New Zealand gun buyback failure
(AP Photo/Nick Perry, File)
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Gun control laws disarm victims, not criminals. That’s common sense to everyone but the politicians who promise peace, rainbows and dancing unicorns if only you’ll give up your firearms.

New Zealand’s gun control advocates — including Prim Minister Jacinda Ardern– remain slow on the uptake of that fundamental principle of life. In multiple gun confiscation drives, the Kiwi government grabbed most of the good guys’ guns. And now, a year after the final confiscation push, gun-related violence has reached new, record levels.

Try to suppress your shock and surprise.

Remember this gem from the National Rifle Association back in February 2021?

New Zealand’s beleaguered gun owners are bracing for a second round of gun confiscations following a raft of new gun control measures enacted last summer that are set to take effect on February 1. Kiwi shooters will have until August 1 to turn over their prohibited items or face severe criminal penalties.

On March 21, 2019, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern targeted New Zealand’s law-abiding gun owners by unilaterally halting the sale of semi-automatic centerfire firearms that utilize detachable magazines to normal gun owners. The Arms Amendment Act 2019 was passed into law on April 10 and received royal assent the following day. The key provision of the legislation outlawed possession of all semi-automatic centerfire rifles and their magazines. The legislation also prohibited pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns with detachable magazines or a non-detachable magazine capable of accepting more than 5 rounds and any .22 caliber and lower rimfire semi-automatic rifle “that has a magazine, whether or not detachable or otherwise externally fed, that is capable of holding no more than 10 cartridges.”

In order to enforce the ban, the legislation provided for a firearm confiscation scheme. As with Australia’s 1996 national firearms “buyback” program, law-abiding New Zealand gun owners were forced to turn their lawfully-acquired property over to the government for a set amount of compensation. The program ran from June 20-December 20, 2019. Compliant gun owners were treated to poor compensation and a breach of their personal data

“Trust us,” their leaders said. By “surrendering” lawfully held guns, New Zealand gun owners would make their nation a much safer place. That was the pitch made by Ardern and her merry band of simple-minded fools government officials.

Jacinda ardern firearm confiscation assault weapons
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Now, a year later, the reality has proven once again that gun control only disarms victims, not the criminals who would prey on them. The most recent data has firearm injuries and deaths at historic highs, via . . .

Rates of injury and death caused by firearms are tracking higher than ever before.

Data released by police under the Official Information Act shows 10 murder or manslaughter deaths in 2022, up until 31 July. There were 11 in total in 2021.

Injuries are also running at a record rate, on track to exceed 300 firearm-related injuries for the first time. In 2021, there were 298 gun-related injuries recorded by police, the highest ever.

How much worse have things gotten?

If you compare the past 12 months to a decade earlier, there was a 53 percent increase in gun crime, and a 327 percent increase in injuries caused by guns.

Again, that’s after two rounds of gun confiscations designed to do something about New Zealand’s “gun violence.”

The gifted analytical minds at MSN did their usual stellar job of distilling the data, resulting this gem . . .

It shows a growing willingness of people to use their guns against other people.

No kidding, huh? When criminals know their victims are unarmed and helpless, that tends to embolden bad guys to act with impunity.

But don’t let reality get in the way of feelings, emotions, and liberal utopian experiments.  Surrendering your safety is a small price to pay for the (empty0 promise of security, right?

You’ll be comforted to know that PM Ardern will have plenty of armed security protecting her and her family. Those who legislate gun control for the little people typically do.

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  1. New Zealand sent thousands of soldiers to fight in Wars to restore freedom to people in Europe. An interesting turn of events now decades later. The same tyranny they fought against back then, they now have in their own government.

  2. A preemptive “Duck season!” to dacky boy before his inevitable counterfactual contrarian copypasta.

    • I care why? Your royal ascent makes you a subject. Or serf. Enjoy your chains. Gandalf won’t save you.

    • The army of the undead. Grand Master Klaus Schwab muttering incantations in some dank, foul pit. Biden sitting slack jawed and blank eyed until his next re-animation spell. The vice president cackling like a hyena in the next room, Nadler and Schiff reading Alynski passages to each other in little girls voices in another room while Pelosi gorges on ice cream and vodka, belching, farting and talking to herself. Further north, surrounded by legions of Uyrakai like rcmp and rows of armored horses with two assholes, Trudo the idiot manchild king dances around in sparkly socks and an Indian war bonnet in his four thousand sq ft changing room, giggling like a bemused infant and taking selfies in front of a mirrored wall, vowing revenge against all those other kids while his trust fund grows exponentially. Across two oceans zombie like figures in suits and ties stagger towards government buildings to take their assigned seats and carry out their instructions delivered to them by men in mirrored aviator glasses, briefcases in tattooed hands, intimidating bulges under left sides of identical suit jackets and speaking in foreign tongues. Meanwhile the black hole like vortex of war grows ever wider in the east as the world’s largest arms dealers continue to fill new contracts while denying even basic weaponry to their fellow countrymen whom they pretend to represent. The planet continues to grow warmer causing a certain species of tree, long neglected, to grow ever more parched and everywhere the money printing machines go brrrrrrrrr… buckle up homies.

  3. Has disarming the people ever benefited anyone other than criminals and government?

    It’s not like we don’t have the total history of humanity filled with empirical evidence or anything and still morons keep swallowing the snake-oil by the gallon.

    Sure, there are outliers. Occasionally disarming appears to work. So why are these places and times outliers? Usually they are homogenous culturally, insulated from invading forces, have abundant resources and were pretty much peaceful before disarming. Maybe those factors have something to do with violence? Nah, too complex and potentially racist so we won’t go there.

    • Look at Mexico. Gun-grabbers paradise. Government, Police, Military, and Cartels in an open alliance against the people.

    • They’ve always had the willingness. It’s only now they have the ability. Thanks to the very people who made themselves helpless victims. You get the government you vote for and All the consequences that come with it…As well as the Society you deserve , because of the choices you make.

  4. Ardern is also very “Green” She’s anti-cattle and anti-tourist. Her actions have upset a considerable number of voters. If they do an actual manual count of votes in the next election, she’s out.

    • Unfortunately NZ has a very interesting voting system where some politicians are appointed and not voted for. Could not understand it when I worked there a few years back.

      What I liked though was that silencers were unregulated and about half the firearms in local shop came with them.

      • Funny how things can be lawfully owned on one side of a political line yet prohibited a few feet over on the other side of that line. One would almost start to think it’s all just arbitrary bullshit made up by packs of grifting liars lining their greasy pockets and trying not to get shot for their crimes. Almost…

  5. You can use no force that causes grievous bodily harm or death in your defense or the defense of a third person in New Zealand you cannot own/possess/apply for/hold a firearm for the purpose of self-defense again illegal in New Zealand. I gained my firearms license in New Zealand at the age of 16 and I was told more times than I can count that my view on Firearms was wrong, and that view was the first and primary reason one owns a firearm is for defense of self/family/neighbor/property etc. The New Zealand Firearms ownership community as a whole are fudds. This is what I struggled to get so many people to understand the difference between United States in every other nation in the world is the difference between a right and a privilege no one fights for a privilege because they look at it all wrong.

    • Ross, I feel your pain. Intensely. Possibly fatally at this point. Cheers from the queens northern colonies, personal fiefdom of the idiot manchild king, magical realm of diversity, poutine, skittles trees and rainbow farting unicorns…

      • Canadians deserve better Rider/Shooter. It’s amazing how black face and Indian headdresses are ignored on one side of the aisle or at least explained away. I’m hoping for a better future for yours as much as I’m praying for a better future for ours.

        • Thanks both and I hope the infection in your governing body soon dies as well. It isn’t the people who have put them there, they have usurped these seats. Globally. These type are nothing more than a cowardly mafia without the ability to claim ‘family’ or even loyalty other than to greed. They are parasites, bloated ticks and venomous insects and do not care if they kill the host but I think their time is soon coming. Good luck to you.

      • I fled New Zealand many years ago and I’m now a US citizen and have more guns I know what to do with, so I’m good.

        • Good for you and glad to hear it. Always wanted to see NZ. Maybe not so much presently. We very much need to set our ships back on course while we still can. It’s for the chilluns…

    • I’m not surprised (although disappointed) that New Zealand values the welfare of criminals as much or more than the welfare of their victims. A society that does so forfeits its claim on the loyalty or support of its citizens.

      • A legacy from “Mother England” also shared by the government on the western side of the Tasman Sea.

        Makes me want to be an orphan.

      • Criminals are the ‘victims’ of society! that implies that their victims must be the criminals, which means that the criminals are only taking their long overdue reparations if they rob and kill some random citizen (who was probably literally hitler, anyway!) It is the topsy-turvy, morally inverted, viewpoint of leftism.

        • We have to keep in mind that these are not the prevailing opinions of any of our nation’s largely silent majorities but merely those of a vocal minority of young fools being used by a parasitic growth of professional grifters, like vultures circling the plains looking for a carcass to feed on. Arden is not New Zealand, andrews is not Australia, the idiot manchild is most definitely not Canada and biden and crew are certainly not the USA.

  6. Where’s our resident idiot, dacian the demented dips***, to tell us how NZ doesn’t have these problems, because they passed a gun ban and they’re “civilized”????

    Hey, dacian the demented dips***, reality is proving you wrong, once again . . . but you’re too stupid to even realize that, you pudding-brained, uneducated nincompoop.

      • While sucking on his thumb with glazed eyes, thinking up his next vomiting screed for when his mom brings him down her laptop and sandwiches again.

  7. “Prim Minister” Jacinda Ardern – I assume a slip of the fingers Boch. But HOW TRUE. that homely PRIM dinbat is a triple bagger communist.

  8. Gee thanks Rider, now I’m gonna have nightmares. That was dark. Between you and FJB’s “speech” now I’m really worried.

    • Ha! Happy to share. And no need for nightmares as this is now our waking reality, prob to a greater degree than my disturbed musings portray. So sleep well, just lock the doors and keep one eye open. Maybe both, just to be sure…

  9. They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

    Only a moron gives up their guns to the government…

  10. Is it so hard for journalists to use spell check nowadays? Inside the first two sentences was already a misspelling that anyone who took the time to proofread their work would have caught. And past that I do feel sorry for New Zealanders having to deal with that.

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