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Mark, a software engineer from Atlanta, learned how to code.  So he’s set in life, unlike all these mainstream media people getting laid off from their jobs Americans don’t need any longer.  After all, who reads a dead-tree newspaper or watches the CBS Evening News today?  (If you need a clue, just pay attention to who advertisers target during the Evening News these days…)

He sends his daily carry and we featured it here.  He left out all the extraneous stuff and focused on the basics.  Like a good Spartan.

Knife.  Check.  Microtech Ultratech.  Which must be a pretty stinkin’ good knife because a whole lot of folks carry them.  They are not cheap.  Not by a long shot.

Flashlight.  Check.  Olight I3E Eos.  Kind of the opposite of the Microtech auto knife.  This light is $9.95, with a modest output of 90 lumens and a twisty switch.

Gun.  Check.  S&W M&P 9mm Shield in OD green.  Or is that flat dark earth.  Either way, it ain’t black.

Then there’s the TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch.  It’s a lot more like the knife than the flashlight.

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  1. Spartan carry? You mean like a shield, bronze not S&W, spear and a leather diaper. And Fab-u-lous abs.

    • I want to see more bronze plated firearms and armor in the world. Nothing says tactical like that Bronze Age flair.

    • Yeah, not sure why the “Spartan” title… maybe he carries it around in his hand like the spartans did with their spears? Maybe John just wants to see him naked and carrying? (spartans “trained” in the nude)

      haha… Sorry…

      • If it’s lower case, spartan means simple and uncomplicated.
        If it’s spelled with a capital S, Spartan, refers to bronze shields and leather diapers.

  2. The Ultratechs are nice knives. Pricey, especially due to that blade material (M390 stainless).

    They rarely need to be sharpened. They retain a very close to razor edge through long term use.

    I wonder which blade design he picked. The UltraTech has some interesting blades, standard seems to be their D/E but they have a few. The D/E makes sense as one of the more popular designs given the ultra’s usual intended use but for EDC other blades make sense as well depending on end user desire/application.

  3. No spare mag. Maybe that’s why people buy a sub-compact then add an extended magazine. It makes my head hurt. No experience with the light, or the knife, so I’ll reserve judgment. Tag? Overrated. Movement built out of shop. Not my opinion. My 90 year old dad’s opinion. He’s been a watchmaker for a little while. Of course, he has the same opinion of my Submariner. He said I should have bought an AWC. Anyway, EDC. Eh.

      • Ed, I think my dad was speaking of the Swiss movements. I’ll ask him when I visit him in TMH tomorrow. He’s not going to be with us much longer. Anyway, if you’re into timepieces he’s quite the legend around here. Recently gave me two stainless Hamilton pocket watches with 24 hour dials. WWII. Something to do with bomberders. Wanted me to pass them on to two friends that collect WWII. Trust me. My dad forgot more about time pieces any ten men know. If you’re interested his entire shop is going to be for sale. Material and tools. Remember, Bill Wilson was a watchmaker before he became a self taught gunsmith.

    • “Tag? Overrated. Movement built out of shop. Not my opinion. My 90 year old dad’s opinion. He’s been a watchmaker for a little while.”

      A solid case can be made for out-sourcing your watch movements. The main one being, when all you make are movements, you tend to get good at making them. The Japanese have a similar philosophy in manufacturing, they call it “Stick to your knitting.” Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades in a highly competitive industry means quality will inevitably suffer, compared to the companies that focus narrowly on a product.

      Having been in-and-out of the pawnshop biz over the past 25 years, I’ve been exposed to a fair number of supposedly-good watches like Rolex, they really don’t impress me a whole lot where it counts (for me, anyways), the accuracy of their time-keeping. Fully-mechanical movements (especially in ‘skeletonized’ or glass-back models) are neat to look at and watch work, but they suck in time lost or gained over time.

      The case build quality on a Tag is decent, and would be acceptable to me as an EDC watch if it had a quartz movement, which is pretty much the bottom of their watch line anyways. I don’t really get the point of someone who puts a mega-buck watch on their wrist and puts up with shitty time-keeping. It’s a fucking tool, for cripe’s sake…

      • There’s a reason they say “Jack of all trades, master of NONE.” Most people forget to mention the last part. It does mean something.

        • The original advise was to be a Jack of all trades and a master of one. I think it is still good advise.

      • The downside to mechanical watch accuracy is mitigated by the fact that you can check NIST atomic clock time on your cellphone anytime if you need precision. Most of us don’t really need watches for time keeping anymore, which may be why mechanicals are more popular than ever. Now we can enjoy the wonderfully anachronistic fine mechanical movements without fretting over seconds lost or gained. It’s about style and carrying on a tradition , I suppose.

        Mechanicals tie us to generations past and the men of action who wore them to war, and to the far reaches of the earth, and even to space. Quartz has its place, but it never has the same soul. Also, for the prepper-minded, mechanicals have no batteries to replace and they won’t hiccup if an EMP goes off.

    • That’s why when I got my g43, I got a +1 extension. Added no extra length but at least gave me one more round. Plus, it was the first gun I ever “modded”. Now, with the p365… you just don’t need a g43 or a shield, lol. But I agree… the whole reason for the subcompact is that the slimmer, smaller grip and barrel make it easier to conceal. Adding a +3 makes it the same length as a G19 or M&P, etc etc.. I wear pretty thin shirts regular tee’s (Next level CVC’s) when I am not wearing button downs, which makes it impossible to conceal my M2.0 3.6″, but the g43 is G2G. If I added any bigger of a mag extension, it would print.

  4. Knowing code… I thought learning to speak/read German was hard… until I started that shit. I started school for that stuff after Uncle Sam has his way with me, before I realized I was learning disabled and CNC milling/programming was more my style 😉

    Seriously, I took a certificate style course and knew within the first month it was not for me. I still remember some stuff but kudos to anyone who can make it a career. Mostly I just asked everyone in class and the teacher to show me how to remain anonymous online lol. Also, not an easy task.

    As for the EDC… I sure would like to know what holster and where its carried. And I agree about the mag extensions…. just not worth it. I’d rather carry 3 extra mags…. or invest in a p365 and only “need” one extra mag 😉 (I am going to beat that dead horse until I own a p365… c’mon tax returns)

    • I carry the 2.0 Shield in 9mm with the flush mag. The 8 rounder is a backup mag.

      Backup as in there is an issue with the mag in the gun, not because I think I will ever need more than the 7 rounds in the first mag.

      After all FBI data tells that something like 98% of self defense shootings are over in 3 rounds or less….and most of those shots miss, but the perp runs.

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