NRA New York Lawsuit Attack
Courtesy National Rifle Association
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Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works and NRA member, said his only reaction is that it was completely unsurprising the state of New York would start such an investigation. He added this is the NRA’s own fault — not for allowing alleged fraud or abuse, but for being incorporated in such a notoriously anti-gun state that would undoubtedly treat the group unfairly.

“That’s dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life, and I had no idea. I assumed that the NRA actually had their documentation out of Virginia,” he said. But other than moving the organization to a pro-gun state like Texas or Georgia, Cargill’s only advice was to get it sorted out before the November election.

“They need to work through whatever this problem is, get it fixed, and get on target and get on message, because if we don’t, you know, this election season, you know we’re gonna get our clock cleaned,” he warned.

Other NRA members believe James’s lawsuit has nothing to do with the NRA, but is part of a broader scheme by Democrats to nationalize state and local elections. Mike Cox, political legislative director of the Texas State Rifle Association, a state affiliate of the NRA, told The Federalist most of his organization’s members are focused on marksmanship and competitions, not politics. According to Cox, many are unaware of the threats to their local politics from outside groups like the Mike Bloomberg-funded, anti-gun group Moms Demand Action.

“This is no accident that [James] filed that lawsuit less than 85 days until the election,” Cox said, decrying the amount of out-of-state money and strategy being poured into Texas House elections. “[Our members] are not political. They’re shocked when we tell them, ‘Do you realize we got more risk coming our way right now than we did when Santa Ana was coming up here to take our guns in 1836?’”

– Madeline Osburn in NY Attorney General’s Lawsuit Scares These NRA Members Much More Than NRA Spending

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  1. The NRA leadership created tremendous risk exposure through corruption and malfeasance, and now blames its enemies for exploiting that risk?

    Wayne and team knew what they were doing. They understood the exposure they were creating. They were working against us, not for us. They were delusional if they thought they would get away with it. This is more that financial corruption; it is corruption of the soul.

    • The NRA dirty laundry is now a given and the consensus is to start over so patience is a virtue. However the forum’s perpetual crybabies continue to lend aide and comfort to Gun Control Zealots by seeing which one can bad mouth the NRA the worst as if the NRA consists of a handful of people. All the drama reminds me of the crybabies who are fixated on Tweets instead of being focused on the absolute filth of the democRat Party.

      It is election time so my suggestion for crybabies is to cease lending aide and comfort to the enemy with their competitive snot nosed rhetoric and focus on defeating the enemy or there will be something to really cry about.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • And how would you get around the media that consists of nothing but propagandists for the Democratic Party? Yes he tweets some stupid stuff, but if it tweaks the left so much better.

        • Do you really get a rise out of impersonating other commentators? I don’t think the original possum has posted here for some time. You aren’t that all hail idiot, are you? Please stop

        • yuck…I told you once already…You can tell a lot about what’s in a man’s pants by what’s in his head. In your case you need to attach a magnifying glass to your zipper.

      • I have no intention in lending aide to the enemy, But I sure as hell am not going to stand in their way while they carry out the trash. You make me think of the “mostly good” cops that cover and lie for the “mostly bad” cops because they don’t want the department to look bad. The more you deny there is a problem the bigger the problem gets. That is how we ended up where we are now. Get rid of them, and you won’t have to cover for them anymore.

      • @Debbie W: Patience is a virtue and ignorance is bliss. Which is fine if you are stupid and don’t mind waiting around. The leadership #sarc opened the gates for the Anti 2A horde to invade the compound with their Own mismanagement and corruption. The glitter of all things shiny and gold along with a lust for Power and Prestige. Became more Alluring than the pursuit of the Cause of the 2nd Amendment. They filled the hallways with acolytes who were willing to sell out the people in order to grovel at the feet of the powerful in order to get a chance at the scraps that fell from the feast table. If the NRA is to survive No one can say. In it’s current form Death and possible Rebirth is Preferable to the cancer it has know become. This from a Life Member of over 4 decades. Who has seen the best and the worst of an Organization that for all it’s flaws was once the pride of the 2A. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • darkman et al…Ignorance is indeed bliss and the majority of your reply is indeed ignorant. You and the rest of the crybabies have spewed your rhetoric not once but over and over like spoiled brats. You can pack up and go join and donate to a crybaby approved and assumed to be puritan gun rights org. Continuing with the circle jerk drama accomplishes nothing other than Gun Control Zealots laughing at NRA fair weather crybabies jumping ship. There goes another one…Splish splash watch those dumb gun talkers hold hands and sink. I can speak for the enemy because unlike you and the crybabies I’ve been in the belly of the beast and cut my way out.

          Unfortunately your NRA qualifiers did not impress me. I am a Voting NRA Lifer Member and I have made more donations and spent more time fighting for Gun Rights than everyone of the freeloading crybabies on this forum combined. I know what Gun Rights would be like had there been no NRA around to stand in the way of those who would dig up the clinton/biden ’94 crime bill and put it on steroids.

          Do you see me crying over my donations and my disappointment in a handful of people? No you do not. All you see is good advice for undeserving nitwits who are too damned ignorant to take it…Includes you.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • I always find it a little shocking how unaware many gun owners are…and don’t truly appreciate the level of threat presented against them…guess they just don’t like to get political…when that’s exactly what’s required….

      • Debbie W,

        I specifically cited the NRA leadership, not the general membership. The fact is, the general membership has been shut-out of decision-making for a very long time. The corruption-of-soul is with the leadership.

        We are NOT giving aid and comfort to the gun-control crowd by loudly decrying the failures at the NRA. Most of us doing so have shifted our dollars and support to more effective organizations. Since we have NO voice within the NRA to effect material changes, we can only withhold our dollars, register our complaints, and move to groups that are wisely using the donated funds to defend and advance gun rights.

        • AbsoFNlutely. Our local and state organizations have done more to reestablish 2A Rights in my state in the last several years than the NRA did in the last 40.

      • Discussions relative to the present state of the NRA should be more about constructive criticism involving ways to overcome the current problems including, but not limited to, rebuilding. The present leadership including members of the board should either step down or be retired. Presently, none seem to have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and step down for the sake of the organization, the latter will most likely be necessary.
        However, the name calling and descriptive adjectives used in reference to the leadership is non productive. The sins of those responsible have been exposed for all to see. The job at hand is to get on with reconstruction following a mass exit of the present leadership and board.
        Easy, no the transition will not be easy and many of the actions will be met with untold criticism, but if nothing is done, other than so much rhetoric, then reconstruction will not even begin and the voice of the NRA may just be permanently silenced.

        • Hush:
          “Presently, none seem to have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and step down for the sake of the organization, the latter will most likely be necessary.”

          Are you kidding? WLP must have brass balls to sit there on his “throne” after being exposed for what he is and having everything come crashing down around his shoulders. The absolute stupidity being exhibited by NRA management just amazes me. AND, the NRA’s continued use of WLP’s image in the American Rifleman to beg for MORE MONEY takes the cake for total lack of salesmanship. The bottom line is this: As members of NRA, you and I have nothing to say about what goes on at NRA and can’t fix a damn thing.

    • “They were delusional if they thought they would get away with it.”

      They ALWAYS think they’ll get away with it. Like I’ve said before, this will make a nice American Greed episode someday.

      • ….and they have been getting away with it for some time now…largely because they think we’re a stupid, naive bunch….sad that it took the left to reveal this….

      • Complete Disapproval: My comment on 8/23 @ 15:50 is not in conflict with your critique of my comments. Simply put “intestinal fortitude” is synonymous with “guts”, “backbone” or “grit” as an Englishman would say.

    • Ya reckon all the bad things about the NRA tht is being said by dems, is likely more dem slandererous lies and BS??

      After the last 4 yrs. of “Russia/Trump Collusion/Mueller Report/Quid Pro Quo/Impeachment and now the most corrupt dem political party of our 250+ yr history are yelling “NRA BAD”.

      Think about it.

      • Country Boy:

        Yeah. And the NRA management has played right into their corrupt hands.

  2. It always baffles me when I read the city names & states stamped on my guns: MD, IL, NY, NH, MA, CT… all anti-gun, leftist strongholds. My honest emotion is, frankly, shame. While I – for my whole life – have identified with the shooting culture in the southern and western US, I have nothing to do with these places out East. What I wouldn’t pay for a nice rifle stamped “New Braunfels, TX”, or “Proudly Made in Lander, WY”. I don’t carry a pistol, whip it out, and then tell my friends, “Check this baby out boys – the pride of Yonkers, NY!” It just sounds fishy! I’m more likely to say something dumb like, “Look – ‘made in Croatia – where they know a thing or two about fighting” to try to cover up my shame about its other reference to a state I’d otherwise avoid: Illinois . Any ideas? Why are these companies (and the NRA) still in these places?

    • Many of these states started out as bastions of liberty through freedom in Christ. But that irks Satan something fierce so he attacks these institutions such as gun companies and theological schools like Harvard until they are destroyed or converted to the opposite of what they originally were. By the time the gun companies figure it out it is difficult to pull up roots and move to a more free state.

      • I don’t think Satan gives two brimstones about gunms. He’s more into the LGBTQ fck a goat crowd

    • I have to have two AR-15s made by Ruger in Mayodan NC. My home state. Soon to own one made in SC by PSA too. Lived in SC a while too. Perhaps it’s time to change the gun brands you own ?

      FWIW I have wondered for 40 yrs why the gun manufacturing companies don’t move to Dixie.

  3. Most of the membership and the Board have ignored the NRA’s failings for many years. Now that the obvious avenues of attack by the organization’s enemies are looking too successful to ignore, what do they do? Why, they start making excuses for their failures to pay attention and take the internal corruption of the NRA seriously.

    Of course the enemies of the NRA are hitting it when the time seems best and at the weakest points. What else would you expect an attacker to do?

    What possible reason would corrupt leadership have to relocate the NRA’s charter out of NY to a Free State? Doing that would open the entire books to review. Would open up the rules and bylaws to re-write. The risk of discovery of their corruption and the loss of personal power has been too great.

    So, WLP and Pals ride the gravy train until the end of the line.

    • enuf…I hate to pee on you and your parade of BS but you are not the one to talk down to anyone. Your last vote for POTUS went to hilliary rotten clintoon. In numerous posts you have called Donald John Trump “excrement” which is somewhat ironic because your moniker begins with an “e” so back at you. With that said…Your self serving vote in Nov. will be channeled to the Gun Control Duo obiden/oharris.

      You continue to stand on your high horse and boast about your guns and ammo purchases all because you are a self-serving lowlife who has no gratitude for those who made those purchases possible by defeating hilliary clintoon and getting DJT elected POTUS.

      In a post yesterday you concocted a lame excuse for yourself for not becoming a NRA Life Member based on the excuse that you might not live long enough to benefit from it. Obviously the world revolves around your ungrateful self serving butt so never mind those pulling the wagon today, tomorrow and after you’re gone. In other words “e” You have no podium.

      • Trump just prolongs the misery, if Hillorally would have gotten elected We would have been forced to sht and got off the pot.

        • Trump is as much an enemy of gun owners and the Second Amendment as he is a life-long Democrat. He chose this current act of a “pretend conservative” as a path to fulfilling his big fat ego, which is the only concern of any importance to him. Were he to conclude that banning guns was in his interest, he’d be all over that like a fly on shit.

          Trump is without a moral code or sense of personal honor.

          The Never Trumpers saw him for what he is. His time soiling the Oval Office has proven them right. His suggestions to disrupt voting, to give himself a third term and other breaks with American law and tradition only reinforce the crystal clear conclusion.

          Trump is a Domestic Enemy. The most serious and greatest threat to American Constitutional Freedoms we have known since the War of Southern Aggression.

        • enuf:

          “(Trump) chose this current act of a “pretend conservative” as a path to fulfilling his big fat ego, which is the only concern of any importance to him.”

          So… Can you think of any other reason for getting into politics?

      • enuf
        Trump has problems but he is damn sure better than hitlery
        Debbie W.
        So how do you suggest the obvious problems at the NRA be fixed?

        • “Debbie W.
          So how do you suggest the obvious problems at the NRA be fixed?”

          That’s a legitimate question, Deborah.

          Just saying “I support the NRA, *period*, is not acceptable. That allows the head of the snake (WLP) to keep poisoning and destroying the NRA. He has to go.

          What should the next concrete steps be?

      • Your whole schtick just seems off. I find myself wondering if you’re female, for starters. And, I also wonder if you’re a paid shill.

        I have a small hint for you: if you show some degree of respect for people you are trying to convince, you’ll have a lot more chance of convincing people.

        As for me, I allowed my NRA membership to lapse about 40 years ago, and I’m not regretting it.

  4. Nope, I’m much more pissed at the corruption inside the NRA than I am at the persecution/prosecution by the various AGs’. Although politically motivated and timed, the charges being laid are justified. Crimes have been committed against the membership by the controlling officers and they should be prosecuted for those crimes. If there had been no illegal activity by the BoD and CEO EVP LaPierre there would be nothing for the enemy to attack us with. The fall/destruction of the NRA is self inflicted from the inside, Not outside.

    • Well said!

      My hope is that when this corrupt version of the NRA falls, as it is likely to fall, there will be enough honest men and women of financial means and leadership skill to create a new NRA. One not under the thumb of either the corrupt “leadership” of the WLP Error, and not under the thumb of an anti-gun political culture either. Such as the governing culture of the City and State of New York.

      I hope there are good people already making plans. To secure the assets, charter anew in a Free State, and provide an organizational system considerably less likely to be subverted by greedy, egotistical scum.

      When a new set of Founders make themselves known there will be great numbers of former NRA members anxious to join up!

  5. Wayne loves NY, as does the Donald. It is perfect for them in every way but the party in control.

      • I was just noting that some people like New York. Even Republicans. It is great for people into luxury, being near celebrities, and wishing a multitude of ways (not as abundantly available in other places) to display one’s wealth and connections.

        • I recall the northern reaches, the Adirondacks. Beautiful country, lakes and streams and wildlife.

          NYC is a diseased spot in the state’s lower reaches. A natural breeding ground for parasites such as La Pierre and Trump.

        • “I was just noting that some people like New York.”

          Not so much, these days, Vic :

          “Slammed NYC Movers Turning Away Business As Residents Flee City”

          “While the moving industry is fractured among numerous small business owners, and official statistics are tough to come by, one thing is clear: From professionals who are downsizing following a job loss, to students moving back in with their parents, to families fleeing the city for the suburbs, New Yorkers are changing their addresses in droves.”

  6. Of course the New York AG’s assault on the NRA is about more than greed and mismanagement. Stevie Wonder can see that! The catch is if there were no greed and mismanagement, she would have no case.
    With that being said, a gun rights organization that didn’t have the common sense to incorporate in a gun friendly state is very telling. As much as I think the NRA should be burned down from the inside and a proper organization built on its ashes, the AG of a gun friendly state wouldn’t be bring this suite right before an election. I have no pity for them, and I hope Wayne goes to jail.

  7. The reason she is asking for dissolution of NRA is because NRA is the real target. She hasn’t filed charges against the Wayne cabal because if they were gone then NRA would be stronger and more effective. Of course this is politically motivated which is why the charter should have been moved to some place other than a slave state like NY.

    • What’s stopping them from starting the process now?

      Perhaps they have zero intentions to leave and are just dragging it out as long as they can?

  8. The NRA claims to have spent $30M on the 2016 Presidential election. WLP and compatriots are accused of defrauding the NRA of $60M. In other words, they stole away at least two election cycles. Who is the enemy?

  9. “He added this is the NRA’s own fault — not for allowing alleged fraud or abuse”

    Now that’s dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.

  10. Prosecute any wrong doing and those involved, but to try and take down the NRA is wrong against the law, and against Our Constitution so if this corrupt thing tries to shut it down thenSue Sue Sue her, and the state, if you go by her way of thinking then the whole government in Ny needs shut down permanently

  11. Three things for sure:
    1) Politically motivated prosecution to take the NRA out before the ELECTION.
    2) The NY attorney general doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the NRA membership. She’s not doing this to help restore the members’ confidence in the NRA.
    3) Everything alleged in probably TRUE.

    NRA Patriot Life Member

  12. Maybe if all those millions of dollars in dues went it to several gun orgs instead of one big outfit with corrupt leaders we’d have better results. For one, Heller might actually be enforced through lawsuits when they ignore it and for another we’d have more representation in places the NRA wrote off, like NJ and CA.

    Seriously, when was the last big victory that could be attributed to the NRA?

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