has turned into.
          Dont believe everything you see on Top Gear.

        • No other country on the planet acknowledges more rights for the citizens. We take something as simple as freedom of speech for granted, though they’re working on taking that away.

        • No you fucking have not. People literally come from all over the world to the US on VISA’s all the time. Russians, Tai’s, Africans, Chinese, etc etc…

          I have been many more places than just your broad definition of “Europe”. And some of those places, people are killing just to get smuggled into America.

          Is our nation perfect? Don’t be naive. No government is. Are their inequalities? Everywhere, as with the rest of the world. People here just tend to dwell on the past instead of moving forward. A black president and a woman ran for it too… which means that any equality issues should be non existent unless you make them exist, because those two historically oppressed peoples just ran for the most powerful position in the world, and one, won. Billions of “minorities” from across the globe hold positions of wealth and power in America. The world is not fair, and nothing is given to you for free. You want something, earn it, take it. People from ghetto’s and slums all across the globe do it, all the time. So what’s your excuse? What is bitching and complaining about not being taken care of going to do for you? Take care of your fucking self.

        • See transparency international’s corruption index. We are good. Some are better.

          One policy doesn’t make corruption.

      • One reason they choose us over other decent countries is we have the most generous immigration system in the world. They may have also heard about all of the subsidies and preference our government gives immigrants over natural born citizens in government employment, government contracts, and entrepreneurship.

    • Clearly, socialists are becoming more and more of a problem. They maintain a permanent welfare subsidized stock of vote slaves. Time to deal with the socialist problem in a more aggressive manner.

      • Here’s something the socialists should get behind. Only let in people likely to make well above average income and never need any social services. That way, the immigrants can take care of the people screaming for government assistance.

        • Just backwards. Above average people do not need socialists to make all their decisions for them, will not vote for Democrats. They need poor and stupid people, to vote for them time and time again even though their promises are never kept.

    • Oh look the resident retard is back. I think it’s been fully proven that arguing facts and logic with both vlad and pg2 are pointless as they’re both blatant retards. So I’m just gonna hurl childish insults and abuse at them because that’s all they deserve. If I get banned then oh well it’s gonna be a fun ride.

      • Hank, you’re the definition of a loser. If you’re not being reimbursed to post here with the intent of making gun owners look really, really bad, you’re a much bigger idiot than you appear to be.

      • Hank,

        Don’t feed the trolls. Pg2 is like the chimp you see at the zoo, hanging his hand through the bars in the hope of getting a Scooby Snak from you.

        Every once in a while he gets mad and starts flinging his crap.

        • Yes, chimp. Add that to the list.


          The hope is that you eventually won’t be able to tell anyone apart here, thinking the entire TTAG gang is actually one single master troll, and your mind will snap as you fall back in your chair.

    • First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you. I tried to do my best, it was not good enough. The boy never could tell the difference between fantasy and reality and he was always a drama queen prone to hyperbole. He never was very good at spelling either. I even failed at teaching him the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy. He would just sit there with his eyes glazed over and his hands shoved down his pants. I don’t think he ever heard a word I said.

    • Bullshit. Nobody except illegals and bored retirees are working for minimum wage. I know 3 people from Germany. 2 are trying to find a way out to come here. Both young women.

      The 3rd is an older woman that lived here in CA for years. She finally declared she was tired of this capitalist country and went home to Germany. 18 months later shes back. She can’t make as good a living in Germany as she can here and she claims Germany is abandoning socialism in favor of capitalism.

      The Swedes I know that came here said that basically no matter how hard you work and try you cannot get ahead there. Both realized home ownership shortly after moving here. Something that was out of their reach in Sweden.

      The US is the most advanced and civilized nation on earth. And we have waves of immigrants to prove it. Above and beyond the illegals.

      • NPR did a program on a music graduate at one of our universities and she could not even get a job full time waiting on tables. She became head of the music department at a brand new university in China which would have taken her a lifetime to achieve in the U.S. She bought and paid for a brand new apartment in only one year, an impossibility even if you are a head of a music department here in Capitalvania. She often hitch hicks to work because the crime rate is so low she does not fear to do it but admits if she did that in the U.S. she would be raped and murdered in only a few days. Yeah JW tell us all what a utopia it is here in the U.S. of Hey.

        • The boy will swallow any tall tale you feed him, and then embellish it and repeat it ad nauseum. His mother set the example there.

        • Vlad, that’s because here in America we let the people aka society, decide what her value in her chosen profession is worth. China the government gets to decide even if the people don’t value the young ladies services. I am perfectly OK letting society decide the value of ones contributions and let it be compensated accordingly. In the great words of Ty Webb aka Chevy Chase “The world needs ditch diggers, too.”

        • China. Where the .gov murders dissidents. Slave labor is a thing. That China? One crazy bitch that is self hating like vlad is vlads idea of a compelling argument?

          Sorry vlad. But you can’t just claim we have a depression era economy and it is so. It ain’t.

        • So, should we believe that this musical prodigy can pay off her apartment in a year, but can’t afford to drive to work?
          Giving us China as an example to follow, now really…

          I know dozens of immigrants from Europe. They mostly work for themselves, many employ others in their businesses. Majority of them owns a house, which they often bought after as little as five years in the country. That’s unimaginable in their old homeland.

          I also speak to some that for some reason returned to Europe. Homesickness is not fun. They have longer vacations, more paid holidays, socialized healthcare and they still say the life was better in the US.

          This is still the land of opportunity and (despite leftist’s best efforts) freedom.

        • VLAD REALLY?…..NPR did a program on a music graduate at one of our universities and she could not even get a job full time waiting on tables…..
          First of all I am shocked that a MUSIC GRAD? could not even get a job waiting tables, ALL of the major symphony orchestras in the U.S. have a waiting list and the turnover rate is not exceedingly high, and you can blame not being able to get a job waiting tables on one or more of three things either she really sucked as a waitress, she lived in one of those fucked up liberal cities that put 60% of all resturaunts out business with a $15.00 minimum wage OR all those jobs were taken by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS… As far as the job in China? Good for her, I hope it’s in a real school and not one located in one of those “ghost” cities that China has built to keep workers busy… And yes teaching in China can be very lucrative $75,000 to 200K U.S. annually, however she might be surprised by a particular U.N. study.. Chinese society, stubbornly patriarchal, and its governing party, obsessed with stability, have both been unable to acknowledge the epidemic of violence against women that flourishes within the country. A U.N. survey found that fully one in five male respondents admitted to having committed rape. Two percent admitted they had participated in a gang rape; 44 percent of men said they had engaged in physical violence against an intimate partner. The Chinese government covers up a lot of stuff and rape and murder are a SMALL part of the big picture… With a current male population of 730,000,000 146,000,000 ADMIT to actual rape and a group of men larger than the entire U.S. population ADMITS to physical violence against an intimate partner.. Sorry Vlad but China is just NOT the Utopian paradise that you would have us believe…

        • On the other hand, China is probably pretty short on females these days, after basically murdering a couple generations worth. Hope she enjoys life.

      • I might add I have seen interviews with Americans now living and working in Europe who said “Fuck the U.S.” I have a more relaxed work atmosphere , everyone is not cracking a whip over my head and threatening to fire me because I had to take a shit in the john more than once a week. I have longer vacation time and way more social benefits. I get a year and a half off to raise a new child (both spouses together) They interviewed one American ex pat female in France that says she now considers herself French and with all the social benefits she will never go back to the U.S. Another interview as done with and American Couple in Sweden that said when they saw the shocking difference in life style in Sweden they decided not to leave when their American Company was going to rotate them home. They also said they did it for their children’s future as education was more affordable and the country far safer to live in without all the gun violence.

        • Then go to your beloved Europe and stay there fagget. Have fun when it all becomes an Islamic republic and then gets nuked by Russia.

        • The boy was always harping about Sweden being superior to the USA. Sweden, one of the whitest, blondest countries on the planet.

        • No vlad. Europe is circling the drain. Socialism is a total failure. When that house of cards collapses, and it will, it will happen fast. Socialism is a national suicide pact.

          I don’t expect an under educated, low iq type like yourself to understand. But it will happen within the next 10 years, if not sooner.

        • Hey Vlad, what is your opinion on Greece’s financial crisis where the socialist welfare state went broke?

          A welfare state system needs people to pay TAXES to fund the welfare programs. In Greece dodging tax was a national pastime. People very reluctantly payed 1 Euro in taxes while expecting 3 Euros in benefits. The EU bankers, mostly in Germany, got sick of their workers paying for the Greek’s lifestyle and early retirement and refused the Greeks more money. So the economy collapsed.

        • THERE YOU GO AGAIN VLAD: and with all the social benefits….. Yeah FREE stuff, hell why don’t all those free stuff assholes move to Europe.
          Oh yeah about SWEDEN: and the country far safer to live in without all the gun violence…. Yeah about that…. January was a particularly violent month in Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in Stockholm by a hand grenade lying in the street. A Dutch exchange student was hit by a stray bullet during an execution-style killing at a pizza restaurant in Uppsala. In Gothenburg, a hand grenade was thrown into a flat and exploded in the kitchen — the same predominantly immigrant-populated suburb where an eight-year-old British boy was killed in a grenade attack less than two years ago. In Malmö, a grenade was tossed at a police station and exploded outside. So it has not, so far, been a very happy new year. That’s one that I hope stays in SWEDEN.. Sweden also ranked 10th out of 170 countries in gun related violence…

        • Vlad, there is nothing stopping you from starting a business and giving your workers all of these benefits. So get to it and show us all how it is done.

    • “We as a society are coming apart at the seems.”

      You’re right, ‘vlad’.

      And one political party has declared victory in the culture wars, and that’s the various Leftist flavors of ‘Progressivism’.

      It’s high time, ‘vlad’, you little Leftists take ownership of the mess you have made with America. Starting with telling women they don’t need a father in their houshold to raise their sons into responsible men, the vast majority of mass shooters are males from a fatherless household. All thanks to you, ‘vlad’…

      • An old joke from the Soviet Union.

        A teacher is addressing the class:

        “Who is your mother?”, asks the teacher. The class replies “Mother Russia!”. “Who is your father?”, asks the teacher. “Comrade Stalin!”, replies the class. “What do you want to be?”, asks the teacher. “An orphan”, says the class.

    • Vlad, where does your morality come from?
      Our republic is not evil, the greedy, corrupt men who run it are.
      “Our republic is for a moral people”
      If you want to make America great again
      Stop glorifying single Parenthood
      Stop glorifying abortion
      Stop glorifying lawlessness.
      Bring God back to the core of American values, only then will things change.
      ……..but alas they will not…..
      “We fight not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of wickedness and evil in high places”

      Ephesians 6:12

      • quote——————-Bring God back to the core of American values, only then will things change.—————quote——

        Its often religious people that teach their children hate and intolerance while blaspheming their own religion. The more fanatical the more they blaspheme. Their children are taught that people of other races and religions are evil infidels out to destroy their own religion and replace their culture with something else. I have seen children taught more respect for other nationalities and religions in homes of agnostics and atheists.

        So no religion is not going to stop mass shootings or stop all the hate and in many cases religious fanatics are the cause of it all.

        • The boy is still angry with the priest who tried to teach him the meaning of true love. The good father spent endless hours explaining his sermons but, that was not what the boy was after.

        • “Their children are taught that people of other races and religions are evil infidels out to destroy their own religion and replace their culture with something else.”

          Vlad, I don’t know what kind of people you’re hanging around, but I’m a middle aged Christian, and I have never personally witnessed this in my life. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but you’re acting like this is the norm rather than a tiny percentage. Honestly, this sounds like a prejudiced view.

        • The atheists have quite a murderous record in the 20th and 21ts centuries. Private religion not government has done far more good for the human race. The atheist went out of their way to destroy people of faith. The atheist have always been “holocaust deniers”.
          And I’m not just talking about the death of jewish people.

        • I would be very wary of any priest who wanted to teach a boy the meaning of love. It seems many of them are rather confused about just what love is.

        • Might want to be cautious about the reliance on religion to minimize violence. I’m betting ISIS, et al, are regular church attendees, and it makes them even more likely to kill, rape, maim, etc.

    • “We as a society are coming apart at the seems.”

      It seems that you don’t know the difference between “seems” and “seams”.

      This is seemingly trivial, I know, but when your opening sentence contains such an error how can you expect to be taken remotely seriously?

      • “…and limiting that list to “recently” which would seam to be about 14 years in this case.”
        -Strych9, August 22, 2019 at 21:01
        Physician heal thyself!
        PS: Sorry Strych, I enjoy reading your posts, but I couldn’t resist!

    • Oh VLAD Vlad Vlad: There you go again…”Our gerrymandering system and an electoral college make a laughable joke out of any semblance of a real democracy,”…………………………… And this would probably be true in a REAL DEMOCRACY.. I hear this “Our DEMOCRACY” from the mouths of alleged Journalists and ignorant politicians from both sides so often that it is no wonder that an impressionable individual like yourself could easily fall into that trap, however (yes it’s time for THAT speech) you apparently need a refresher course in American Government so here goes..
      Democracy is defined as – government by the people; especially : RULE OF THE MAJORITY.
      A Constitutional Republic is a state where the officials are elected as representatives of the people, and MUST GOVERN according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over citizens.
      A Constitutional Republic is the current form of government in the United States, which the founding fathers DID NOT intend to be a democracy.
      The Electoral College was created for two reasons. The first purpose was to create a buffer between the population and the selection of a President. The second as part of the structure of the government that gave extra power to the smaller states. The first part was deemed necessary to prevent a would be tyrant from manipulating public opinion and come to power. Probably not as important today as the second part.
      Part two: In a TRUE Democracy Hillary would have been elected by a little more than three million votes, (the same number she won California by) and would have been put in office by the two most populous states (being New York and California) leaving the majority of smaller states with no voice in the process… (by the way Colorados attempt to CHANGE the electoral college rules was just struck down by the courts as “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”)
      The gerrymandering process you are so vehemently opposed to is a process of drawing up voting DISTRICTS and is an ongoing process that can be manipulated to lean left OR right as determined by the party in power in each state at any given time..
      I realize that silly shit like American History and Government are not taught with that same emphasis today as it was when I went to school so it is understandable that those less inclined to search out the FACTS for themselves would fall into line with those who would see our form of government undermined with the hopes of replacing it with some bastardized form of Democracy or the failed tenets of Socialism or Communism which has NEVER been successfully implemented in the HISTORY of the world… So if you will just do one thing (repeat three times WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY) at least three times a day you will eventually realize as everyone else already does that the majority of your bullshit rants are just uninformed, illogical and rather childish….. But, there is perhaps still hope for you or maybe not, anyway keep up the good work of showing just how uneducated and misinformed the OTHER side really is….

    • So, maybe we have to take back our country with protectionism and isolationism, and make sure that all products we need in this country have a source inside the country – “Made in America”. This will cost more, but will get people working again.

      Vlad – your ideas about taking guns away will do nothing to solve that problem. We need to heal as a country.

    • “Our gerrymandering system and an electoral college make a laughable joke out of any semblance of a real democracy, and thank the founding father swamp rat criminals for that one.”

      NEWS FLASH: We’re not a democracy and we definitely should thank the founding fathers for that.

    • I read that we agree on many symptoms and some causes, but that your personal distaste for our national founding and taste for socialism leave an intelligent conversation almost non-existent.
      If govt creates the ills, how is more the remedy?

    • I love this forum and reading the comments from people like you. I wonder how many times a week you see a shrink or wish you had the money to do so. That comment really made me laugh. I loved it. I think in all seriousness though that you probably did not mean your comment as a joke but really believe it.

      • You gonna need a shrink after you get raped half to death by a big Muslim orderly in the shithole European wasteland you’ll be moving too.

        • Tell me do you tear the wings of flies for a hobby or impale living mice on a Popsicle stick in your spare time too???? Get real your Islamophobia would be hilarious if it were not so serious and you were not so ignorant and paranoid. We have six million American Muslims living here in the U.S. and my Muslim Post man had not raped me nor my Muslim Convenience Store owner, nor my Muslim Dentist nor my Muslim Nurse that took care of me at the hospital complete with hijab. I would have loved to see the look on your face if you would have been lying on a hospital bed and when the curtains were drawn and in walked a Muslim nurse wearing a hijab. A Right Wing fanatic like you would really deserve something like that. And if you would have refused to let her attend to you as I am sure you would I would have laughed my ass off if they told you “fine the next nurse will not be here until the next shift and we will send her to you if your still alive”. Hopefully you wouldn’t be. Ha, Ha.

        • Vlad: Did the guy who admitted he has a fear of being “mowed down by a machine gunner” just call someone else paranoid?

          Dude. Just leave. Do yourself a favor. Some people just don’t have the time to tell you anything other than to go fuck yourself in the meanest way possible… because you deserve it.

          Others have put up with your shit here long enough to point out your hypocrisies in the hopes you would cease your childish behavior and it’s clear to them within one comment section there is no such thing as reasoning with a fool like you. Even if someone agreed with half of what you said, you would find a way to turn them against you. You are an asshole. You are not smart. You are not liked. And most of all, you are not correct.

          Kindly, fuck off.

        • Hank, your insults revealed quite a bit about your internal thoughts. You call Vlad a fag, then create a fantasy about him being a victim of a Homosexual assault.

          You seem to focus your thoughts around Homo-erotic acts, it seems you often think about gay sex.


        • Hey Vlad’s dad,
          I see the boy not only fell far from the tree but he rolled down the fr’ckn hill into the river and was swept away. Never will fully recover from that little escapade.

      • You do not have any such muslim dentists nor nurses nor whatever. If you did you would not invite them to post here anyway because they would not want to be associated with such a dishonest and dishonorable person.

  7. I heard that the Virginia Tech gunman didn’t have much time with his father because he worried more about his business and spent most of his time working like the Columbine kids’ fathers did.

    Just because your father didn’t divorce your mother doesn’t mean they are in your life and are helping your mother raise you. There are fathers out there that work all day, come home late, immediately go to their room to rest and repeat that cycle 5 days a week.

  8. My guess is:
    26 out of 27 were on some form of prescription mind altering drug with psychotic/suicidal thoughts, listed on the official literature from the manufacturer, as a side effect?

    • Many were likely on it. It doesn’t mean it’s the cause. We could just take it at face value and it makes sense. They were trying to treat depression or anxiety. The pharma industry promotes a pill for whatever ails you. They tried to treat it with a pill and it didn’t work obviously.

  9. Well, the author points out a possible factor, particularly present in gangs and gang shootings, but at the same time overgeneralizes.
    The Sandy Hook shooter was 20, he was autistic, and as is the case with some autistics, became increasingly violent the older he got. The Aurora, Co theater shooter was an adult onset paranoid schizophrenic who believed that the voices in his head would stop if he killed a bunch of people. I think Son of Sam had an eerily similar obsession. The Navy Yard shooter had an undiagnosed mental condition and was also hallucinating. I don’t know what the circumstances were for the Texas Springs massacre, but as an abusive husband, it would be reasonable to suspect that he was abused, more than likely by a father who also abused his mother. (Abusers learn their behavior at home.) Gifford’s shooter was also schizophrenic, and as I recall, lived with his father. The Santa Barbara shooter was a spoiled rich kid with serious emotional issues that his parents, although divorced, had been trying unsuccessfully to handle with professional help for many years. He was an “incel”(involuntarily celibate) and struck out at women because of his inability to get dates or form close relationships.He also appeared to have suffered a sociopathic personality disorder. The Riverside husband and wife were just plain terrorists, as was apparently the Orland night club killer.

    • Son of Sam (David Berkowitz) was indicted for eight shooting incidents. He confessed to all of them, and initially CLAIMED to have been obeying the orders of a demon manifested in the form of a dog named “Harvey” which belonged to his neighbor “Sam”. Despite his explanation, Berkowitz was found mentally competent to stand trial. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was incarcerated in state prison. He subsequently admitted that the dog-and-devil story was a hoax.

  10. And so what?!? Anyone paying attention knew all that. A strong nuclear family with a good dad who loves mom is ideal. A religious center(JESUS) is a giant plus. Get rid of “gun-free” zones,armup,hardenup and manup. Most of these lowlife lunatics are known from an early age. I can’t change the whole world but I can protect my loved ones! PS…my son’s aged 24 and 26 who live with me are extremely well behaved and neither has ever been in trouble-EVER. They both got awards in school for ” behavior”. It seems most of the other kid’s were disrespectful scum…”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”!

    • Yet people have no problem blaming the missing fathers, especially when talking about young black men. Somehow their mothers are just victims too. Fathers are important. Families are important. But you don’t have to have a father present in order to properly raise a child. Too often, the attack on missing dads is just a way to cover for incompetent mothers, and really it’s just another attack on men.

      Having an involved dad at home means a greater chance for successful children. It isn’t necessarily because of the dad as much as it’s a different type of mother that’s typically married. It’s like saying a school must have great teachers since there is such a high graduation rate and good test scores. I can tell you for a fact this is not true. It has more to do with involved parents than the teachers. Ask me how I know.

  11. This is so obvious, I called it yesterday without even checking the data. The people in charge aren’t in the business of actually solving problems. In order to do that, you would first have to make an honest, objective assessment of the problem. Part of the problem is the people in charge.

    “How many of these mass killers are supporting a family or have a good relationship with their parents? Nothing to live for, loose morals, they don’t value their own life, full of hate for others. Part of the problem, in my opinion, when you’re talking about the non-jihadi killers, is the breakdown of the family, no personal responsibility, and no religion or morals. They can’t admit this because democrats hate the family, personal responsibility and Christian and Jewish religion.”

  12. As someone who works at a school I always think it’s a shame more men don’t get into early education teaching.

    Women are the primary teachers and administrators in a lot of schools now, so a kid without a father, boy or girl, is getting a lot of female role models, but very few male role models.

    I have literally watched situations play out between female teaching staff and administrators in a clear situation where the answer was “He’s a boy, just tell him to knock it off. He doesn’t need to sit down and talk about how it made him feel.”

  13. Many years ago I saw a nature documentary about elephants on an African nature reserve, where they foolishly culled the herd – overpopulation issues – by killing off the mature bull elephants, leaving the younger male elephants with no male figures to learn from. And no, I am not kidding, and yes, this leads exactly where you might be guessing.

    The young males started running off in their own little groups and ganged up on and killed some other animals like I think a rhino and a few hippos and such. They started into “musk” years early and constantly tried to harass older larger females who seriously did not like that kind of attention even a little bit. But ultimately they started becoming a real threat to the tourist industry and THEN it became time to do something about it. So they went out and captured some mature bull elephants to add back into the herd, in the hopes they would set an example for the younger males, AND IT WORKED. I remember the _powerful_ display of an older bull when confronted by the young out of control males. He did the usual elephant threat displays, holding those huge ears out widely, a few mighty roars and such, and then he just walked around behind a huge full grown tree and proceeded to smash it down in the direction of the younger elephants, just as an example of the sheer raw power they were facing if they really wanted to fight. An awesome display.

    The younger males went out of “musk” forthwith and right away (male elephants leak a kind of liquid down there when in heat, so to speak, called musk) and generally proceeded to calm down quite a bit. Things eventually went back to normal as elephants are of course very socially oriented creatures, and as long as we don’t go screwing things up, like by killing off all the mature bull males, or driving off all the human fathers with insanely stupid welfare laws and rules designed to do exactly that, then things will tend to work themselves out fairly well as nature intended.

    I wish I could remember and locate that TV nature program, as I think of it every time I read about things like this. Hopefully somebody out there will remember that program as well and maybe even find and point it out…. Young male elephants running out of control due to no mature males being around to teach them. Imagine that.

    • The young male elephants weren’t tamed, and reverted to their nature. Young men are the same way. You know what helps to tame them? A good woman, and having kids depending on them. When you realize you’re a role model, and you have children depending on you, it completely changes the way you think about life.

      There’s a bunch of talk about the black youth being fatherless, and it’s just a cycle. Well who’s raising these young black men, and why don’t these mothers teach them not to leave their own children? It’s so much easier with a dad at home, but in my opinion, it’s time to be honest about the real problem with this cycle. The mothers are just as much to blame, if not MORE to blame for this cycle.

    • I have seen White males who were making $60,000 plus and get welfare too by simply not marrying their girl friends who had as many as 6 kids. The welfare paid part of the bills , including medical for the kids as it should do if you really are destitute but these white criminals were gaming the system. The point I am trying to make is that there are more whites on welfare than minority people and majority of whites do work legally because they make so little they are legally entitled to welfare. So it is misleading when people say “he came from a home where the mother was on welfare and the father absent and that was one of his problems, rather in reality he just may have had the father there all of the time either legally or illegally if the father was gaming the system so on paper it looks as if he never saw a father.

    • Pa John,

      I am aware of that situation and your summary description is incredibly accurate. By the way the term for those young male elephants that were going around and needlessly killing other animals are “rogue elephants”.

      For anyone who wants more information, look it up. Rogue elephants.

      And I agree: the same concept applies to humans.

    • Pa John:
      What a great story. Points out that the exact same thing is happening now, but to human beings. Socially castrate all the males and turn them into orange-haired SJWs, and then watch as the young males proceed to have no idea how to live without sowing wanton destruction.
      Good luck finding that program. If you ever do, please post a link so I can watch it too.

  14. Uhh, El Paso-father in the house
    Dayton-father in the house
    Vegas guy-father in the house
    Orlando disco shooter-father in the house

    So if we’re excluding all the ones where this is not true, then sure, but in fact, it’s a lie.

  15. The article is crap. It is cherry picking to reach a predetermined conclusion. Why limit it to only the worst of the worst in a given time frame? Likely because doing that would filter out examples that show the claim to be false.

    Such as Jared Lee Loughner, the Tucson shooter. He did not kill enough people to make the cherry-picked list but he also had a mother and father at home constantly. So leaving him out of the list makes the list work better.

    Stop searching for nonsense to keep your personal politics all nice and warm and fuzzy. Either study all of them without precnoceptions, or admit you are selling something.

    • Exactly. It almost has a fem-nazi tone to it. Blaming men for not being there for their kids.

      This might be true for millions of kids, but in a nation of hundreds of millions, that is less than 2% of the population.

      Hardly the problem. More of a focus for a narrative. Plus, since there are no actual statistics behind it, because their cannot be… then how would we really know? Are they only taking in divorced families? Families where a father neglects child support? Children born with no father on the birth certificate? Children forced out of their fathers lives by the courts?

      There are just too many variables all with their own variables. When it comes to family law, the statistics are VERY broad, and not always true either.

      I refuse to acknowledge an article that blames 27 murderers for not being raised “properly” by “both parents”. As a kid, my family did not know everything I did. They knew a lot, but every child has their own life, their own values, their own way of learning and interpreting things they see. They also learn to hide things from their parents. I did it, my parents did it… etc etc. Not all kids are the same, no matter how they are raised.

      • “It almost has a fem-nazi tone to it. Blaming men for not being there for their kids.” Pretty much this. The mothers are always the helpless victims, and men are always an easy target. The breakdown of the American family is real thing and a problem, but it isn’t just the fault of the father, and good mothers can successfully raise children without a father.

  16. it really hard for the Libertarians Liberals and the Left to admit they were wrong. They were wrong to say single motherhood is just a “lifestyle choice.” That’s the problem with the sexually liberated. They have never believed in personal responsibility. In fact they have encouraged irresponsible behavior.

    I remember reading in Reason Magazine several years ago where the opinion writer said men should be encouraged to abandon their wives and children to seek out their secret desires. The effect of a “broken family” was never addressed. And child support was never addressed or the loss of a father for the children. The sexually liberated have always supported family break ups.

    The love the welfare Industrial Complex.

    • Nonsense. The best thing my parents could have done for us would have been to divorce and for my mother to find someone better. As in not an alcoholic womanizer who always put himself first and his family last. Our father’s sons did alright in life in spite of his example, not because of him.

      I do not hate his memory, I only pity him for what he never knew he lost. A very sad life, all in all.

      • There is a big difference between encouraging divorce and not encouraging marriage counseling.
        Also husbands who have beaten their wives have sought out psychological counseling as well. And it has helped many who as a boy where themselves a victims of abuse. This is why I think taking guns away from an angry man is not always the answer.

        My parents divorce when I was 6 years old. He left to pursue his desires of dropping acid, smoking pot, snorting cocaine and having promiscuous sex. He started smoking pot with me when I was 11 years old.

        As a Libertarian you support adults smoking pot with children correct? Or snorting cocaine with them correct? It’s a harmless activity correct?

        I already know Libertarians, some of them, on TTAG have supported adult strangers masturbating in public, in front of other people’s children. Would you like a Link?

        • Chris, there is definitely activity here that pushes leftist, even Marxist agendas, while trying to disguise itself here as supporting the 2A.

        • Pg2
          Yes there are communists here. And they are easy to spot. They can’t help themselves and use certain words and phrases that make their mask fall off.

    • Cite the specific Reason article if you are going to make such absurd accusations. Every writer I have read there, even Shikha Dalmia, is consistently more rational and responsible than you.

      • “Cite the specific Reason article if you are going to make such absurd accusations.”
        I will research this just for you.
        1. In the meantime you can explain to me why Libertarians think drug use is a good thing? I have never read in Reason magazine where they say smoking pot is a stupid thing to do. Reason magazine said smoking pot had no effect on the murderer who shot Chris kyle. Since he smoked pot that morning before going to the range when he shot Kyle.

        2. Do you as a Libertarians believe that a pot smokers motor skills or reaction time are not affected?
        3. Do you as a Libertarian believe there is no negative psychological effect when smoking pot?

        “A fanatical Muslim sect in the mountains of Lebanon at the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the “Old Man of the Mountains” (which translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah), they had a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating themselves by eating hashish. Their reputation has spread in Western Europe 12c.-13c.”

        I have never read where they say you CAN’T get addicted to smoking marijuana. The writers at Rolling Stone magazine said cocaine was not addictive in the 1980’s.

        4. Also explain why Libertarians believe the US should have no national borders?

        5. Explain why a child rapist should be able to come and go as he pleases across the american border?

        6. Explain where a homeless person as a law abiding shotgun owner will store his or her weapon in a secure manner? Also who is paying for their “free shotgun”?

        “Brian Ellison, who is running against Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow, says homeless people are “constantly victims of violent crime” and providing them with firearms would provide a deterrent.”

        “Ellison, a Libertarian who is expected to be the party’s candidate in the November midterm election, said he had settled on pump-action shotguns for practicality purposes.”

        7. Explain why Libertarians don’t support the inspection or questioning of immigrants if they are infected with Gonorrhea, Syphilis, chlamydia, tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, etc, etc, etc…?

        8. And why do Libertarians support allowing infected people to freely travel to the USA? Especially with no prior arranged medical care upon arrival?

        I far as I have observed Libertarians have always supported the supersizing of government.

        “The Libertarian Case for the European Union”
        “EU break up would lead to more nationalism and protectionism”

        Do I need to talk about Libertarian VP candidate former Gov William Weld to you?

        • 1-3 Explain how it is anyone else’s business if a person self medicates unless that person harms someone else. Did the guy who killed Kyle drink coffee or Dr. Pepper before he went to the range? Did he drink a Red Bull?
          4. We need national borders. The rights and freedoms present at our founding only work for a population descended from the British Protestants who founded this nation.
          5. Child rapists should be hanged.
          6. Which other basic human rights do you wish to strip from the homeless. I doubt I store my weapons in a manner you approve of. Thank God, Kentucky lawmakers haven’t adopted your progressive, big government storage requirements.
          7. They all should be turned back at the border and citizens with those diseases should be placed in quarantine, including those with HIV. HIPPA laws should be overturned.
          8. The borders should have been closed in 1790. All immigration has been harmful to the liberties my ancestors left to their posterity.

          Government should be small. Civilian government employees should not be allowed to carry weapons. (Remember, civilians are all government employees not in the military. Cops are civilians.) All US troops should be brought back to the US and used to guard our borders. All aid to other nations, especially Israel, should be cut. All drug laws should be repealed. All gun laws should be repealed. Driving must be considered a basic human right under the 9th Amendment. All zoning laws must be repealed. All occupational license laws must be repealed. That Libertarian enough for you?

        • chris mallory
          1-3 So you don’t support the 1st amendment right for a person to say “you are a stupid fool taking drugs.” You don’t support the free speech right to be judgemental do you?

          4. We do agree the nation should have national borders. Good. You’re not totally insane. However since you want only white english protestants coming here. I hope you have the honesty and integrity to give up using electricity. And all other modern inventions that came from Europeans. Radio host Michael Savage has an entire list of white non english men, and the things they invented.

          “Dads Against the Divorce Industry”
          white male inventions

          5. I agree
          6. Please give your advice to the homeless who are also part of the TTAG family. How do they secure their long guns?
          As a libertarian you didn’t answer my question. Who is paying for these “free shotguns”?
          I would suggest the homeless get a handgun. They are easier to sleep with (hide) than a shotgun. Unless they get a Judge revolver shotgun handgun. Or a SW Governor.

          7. “HIPPA laws should be overturned.”
          So as a Libertarian you really don’t believe in privacy? For me, American citizens have a right to privacy.
          Non citizens have no right to lie about their health status in order to enter the USA. They need to “spill their guts” and tell the truth on every question in order to visit the greatest nation on earth. And we have the right to refuse entry by anyone. For any reason.

          8. I agree. Immigrant Homoseuxals like Andrew Sullivan, an englishman, is virulent anti-gun civil rights. He never should have been allowed to even visit this country. He never should have been allowed to become a citizen. Come down keyboard commandos. I have already said Milo is welcome here. Milo Yiannopoulos supports all of the Bill of Rights. Most gay people don’t. We can talk about gay gun grabbers if you wish.

          As far as I can tell Libertarians do not support private property rights. Yes, they make a big deal about the Kelo Court case.
          But they have no problem when a property own has their private property (a website) or (a youtube channel) stolen by another private company.
          Also they have no problem when “real” property is invaded by illegals crossing the border onto a ranchers private land. And they are uncomfortable when these same ranchers patrol their own land carrying AR-15s. And stop these home invaders.

          If Libertarians will come out and support neighborhood patrols by law abiding open carry citizens. I might consider changing my view of them. I’m referring to the US Army Ranger firefight against drug dealers that occured in Tacoma washington over 20 year ago.


          Is it ok to call the police on “a strange white man” who you don’t recognize as a resident of a minority neighborhood???

          “Rock legend Bob Dylan was treated like a complete unknown by police in a New Jersey shore community when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighborhood.”

          “A 24-year-old police officer apparently was unaware of who Dylan is and asked him for identification, Long Branch business administrator Howard Woolley said Friday.”

          “The incident began at 5 p.m. when a resident said a man was wandering around a low-income, predominantly minority neighborhood several blocks from the oceanfront looking at houses.”

          I have no problem If whites call the police on a person of any race, they don’t recognize who is just walking around. Single white folks visit black neighborhoods all the time.
          I wonder why????

    • “it really hard for the Libertarians Liberals and the Left to admit they were wrong. They were wrong to say single motherhood is just a “lifestyle choice.” That’s the problem with the sexually liberated. They have never believed in personal responsibility. In fact they have encouraged irresponsible behavior.”

      A typical post from a hillbilly. Now, Jethro, read this post and get up against the wall with the other right-wing nuts.

      We are all outlaws in the eyes of Amerikkka. In order to survive
      We steal, cheat, lie, forge, f__k, hide, and deal
      We are obscene, lawless, hideous, dirty, violent and young.

      All your private property is target for your enemy and your enemy is we.

      We are forces of chaos and anarchy. Everything they say we are, we are.
      And we are very proud of ourselves.

      We must begin here and now. A new continent of earth and fire.
      Tear down the wall!!!

      This is what you Jethro’s are facing in 2021. Have a nice day.

      • I briefly considered making an effort to help the boy differentiate between his fantasies and reality. Then I realized I could tell him it was OK to play hopscotch on the interstate, during rush hour traffic. All he had to do was pretend he was superboy. To this day, I do not understand why that did not work.

  17. “(name intentionally not used)”

    The communist censors would love you. Have you figured out that if the name is not widely known, it makes it very easy for misinformation to spread and things to go down the memory hole?

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. But, by all means, double down on that stupidity. There is no end to the virtue signalling useful idiots these days.

  18. “research confirmed an astonishingly consistent statistic about serial killers: 100 percent had been abused as children, either with violence, neglect, or humiliation.”

    Gavin de Becker, in “The Gift of Fear”

    Note that’s 100% of ALL, not of the last couple dozen.

  19. If I recall correctly, the recent Dayton shooter’s father was present and accounted for. Is there a reason this is included in the “analysis”?

  20. Jeffrey Dahmer had a father in his life. It didn’t stop him from being a cannibal.

    Sometimes an @$$h0le is just an @$$h0le.

  21. I would bet that ALL of the mass shooting shooters have one single thing missing and unfortunately in common with one another that is a more modern , 20th – 21st century commonality .
    The single greatest thing that not only permits the behavior that is mass murder , but also perpetuates it .
    An absolute un-belief in HELL

  22. Good job Chris T in Kentucky.
    Again .
    I may not agree COMPLETELY with everything , but overall , I’ve got your back sir.

  23. Oh , I almost forgot .
    The Vlad’s got some more much needed attention here today , ……………………………….everyone take a second and give ” The Vlad’s ” a big round of applause.
    Yea ,
    They needed that .

  24. Fatherless homes were a product of the Johnson Administration’s Welfare to Mothers with kids. A primary qualification was that there had to be an absence of a father figure in the home. Good-bye Father; Hello Baby Daddy. This is also one of the 45 point plan to over throw America without firing a shot…….Break down the traditional family unit. We are reaping in North St. Louis and many other neighborhoods in America what was sown in the mid 60s. Another leg of the break down the family unit is the pussification of American males via the aberration of values Rainbow queer gear movement. Just stand in a crowd at a mall and watch the pussy young “men” today. ….hate guns and have no clue whether they are a she, he, or an it. They would never be able to defend America as the young men of WWII did. Throw in the drugging of our youth, by prescription and street drugs, and you have major ingredients for mass murder and over throw of America.


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