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By Lee Williams

Law enforcement is dangerous. That’s why departments issue handguns, spare mags, Tasers, pepper spray, batons, shotguns, ARs and body armor, and spend millions of taxpayer dollars every year making sure their officers know how to use deadly force with some modicum of proficiency. If you can’t accept the danger, do not apply.

Pinning on a badge once came with an implied agreement. It meant you were willing to risk your life to protect the lives of others, regardless of how the courts have ruled. Sadly, that’s no longer the case, at least not in Uvalde, Texas.

More than 400 hundred law enforcement officers from multiple departments waited 77 minutes outside a classroom of Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas while an active shooter killed 19 children and two teachers inside. They allowed an 18-year-old madman to kill 21 people while they waited in a hallway outside the classroom, milling around, talking on their radios and checking their cellphones.

Uvalde school shooting video released
Police with AR-15 rifles, body armor and ballistic shields (courtesy Austin American-Statesman)

Now, a report from the Texas Tribune and ProPublica shows how the officers involved in the worst active-shooter response in police history are attempting to shift the public’s focus away from their own cowardice.

They didn’t make entry, they told investigators, because the suspect had an AR rifle. In other words, instead of blaming themselves for their lack of action, they’re blaming a gun, even though police had hundreds of ARs on scene.

“You knew that it was definitely an AR,” Uvalde Police Sgt. Donald Page told investigators after the shooting, according to the report. “There was no way of going in. We had no choice but to wait and try to get something that had better coverage where we could actually stand up to him.”

Sgt. Page was not alone in his excuse making.

“We weren’t equipped to make entry into that room without several casualties,” Uvalde Police Department Detective Louis reportedly said, adding, “Once we found out it was a rifle he was using, it was a different game plan we would have had to come up with. It wasn’t just going in guns blazing, the Old West style, and take him out.”

So much for the simple but effective run-to-the-gun active-shooter response that’s ingrained into every single police officer in the country. Uvalde police reverted to the chill-out-and-wait-for-SWAT response that ended after the Columbine massacre. And now they want you to believe that a rifle is responsible for their failure to act.

The country’s entire law enforcement community let out a collective groan of horror and disbelief once it was learned what happened in Uvalde, or more accurately what didn’t happen.

uvalde police school shooting
Courtesy Austin American-Statesman

Sure, there were a few officers who tried like hell to get into the classroom and shoot the bad guy, but they were waved off and held back by the feebleminded pussies who were running the show, who are still trying to justify their craven abdication of their sworn duty by blaming an inanimate object.

Officers had one job: They should have made entry immediately and engaged the shooter, regardless of how he was armed. He was killing children, after all. Each second could cost a precious life and they gave him 77 minutes. The police had AR-15 rifles themselves, helmets, body armor, and ballistics shields.

The gun-banning industry was already using Uvalde as a talking point in their war on our gun rights. Given this new report, the clamoring will only grow louder.

Nowadays, rather than investing in armored fighting vehicles and weapons that rival those of Tier One JSOC units, perhaps police departments should invest in better quality personnel. It’s been nearly a year since the Uvalde mass murder and those responsible are still making excuses. But now, by blaming a gun rather than themselves, they’re putting our civil rights further at risk.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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    • In this country we have lists of “registered sex offenders”. We should also have a list of “registered law enforcement cowards”. An officer who fails to protect and serve the public because of cowardice should be thus shamed.
      These people should all be placed on that list, and be banned for life from working for any government agency and lose any public pension.

      • Keep in mind the Supreme Court has ruled in 2005, that LE has no duty to protect the citizenry from the evil of crime.
        Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone – The New York Times
        As well as in a Federal Court ruling, 2018.
        Police Have No Duty to Protect You, Federal Court Affirms Yet Again | Mises Institute
        Only proving You are your own First Responder and your ability to Protect yourself and your loved ones is up to you.

        • I think there were several other such rulings and state SC rulings to the same effect. As we say in outdoor sports “You are your own first best source of rescue.”

      • The pictures of EVERY SINGLE ONE of these officers who didn’t go in should be made public and posted. As part of the memorial for these children these officers should be immortalized on a wall of shame.

        • It was a leadership failure, as there were more than enough willing to risk their lives to go in. They were prohibited on threat of arrest from doing so.

        • @Mark – sorry, no- if you try to stop a brave man from *rescuing children’s lives* you’ll just end up with his boot prints on your face as he goes over you.

        • Andrew,

          I’d be cool with having all airport and bus station urinals imprinted with their faces. What blows my mind is that the few cops (and more than a few PARENTS) who tried to go in were turned away by the cops. My response would have been, “Fuck you, coward, you haven’t got the balls to face the shooter, you sure as hell aren’t going to stop me.”

      • They should also never be allowed to own a gun again, and any they do currently have in their possession should be confiscated from their homes. Let them be as defenseless as the school students they refused to stand up for because they were cowards.

      • Scott Peterson’s ever lasting impact on law enforcement response to spree killers.

    • How do those officers sleep at night? Very soundly because they have conscience.

      They were just following orders. They will be good little lackeys for Commissar dacian.

  1. Lousy leadership, lack of training ?, short on guts. A school district should never have it’s own police force, when they do , this is the result.

    • Call me silly, but I spy with my little eye some LEOs holding ballistic shields as they pick their noses in the hallway. Those are designed and intended to resist penetration from expected bullet calibers/velocities. Certainly a 5.56.

      As the kill shots were being heard, they should have employed the training they accepted at taxpayer expense, and rushed toward the room.

  2. But the cops had rifles too.

    I fail to see how the type of small arm being used alters tactics in this scenario. Are they saying catching a bunch of 9 or 45 in the chest is okay but a 5.56 is a caliber too far?

    I know, cops like being paid to jam people up and shuttle druggies around town not to be bullet sponges but sometimes that actually is the job and you hope there’s a ballistic shield or two and your coworkers aren’t complete fuckwads. I’d have trepidation as well if the Uvalde clowns were my support.

  3. Uvalde cops can make any excuses they want but nothing covers up the fact they were cowards and incompetent. That whole event should have been over minutes after they arrived on scene.

  4. As a resident of Texas, I am ashamed of the Uvalde PD and I hope every LEO who was there that day never ever works in law enforcement ever again. They had breaching shotguns, they had weapons, I just can’t fathom how they stood there for 70 minutes. Yes every LEO wants to go home at the end of the shift, but the job comes with hazards. If you are unwilling to accept those hazards, hand your weapon to one of the parents there and pray for them. WTF.

  5. Uvalde was the fault of those in charge and the finger pointing parents who want to blame everyone but themselves for leaving their children in a school with zero means of defense.

    Gun Free Zone Signs are a death trap and a scheme concocted by the sickos who are quick to blame and show their hate for firearms even in the hands of school personnel. Gun Control zealots have no podium.

    • “When seconds count the police are minutes away.”

      The aforementioned seconds-count means the Uvalde School was the tip of the spear and it was a spear that couldn’t cut hot butter. The problems compound when people lose sight of that fact.

      • Keeping in mind that had the teachers and administration simply followed their own Established Safety and Security Protocols. Said shooter would not have had unrestricted access to the building. Don’t lose sight of the facts and that their was plenty of blame to go around.

      • In Uvalde, it’s “When seconds count, the police are hours away”…
        Incredible. I’ve know security officers with more balls and will to act…

  6. But at least they were all vaxxed and remembered to use hand sanitizer waiting for a green light that never came. As opposed to not having body armor and exposing yourself to mall food to take out a shooter all by yourself.

  7. Apparently Texas does not train ways to be courageous.

    I have asked my reps to push for reforms that rewards courage greatly. And gives their family a lot of money if they loose their luves saving others.

    The courage to take charge of a situation like this where no one has the guts to make a command decision should also be greatly rewarded.

    And cowardice should be punished. we don’t pay them to be timid when lives are at stake. if they can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    They also need more training and should be required to be physically fit if tax payers are paying their insurance.

    I ask my fellow Texans to push for this and other reforms as it seems most branches of law enforcement in our state arent trained worth a crap.

  8. By calling this entire police department ‘cowards’ over and over, you are feeding the Anti-gun beast. Let it go.

      • If they had stormed the gunman can you guarantee no additional kids or cops would have died? Again, IMO, let this story fade away. By calling ALL of these people cowards YOU are providing support for the banning of AR-15 rifles. I thought that was obvious, guess not. Now you know.

        • yes, if they had confronted the shooter immediately he would not have over an hour to continue slaughtering at his leisure. did you think he killed them all in sixty seconds?

        • I guess we will never know because the pussies didn’t even try, so yes, cowards one and all.

        • Seriously???? THAT is your ‘argument’ for why they aren’t complete coward pussies??? We don’t know if the same number of people would have died???? WHAT WAS THEIR FUCKING JOB, IN THAT SITUATION?????

          To end the shooting. Just fuck right off with that lame-ass bullshit.

        • Another ANTI-GUNNER “PRETENDING” to be a “GUN OWNER”????

          Or has Dacian created another FAKE PERSONA???

      • Ross, Seems you are hell bent on calling these police “cowards”. Well, have at it if you must. But you see, police officers are trained to OBEY orders on their supervisors. Police are not trained to take the initiative in cases such as Unvalde. Right wrong or indifferent. Not all of those police were cowards, but the Chief surely was.

        • Classic agency problem, the chief was more concerned with keeping his job than saving kids. All his officers coming home matters more than school kids going home since the former affects his job security more directly.

      • Can they at least hang their heads in shame?

        Or even better hang themselves for their shame?

      • Do you even realize you , and the rest of these gun nuts, are being played by the anti-gun side? Continually call these cops cowards just plays into the hands of those that WILL attempt to ban AR-15! “See, See, even the cops won’t face up to an AR-15, NO CITIZEN should be allowed to own an AR-15”.

        Wow, I can’t believe I have to explain this to an adult. But here we are . . .

        • Had this never happened. Had there never been a crime committed with a firearm the fascist left would still be trying to ban them.

          If you cannot see that then you are part of the problem, rand.

        • Rand,

          “NO CITIZEN should be allowed to own an AR-15”. The left has been saying this for the past 60 years, just as they have been trying to ban/infringe on the ability of the citizen to own guns since 1934. If you pay close attention to the photos in the article you will see a number of these LOE’s with AR’s and body armor (hard) not to mention shields, these LEO’s are cowards plan and simple.

        • How does calling out their obvious cowardice feed the anti-Constitutionalist cause? They out-numbered, out-gunned, were armored with shields to boot compared to the killer… no excuses can cover their criminal cowardly conduct.
          “Gun nuts”??? You unmasked yourself for what YOU are.

  9. A CCW carrier in Indiana took on and neutralized a guy with an AR style rifle in a mall, as did another CCW carrier in West Virginia at an outdoor event. They were not trained at a police academy, had no body armor, nor did they receive any tactical training.

      • Being lucky is often better than being good, but you won’t win if you don’t play.
        They were all pu$$ies. Either afraid of the big scary AR or afraid to ignore orders and do what needed done. Pensions and all that.

      • Luck? If memory serves me the good guy in Indiana fired nine rounds and hit the criminal eight times. Children were dying in uvalde and every cop there stood around and let it happen. Go ahead and make excuses for them that just makes you an idiot.

        • Imaho
          You better re read that .
          I made zero excuses for those pussies.
          I said either they were afraid of the shooter or afraid of being reprimanded/fired for not following orders and going in to do what needed done.
          They failed as men. Lots of that going around lately.

        • Imaho
          I made no excuses for those pu$$ies.
          They were scared of the shooter or afraid of the consequences if they ignored orders and went in anyway. Either way gutless mall cops all of them.
          The Hero in Indiana did what needed done. Great skill, guts to use it and luck was on his side but not part of this conversation.

      • Skilled and lucky, to be sure, but they did not shy away from intervening in a situation that was very risky for them. That’s my main point. They did not sign up to protect others, just themselves, unlike the police that took a job that implies putting themselves at risk.

  10. Disarm the police. Issue them nightsticks and the training to use them. There is no rational or moral reason for the police to have firearms. Any officer or sheriffs deputy, who stands down under orders, to do nothing while people are being killed, does not deserve the respect or the paycheck they’re getting.

    A Beretta 21A or a Kel Tec 32 carried discreetly, and most likely illegally, by a school employee or a parent, would have been far more effective. At forcing the attacker to break off. Would this outright have kill the attacker? Probably not. The best weapon would be an A.R. 15 carried by a teacher or a series of teachers, inside the school building. But that unfortunately is not allowed. In Israel and other societies teachers keep a long gun inside their classroom.

    The only reason to call the police is for you to get a police report for your insurance claim. Or to have the police come and pick up a dead body.

      • A teacher with a handgun can do their best to force the attacker to break off. Long enough to allow, their students to escape to safety. But a handgun going up against a full auto, or semi-automatic long gun, mostly likely, has a very poor outcome for the good guy with a gun.
        Unless that good guy with a handgun is a trained professional. Like Jack Wilson, the armed Defender at the Texas Church shooting.

        It would have been better if the teacher was allowed to keep a long gun in his classroom. Along with his sidearm. He and his students would have a better chance of survival. Using your handgun to get to your long gun is the best option.

        From 2016. May god bless the soul of this teacher.

        “Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain”

        Curse anyone who would prevent a School employee from volunteering and participating in the F.A.S.T.E.R. program.

    • Your safety is your own responsibility. No one else’s, even law enforcement. Stay away from sketchy people, places, and situations. And always carry. Always. If I can’t carry in a particular place, I don’t enter it. I pick up people at the curb at the airport; I won’t enter. I don’t enter schools, Federal post offices, or other “gun-free” zones. I rarely eat out in restaurants. The only time I enter a “gun-free” zone is to take the very occasional flight, or if I need to fulfill my jury duty obligation. Otherwise, no way.

    • “A Beretta 21A or a Kel Tec 32 carried discreetly …”

      Good God, even a J-frame with .38s would be better than nothing.

      • Any gun is better than no gun at all. Especially when you’re being shot at. However eight shots for a pocket semi-auto, I think are better than five or six shots from a revolver. But if all you have is that revolver, then make every shot count.

        “One member of the congregation, Charl van Wyk, who wrote a book about the event (Shooting Back: the right and duty of self defense), returned fire with a .38 special revolver, wounding one of the attackers. At this point they fled the church”

        The armed Christian Missionary was up against a dozen men with machine guns and hand grenades. Perhaps you could say he had God on his side[arm].

        Saint James Church massacre

      • my bad I kinda thought that after rereading the whole thing. plus was getting irritated everything I posted was getting moderated. bad words, mean tweets?

  11. Cops are bullies and when the odds are not 100% in their favor (their victim is unarmed) they are cowards. If a Ulvadie cop was on fire I would not piss on him to put the fire out on him.

    Until we get good gun control the maniacs will continue to get assault rifles to commit mass murder.

    The demented paranoid Far Right Fanatics cannot lie their way out of the fact that the good European and Asian Gun control has proven that mass murder by nut cases can indeed be far less than the U.S. where we have mass murder on the order of about every other day. Its pure insanity.

    We need much deeper purchase vetting and the outlawing of private face to face unvetted sales. NFA TYPE OF VETTING SHOULD BE THE LEAST TYPE OF VETTING WE DO.

    Civilized countries check the person’s medical records,

    have in depth checks on prior convictions,

    interview the punchers neighbors and work associates,

    conduct mental evaluations prior to purchase,

    require safety training,

    require knowledge of all gun laws, (especially when you can and cannot shoot someone)

    and of course have safe storage laws.

    They also heavily restrict or completely outlaw military weapons of mass destruction.


    • And who will enforce all those laws you sick f#ck? The same bullies you named at the start of your screed.

      You do not see your disconnect from reality, do you? If we had the type of ‘civilized’ law enforcement you seem to want you would not see a day outside of an institution for the rest of your life.

      • Oh, be nice. It’s hard work for people like dacian to keep the double-think balanced without going full mental. Probably why so many of them self-medicate, have clinical depression and anxiety disorders.

      • He thinks the police should have political indoctrination to provide special motivation.

    • If you saw what European and Asian cops do the keep order, you’d sh*t your pants. There is no Fourth or Fifth Amendment in any of these places. If they even suspect you’re trouble, they’ll club you into submission and haul you off to a cage to sit in squalor for 72 hours or longer before they even get to you. Then they’ll interrogate you with the aid of fists and feet. Cops in America are pu$$ies compared to cops elsewhere. The Lefties here in the US, as usual, have no idea what they’re talking about.

      The better model is just allowing people the means to defend themselves.

      • And most Japanese police convictions are from “confessions”. Well over 95%. And they use methods even your NKVD handbook would consider excessive.

    • And here I thought those officers would make good lackeys for your Caravan of Death to supplement your antifa people.

      After all they OBEYED ORDERS and let children be murdered in the next room. This is the lack of empathy and conscience your kind need to perform your great task.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. As usual you are full of donkey dust. You don’t know squat about police or police work. I suppose you think (sic) your buds in ANTIFA can do better? For your edification AGAIN, very few crimes are committed with what you call an “assault rifle”. It seems you and your media Leftists love to magnify the few instances that do occur.
      For the UNMPTEENTH time, your European etc buds do not have the 2nd Amendment. If you think so much of the way the Germans (they had two mass shootings in the past two weeks) or any other Leftist country is so much better, by al means go. Don;t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split you. And when you go we will proclaim GOOD RIDDENS!

      • He would but can’t because of the ankle bracelet and being on the state’s sex offender list with the rest of his antifa troop.

    • Yep they prove they result in MASS MURDER by Gov’ts against their own people…

      You are a “BROWN/BLACK” shirt wannabe “THUG”!!!!

    • What about locking up people that misuse firearms? Making the felony with a gun the first charge and never allowing these crimes to be plea bargained?

    • “The demented paranoid Far Right Fanatics cannot lie their way out of the fact that the good European and Asian Gun control has proven that mass murder by nut cases can indeed be far less than the U.S. where we have mass murder on the order of about every other day. ”

      Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, would all agree with you.

  12. “Uvalde Cops Stood Down Because the Shooter Had an AR-15”


    So by that insane logic, the shooter should have stood down because the Uvalde cops also had AR-15’s.

    Fact: Waiting on police response to every mass shooting since the 1950’s, including Uvalde, has, to present day has overall cost more lives and resulted in more injury because waiting for police to do something gives the shooter exactly what they need and that is unopposed time to have complete kill zone dominance. Those cowards at Uvalde went out of their way to guarantee it.

    Don’t you Uvalde response cops dare stand up and say “I’m police. I represent the law that protects you.” and then give the excuse “he had an AR-15” being only concerned about your own butts. You had over an hour to enter through an unlocked door and didn’t … so don’t pretend you were being brave police there to save lives because you weren’t.

    If you are going to put on that badge and say “I’m police. I represent the law that protects you.” then you better damn well be there to do just that and be willing to risk your life to do it. I’m willing to give my life to protect my family, I expect you cops to do the same if you are going to represent yourselves as the law that protects us and I don’t want any excuses from you as to why you can’t or wont.

    • “…there were a few officers who tried like hell to get into the classroom and shoot the bad guy, but they were waved off and held back…”
      strong chance that this extended the count.
      worse than the codardos.

    • “So by that insane logic, the shooter should have stood down because the Uvalde cops also had AR-15’s.”

      You’re ignoring that these loonies usually have no expectation or desire to survive the incident. They’re out to kill as many people as they can before a responder puts a bullet in their brain. That’s why the potential victims need to be armed too.

      • Anymouse,

        So, I guess the solution is to send the shooter to Jesus as fast as possible, no? Hard to shoot someone else when you’re busy assuming room temperature. Personally, don’t care whether they “want to survive” or not – if they are killing innocent people, as they used to say in the Old West, “they needed killin’.”

        The “solution” is to end the situation as soon as you can. The REAL solution is to find these people (almost all – not all, but a huge majority – of mass shooters have had previous police/mental health interactions. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS. Get them help. If necessary, lock them up for life. Letting them continue killing for almost an hour and a half? Not OK.

  13. Amazing. The basis of this article is from one single radio transmission and yet many of you here condemn 400 LEO’s . Wow, what a bunch of Fudd’s.

      • Oh my, so brave . . .hiding behind a computer . . . I respect the police in my town. The local cops and Sheriff are good at their jobs, make good busts against drug dealers.

        • “I respect the police in my town” Glad to hear that, as do I but respect is something that is earned & the LEO’s that stood around while staff and students were being murdered have earned nothing but contempt.

        • Found the fudd. Those Uvalde cops are cowards and your cops don’t do anything useful either.

          Defund the police. I’m okay with posses and vigilantes.

    • i don’t think there were 400 there.
      but any of them that weren’t ripping 105mph to get there…

    • Wow. Just wow.

      How does government dick taste?

      I respect ANYONE who does their job well. These cowards didn’t even try.

      You are pathetic.

  14. People need to rethink what they’ve been told all their lives. “To serve and protect” is one of the biggest lies in the history of the country. Cops are just as likely to stomp on your face as help you out, and they have no obligation to lay their a***s on the line to protect yours. You and your family are on your own. Public schools are the same; they are no more than concentration camps; public schools are more about employing people than educating your children. Life is more than your job and how much your house is worth. Never outsource the two most important things in your life, your security and your children’s education. If you do, don’t complain if it goes wrong.

    It’s on you and no one else.

    • Agree. The escalate most any scenario they enter into, especially when they have the numbers. When they are potentially in danger, it’s all about slowing it down, proceed with caution, survey the situation.
      Generation MagDump.
      Get Your Hands (BLAM BLAM BLAM) Up!

    • Johnny LeBlanc, what a crock! The police do the best job possible in most cases. Pathetically funny how you criticise an instance of police misconduct but seem to IGNORE the good that most police offices do. If a school is “no more than a concentration camp” that is the fault of the people we elected to that school board, to the county, state and federal government. In short those people who voted for these spinless pieces of excrement are at fault.
      Let me ask you. What are you doing about it other than gripe?

  15. dacian’s credo: All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party – Mao Zedong

    • And to eliminate gun violence you have to eliminate gun owners. Every single one. And redistribute their looted wealth to the downtrodden oppressed masses.

  16. Spike Cohen •
    We have learned a lesson from the horrific tragedy in Uvalde:
    Government will mandate that your children be vulnerable, hold you back at gunpoint while they are murdered, and then try to lie about it.
    And then they’ll tell you that it all happened because you own a rifle.

  17. Unfortunately a lot of officers are intimidated by a person on perceived even footing with them and only get “Brave” when they have a clear upper hand.

  18. New report perhaps, not a new narrative. The “He had an AR-15!” excuse was trotted out as soon as it became clear that the police had stood by to let the massacre unfold at the killer’s convenience.

  19. They stand like that so you can kickem in the balls easier. Well all but one anyway, well wait a minute I guess you couldn’t kick any of them in the balls.
    The Mozambique drill just wont work on LEO

  20. Sure are a lot of BRAVE people here that didn’t have to face this madman with a rifle. /sarsacm

    • speak for yourself. I have faced more than my fair share of combatants armed with rifles.

      • Good for you. I have never implied I faced an armed combatant. How do WE know you are not just a Keyboard Commando? A Call of Duty wanna be? Go fiddle with your cuffs.

        • You don’t know. But I do know you won’t be in front of me and I don’t want you behind me so go hide behind something.

        • 11a o4 when I mustard out and I got high rank quick because I have an advanced degree. I was also a police officer and quit because of the poor quality of the people I was working with and the low pay. What I posted previously is what I observed out of a good number of officers and decided I wanted no part of an organization like that. I witnessed this in more than one Department. In my opinion the recruiting standards for police officers in the United States are too low but you get what you pay for.

        • How do we know “Officer Bill ” was a cop. We don’t. I say he’s is a poser and you are truly a mop jockey. I interact with local cops on a weekly basis. I spend a lot of time in court buildings.

        • rand. How do we know you do those things? Maybe court buildings have janitors, also?

    • Not most people’s job to do that. The Uvalde fuzz however did sign on to the macho hero occupation. When SHTF, they’re supposed to be more macho and heroic than ordinary citizens.

      Meanwhile, earth would come to a stop if doctors and accountants and pilots and gardeners and farmers and electricians and plumbers and everyone else had that “do it yourself if you don’t like it” attitude.

    • You take the job, you should DO the job. Can you seriously contend that EVERYONE who becomes a cop doesn’t KNOW that they may have for face an armed perp??? Blow it out your @$$, and quit making excuses for COWARDS, you assclown.

  21. All “Rand”dom messages today are brought to you by the Uvalde Police Association and their spokesperson…Ossifer Fuhgeddaboudit.

    I believe that Walter Scott had something to say about the LEO’s who (didn’t) respond in Uvalde:

    “The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonored , and unsung.
    Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)”

    • @ OGiM
      Hey how about that St Regis incident! That whole thing is my neck of the woods. I’ve lived in Osburn, I was born in Missoula at St. Patricks, I camp along the Clark Fork and frequent the St Regis Travel Center.
      Gotta get those Huckleberry Milk Shakes.

      Scary Stuff with those idiots.

      • @MLee

        Shooting a hostage is never a good idea!

        The Huck Shakes are the only reason I stop there. For potty stops, the dog and I usually stop at the USFS concrete outhouse about ten miles up from St. Regis (where 135 and the railroad crosses the river). Frequently see bighorn sheep on the cliffs opposite Quinn’s. Rafting on the Clark Fork is awesome, but it messes with people’s heads that the river appears to flow uphill (northwest) from Missoula into Idaho.

        Life is Good!

        • That’s where I camp. It’s 11 miles. The Peninsula Camp Ground. You got to drive all the way in there to get to where you’re talking about.
          Right on that bend is where I park my RV. Ever get water out of that well, The Drip In Paradise? Kick ass water from that.

    • “Unwept, unhonored, and unsung.”

      Should be on almost every one of those cops headstones.

      • I can imagine the Uvalde LEO non-Responders talking amongst themselves in their peer support group…”Damn it, you fail to take action ONE time – yeah, I know..twenty-one people died – and the F’ng public holds it against you the rest of your life…it just ain’t fair.”

        No matter what excuses they espouse, no matter the myriads of “reasons” they come up with, no matter how many physical items they assign blame to…ultimately, THEY are the ones who failed the community, the slain teachers and, most of all, they failed those terrified children who had placed their innocent faith in Officers of the Law to safeguard them.

        What I can realistically envision is that these soulless, scum-sucking POS’s will claim job-related PTSD and receive an early retirement at full pay.

  22. commie sequence of events:

    .lawyers create obiden-murder/gf zones
    .lawyers proclaim exclusive gun rights in obiden murder zones for le
    .obiden punk shoots innocents
    .le armed with more/same weaponry refuse to confront obiden punk
    .lawyers file/promote new “laws” which prevent/restrict law-abiding self-defense

  23. A city of 15000 claims to have a “SWAT Team”? Sure they do. A buncho yahoos with ARs playing at paramil. How are the morons in the photo going to don a protective mask when 1/2 of them have scragglyass hipster beards = NOT swat. (Can’t tell if the midget copette has a beard.)

    • Probably not along this timeline but the size of the town really doesn’t matter in the post-GWoT era. Training, gear, vehicles… FedBux pay for it all.

      And this isn’t new, it was just more contentious before. When I was a kid in the 90’s there was a bank robbery in the small town I grew up in. Moron picked a day with a blizzard (the wrong Tuesday, IOW). Long story short, he ends up holding a bank teller hostage in a car stuck in a snowbank in town. Many hours pass before a Michigan State Police sniper pops him in the grape. A happy ending, except for the teller who was scarred for life.

      Now, the delay in police response was due to weather, the MSP took a long time to get to town, having had to drive to the town from their barracks ~35 miles away after rustling up a snow plow to run point for them.

      So, there’s an uproar that the town needs a SWAT team with a sniper element. The town police, town over the portage, the university and the Sherriff’s department all decide to gear-the-fuck up and train with MSP. Soon, within about 18 months we have a bunch of “SWAT” units in the immediate area.

      And about a year after that there’s a hue and cry about how much this costs. WTAF are we paying for!? We don’t have enough crime to justify this expense! Ugh, really? So, the two town police departments fold their units and the Sheriff keeps his. The university keeps a “tactical” unit but downgrades the amount they spend on training and eliminate the sniper element. (Which is stupid beyond belief since the university had more money than any of these other LE groups due to being partly funded by the state of Michigan).

      This is about the same time as Columbine so the idiocy quotient was off the fuckin’ charts.

      Lesson: When bad shit happens people jump to unreasonable conclusions and then end up with buyer’s remorse. Sometimes the stupid sticks, sometimes not.

    • It’s been 50+ years since my rich uncle trained me in using a gas mask. Had it pounded into my head by the sweet gentleman with the smokey bear hat that a good seal required a clean shave or the mask would not work. Never tried it with a beard. Did try wearing the faux covid protection with a full beard. I do not know who thought that would help, but what do I know?

  24. The “he had an AR” excuse is BS.

    The supposedly, we are told by anti-gun, trained police excuse for waiting over an hour is the shooter had an AR-15?

    Eli Dicken, an ordinary armed citizen, took on a mass shooter with an AR and while Eli was under fire he advanced and took down the shooter in 15 seconds at 40 yards. Eli wasn’t ‘police trained’, the only thing close to formal training he ever had was his Grandfather taught him how to shoot.

    Eli isn’t the first ordinary armed citizen to take on a mass shooter with an AR and stop them in less than a couple of minutes, most without any formal training.

    I’ve never taken on a mass shooter. But I have been in a situation under fire in a protracted fire fight to save the life of my wife, and I continued to advance on the threat under fire and stopped the threat. He didn’t have an AR but it would not have mattered because to save my wife I’m willing to risk my life and would have still advanced on the threat to save her even if the threat did have an AR. I’m not ‘police trained’, although I did have formal training from a class taught by a retired navy seal – a 4 day class he calls ‘tactical defensive firearm’ that he teaches for free at the range he owns.

    The mass shooter wasn’t even shooting at the cops at Uvalde. He was shooting at the people inside the classroom and some rounds went through dry wall into the hallway. Its not like it was targeted fire just for the cops, the shooter could not even see them and it only happened at one area of the hallway. The hallway to the room could be entered from two directions, why didn’t the cops on the other end of the hallway (not shown in the cherry picked video in the ProPublica link in this article) enter the room from the other direction because they weren’t subjected to rounds through the dry wall so whats their excuse?

    Granted, the shooter was in a room and entry would have been hazardous but if the shooter did not have an AR entry would have still been hazardous.

    The “oh my oh my… hes got an AR!” hand waving freak out excuse thing here is BS.

    According to anti-gun, police are ‘trained’. Yet, this ‘police training’ when they respond always gives the mass shooter just what they want which is unopposed kill zone dominance of at least 3 minutes (on average). And, as an example, comparatively, Eli Dicken took down an AR mass shooter in 15 seconds and saved lives and others have done it within a couple of minutes – ordinary armed citizens did it but the police can’t plain and simple because their ‘trained’ response gives mass shooters, overall, just what they need and that is minimum 3 minutes kill zone dominance (and sometimes more) and the mass shooters know it too and you can tell it in the videos by how casually they roam looking for targets as if they are not worried about being stopped for a while.

    It took the Uvalde shooter 2.5 minutes to shoot a majority of his victims, he was taking his time, he knew there was no one to oppose him. if an armed teacher had been inside that classroom they would have had at least a chance. Heck, if armed school staff had been in the school in that 2.5 minutes, they would have had a better chance. But nope, gotta call in the police and give the shooter even more time.

    But the anti-gun claimed ‘trained’ police waited around outside in the hallway, actually able to enter from the other hallway direction with no rounds from the AR coming their way, and they waited for over an hour listening to these people die.

    I wasn’t at Uvalde, that’s true, but I don’t need to have been there to know the AR excuse simply doesn’t stand up. Those cops in the hallway, and those outside who flat out refused to enter, and that chain of command that would not let the other cops enter who wanted to save these people – cowards every one.

    You put on that badge, you better be ready to risk your life to save people. Don’t strut around saying how dangerous it is to do traffic stops, or how dangerous it is out on the streets, and soak up the ‘first responder hero’ praise then say “I have no obligation to save you” and don’t give any lame excuses like “hes got an AR” as you stand around for over an hour listening to people die.

    • The irony of this is how one person held off an entire cadre of heavily armed LEOs.

      Contrast the Broward & Uvalde situations with the Boston b0mbing several years ago, and how the BPD and SWAT teams went down residential streets and trampled on the Constitution by busting into homes and forcing innocent teenagers and grandmothers out with their hands up, for the entire world to see.

      If tyranny ever did finally play its hand and the jackboots were sent out, metros and blue areas would have no chance to resist.

      • “The irony of this is how one person held off an entire cadre of heavily armed LEOs.”

        yeah, the incompetent and coward school district police chief.

      • The “metros and blue areas” would, very likely, find an extremely powerful ally that very few expect. Gangs and other organized crime syndicates.

        Go back in time to the Russian invasion of Georgia back in the dark ages of 2008. It didn’t go that well at first but then it picked up steam.

        Until the Russian military ran into this city called “Gori”. The Russians took shockingly high casualties in this city.

        And those casualties, while something the Russians could overcome with the age-old strategy of “throwing people into a meat grinder until you clog the machine”, were quite interesting for the following reason:

        They were not inflicted by the Georgian military or security services. Both of those had collapsed by this point. Those casulaties, the highest of the conflict and accounting for nearly 40% of all Russian casualties in the entire conflict, were inflicted by a decentralized group of street gangs armed with mostly small arms and fighting each other just as much as they were fighting the Russians. These groups had no coordination with each other to speak of.

        Dudes in track suits with just as inclined to kill each other as an invading army inflicted like 20K casualties on an invading force.

        Now, you might say that’s a terrible comparison because American cops are better than 2008 Russian soldiers, but I’d beg to differ. The Russians don’t have fat people, American cops might have nice gear but are 80% overweight and 40.5% obese. They’re also not backed by tanks.

        The gangs OTOH, are often backed by the cartels, which is how you get no-shit RPGs in gun-buybacks in Cali.

        This goes sideways and the Blue areas burn while cops die in droves trying to stop it or flee.

        • It’s OK Haz, you don’t have to.

          I think in quite dark terms all the time. Sorta odd since I’m an optimist but it makes for an amazing dialogue in my head.

  25. Back when this happened, someone here nailed it.

    Cops: “He has an AR-15!”

    Civilian: “But you have multiple people and AR-15s!”

    Cops: “But he might know how to use his!”

    • Jesse Jackson, noted firearms expert and commentator, said that ONE shot from an AR15 will bring down an airliner or stop a freight train.

      What can the police do against such firepower?

  26. Quick, everybody hide their “you can’t resist a tyrannical government with an AR-15” cue cards and go dig out the “police can’t take on criminals with AR-15s” set!

    • if its the Uvalde cops doing your no knock midnight raid…have a hand sanitizer dispenser at the front door and it will delay them for about 77 minutes.

  27. So let me see if I got this right.

    A gaggle of cops armed with better than AR15s were afraid to confront an individual armed with only an AR15.

    Ay, I don’t think the AR15 was the problem here.

    I hope every one of them wakes up every single night for the rest of their miserable lives covered in sweat and still hear the screams of those children they let die.

    A brave man dies but once, a coward dies a thousand times.

  28. with what we now know about the fbi
    and the lengths they will go to
    in order to force a narrative
    and policy direction
    does anybody still really think
    that uvalde
    wasnt an op
    right along with marjory stoneman douglas
    and las vegas
    and cesar sayoc
    and gretchen whitmer
    and every other suspect high profile crime
    in the last 20 years

  29. There were unarmed parents who were running to the sound of gunfire while armed men kept them away. These parents were braver.

    Cowards will always find an excuse for failure. And other cowards accept those excuses because they lack the intestinal fortitude to act even when afraid.

  30. Uvalde, population approximately 15,000. Nine man (actually 8 man and 1 female midget) SWAT team. Presumably the SWAT team isn’t the entire department.

    I don’t know hoe big police departments are compared to the rest of the population, but isn’t that a lot of police officers for a town that size?

  31. this reminds me of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy who lost bowel control as well as bladder control on my back porch then bravely ran away after I told him to get the f### off my property. when asked if I had security camera video, I provided video of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Brave Sir Robin encountered the three headed giant.

  32. one of the Uvalde SWAT is actually man enough to handle a 12 gauge shotgun, but with a shorter barrel that sacrifices muzzle velocity to reduce recoil.

  33. So if the shooter had a AR-10 instead, would the Uvalde cops have stood around even longer? How about a AK47 or even a .50 caliber?

  34. I’ve gotten to know a fair number of LEO’s over the years. Most of them good folks doing a difficult and mostly thankless job. Evry one of them under the rank of LT. when asked has advised me to be capable of defending myself and my home or business myself. Due to the fact they are going to follow orders as required by dept. policy or statute. Unless and until they are given permission or directions to engage, they will do little more than contain the area and wait.
    Get a weapon, firearm preferred and learn how to use it in real world situations and under stress.

  35. This is STILL disgusting. I remember that THIS was the moment I scraped the “thin blue line” stickers off my cars. I, you, and everyone else paying taxes does so to equip and train brave men to do scary things in defense of the community. These are cowards. There is no excuse. If they’re not going to put OUR money to the use to which we assigned it, they should give it back, go home, and hide under the covers so REAL men can take care of business.

  36. I LOVE the pic of the SWAT team. Total and complete BADASSES. Especially that lil 5 foot nothing Latina standing front and center. I’d be terrified to see her bursting through my door. 🤣

  37. “Obi Wan Nairobi.”
    This SWAT team, and any other law enforcement, needs to read up on him. And perhaps they can find it within themselves the courage necessary, to do what he did. On any given day in the United States.
    When it becomes necessary.

  38. Everyone wants to be a gangster till its time to do gangster stuff. Same thing goes as being a cop.

    You don’t have the pecans to buck a supervisor when you have first hand knowledge of an incident? You don’t have the pecans to put the victim’s life before yours? The incident commander tells you to stand down while his ass is safely in the parking lot.

    Get out of law enforcement.

    I work with lots of people who shouldn’t be cops, unfortunately the like the idea of being a cop but don’t have the pecans to do the job.

    Just my .2 cents.

  39. So if the cops were issued chiefs specials (like back in the day) and the shooter had the same revolver, they would have stood around and waited?? Idiots.

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