FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol
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In January of 2021, FN America launched its first pistol in their ultra premium FN Edge Series line of 9mm handguns. The FN 509 LS Edge took the competence, reliability, and overall quality of the 509 platform — which was an outgrowth of FN’s Modular Handgun System entry — and dialed it up to 11.

The 509 LS Edge has an upgraded finish, improved sights, MRD readiness, a flared aluminum magazine well, lightening cuts in the slide and an improved trigger.

As JWT wrote in his review . . .

The sighting system, both irons and MRD, is by far the best in class. So is the pistol’s finish. The controls are great. The trigger is as good as anything else out there. The case it comes with, as well as the three standard magazines are added bonuses. The 509 LS Edge is a strong opening for FN’s new Edge line and a great option for the professional or aspiring shooter who wants the very best of this class of firearm.

The full-size 509 LS Edge with its 5-inch barrel, however, was was targeted at competition and action pistol shooters. This new Edge entrant is geared toward a larger segment of the gun-buying public — everyday carriers.

The compact size FN 509 CC Edge builds on the upgrades FN included in the LS Edge and adds an auto-indexing compensator to keep the smaller carry gun on target for faster shooting.

Here’s FN’s press release . . .

FN America, LLC announces the release of the FN 509 CC Edge, a compact compensated pistol and the newest addition to the FN Edge Series of performance-driven products. Featuring a novel quick-detach FN compensator that is self-indexing, the compensator effectively mitigates recoil for faster shot recovery, improving speed to target, accuracy, and overall control of the pistol. The FN Edge Series is comprised of high-performance firearms developed with four key pillars: speed, accuracy, versatility and control. The Edge Series deliver unrivaled firearms performance over standard models, dramatically improving the user’s shooting experience.

“With the FN Edge Series of products, our team of engineers addresses the challenges facing today’s gun enthusiasts in a unique and no-holds-barred way. It’s a combination of aesthetics and performance that have been fine-tuned to perfection directly from the factory and delivered against the promise of FN innovation,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC. “The FN 509 CC Edge is a high-performance, premium 9mm carry gun that offers improved sight recovery, shootability and more, all without sacrificing on overall size for concealed carry.”

The FN Compensator

Key to the FN 509 CC Edge’s performance is the FN compensator. Designed to reduce muzzle rise by roughly 25 percent, the compensator significantly decreases felt recoil while preserving the ability to carry concealed.

FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol

The compensator features v-style ports on either side that vector gases and flash out of the user’s field of view. The result is a shooting experience that is flatter and more controlled, allowing you to maintain a consistent sight picture from shot to shot.

FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol

Machined from stainless steel and coated with a graphite colored PVD finish, the compensator is extremely durable and is designed to withstand hard use across standard and self-defense loads for the widest degree of compatibility, while still utilizing the factory FN 509 recoil spring.

FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol

“The addition of a compensator to a concealed carry pistol is a delicate balance – too small and your compensator can be ineffective. Too big and you aren’t able to conceal as easily along with other possible issues,” noted John Ryan, Director of Commercial Product Management for FN America, LLC, when discussing FN’s methodology in developing this compensator. “Our engineering team took a whole system approach to the design, knowing that this pistol was intended to be a CCW option, and had to perform with as little recoil as possible, but still needed to fit within the styling of the FN Edge Series. The sleek design of the FN compensator compliments the aesthetics of the Edge Series perfectly while meeting performance requirements.”

FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol

Unlike most other threaded compensators on the market that require tools to remove and timing shims to align the compensator to the slide, the FN compensator’s quick-detach design allows for easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. To field strip, remove the slide, push in on the front of the compensator and rotate 90 degrees to release it from the barrel’s locking lugs. To resecure the compensator, the novel and quick operation is simply reversed. No timing or adjustment is required before use and due to the self-locking lugs machined into the barrel, the compensator won’t loosen over time.

FN 509 CC Edge Compact Compensated Pistol

“Even if you have the best comp in the world that results in virtually zero felt recoil, it’s still a simple fact that most compensated guns are difficult to disassemble for routine maintenance. This was top of mind for us as we developed the FN compensator,” said Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Pistols, for FN America, LLC. “Our team evaluated the more traditional attachment methods but opted to explore something new so that customers who purchased a CC Edge pistol would be able to disassemble both the pistol and compensator quickly for easy maintenance. Ultimately, we settled on this quick detach design that uses a compressed spring and lock ring within the compensator that mates to locking lugs cut into the barrel. It’s a future-forward idea and we’re excited about the potential impacts this has for our industry for other barrel attachments.”

In addition to the compensator, the FN 509 CC Edge includes a 12-round and two 15-round magazines with machined aluminum base pads; the extra weight of the base pads ensures an empty magazine drops free of the grip frame for a lightning-fast reload. The 4.2-inch cold hammer-forged barrel with recessed target crown and a new gold-color Titanium Nitride PVD barrel coating provide increased lubricity, hardness and long-wearing performance.

The micro-red-dot-ready pistol includes FN’s patented Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System™, allowing users to mount more than 10 different MRDs, without the need for a gunsmith. A green fiber optic front sight and low glare blacked out rear sights co-witness with the most popular optics.

Concealed carriers also benefit from the signature FN Edge Series fire control group, to dramatically increase speed and accuracy over standard firearms. The flat-faced trigger has a smooth take up and clean, 90-degree break. When paired with the high-endurance striker, this advanced factory-installed fire control group produces an approximated 5-pound trigger pull.

The pistol’s slide lightening cuts and in-mold stippled frame texture, first introduced on the FN 509 LS Edge, allow for superior grip and control for fast and accurate follow up shots. Its low-profile magazine release is reversible for lefthanded users, with a slide release fixed on both sides of the frame. Rounding out the advanced ergonomics package, the interchangeable backstraps further customize fit in hand.

The Edge of Performance

The FN Edge Series is a collection of advanced firearms with chosen performance benefits fueled by collaboration with tier one operators intimately familiar with being in harm’s way.​ They are not “smithed” or custom one-offs. ​

FN Edge Series firearms stand on a bedrock of unmatched quality standards and exhaustive testing demanded by global militaries and law enforcement where uniform performance is table stakes and only the best examples make the final cut.​

To learn more about the FN 509 CC Edge and other FN Edge Series products, please visit fnamerica.com/509ccedge.


Caliber: 9mm
Action: Double-action, striker-fired
Magazines: 12 or 15 rounds (1 12rd, 2 15rds included)
Barrel Length: 4.2″
Overall Length: 7.5″
Weight: 25.5 oz.
MSRP: $1,569

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  1. Wow! Tier one operators, global militaries and law enforcement. Way out of my league. Guess I’m stuck with my very pedestrian and second rate 92A1 and PPQ at half the price. Wish me luck.

    • Price is one stumbling block, the other for NY is threaded barrels and/or compensators on semi auto detachable mag pistols = illegal assault weapon for a while longer. The titanium nitride on the barrel is nice though.

  2. The compensator will enable MAGA Republicans to blow the lungs out of twice as many people (or both lungs out of the same number) than before. These guns must be banned.

  3. So another DICK-SWINGER hits the market. Does nothing that a hand gun costing a third of the price won’t do. and too complex by half. I mean how many times will it be used for real?

    Nobody will buy it out side of the SA and only idiots in the USA.
    Give me a decent BROWNING HI-POWER SLP any day. Proven design, once the choice of the worlds professionals, pretty much Soldier proof, rugged, reliable and easy servicing. What’s not to like? –

  4. I’d hate to have a $1500 gat confiscated by the po-leece if I used this in a confrontation! Just sayin’…oh & it’s kinda large for concealed carry.

      • Ruger and Glock make working guns for a lot less, also.

        1600 for a single gat is for folks that are living deep in debt and buying food with credit cards.

        • SAFE. Much as I rag on h&k, and I do, I really did like the p7.

          I liked some of the older Sig pistols. Haven’t had much experience with the newer ones. Part of the joys of living with a handgun roster.

        • I’ve just started EDCing a P7 M13 (with two spare mags) in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster.

          4.5lbs of gear disappears when carried on the shoulders. Makes for lighting fast draws, even seated in a vehicle. It may be pricey for carry, but we only go thru here once.

          I put up pics in the ‘non-Walther guns’ thread on Walther Forums. Old school all the way.

        • jwm while I tend to avoid H&K generally (budget considerations) the P30 and VP9 series were very serviceable if expensive and pop up occasionally up here. As to new sig can only speak to the 365 XL converted to 365L which has proven to be very good all around.

        • James. I doubt I would edc a p7. It has a funny balance in my hand. But it was a hell of a range toy.

          And we’re supposed to be having fun with these things, right?

  5. Anybody ever done a “speed-rock”? Or whatever they call the the drill today. It’s unpleasant enough with a barrel that sends everything down range. Remember, if properly done, the muzzle is about in line with your chin and not too far below it. Just say no to comps on street carry.

  6. Errr, $1600 MSRP? I mean if I’m going for that snob appeal I’ll get a HK or a Gucci Glock for that kinda bank. Maybe even some weird 1911 variant.


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