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    • NOPE, only one thing controls all “gun laws” federal or state……………. in a constitutional Republic at the common law, public servants can only perform those duties privileged to them!
      There is no privilege granted to public servants to act upon firearms owned by lawful Citizens.

    • There are eight ban states, including Illinois, California, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts that in response to Bruen have simply doubled down, first to show their “disapproval” of Bruen. I assume that they figure that their new laws will need to be litigated for the next four to six years before they are finally struck down, and that the Courts of Appeals in those circuits will refuse to stay those laws pending appeal. The NY cases heard on Monday in the Second Circuit are an example. Trial courts enter preliminary injunctions. The State appeals and asks the Circuit Court for a stay pending appeal, which is granted peremptorily. After the propriety of the injunction is determined, their will either be an interim appeal to SCOTUS (which may or may not grant review) or a return to the trial court for trial and final judgment. Assuming permanent injunctions are entered, then the State will appeal again, it will take a couple of years for the Second to “get around to it,” and if the decision (as is predicted based on the antipathy of the Second to gun rights) affirms the constitutionality of the new CCW law, notwithstanding Bruen, there will be an appeal to SCOTUS

      • Which is part of the reason they are so concerned about Trump as 2024 would be a prime spot for one or more justices to retire.

      • Semi auto’s are not “BANNED” in OREGON!!!!

        The ballot that passed requires you to get a “PERMIT” to buy “FIREARMS” and do register them with local LEO!!!

        It had nothing to do with the legislators passing a “GUN CONTROL” bill!!!

        But I’m glad atleast one “JUDGE” is deciding to take this on!!!!

      • They’re betting the house on SCOTUS control.

        They’re doing that because they believe they probably won’t lose a national election.

        They believe that because they’re almost certainly right given the number of swing states that have made “covid precautions” permanent in relation to voting, greatly improving the chances of ballot harvesters to swing elections in cities.

        I’ve gone over this before. Go read up on Rock the Vote, the intent behind it and how it was actualized in 2020. They wrote long articles bragging about “fortifying” the elections.

        It’s all nice and legal and without a RNC/GOP that understands this it will not change because those in power don’t want it to change. If you want to change it you first need to use it to win.

    • I just call it ill noise -sort of like a fart in church just as the minister pauses in his sermon, and there is absolute silence for a moment, so everyone can hear it plainly.

      “Well, THAT was an ill noise.”

    • By all accounts for the history savy Justice Thomas to make such a decision regarding Bruen the History of Gun Control was a factor and goes without saying as most if not all Gun Control Gun Laws in America are race based and were concocted and written into law by bigots.

      So let’s all be analogous and compare the love today’s democRats display for Gun Control Laws to the love slave masters, the kkk and third reich tyrants displayed for Gun Control.

  1. CoMmOn SeNsE AtTaCkS oN YoUr CiViL RiGhTs. Of course this trash article is written with a sympathetic gun control tone. Think if the press started publishing articles about common sense abortion control.

      • They have. It was decided that convincing young children to mutilate themselves via brainwashing might produce some blowback later.

        Best to nip that shit in the bud.

  2. The anti-gunners problem is not Heller, McDonald, or Bruen. Their problem is believing ‘common sense’ means tyranny and doing away with rights.

    • “Common” and “sense” have nothing to do with the views/opinions/desires of the anti-gunners.
      They want what they want at any cost and they are willing to destroy anyone or thing including
      laws that get in their way. Right and wrong or justice have noting to do with their agendas.

      The anti-gunners definition of ‘common sense’ = what they want at the time. As it has been said
      here before the reality is that anti-gunner = EVIL. This is the enemy in which POTG are engaged
      in a battle created by the anti-gunners.

      • POTG aren’t engaged in battle in a real sense. They’re barely aware there is one and mostly have no clue what it is or how it’s being fought.

        The walls POTG are not watching close in mighty fast and, once again, they’ll be all surprised about it.

        What, you think the Biden ESG rules won’t bite POTG? That the ESG crew’s forgotten about guns? They haven’t. They haven’t even targeted guns yet.

  3. Democrats were pretty upset when the court killed segregation (“common-sense negro reform”) too. They cried and cried about previous rulings in their favor and how things shouldn’t be overturned.

    Nothing changes.

  4. Maybe they should enforce the laws in the books. Instead they catch and release the bad guys and make law abiding gun owners into felons.

  5. The Democrats have a habit of burning up the words they use because the public gets tired of their constant nagging, and the term du jour for destroying the Second Amendment is “gun reform. ” As if that mean old AR in your gun rack could just be persuaded to turn itself into a happy little revolver or that bad tempered 30 round magazine could be convinced that it really should refuse to take more than ten rounds.

  6. Seems that some of the states are paying attention to the Supreme Court rulings, but none of the “Blue States”. Seems these Blue States don’t understand the sentence in the 2nd A that says, “shall not be infringed”.

    • Oh… ‘They’ understand quite well. They simply don’t care about anything that doesn’t fit their agenda and the indoctrination of their acolytes. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning against this type of Dystopian government and the indoctrination required to support it. Liberal Democrats took his example and turned it into their playbook. which they began to implement wholeheartedly in the late 70’s in the education system. I even had a Government and Communist World teacher (Mr. Holenberg) who warned of the transition of our society to one more resembling that of socialism/communism in the coming decades. He said it was the natural progression of any society that has had everything given to them without having to work to preserve it and made to believe that only government can provide for their everyday wants and needs.

      • Darkman,

        You are not wrong. Also keep in mind that Orwell was a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist, and even he couldn’t stand the tactics of the Leftists. When a man can casually say “A death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic”, and actually MEAN it, there is something seriously wrong with your worldview.

      • Implementation of that system demonstrably starts far earlier than the late 1970’s. It was already well known in the late 1960’s.

        And Orwell didn’t write the playbook, he just told you about it. The playbook mostly comes from the Russians in the 1920’s with some major advancements from American advertising agencies (using Freudian technique instead of Pavlovian) around the same time.

        The first major Western fictional depiction, Brave New World, was written by Huxley and published 1932 (1984 didn’t come out until 1949).

        Ham handed though they may have been, the Germans learned much about this subject from both the USSR and the USA (Goebbels heaped praise upon Ed Bernays for all he learned from the American). The Nazis employed those tactics in Germany and the occupied countries from the mid-1930’s onward.

        The two schools of thought meet in the US WWII propaganda departments and are used on the US public during the war. They’re rapidly transitioned, as Bernays was, to peacetime manipulation within a few years after the war ends.

        This is something that is both planned and emergent. It’s roots go back to the late 1600’s in Europe. The “modern” iteration starts well before anyone currently alive was born, in the 1870’s. It’s refined and tested in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and fully operational by 1945.

        The US educational system is taken over, via “Normal Schools” by 1958. The media follows soon thereafter thanks to our Cultural Exchange Program with the Soviets (both being things Bezmenov told you about in detail in the early 1980’s after he defected).

        This is something you need to take out whole. That requires identification of the tap-root and its location. That location is what we call “Schools of Education” and has been since the end of WWII.

  7. “Gunms are protected under the Second Amendment”
    The second Amendment says
    “The Right to Infringe may not be Infringed. ”
    I’ve know idea what constitution you fellows are reading , mine is the constitution of reality.
    When the time comes and it wont be long “they’ll” Katrina every gunm owner in America.
    -Here you go officer , my house is an open door , help yourself. Because, I know if I do not give you permission to rob me you’ll arrest me and rob me anyway.
    Yeah that’s a nice ash tray, look good on the captain’s desk wouldn’t it? Oh and heres some brand new Danner boots, try them on, see if they fit. Yup that pocket knife might have been used in a crime, better take that too. Look around see what else that badge gives you the right to steal.

  8. “We’re in a very difficult spot with that Bruen ruling,” said Miranda Viscoli, co-president of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. “Even though it was only about concealed carry, it’s just made everybody afraid who wants to pass common sense gun violence prevention legislation.”

    No, you illiterate half-wit, Thomas just spelled out in small words the same standard that was used in Heller.

    You’re in a “very difficult spot” because you’re trying to do something blatantly illegal.

  9. It makes me laugh when anti-gun people refer to common sense gun laws. These people don’t even look at or accept the facts and then they talk about common sense. Most of the far-left liberals have no common sense, logic, ethics or moral values so how do they formulate laws that are just on the basis of lacking all these characteristics. The law says you can’t ban common weapons and then they try to do it. The ATF allows pistol braces to be legal for almost 10 years and then all of a sudden they are short barreled rifles? There is no evidence that you can’t do as much damage with two 15 round magazines as one 30 magazine and yet they want to limit magazine size. The entire effort in gun control from the Left is simply power and control and eliminating the means to defend oneself and fight back against their tyrannical designs and nothing more.

    • If the anti-gunners had thought, they would have worked to ban lower capacity magazines since they are easier to conceal!
      Of course we all know that banning high capacity mags is just a start and far from the finale.

  10. ““Even though it was only about concealed carry, it’s just made everybody afraid who wants to pass common sense gun violence prevention legislation.”

    Good, we’re coming for you. OooOoOOoooOo! *waves hands imitating some sort of strange ghostly presence*

  11. There aren’t that many moderate Dems left just like there aren’t that many R’s left who don’t suck Trump’s you-know-what. But one of the nice things is that for the moderate dem Bruen serves as a good wall to help them push back on their kooko colleagues and maybe focus on something that would actually help public safety instead of the anti-gun culture war.

  12. The anti-gun Leftist/fascists have carefully read Heller and Bruen – to figure out how to try to write a law around them. Fortunately, Clarence Thomas left them less wiggle room, but still too much.

    CA, NY, NJ, IL, and others will keep passing bulls***, unconstitutional “gun control” laws forever. Each one will have to be appealed, and that takes time. That is their strategy – delay until Thomas dies. Or maybe their next effort to assassinate Kavanaugh will succeed. Alito is no spring chicken. I pray for their good health nightly.

  13. I wish the was widely true. It looks like here is Washington we are going to pass a bunch of the most restrictive gun control. Give California a run for its money.

  14. ““We’re in a very difficult spot with that Bruen ruling,” said Miranda Viscoli, co-president of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. “Even though it was only about concealed carry, it’s just made everybody afraid who wants to pass common sense gun violence prevention legislation.””

    Stop trying to pass obviously unConstitutional laws that are well-documented to result in more innocent people being murdered, and you might not be in “a very difficult spot”.

    As best I can tell, they are either dangerously stupid and/or delusional to the point that they should be not be allowed in public unsupervised, or they actively want those effects.


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