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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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By Theresa Inacker

“Two weeks to flatten the curve.” This ubiquitous phrase has turned out to be quite possibly, the biggest ongoing lie our government has ever told. Two weeks to flatten the curve has become 160+ days of government lockdown in the blue gun control state of New Jersey.

What does this all mean for firearm owners? Experienced gun owners and newbies alike would do well to pay attention.

This continuous lockdown has become the government’s biggest “tell.” We have seen how similar decisions will be made and enforced in the future. And the government has seen how easily people have complied, and how the courts have failed to intervene against government overreach. This ups the ante for gun owners.

Are gun owners ever to believe that the next gun control measure put into place will be the final one? Biden and Harris are calling for the mandatory “buyback” of AR-15’s and other “assault weapons.” Are we to believe that’s where it ends? Of course not. It will never end.

Some of us have always understood that gun control is incremental, starting with magazine capacity limits and “save storage” mandates, onward to the ultimate leftist goal of complete civilian disarmament. For those of you who didn’t quite subscribe to that before the Covid-19 lockdowns, what do you say now?

“The dangerous, slippery slope to total disarmament of the people, taking place right…

Posted by CNJFO on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

One thing the government’s response to the pandemic has proven, is that it cannot be trusted at its word.

Governments in gun control states like New Jersey have continued to keep the lockdown in which indoor restaurants are verboten, completely closed since March, despite the fact that deaths from Covid-19 have dropped to about two per day (10 deaths over five days).

When pressed for what basis is used to justify maintaining the lockdown, when asked for any scientific evidence, facts or reasoning, New Jersey Governor Murphy merely calls his subjects “knuckleheads” and tells them to move if they don’t like it.

This reminds me of the arbitrary numbers chosen for rounds that are “allowed” in magazines. New Jersey dropped the limit from a 15 to 10 rounds in 2018 with absolutely no evidence that the 11th through 15th rounds were contributing to or worsening crime in any way. But we know that a factual basis — or any evidence — isn’t necessary when a tyrant wants his will enforced.

How many rounds are too many? What evidence is there to support that 11th round represents the deadly turning point? Doesn’t the 11th child matter when gun-grabbers waive the bloody shirt after a mass murder?

This is what gun owners need to know.  If we do not elect politicians who support civilian gun ownership, we will be faced with a Hobson’s choice: give up our guns and become defenseless and less free, or become an outlaw who is prepared to defend that choice. Our votes have consequences. In turn, we will be faced with dire consequences ourselves.

Politicians have become emboldened by abusing executive powers, bypassing the legislative process using Covid as an excuse to achieve their political objectives. This threat is not limited to New Jersey. As a reward for his handling of the tyrannical lockdown — New Jersey has achieved the highest coronavirus death rate in the nation — Governor Murphy was asked to be co-chair of the Democrat National Convention. It seems they really like what he’s done.

This has set a dangerous precedent as far as the overreach of power is concerned. But it has also shown gun owners the trajectory. Choose wisely.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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  1. One thing the government’s response to the pandemic has proven, is that it cannot be trusted at its word.

    Allow me to correct and simplify that statement:

    One thing the government ’s response to the pandemic has proven, is that it cannot be trusted at its word.”

    • Darn tootin! Now, we have mask mandates. Back when this 1st started, Fauci said that we didn’t need to wear them, they only make you feel good about yourself, and they don’t really work. I’ve pointed this out to sheep who think it’s a good idea now and they say that Fauci only said that to prevent a run by citizens (aka government subjects) on PPE. So, they lied to us yet again instead of saying, “Let the medical professionals get the PPE 1st.”

      I’ve always severely mistrusted our government, but I’m way beyond that now.

    • Any tribal member could have told you that. The government has constantly broken their word when there was something to gain. Been happening for over a century with no end in sight for all tribal members.

    • Government can be trusted when it is outgunned, closely observed, and subject to suspicion by those it serves………but have a backup plan just in case.

    • NO Justification for further/longer Lockdown.

      FLATTEN THE CURVE has already happened. COVID-19 is VERY contagious, but NOT very deadly .

      Even by the complicit lying CDC numbers, the death rate has been declining EXPONENTIALLY even as new cases are diagnosed by testing.

      For MOST PEOPLE 9 (95%) the symptoms are no worse than the regular flu.

      • all very similar to what happened a hundred years ago…when those that were destined to die…did….despite the best efforts of medical science…so far, at least…little has changed..

      • This,
        I inform you that you are wrong.
        Half of those who test corona positive will have no symptoms at all!

      • Not necessarily….
        If that phrase is followed by “stop” or a similar word, then the answer just might be “Yes!”

        “Should the government stop spying on American citizens?”
        “Should the government eliminate all laws about guns?”
        “Should the government disband the ATF and tell all the agents to find honest work?”
        :Should the government not ask so many questions for the census?”

  2. John Roberts has already sided with the other 4 leftists at SCOTUS to say it is fine for states to dictate to churches how and if they have any services due to “interests of public safety” while liquor stores and marijuana shops stay open. So much for the First Amendment and surely it will follow that the Second Amendment can be torn to shreds also in the “interest of public safety” .

    • Is it any surprise that people will only apply the law if it is expedient to the results they want?

    • That doesn’t make it Constitutional,that particular Jackwad needs Impeaching / Replaced.

    • Have you noticed how the American flag burning always ramps up during election season? Which of the two political parties would want to incite hatred of your own country?

      • The flip side of that could be asked, “Which party is more likely to make you feel proud to be an American?”

        (This is where all the GOP haters jump in and yell and say “but…RINOs!”. Yes, you would be correct by stating that neither party is perfect, but please re-read my question and look at how I worded it.)

        • Or, better still: “Which party will be the best at guaranteeing our liberty and freedom”?

          • Neither — one party is good at protecting some of our freedom(s), the other is good at protecting other(s), but neither party is good at both.

            Of course the critical pieces, the First and Second Amendments, are definitely better protected by one than by the other!

        • “Which party will be the best at guaranteeing our liberty and freedom”?

          Neither of them, actually. The only thing that guarantees your freedom is your willingness to preserve it.

  3. Gun owners have been taught all the lessons they need when it comes to 2A restrictive politicians and laws. Unfortunately for many it has been like trying to teach a pig how to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. They have chosen Subjective Compliance. While there are those who actively work to support 2A friendly politicians and laws. The majority have taken the wait and see approach or the They aren’t after my type of firearms so I needn’t worry. For all these reasons and more. The 2nd Amendment has been allowed to slowly die the Death of a Thousand Cuts and in many states it is already Dead. Luckily for some of us and with Great effort. We have been able to beat back the onslaught of Anti 2A democrats in our states and maintain and in some cases return the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the citizenry. Make No mistake the battles will continue as the War has yet to be won. Unless those who have chosen to Submit along with those sitting on the sidelines. Join in the fight this may yet become a lost Cause or one that requires a Revolution. Keeping in mind the Revolution that started Our Nation down the rode to the Constitution and Bill of Rights began over a fight for control of musket,cannon,powder and shot. Along with a desire to be Free of Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry

    • Until tyrants, big and small, are removed from society the war on 2A rights or any others will never be over

  4. Government cannot be trusted. We knew that. What some of us didn’t know is that our fellow Americans cannot be trusted either. The cops aren’t beating up or shooting people for not wearing mask. They don’t have to. Our fellow Americans are doing the dirty work for them. When it comes time for gun confiscation, they will do the same. They will turn you in to the Gestapo in a heartbeat.

    “People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.”

    • A lot of truth to what you say. The amount of spineless fucking cowards and sheeple, around the world, is pitiful.

    • Reminds me of a story a Cuban told me of him turning in his Uncle for having a gunm during the revolution. He thought he did the right thing until the soldiers drug his Uncle in the street and shot him.

    • 1… It’s always great to hear from you Ralph!!!

      Folks… It’s a broken world full of broken people that are hell bent on breaking other people.

      Keep your powder dry fellow Patriots… Carry on and God Bless!!!

      • “…broken people that are hell bent on breaking other people”

        Nice turn of phrase — I gotta remember that one!

  5. “This is what gun owners need to know. If we do not elect politicians who support civilian gun ownership, we will be faced with a Hobson’s choice: give up our guns and become defenseless and less free, or become an outlaw who is prepared to defend that choice. Our votes have consequences. In turn, we will be faced with dire consequences ourselves.”

    Everybody needs to read, reread, understand, and share that paragraph.

    • But Orange Man Bad! He tweets! OMG THE TWEETS! Policies and outcomes don’t matter. Someone please just stop the tweets!!! Something something bump stocks. /s

      • ” He tweets! OMG THE TWEETS! ”

        Every time he tweets and whizzes off a leftard,it gives me a warm smile.

      • LOL! This whole comment is worthy! You win the internet today, my friend! The, “Something, something bumpstocks.” took you over the top!

    • For those unwilling to search out the phrase:A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may “take it or leave it”
      In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Thomas Hobson worked as a licensed carrier of passengers, letters, and parcels between Cambridge and London, England. He kept horses for this purpose and rented them to university students when he wasn’t using them. Of course, the students always wanted their favorite mounts, and consequently a few of Hobson’s horses became overworked. To correct the situation, Hobson began a strict rotation system, giving each customer the choice of taking the horse nearest the stable door or none at all. This rule became known as Hobson’s choice, and soon people were using that term to mean “no choice at all” in all kinds of situations.

  6. Where countries have done a good job the infection rates and deaths have been lowest. Complaining that they continue to press these successful methods, claiming there is something wrong because they have been successful, is idiotic.

    Of course the Hoplophobes will attempt to conflate their anti-gun fears and goals with the necessary steps to contain the virus. There is no such thing as an honest politician, and only rarely is there an honorable one. This need not be about guns or a pandemic, it is true of any crisis for all political ideologies. Attempts will be made to make use of a crisis for purposes having nothing to do with that crisis. Anyone who thinks their partisan faction is somehow immune from this basic flaw in human behavior is lying to themselves.

    The pandemic remains and shall continue for quite sometime. Original predictions have proven true, as have early fears come to pass. It is not seasonal, it is doing just fine in the summer heat. Unless and until we have a vaccine and the herd immunity that wide spread vaccination can provide, needless illness, suffering and death shall continue.

    The crisis does not vanish nor the truth of it be weakened merely because politicians of every stripe seek advantage from it.

    The 2020-2021 seasonal flu vaccines are now available. Wise action is to get vaccinated early, as early as you can. You do not want to be at increased risk of both illnesses at the same time. I’m looking right now at pharmacy chains for who is offering what. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club, various big food chain pharmacies too. Will pick one out today, get the shot.

    Then, come late October when my employer typically offers it free on-site, I’ll get it a second time. Provide good overlap thru the worst period of the annual flu.

    Hopefully the first of the FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines will be available early in 2021. When they are, I’ll be looking to get it as soon as possible.

    As for what Hoplophobic Regimes in New Jersey or elsewhere may be up to, well what the hell else would you expect? Of course they try to wrangle an anti-gun advantage out of a real crisis. Were it a famine, a flood, a fire, an earthquake or an Alien Vampire Zombie Virus Comet Apocalypse … they’d be doing the same damned thing.

    The mental illness that is Hoplophobia is just as real as is the mental illness that denies the science of a viral pandemic and what it takes to fight it. Being deliberately selective in which scientific truth you accept is to show the extent of your own afflictions.

    • You mean like India, which has been using HCQ nationally only until recently because they’re now switching to Ivermectin. And India’s case fatality rate is so ridiculously high. They should have known better from all the studies which show that HCQ doesn’t work:

      The truth is that the places that are currently doing the best are the places that never locked down to begin with. And locked down places that can’t figure out how to open like New York and New Jersey are going to go bankrupt unless Joe Biden gets elected and gives them the piggybank (at the expense of everyone else).

        • The Henry Ford people’s results show that how HCQ is administered, especially the timing, is important; evidently it’s not terribly helpful unless given when infection is first confirmed. That’s an interesting result; it sounds like once he virus has a solid foothold HCQ isn’t worth much, but if it’s administered when the virus is just getting started it’s like flipping a coin, heads it keeps you alive, tails it doesn’t.

          Doctors aren’t fond of things as “cures” that “only” cut the fatality rate in half — but ask people who get infected how they feel about that!

      • According to the IRS the place that’s going to go bankrupt is the entire US. In fact, it already has.

        The IRS now projects that if all lockdowns magically ended tomorrow morning fully 1/3rd of taxpayers would have no work and 1/3rd of businesses would never reopen. In this situation a “recovery” point won’t be hit until 2028 and that’s assuming everything goes swimmingly world-wide and the dollar doesn’t collapse, there are no new wars etc.

        Then they offer a projection of what happens if we manage to reopen by December. 50% of people have no work, nearly half of businesses are gone and they don’t even bother projecting a recovery point for that, probably because they know the truth; there isn’t one.

        So much for that “maybe 60 million people are unemployed and homeless” thing. At this point it’s a damn certainty because reopening is a joke. Say hello to breadlines with no bread.

        Yeah, we’re fucked. Next year is probably going to have most Americans remembering summer 2020 as “the good old days”.

        • Depending on where you live, not getting the vaccine the first time around could be a rational choice: even once it’s been tested on five or six thousand people, there are still going to be side effects that don’t show up in that sample size. But if you wait until five or six million have gotten the vaccine, it’s pretty certain that any significant side effects have been revealed.

          Live in a crowded city or large town, skipping the first issue of the vaccine is gambling without knowing the odds; live in a small town or out in a rural area, and it’s not an unreasonable position.

      • I believe you are quite sane, sir. Be well, and continue to make wise life choices for yourself and your family. I am speaking from the viewpoint of an experienced professional full-time licensed practical nurse.
        And, though they make yell and rant, ANYONE who is a licensed medical professional, on threat of perjury, would admit immediately that mandated cloth or “ear loop” masks do nothing to stem viral spread.

    • “It is not seasonal, it is doing just fine in the summer heat.”

      Every single one of my friends and relatives who work in hospitals (both in CA and elsewhere) have said the media and politicians are lying to us and severely overblowing the numbers. Every one of them.

    • The “ virus” is weak. This is not the airborne ebola it was purported to be. I’m sorry you are so afraid of this. This is an unremarkable illness. If it wasn’t on the news you wouldn’t even notice it.

      • Thinking it was an “airborne ebola” came from the fact that China wasn’t being honest with its reports at the start, so people had to make guesses — and it’s human nature to guess that a virus that’s killing people is worse than it turns out to be; pessimism thrives on bad news, after all.

  7. I see a lot of Leftist posts on Social Media about Mask Mandates in the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic.

    Ironically, compliance was less than 10%, and it was the large metro areas of the time that made mask mandates.

    Fast forward to today; Big Metro Areas love them some good ole’ fashioned Burn Loot Murder (BLM) just running buck-wild like it’s Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

      • Protect rioters from prosecution…..BINGO….. someone has told the truth. Watch your back, the powers don’t want the truth out.

    • “Fast forward to today; Big Metro Areas love them some good ole’ fashioned Burn Loot Murder (BLM) just running buck-wild like it’s Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.”

      Priceless !

  8. Lockdown, heh heh, that’s funny. One thing this Coranavirus has done was open my eyes( even more) to the propaganda that spills from Our leaders and the media. Why it was just three months ago the Rushians were hacking our coronavirus cure secrets, then I hear our coronavirus cure don’t work, then I hear the Rushians are making breakthroughs in finding a vaccine. ,,,, Church’s don’t pay taxes, liquor stores and pot shops do. You see when it comes down to it, it’s all about money. We’ve got to get the kids back to school, well any way long enough for Mom n Pop to spend a fortune on school supplies and nice clothes. Then they all get sent home and do it on a laptop, supplied by the government, via tax dollars, and those lap tops come from China. So once again the American citizen is forced to support a communist country. Let’s just say, that it’s proven beyond doubt that C19 was a Chinese lab rat, what would Our government do? Go to war because we were attacked with biological warfare, or continue to buy lead filled Chinese crayons. I’d say we would buy the crayons because if we don’t , bad things would happen. Through out the years we’ve propped up an enemy with our dollars until now that enemy is stronger then us, we’ve let our businesses get it done cheaper over there, because bottom dollar dictates. Now we are weak and have no jobs, and America is fcked

  9. “…give up our guns and become defenseless and less free, or become an outlaw who is prepared to defend that choice.”

    If you give up your guns, you are not less free, you have agreed that you are a slave subject to the whims of your masters. Free people bear arms at their own choice, not with the permission of some tyrant whether he rules with a velvet glove or an iron fist!

  10. Complain and theorize conspiracy’s if it makes you feel better. We have a new player (Virus). We’ve seen members of it’s family before, but this one acts different, and predicting how long lockdown should last is a crapshoot of sorts. It needs to be long enough so that it has run it’s course leaving nobody contagious. In Maine big businesses were tried to sue the governor to save the tourist dollars at risk to the health of the customers. The gov didn’t give in and now Maine has a waning pandemic, can cherrypick which states to welcome, while the states that opened early are hotspots to be avoided. As we gain knowledge of this virus, we’ll be better at controlling it. Hopefully a safe and effective inoculation will be found soon. Stay happy and healthy, keep cleaning the guns for when ranges open.

      • Huh?

        Vaccines have been massively successful and saved hundreds of millions of lives.

        Denying Science is like denying that modern life exists. You may as well claim that we all live in caves and trees and fight off lions and tigers with sharp sticks.

        • So if vaccines are so effective, explain to the rest of us why science hasn’t produced a cure for the flu or the common cold …. which BTW are caused by coronaviruses.

        • Vaccines have cured a lot, but there is no vaccine against the common cold virus. Hopefully there is for C19, C21, 23, 25 ,29

        • I do get where these comments are coming from, and they make no sense at all. With countless millions of lives saved they will doubt and deny that vaccination works because not all diseases have been cured. That’s what they are saying. That massive success is not perfection and only perfection will be accepted.

          They are Science Deniers. People who search for the slimmest of threads to deny the enormous good that the rest of the world sees.

        • “They are Science Deniers. People who search for the slimmest of threads to deny the enormous good that the rest of the world sees.”

          No, actually that’s not it at all. They’re supposedly making great strides in producing a Covid-19 vaccine in record time. possum merely mentioned that there isn’t a vaccine for the common cold, and you are the one ignoring what was actually said (you could even say denying) so that you can spew your democrat talking points because you’re an insufferable, know it all douche.

        • I’m not denying science at all, Im thinking these diseases are like a weed, and weed killer, what worked once might not work again. The weed gets stronger each time and unless completely eradicated will always be coming back. If you remember penicillin, then tetracycline used to do the job, now it takes anthrax medicine just to get over an ear infection. With modern medicine humans are developing a Super Bug. the animal kingdom for instance, no doctors, no pills , ducks , deer, rabbits and wolverines still doing good.

        • Most vaccines don’t cure — they prevent. It’s called immunization. You may have heard of it. If not, look it up.

          For example, smallpox no longer plagues mankind because of the smallpox vaccine. It immunizes against smallpox. It doesn’t cure it. If you have smallpox you could have your @ss pumped full of the vaccine and it wouldn’t help.

          Only recently have antivirals been able to “cure” a viral disease. But once the virus has caused damage, that damage might never be repaired — and certainly will never be repaired by any antiviral treatment.

        • Good God, you once again miss the point. The more you think we are stupid, the better it is for us. Keep it up.

      • I think that it’s worth pointing out that with regard to CoV-2 the proposed vaccines vary enormously.

        There’s a set of them that are the “old school” method, this is most of them in fact. They’re similar to a flu shot. The surface structure of the disease is projected going forward and you’re given an injection of “deactivated” (inactivated, dead, pick your poison here) virus which your immune system finds, learns about and creates antibodies for.

        There is nothing wrong with this kind of vaccine. The question is how effective it is. Safety isn’t a huge issue provided QC is maintained and how to do that is known. It’s very unlikely to have another “Cutter Incident”.

        However, the ones that are really being pushed by the media do NOT work this way. They’re built on an attenuated adenovirus and they are, in lay speak, a gene therapy. The adenovirus is used to hijack some cells in your body and rewrite your genetic code so that those cells produce the CoV-2 “spike” proteins and your immune system creates antibodies for them.

        The idea here is that this would work for old people because they don’t have good learning capability in their “long term” immune memory (T) cells but their B cells would be constantly exposed to this so they wouldn’t “forget” this disease. In theory the person should always titer fairly high for the antibodies but not actually have an active infection. If it works it’s a HUGE leap forward for our species. A man-walks-on-Mars type of moment.

        However, this latter idea is new tech. It’s in FDA trials in another form: fixing retinopathy. That therapy has been under study for years and it’s still not approved, and for damn good reasons. It’s a tech with enormous promise but it’s also fraught with danger. If we’re honest the truth is that we don’t really know what this will do and once it’s done it can’t be undone. It’s a dangerous game to play given our level of understanding and it’s the basis of [at least] two of the vaccines the media is hyping (that one Doc on Fox calls these vaccines “genius”). But keep in mind that if this goes wrong or has side effects for a largish percentage of the population you’ve got an absolute disaster on your hands. One you can’t undo and probably can’t treat. We’re not talking short term problems that are mild. We’re talking “Oops we gave you MS, sorry!” level shit here.

        The first type of vaccine is one I’d be willing to entertain taking. The second, well I ain’t gonna be an “early adopter” on that. Even my wife, sitting there in her “Vaccines Cause Adults” T-shirt and lab coat says [Very close paraphrase follows “You’d have to be a fucking lunatic or a moron to try this set of vaccines when they’re new. They’re brand new tech and if they’re released before 2025 they’re essentially untested for this application. By comparison my research is safe and I’d NEVER want to try it on people without years of testing for safety. This is stuff we really don’t understand yet and it’s extremely dangerous to act like we do”.

        She’s adamant on this to the point that she’s warned her parents not to take such vaccines under ANY circumstances until such vaccines have been used for at least five years, preferably ten, without issues.

        • Nice thorough explanation — too bad it has to come from someone who understands the issue since the media isn’t bright enough to do much more than say “Sounds impressive!’. which tells us absolutely nothing.

          The Founding Fathers said a republic needs a free press that keeps people informed. Anyone know where we can get one of those?

  11. “Government ’s response to the pandemic has proven, is that it cannot be trusted”

    As the tyrannical state governments have proven and in there zeal to solidify there dictatorships, what they fail to recognize that,No pandemic ,ever overrides the Constitution,EVER.

  12. Fight or die. Defend the Constitution with everything we have access to and like the Patriots even with our lives. Vote for pro-Constitution representatives in Washington and in our states and communities. The only “legal” way to end gun ownership would be to get rid of the 2A and amend to eliminate gun possession all together. Those who skirt around the Constitution need to be arrested and jailed. The states have no authority to violate our Constitutional rights. Either fight in the courts or on the battlefield. You thought you were man or woman enough to purchase firearm, now is the time to prove it.
    Gary, USA retired.

    • ” The only “legal” way to end gun ownership would be to get rid of the 2A and amend to eliminate gun possession all together.”

      That wouldn’t end the right as it preexisted the Constitution,a natural/God given right,Eff the grabbers,Come Git Some as Jerry fondly puts it.

      • This reminds me of a question someone asked on Quora, about how gun owners could avoid turning their guns in if there was a ban…

        And someone said, “That’s backwards — the question is how the government could expect to MAKE people turn them in!”

    • “The only “legal” way to end gun ownership would be to get rid of the 2A”

      As long as SCOTUS decides what 2A means, 2A is nothing. Politicians pass infringements, and SCOTUS says “that’s not an infringement; it’s just a regulation.”

      It’s all sophistry.

  13. The Marxist have no desire or intention to win this election, which will be the last election held on a national scale. It is obvious that the PLAN is to discredit ALL governmental authority and institutions. It is the equivalent of the Chinese cultural revolution. The previous administration has laid the ground work for the complete destruction of the Constitution. This is now a lawless land. The republicans are cowards and are complicit in these crimes, and all for $$$$$$$$$. Lots of it! It is your hard earned tax dollars that are paving the way to your own destruction. There is only one course of action and it must be perused with all dispatch. If this country dodges this Marxist bullet in November, We MUST starve out and dismantle a vast majority of the Federal Monster.. cut off the funding to most of the RATS at the public trough and the EVIL will be contained for the most part..along with a few well deserved public hangings.

    • Cutting the federal government by about 80% would be a great start. It will never happen though. The entrenched bureaucracy, most of which are democrats, wield too much power.

  14. A man once said: “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Unfortunately Liberty(Freedom), like Power, is never ‘given’. It is always taken. Nearly always by force of arms. That automatically means that people will die – an unacceptable outcome for the majority who would rather live on their knees than die on their feet. Very selfish of them, yes?

    • March 23, 1775
      Patrick Henry
      Virginia House of Burgesses

      Henry was addressing a group of mostly complacent statesmen and attempting to call them to action. Ironically, the ‘Shot Heard Round The World’ that started the hot phase of the Revolution happened only four weeks later.

    • Boom goes the dynamite. There are those who are fully committed to the course of liberty in the truest sense, and are only awaiting the moment.

    • Bingo.

      To quote some little Chinese guy who liked to treat his medical problems by having sex with a teenage girl or two: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

      It doesn’t matter whether that political power is the power of a tyrant or an individual person acting as their own sovereign.

      In other words, the Quakers are wrong, and always have been.

    • Mr.Jefferson said.

      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

      Thomas Jefferson

      That tree is parched.

  15. Well the pastor of the large Indiana Baptist church we attend FINALLY got perturbed at the gubmint. Specifically California. I ask when? The so-called curve HAS been flattened. Now is as good as any time to rebel against idiotic “enforcement” against churches(or unjust gun law’s!) Remember who has most of the guns!

  16. If the two weeks had been imposed immediately, and if everyone had followed the order, and all incoming traffic to the U.S. had been suspended, the virus would have been stopped cold. But as many small states found, even though they had locked down people from a neighboring state that hadn’t done so came in and brought the virus with them. The reason we are months into this and still getting new cases is that there was no coordinated response, no leadership from the top, and too many people too selfish about their own personal pleasure rejecting the measures for it to work.

    Where I am, ninety-six percent of the cases trace right back to people from other counties coming here and ignoring the lock down in place here. Our county had to shut down places that made no sense at all — boat ramps, remote beaches, loop hiking rails — not because there was any risk in those places but because outsiders flocked here to use them and inevitably stopped at stores, gas stations and other places, passing on the virus. IMO we should have activated the local militia and put up roadblocks on every road into our county and told other people to grow up and stay the frak home instead of thronging around to share the virus.

    Staying at home, wearing a mask and keep distance if you have to go out had nothing — and have nothing — to do with personal freedom, they have to do with regarding your fellow citizens as human beings worthy of respect. Unfortunately those who refuse to be good neighbors aren’t for the most part suffering from their selfishness — others are. If God indeed behaved like many preachers think, punishing people for misbehaving, every last person who has refused to stay home, refused to wear masks, refused to keep social distance, would get infected — that would be justice.

    Americans used to react to crises by pulling together and doing whatever it took to keep others safe. Americans used to put their neighbors ahead of themselves and take precautions that they didn”t endanger their fellow citizens. Where this brash celebration of selfishness came from, I don’t know, though I suspect there’s irony here: I suspect it came from those who love liberty being infected by the liberal ultraindividualism of the 1960s. How conservatives, who use to be outstandingly notable for caring for their neighbors and strangers came to embrace this level of selfishness I will never understand. Staying home and wearing masks and the rest are things that two generations ago wouldn’t have needed orders from city councils or county commissioners or state governors, the medical experst such as Dr. Fauci would have spoken and Americans would have understood that following those instructions was what a good individual did out of respect for other individuals.

    It is even more despicable since conservatives tend to be Christians, and anyone who calls himself a Christian yet goes out in defiance of what is just plain common sense is spitting in Jesus’ face: He is the one, after all, who made clear that deciding who your neighbor was and only helping those was one hundred percent wrong, that what matters is how you are a neighbor to every individual you meet. Screaming about your rights while engaging in behavior that puts people at risk is not loving your neighbor as yourself.

    • If the two weeks had been imposed immediately, and if everyone had followed the order, and all incoming traffic to the U.S. had been suspended, the virus would have been stopped cold.

      No, considering that people from Mexico have been illegally crossing the border just to get COVID treatment. Even isolated tribes in the Amazon have been afflicted. The only thing the lockdowns have done is delay the inevitable… which is that we’re all going to get COVID and COVID immunity one way or another.

      You can make the argument that we should have locked down until the possible vaccine. I think most people would make the argument that measures should only be taken as to not overwhelm the hospital/care system unlike Italy, Spain, and NYC… well we’ve clearly achieved and surpassed that. Were we not supposed to only flatten the curve, or did the goal post move once certain people started realizing that COVID will be over well before November elections?

    • And how, pray tell, was this shutdown supposed to work when we don’t even have a border with Mexico worthy of the appellation?

      Such a shutdown in our society is the stuff of intellectual onanism.

      And the faux concern you parrot for your ‘fellow citizens’ is just innumerate virtue signaling. What, you think us first responders can sit and home, with one thumb up our ass, the other thumb in our mouths, waiting for the criminals in government to tell us when to switch? That’s not how this works, Scooter. Someone calls for help, we leave our jobs/home/shops and we go. And then we come back home. Transmission route right there.

    • Regardless of what party was in government the response would have been the same. Government is inept because it is too large to be a positive effect.

      As far as a pandemic goes, nature has a way cleaning the gene pool to kill of the living things that are deficient. Has been that way since the first living organisms started here.

      This sounds cruel, even cold hearted I know, but life is delicate and we are fortunate to last as a species as long as we have. We are inconsequential in the grand scheme and when we are gone something else will rise up.

      Regardless of how people react with less than effective masks, the virus is here to stay and we will adapt biologically. Vaccines are fine, if they can keep up with mutations and we can still adapt. There will be some who die from not being to adapt, not because someone sat outside without a mask.

      NYC did not need the USS Mercy or the ventilators the feds sent, and critical care units operate normally at 90%. In fact not all of what sent to places was needed.

      Also don’t forget Fauci said we didn’t need masks. He began with that and later said it was to protect the PPE that first responders needed. So he lied and to me once you lie everything you say after that is suspect.

      • FP,
        Spot-on! Deficiencies aren’t just genetic, though. All life reaches a point when it becomes deficient. Gazelles thrive as the lions cull the herd from the rear – not only the genetic-defective, but also the decrepit. Fortunately for gazelles, they aren’t sophisticated enough to preserve a pulse in decaying bodies, declare that a “right”, and strap them to the backs of the viable young bucks until the whole herd grinds to a halt.

        The fact that people (who take neither extraordinary risks nor extraordinary efforts at self-preservation) tend to expire around the time that we stop really living is a blessing, not a curse. I certainly respect the medical profession for reducing the exceptions (developing antibiotics and vaccines against the infectious diseases that actually killed people in their prime) – but not for their subsequent efforts to prolong death.

      • If Trump hadn’t dismantled the pandemic response team and dumped all the plans they had set out for different contingencies, government wouldn’t have been muddling around contradicting itself. They had plans for action depending on the characteristics of any pandemic, along with proposed executive orders for responding. But Trump and his team threw it all away, making it necessary to start from scratch. And when we have a president who lies about what’s happening on a weekly basis, people stop paying attention.

        As for Fauci, he made statements dependent on what was known at the time, and unlike Trump, he has admitted every time he got it wrong — which is why people trust him about five times as much as they trust Trump. That’s how science works; you take the data and make conclusions, and from the data Fauci had at any given point he made conclusions. That he got some thiings wrong in hindsight is what we should expect from a scientist doing his job; science learns by getting it wrong and then correcting, over and over.

    • “If the two weeks had been imposed immediately, and if everyone had followed the order, and all incoming traffic to the U.S. had been suspended, the virus would have been stopped cold.”

      Fever dreams are always interesting to interpret.

      This virus gets into and can be passed around by rats, cats, marmosets, monkeys, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, minks and bats (and maybe more we don’t yet know). But a two week lockdown is gonna get rid of it. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      This is that same argument the grabbers make: A gun is super dangerous and requires high levels of training to use but… it makes murder easy in untrained hands.

  17. Very well written, however it states the obvious that many of us have said or written about. I am a firm believer in the constitution and still believe we can turn things around. That was prior to “China virus” and now I am concerned! I have watched as civilians are being assaulted because of their race or political affiliation. At some point the pot is going to reach a boil! We need to understand this is our moment in time. We must first do our best to help the president and as many other republicans get elected this year. Come January stop the in fighting and get either the assembly or senate flipped! Maybe we can also turn out the governor? #VoteRed #VoteRed2021 #VoteJack2021 #VoteEd21 #NJ1ST #StopTheInsanity #OpenNJNow #MAGA

    • still think we’re a resilient bunch…some way or another we’re going to get through this thing…and eventually put it behind us…

  18. Still have the guns and ammo stocked up from 2016. Learned my lesson then. I really haven’t been paying much attention until recently to the crazy prices on ammo. It’s CRAZY.

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