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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, third from left, eats lunch alongside "Judge Judy" Sheindlin, second from left, at Hays County BBQ in San Marcos, Texas, on Jan. 11, 2020. Sheindlin has endorsed Bloomberg and is joining him on a bus tour of Texas. They are joined at lunch by David Peterson, left, former San Marcos Mayor John Thomaides, across table, Rose Brooks, second from right, and Michelle Burlison, right. (AP Photo/Kathleen Ronayne)
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Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is continuing what appears to be an attempted “leveraged buyout” of the Second Amendment as Everytown for Gun Safety—the group he co-founded and bankrolled—has pledged to spend $8 million in Texas; just part of the $60 million that group has vowed to spend in order to elect anti-rights politicians this fall.

That’s the observation from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg, seeking to buy his way into the White House by running for president as a Democrat, has weaponized his vast wealth to buy an election. But CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb is reminding Bloomberg that the U.S. Constitution is not for sale.

“Michael Bloomberg is spending a fortune on his Johnny-come-lately presidential campaign,” Gottlieb said, “but the one prize he really seems to want—a chance to turn America into his kingdom—will prove to be beyond even his financial reach. He’s tried to tell us what to eat, he’s tried to tell us how much soda we can drink and he has been unrelenting in his crusade to erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights.

“But Bloomberg can’t buy American liberty,” he continued, “because Americans aren’t willing to sell. He has amassed great wealth, but that doesn’t give him the right to say nobody else has any rights. And we’re certain that the more Bloomberg talks and the more he spends, the more people will realize this man should not be trusted with the future of the United States.

“The Everytown Action Fund pledge to spend ‘at least’ $60 million to elect gun prohibitionists to public office at all levels should alarm, if not terrify, every American voter,” Gottlieb added. “This is the United States of America, not the United Kingdom of Bloomberg, and we should be wary of anybody willing to spend so much money in an effort to put people in office at all levels of government who are politically indebted to a single wealthy demagogue.

“If Mike Bloomberg thinks he sees a pricetag on America,” Gottlieb concluded, “he shouldn’t run for election, he should run to the nearest doctor for an eye exam, because he’s seeing something that isn’t there.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. Can’t wait to see them try an assault weapon ban in the Lone Star state. Invading a small country would be easier.

      • Outside screening people for the photo shoots, media talks and keeping true patriots from enjoying a good meal.

        If anyone lives in San Marcos (lol… yea right), they should avoid eating at a place who allowed a tyrant to buy them out for a day.

      • My FB feed has been flooded with bloomie ads. Very few people in Texas don’t already have an opinion on this issue. The real threat is the Californian refugees….

        ATTENTION. all Cali refugees. You are welcome to move here. Your failed liberal ideas are NOT ALLOWED TO CROSS THE BORDER.

        • I actually had the cops called on me when I was plinking in my property the other day! Even though there’s a small hill between my pasture and the road, it seems the recent transplants from the fruitcake state were triggered by some of my “bursts”.
          Had a good time laughing with the cops about it though.

        • I actually had the cops called on me one time when I was plinking in my property! That’s a first. Even though there’s a small hill between my pasture and the road, it seems that a recent fruitcake state refugee was triggered by my “outbursts”.
          Had a good laugh about it with the responder though.

        • Ummm, hey Phil, you might want to have your handlers adjust your algorithm, you’re making identical posts with the slight variation code but it’s not really working very well.

          The Internet research agency should really use a more sophisticated algorithm, one that varies syntax as well as vocabulary would be much more believable.

          It is interesting seeing a spambot posting about cop interactions with target shooters, I wonder what the propagandists want us to think?

        • Did Miner just call someone a spambot for a double post? lol… the irony.

          Fuck off loser. Quit calling the cops on Phil.

      • He will just try to buy anyone he can. He takes pride in what he did to Virginia. Surely his example of what he wants for the entire USA. Even if he can’t win he will send $$$$$$ all over to have his puppets and control all he can from behind the scenes. He’s very frightening

      • “The results of the University of North Florida/First Coast News poll, which came from interviews with 725 Florida voters between February 16 and 18, were published Wednesday, according to First Coast News. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.6 percent.
        Among other questions, pollsters asked respondents whom they would vote for if the general election were that day and they had to decide between Trump and one of the Democratic candidates.
        The poll revealed that businessman and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg would fare best against Trump in the Sunshine State if he was the Democratic nominee and the election was on the day the poll was taken. Fifty percent of all respondents said they would vote for Bloomberg, while 44 percent would support Trump’s re-election and 6 percent were undecided.”

        • 😂 hey look someone who thinks polls will win them the election again 🤣

          Hillary has a “10 point lead” going into election night.

          “The only question is how much hillary will win by, will it be a landslide or a blowout?”

          Yeah please repeat this shit again.

        • Keep dreaming dude. There won’t be a dem in office for at least another 12 years. And even then you are looking at the start of a war.

          Hey, maybe you’ll be 21 by then…

  2. “because Americans aren’t willing to sell.”

    I call BS on this. Plenty are willing to sell as long as they’re profiting from it, which is Bloomberg’s model for success. He’s buying loyalty left and right. It will be hilarious if he’s the dim nominee, and they have to be okay with a plutocracy.

    • Dude,

      I came to say the same thing. Hordes of people give up their rights (most of which they never valued anyhow) in exchange for the promise of “free” stuff.

      Notice how I said, “… in exchange for the promise …” because governments quite often never deliver all of their promises.

      Also, notice how I put the word “free” in double quotation marks because nothing is ever truly free — someone always pays for it. The people who receive the “free” stuff don’t really care about that, though.

    • Every politician is for sale. New laws can be bought. The president/presidency has a price tag too. The constitution isn’t for sale because it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. America even “sales” children.

      Look to Mexico so see how easy it is to buy a government.

      Money makes the world go round. Right, LEOs?

      • Chief censor, You are here all day in every thread with unlimited time to comment constantly. There’s no way your a regular person. You get paid to do this on the regular. Hence, your a shill. Hell, if your not a shill… that’s probably sadder, because you clearly have nothing else to do.

    • Bloomberg is in the process of doing to the United States what the progressive billionaire’s club did to Washington state in the last couple of elections.

      With the application of enough money and influence, you can create an inception event for public opinion, and that’s what the progs did in WA state. They tilted the entire field of play in their direction. So many sources all repeating the same seductive messages…

      It’s akin to giving their position its own gravity; everything that isn’t firmly anchored (and most people aren’t) naturally ends up in the progressives’ orbit.

      When the “progressive” opinion becomes the unquestioned norm for enough people, then it doesn’t matter if you and I aren’t willing to sell our rights and liberties. Everyone else will sell for us, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    • Exactly true, many Americans will sell out to Bloomberg and folks like him. Take his security detail for example, all former LE and/or military guys. If, if they were true patriotic Americans who believed in the oath they took to uphold the Constitution they would and could not work for this piece of crap. They do not honor those oaths and are total sellouts.

  3. I’m really disappointed in Judge Judy getting involved with Bloomberg’s campaign,
    I know she doesn’t like gun’s or tattoos, or cleavage much, but she probably will lose a lot of fans over this . Soo sad , Too bad…

    • I’ve stopped watching her. Her support for Bloomturd seems to coincide with her adoption of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg hairstyle. To me, she’s now just another elitist who thinks us unwashed commoners should have our freedoms restricted.

    • I suspect most of the people that watch judge judy don’t care much about her politics outside of yelling at people for ratings.

    • Judy is one of those people that sees the same image whether they’re looking at the front or back side of the mirror….all brown and wrinkled

    • His ego and disconnection from real Americans will keep him out of the white house but his backup play is still brilliant tactics. Once he fails to get the nomination, he runs as an independent siphoning votes away from Bernie. He may hate Trump but his hate toward paying billions more in taxes is stronger. By spending hundreds of millions now and getting embarrassed in these debates in front of America he will effectively save himself billions of dollars. Seems like a reasonable play if the ruthless acquisition of wealth (and power) by any means necessary is what you consider success. A second Trump term is not ideal for a statist like Bloomberg but it beats the Bernie bros effectively nationalizing and redistributing a portion of his wealth for the social benefit of his fellow Americans. These ultra wealthy don’t amass vast fortunes without understanding positioning and strategy.
      Trump better keep his RGB replacement list up to date!

      • Holy shit someone who actually understands the house of cards we call government.

        +1 to you sir. These idiots could care less about the power, because their money buys them all the persuasion they need to influence powerful people. Kinda surprised Trump made it this far, but considering the alternative, not really…

        This house of cards is bought and paid for.

  4. No amount of money buys our 2nd Amendment because it stands for our freedom in this country. Be alert and vigilant, folks, and do not be deceived as socialists and communists will try to use their money to buy out our country.

    • All the way up until the zoomer generation you could “buy” 2A infringements by offering current owners “grandfathering.” It’s still possible to bargain with most gun owners.

      In Virginia, most gun owners believe they won and stopped gun control because they are delaying their vote on a bill. They’re completely ignoring that there are numerous other bills making their way through and getting very close to landing on the desk of the governor.

      It’s so easy to fool Republicans.

      • Michael Bloomberg is the David Duke of the Democrat Party. Especially since the Democrats put their David Duke on the stage platform the rest of their candidates. Something the Republicans never did.

        • Bloomberg is the Manchurian Candidate. He makes more money out China and Hong Kong than all the Trump businesses combined. No doubt the Chinese Communist Party has made it clear he has a good thing going and it would be a shame if something happened to it. If you’ve seen interviews of Bloomberg discussing China the amount of fawning and sycophanting from him about the party is gut wrenching.

        • to southern cross
          The communist government is sure concerned about the number of guns in the hands of regular Americans. I wonder why???

          “Chinese State Media: ‘Gun Ownership Out of Control in U.S.’”

          There was another group of asians or orientals who were very concerned about the number of guns “behind every blade of grass” in America. The Japanese and their leader admiral Yamamoto.

        • What do you see?

          Are you just mad because someone tells it like it is? Should I tell you that you’re the most attractive person in the world, that you’re the smartest person to have ever lived, that you’re so creative you could easily become a millionaire when you apply yourself, that you could be an astronaut or the president because you’re so amazing?

          It’s silly to throw out one liners accusing me of something that clearly isn’t represented in my posts. You’re angry about me telling you the truth and not telling you lies that will make you feel all warm inside. Maybe you should go listen to Trump read a speech (created by his writers) instead?

          Obama was a shit speaker, like Trump, until he got a few good writers. The Democrats think he was so smart and awesome once he learned to read prepared speeches off the teleprompter. Like Obama, Trump will read sweet nothings to you so you can continue sleeping.

          Who are the real shills? The people bought off reading scripts to you or the people talking about those liars?

      • Some think grandfathering is ok because it somehow omits them. But what will come when the item breaks and needs replacement. Or what will we leave to the future. This man has so much $$$$ he can buy enough people off to change the country. Virginia is his example.

      • Is it easier to fool republicans than it is democrats? lol. In my book, it’s pretty similar. It’s just sad that the dems have been manipulating minorities since they existed, and their entire goal is to disarm them so they can subjugate them. Even if you add up all the dumb shit the far right does, that one thing right there is why the dems will always be evil fucks. I don’t even believe in religion, but evil is a term I use for selfish, greedy, uncaring self centered fucks that you call leaders. You try so hard dude… but we all see through it. You have nothing to offer here. Your hate and rhetoric is no different than the other idiots here no matter how much you try. Regardless of you disagreements or why, you are exactly the same as them, just on the other side.

        Good game.

  5. Bloomberg might be advised that lots of Democrats here in Texas hunt, shoot and have CCW/LTC’s. 1/3 of the vehicles on the road here have a firearm in them, because you don’t need a carry permit to have a loaded firearm in your vehicle. Trying to take away Texas heritage and history will not work here.

    • Hes not trying to buy them. He’s looking for the facebook know-nothing crowd. He’s trying to reach the idiot vote. Its worked everywhere else.

      Trust me, Texas has them as well, and his plan is very good at turning those people out.

      • In Texas where I live, all we need is a socialist ( democrat ) governor and legislature, and the permission slips sold to the public to exercise a constitutional right will be null and void. This can happen. I hope it never happens but is possible. There was no support for constitutional carry from the governor or attorney general.

    • Polling and statistics show Texas is changing like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico… Why would Texas be a special case when Virginia and Florida are going down the drain?

      The only people I see saying Texas is very pro gun are old people who don’t associate with anyone outside of their little bubble/circle. When you point out the facts they say, “Well, that’s the cities. The rest of Texas is red.”

      Many years ago the cities were the future, now they are the present. The youth want to live in the city, they move there if they don’t. If it is too expensive, they move to a cheaper city. Old people live out in the middle of nowhere. In sparsely populated areas it’s very easy to turn it red. It’s nearly impossible to turn the city red. Cities are where the majority of the population lives, they’re only growing. This isn’t simply a U.S. thing, it happens in other countries too, like Japan and Korea.

      Republicans are saying Virginia isn’t anti gun, that Virginia is over 90% red. This is misinformation. Just because a map looks almost all red doesn’t mean the majority of the people in that state are red too. The majority of people live in a few areas and they’re predominately blue. The majority makes the rules, only the constitution/s would protect human rights, but enforcement is non existent. The cities, politicians and law enforcement are against liberty.

      The majority of Americans, and the majority of voters, are for gun control. That’s increasing due to the failures of the reds and the success of the blues. The only thing that is keeping the 2A propped up is the apprehension of Americans to give up the opportunity to ever buy a handgun. Once handguns are considered assault weapons, and are hidden from plain view, Americans will not care if the 2A is repealed officially.

      • No, the majority are not for gun control. That’s a standard socialist lie. Lots of folks are buying and own guns.

        And don’t bother trying that ‘its only a few old white guys buying guns’ bullshit. Come to any gun shop or range in CA. Your lie will be exposed.

        • Right.

          And Dianne Feinstein is a gun owner and permit holder too. I guess she isn’t for gun control either.

          NRA members say they are fine with background checks and the NFA. Those laws are gun control, but the older generations believe a ban on new full autos isn’t gun control nor is requiring permits and background checks. That’s how Democrats can claim 90% of Americans support gun control — they know background checks is gun control. You got so used to gun control you believe it isn’t an infringement and that you aren’t okay with gun control when you are fine with it enough not to argue against it.

          A total ban on certain types of gun isn’t the only thing that is considered gun control. Most Americans agree there should be background checks, there should be limitations on “assault weapons,” there should be permits to carry guns in public, that armor piercing rounds shouldn’t be made available to the public, that people shouldn’t be able to carry around a semi-auto rifle in public, etc.

        • @Chris T in KY

          He is my source as to certain gun owners loving gun control. He owned guns, he sold them, all while championing major infringements on the 2A.

          You are not going to lie about him, and other politicians, not being gun owners are you? Remember when Obama and Biden were about that skeet/sport shooting? Gang members are gun owners too, they would love for everyone to be disarmed.

          Hence why gun owners like yourself have to tack on “law abiding” before gun owners to differentiate. Heck, you could argue Dianne Feinstein, and the like, are also “law abiding gun owners.”

          As people are now starting to realize: pro 2A is different than pro gun.

        • to Chief Censor
          Diana “Frankenstein” said she got rid of her .38 revolver decades ago. I personally don’t believe her. But you think, like I do, that she is lying now and still has her gun???

          On TTAG we have talked at great length about gun owning hypocrites, who also support gun control. The have NEVER SUPPORTED the 2A. But the really do want THEIR guns. And the guns for THEIR bodyguards.

        • Yeah, but thats not what the meme on facebook told him…

          (That is 100% how these people find this site, and they stick around to troll it because their negative mentality is toxic)

    • Yes, the love of money is the root of all evil. Especially when you consider trumps billionaire cabinet. Wilbur Ross, Elaine Chao (McConnell’s billionaire wife) and Mnuchin are all billionaires who have profited from moving businesses overseas and selling off their assets in bankruptcy.

      If you want to see a politician actually in bed with the Chinese, look no further than Mitch McConnell, whose father-in-law owns billions in assets in Communist China.

      And now we learn the Trump organization is overcharging the secret service for guarding Trump during all those golfing outings. I seem to remember during the campaign Trump attacking Obama for golfing and promising that he would never be golfing, he would be too busy working in the White House.

      Meanwhile, in Florida:

      “The results of the University of North Florida/First Coast News poll, which came from interviews with 725 Florida voters between February 16 and 18, were published Wednesday, according to First Coast News. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.6 percent.
      Among other questions, pollsters asked respondents whom they would vote for if the general election were that day and they had to decide between Trump and one of the Democratic candidates.
      The poll revealed that businessman and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg would fare best against Trump in the Sunshine State if he was the Democratic nominee and the election was on the day the poll was taken. Fifty percent of all respondents said they would vote for Bloomberg, while 44 percent would support Trump’s re-election and 6 percent were undecided.”

      • go be poor somewhere else.

        p.s. enjoy your next 4, maybe 8, more years of trump and prosperity!

        p.s.s. your best bud mini mike did a great job at the debate the other night. well, at least he didnt fall off the box he was standing on. 🙂

  6. He wants to repeat the “Virginia Plan”, in texas.

    I hope you guys are more aware then Virginia was. They got rolled.

    • There was more than Bloomberg in that. They got 10 years of illegals and economic migrants being settled there. They got gerrymandered by a Berkeley communist. China poured a ton of money into get out the vote campaigns run by openly Maoist organizations for the illegals and economic migrants. And then Bloomberg bought all the democrats.

  7. Didn’t watch the debate last night. Couldn’t stomach it, but I understand Bloomers fell on his face. The Burn and the Native American ripped him a new asshole.

    • I only watched a little of the debate to as I couldn’t stomach the dumb ass Democrats and all their lies, etc., but what little I did see, you’re so right, the rest of the field really had it out for Bloomberg and tore his ass up ! I loved it !

    • The irony is that he didn’t get attacked for his hypocrisy of having armed guards around him 24\7 while he tells everyone else they would be stupid to have a gun… instead he got torn apart for the times he came closest to the truth about things.

      He’s being attacked by the left for things like calling a guy in a dress out as a guy in a dress.

  8. Pay attention and get out the vote people! I can tell you how effective they are when not enough of us fight back.

  9. Bloomberg’s done. He might as well cut his losses and go home. After last people will take his money but nobody is going to take him seriously.

  10. I didn’t watch the debate because I’d rather watch paint dry, but I did watch clips here and there and Bloomberg looked foolish. When Pocahontas ripped into him, watch is eyes, the rapid blinking showed how nervous and upset he was. I’d be surprised if he puts himself though another debate.
    You can glorify a rattle snake, make sweet caring videos about it, but it’s still a RATTLE SNAKE

    • Yea, you’re right. His ass did look a little nervous….especially when they brought out the way he paid off some women to keep their mouth’s shut about his “coming on” to them. That alone had to cost his ass many votes ! And, I’d also be surprised if his ass ever gets in another debate too !

    • Bloomberg doesn’t want to debate, he wants to talk at people. He’s used his wealth to avoid any ‘debate’ for decades.

  11. At the risk of being That Guy:
    A “leveraged buyout” is what happens when one company borrows money to buy another company. That is what the “leveraged” part means: that the purchase is made with borrowed money.
    In this case, it is just a wanna-be oligarch spending his own cash.

  12. Hi! I’m Mike Bloomberg and you’re stupid. Vote for me. Think you can remember to do that?

    ^Bloomberg’s campaign in a nutshell. People outside of La Ciudad de Nueva York don’t like that.

  13. The Democrats and gun banners love to preach that the NRA has so much political power because of all of its money paid to politicians. Maybe someone should make it a point that the NRA spent $30 million on the campaign to elect Trump, which is HALF of what Bloomberg/Everytown is planning on spending on anti-gun political campaigns this cycle, and a small fraction of what Bloomberg plans to spend ($600 million or more) to get elected president.

  14. This is not new. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left Tech billionaires spent big $$$ to get gun control passed in Washington State. And before them it was the Marijuana billionaires who supported gun control in Colorado. But they got pot legalized. So the voters didnt care.

    They all gladly traded guns, for legalized recreational in public marijuana intoxication.

    Only if enough the pot head three L’s move to Texas will things change there.
    The only things they really care about is butt sex, cheating on their taxes, and shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience.


    Seriously. You want to see the Democrats get routed in November, see the Republicans win swing districts and maybe even pick up enough seats that we can get rid of the RINO speaker of the house? Vote for Bernie in the primary.

    Nothing will drive Texas republicans to the polls like seeing a ***-damn communist at the top of the Democratic ticket. And nothing will keep Texas democrats away from the polls like seeing a damn Communist at the top of the ticket.

    If Bloomberg wins, or Buttigieg, or Sanders, or Biden, then Texas democrats will come out in force. If Bernie wins the nomination, they’ll stay home.

    The best thing Texans can do to preserve their gun rights is to make sure Bernie is the Democratic nominee. And the best way to do that is to do your part to see that he gets a massive amount of Texas delegates.

  16. What a cheap bastard, $8m to him is like a dollar to you and me. He paid $500m for the democratic debates last night and they roasted him like there’s no tomorrow. You’d think he’d pass more money around in a place like Texas, it is the biggest state in the country (if you don’t count Alaska, all the way up there..) and has the purchasing power of changing the laws in a significant part of the country.

  17. Hizzhonor Bloomie was all about Banning All The Things, and bought himself a third term to do more.

    He’s been buying legislatures, AGs, and more, to inflict his preferences on distant people will never meet, and does not understand. Ask a farmer.

    Now, he’s trying to buy the presidency — Why do I feel better about Gary Busey’s Commander Krill in Under Seige buying the presidency? or Gary Busey?

  18. Yes exactly! $8 million to him is like maybe $80 dollars to a regular person. He will fund and fund to get people in like he did in Virginia and many close call house seats. He’s kind of frightening as to how much $$$ he can toss their way and still not make a dent in his wealth.

    • Agreed, which is why we should be trying to get Bernie as many delegates as possible in these early states. Nothing will infuriate Bloomberg more than the idea that he either has to spend his money to get a socialist elected, which will backfire and cost him his precious gun control future and a fortune in new taxes, or that he doesn’t back Bernie and watches him go down in flames in November, which will cost him his precious gun control future.

  19. I’m surprised at the folks sitting at that table sucking up to Bloomberg. One in particular I know personally and I’m very disappointed with that person. We don’t need the likes of Mikey in San Marcos or Texas, his politics are toxic and unwelcome in Texas. Some of us prefer to hold onto our 2A rights.

  20. They all get paid very well or hope to be in his staff or employ. Who knows if all the supporters really support him. He’s paying people a big $150 to promote him on social media! Wonder how they came to that price point. I guess a survey of the little people to see how much may make someone do it. He’s a sick person.

  21. The following comes to mind regarding Bloomberg Bucks, and their effect.

    Those Bloomberg Bucks can and will buy a lot of television, radio and miscellaneous advertising time. That said, if Texans or the citizen residents of any other state or jurisdiction allow the loss of rights, via their non participation, that is to say they didn’t bother to vote, then they didn’t deserve the rights that their non participation might well have cost.

  22. Texas is gun country, the only anti-gun voters might be the California immigrants and even they should be looking over their shoulder if they do.

  23. Communist Bloomberg is illegally promoting his name, abusing the law and should be arrested.
    Anyone taking his money in exchange to vote for this idiot, is a traitor to America.

  24. Communist Bloomberg is illegally promoting his name, abusing the law and should be arrested.
    Anyone taking his money in exchange to vote for this idiot, is a traitor to America.

    • Wow, more anti-Bloomberg spambots!

      Two identical post under different user names, a failure of the Internet research agency algorithms.

      I guess the reports are right, the Russians are already hacking the election in favor of Trump.

  25. His grass roots movement is out to take away our Constitutional Rights. Tell him and his minions to go to some third world country. He says that he has a plan for our Country what he doesn’t tell you is that he will take all of your rights as he sees fit. MY FREEDOM isn’t for sale is your’s?

  26. Bloomberg needs to move to another country if he wants to become a President. The USA has their Commander and Chief as President Trump and the people of the USA don’t want Bloomberg as their President. Bloomberg take a hike and go somewhere in another country, maybe New Zealand and see if they want you as a President.

  27. So this elitist authoritarian wants to spend what is likely spent per day on actual firearms in our great state? Welcome to Thunderdome.


    Also, obligatory…Vlad go fuck yourself with a road cone.

  28. Bloomberg has history of excessive stop and frisk of his own people. His state wants to require 3 years of browsing history and social media for gun owners.

    Can you imagine the lengths this guy would go to see what you did online?
    Don’t let him (or Big Tech) see ANY of your browsing..use a virtual private browser.

  29. Keep debating little mike. America needs to see what you and your sicko democRat party are all about. What Filth.

  30. And I saw that he somehow made a clip of the debate appearing as if he did well. Asked about who started a business and no one replied. He will keep pushing forward with cash and ads it seems.

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