The Hunt movie deplorables
Screencap via YouTube
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Welcome to Trump Derangement Syndrome, Hollywood-style. The Hunt, hitting theaters next month, features liberal elites hunting prey selected from America’s basket of deplorables. That’s right, the movie’s plotline involves big-city, wealthy progressives hunting rural types, MAGA hat wearers, pro-life people and other evil racists.

‘The Hunt’ is a project of Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, producers of The Purge series of films. Blum has a long, well-documented history of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

However, Blum apparently doesn’t have the guts to overtly publicize the ideological angle of his latest shoot-’em-up opus. The trailers play up the gore, but play down the politics.

[Potentially NSFW]

The official synopsis for the movie dodges the film’s politics as well.

Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. They don’t know they’ve been chosen… for a very specific purpose … The Hunt. In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a bunch of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt humans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of the hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank) at the center of it all.

Those who have screened the flick, though, have let Blum’s violence porn cat out of the bag.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

In the wake of a trio of deadly massacres, the studio is evaluating its strategy for the R-rated Blumhouse satire in which elites stalk “deplorables.”

“Did anyone see what our ratf*****-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

In the aftermath of mass shootings within days of one another that shocked and traumatized the nation, Universal is re-evaluating its strategy for the certain-to-be-controversial satire. The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals…

The script for The Hunt features the red-state characters wearing trucker hats and cowboy shirts, with one bragging about owning seven guns because it’s his constitutional right. The blue-state characters — some equally adept with firearms — explain that they picked their targets because they expressed anti-choice positions or used the N-word on Twitter. “War is war,” says one character after shoving a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly.

Satire? So-called progressives don’t do satire. This movie looks more like a deranged fantasy island.

The Hunt movie deplorables
Screencap via YouTube

In case the People of the Gun had any doubts, the radical left doesn’t hold you in high regard. And these are the same people who demand that you give up your guns. Because no civilian needs to own firearms. They’re apparently too hopelessly out of touch to see how this film’s message works against that argument.

We’ll see if the court of public opinion — in the form of empty theater seats — punts this flick quickly to video. Time will tell. For now anyway, this film helpfully puts the virulent hate they have for those with whom they disagree right there on the big screen for all to see. For as long as it lasts, anyway.


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    • “And the trailer has been pulled…”

      Nope, still up, as of 3:19 EST.

      And if it does get yanked, I have a copy of both videos on my shiny-new rude-*fast* SSD.

      Oh, and we have a Leftist *UPDATE* folks might be interested in –

      “The controversy began after the McConnell campaign posted a video on Twitter showing protestors shouting violent threats at a Monday rally outside the McConnell family home.

      “Just stab the motherfucker in the heart please,” shouted one woman in a video that was also aired on Fox News. Another protestor mocked McConnell’s recent shoulder surgery, saying that the senator “should have broken his little, raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck.”

      A man in the video expressed hope that “some motherfucker out there” had “some voodoo dolls of these bitches.” Protestors chanted “murder turtle”—a reference to jokes that McConnell has both the physical appearance and the slow cadence of a turtle.

      McConnell was understandably concerned about these threats and posted the video to his campaign’s Twitter account to demonstrate the threatening tone of the protest.”

      • Twitter shut down the McConnell campaign video of the Twitter video that is still up on Twitter…

    • Pulled from where? Not YouTube.
      Trailer or not, the movie itself is still scheduled for release.

      Where does the trail lead back to? This is pure glorification of gore and lethal violence for sport against people based on their differing political ideology, geography, and culture.

      It’s grotesque, abhorrent and would never have been green lit for production had its targets been any other identifiable group but Trump supporters.

      • “…and would never have been green lit for production had its targets been any other identifiable group but Trump supporters.”

        Yep, a demonstration of the utter disconnect the Leftists have with America, that that would have even been considered to be made and released.

        This is gonna blow up in their faces. I’m just paranoid enough to hope the BitTorrent ‘release scene’ has a digital copy socked away, since something tells me this may yet get yanked…

      • It is glorification of the murder of conservatives by the Libtards, who consider themselves better and worth more than conservatives.

        • Their is a caveat to this they are too stupid to realize many of us are not going to let them just murder us

    • I think the producers are projecting their desires a bit too much.

      And this movie now has lots of free advertising.

    • It’s an *old* remake of a 1920s story “The Most Dangerous Game” re-made many times over the years…

      • The concept has become so clichéd that it would have been more original to have each character challenge Death to a game of chess à la Ingmar Bergman’s Det Sjunde Inseglet.

        • From what I have read, the MAGA prey turn the tables on the rich, liberal hunters. If this is true, doesn’t that show the deplorables as superior to the effete liberals?

        • That’s how it ends, apparently. So perhaps it might cool their enthusiasm to give it a try…

        • “Spoiler alert?”

          Not really, in nearly every write-up on this movie I’ve read, the reviewers seem to consistently point out the hunted get the upper hand at the end of the movie.

          They’re making a serious effort to defuze the the nuclear bomb they realize they’ve dropped.

          As in, “See? Your side won in the end, so there’s nothing to get bent out of shape over!”…

          Ass-covering 101, in action…

        • No, this movie has been talked about for a long time since it started going into production on various horror, fantasy and pop culture sites. Yes, the deplorables win. Yes, it’s not even close to an original story. No, I have no idea why people are getting all twisted up about the movie.

  1. What’s the difference between Demokkkommies and full blown ANTIFA?

    ANTIFA wants to kill you and take your shit.
    Demokkkommies want ANTIFA to kill you and take your shit.

    This is why the Democratic Party is a terrorist organization.

  2. Jason Blum, the producer of the movie, is a former executive for Harvey Weinstein. Looking at, you’ll find Mr. Blum donates to only the farthest left of the farthest left…… in other words, typical Democrats.

    The film’s director is Craig Zobel. He says the movie is satire. Satire. Riiiiiiiiiiight. And chickens have lips.

    • Chickens don’t have lips, but Chicken-Shits do and that’s the entire DemoCommiSocioFascicrat party is made up of.

  3. Trump lowers flag after tragedy = subliminal triggering for white supremacist foot soldiers

    Libs make movie about lib elites hunting conservatives = just entertainment.

  4. This problem would go away SO FAST if we just stopped shipping food to about 50 cities nationwide. In 2 weeks they’d be eating themselves, in 2 months, we could carpet bomb them flat and put up big signs: Cities rot your brain.

    • This is how I think the next big national tradgedy is going to go down. Something or someone is just going to stop the trucks from distributing food to the cities. Not a lot of people in the suburbs and even fewer in the city stock up on food. Even in rural missouri people make french toast runs every time there’s a snowstorm.

      Meanwhile, those of us with a couple years worth of food and water and a self-sufficient gardens are called rude names.

      Whatever. Not going to be my family that starves OR gets stolen from.

  5. I gave up thinking there was a limit to their depravity a long time ago! So f*****g tiresome!

  6. Ehhh…old idea parodied on the Simpson’s and mentioned earlier. Be careful what you fantasize leftards-those white hillbillies got A LOT more firepower than you pukes!😄

    • Waterwalker, we probably know our way around in the woods a little better too. And more likely to be ex-military. And more likely to be…

      • Not to mention that a common past time amongst rural country folk involves “blowing shit up” with homemade components. The uses of common chemicals like Clorox, peroxide and sulfuric acid are nigh limitless.

        • Esoteric, I used a lot of military grade explosives in the military. Not so much after. What’s that binary stuff they sell today you shoot with a rifle to detonate? Anyway, used that a couple times to blow beaver dams. Boom doesn’t really impress me. Accurate rifle fire does.

        • Tannerite is mix of ammonium nitrate (farm fertilizer, what Timothy McVeigh used in the 1995 Ok. City bombing) and powdered aluminum.

          It’s safe to handle because it takes a *lot* of energy (like a good-sized center-fire rifle round impacting it) to initiate the detonation…

        • “Esoteric, I used a lot of military grade explosives in the military. Not so much after. What’s that binary stuff they sell today you shoot with a rifle to detonate?”

          Perhaps Tannerite(As already mentioned by Geoff “Insert Witty Line Here.” PR) or some type of home baked brand of ammonal?

          “Anyway, used that a couple times to blow beaver dams. Boom doesn’t really impress me. Accurate rifle fire does.”

          Yes, the binary targets that commonly get utilized for entertainment purposes are merely novelties. The fuel to oxidizer ratio is so uneven that the detonative brisance is underwhelming when compared to more balanced mixtures. However, such binary targets do have uses beyond simple amusement, such as “to blow beaver damns” ;).

          While accurate rifle fire is indeed impressive, sometimes a good explosion is what’s needed. In both instances the psychological effect is just as portent as the physical.

  7. Pure Hollywood puerile fantasy.

    Women ‘heroes out shooting and overpowering trained males?

    Socialist Elites too?

    Can you imagine a movie where WE decide we have had enough and start REALLY fighting back?

    Time’s a comin’…

      • Was thinking the same thing.

        The tens of millions of good and decent people in our nation have no desire to silence, imprison, maim, and/or kill people who have different values. That is why we do not fantasize about it and that is why we tolerate it from Progressives.

        Of course Progressives, like all bullies, cannot help themselves and keep pushing the limits as long as their victims let them keep pushing the limits. Nevertheless a time is coming when good and decent people will finally stand up and say to Progressives, “Enough!” When that happens, Progressives will find out exactly why our nation’s Founders codified the Second Amendment.

  8. AAAANDDDD again hollywood is brain dead – nothing fresh here, just another remake – First it was HARD TARGET in 1993 about homeless vets being kidnapped for prey on human hunting safaris.

  9. This is an example of what every elitist liberal thinks of the people that browse this site. Make sure you’re able to do it to them first when life imitates art. Get some training, know your weapon,keep your powder dry, this isn’t a movie. It’s a threat against everybody that disagrees in the slightest with the ultra liberal agenda.

    • Sounds more like a warning to liberal elites that no matter how well armed you are or how smart you think you are some MAGA hat wearing, deplorable, racist, homophobic moron from some unknown fly over will somehow manage to overcome and overwhelm you, so get your shit together and choose your victims more carefully or drug them before you release them or whatever else you need to do ENSURE your success… Or maybe it’s just another Hollywood dumbass cashing in the peoples thirst for ever darker, bloodier films searching for even more unrealistic scenarios and hoping to top the last dumbass gore flick…

  10. Don’t ever think this is just satire. The Left thinks anyone who disagrees with their orthodoxy – in toto – is evil and on the wrong side of history. If they can get away with it they will line us all up against a wall and kill us, just like their Bolshevik predecessors did, and justify it as furthering the cause of social(ist) progress.

    • “If they can get away with it they will line us all up against a wall and kill us,…”

      This is why the Red Flag laws are so wrong. What do you think will happen WHEN the D’s get in power again?

      Be polite? Think through their decisions? Or pull the equivalent of a Rwanda machete festival?

      • Lost Down South,

        What do you think will happen WHEN the D’s get in power again? Be polite? Think through their decisions?

        Why think through anything when you allow yourself to act on emotion?

  11. I would suggest everyone reconsider what they are currently carrying, make no mistake, the Commies want us dead. This election cycle is just going to make things worse. If Trump and the Republican Party maintain control of the Senate and Oval Office (and maybe take back the House) the radicals will come unhinged. If the Democrats gain control of the government this same radicals will take it as a sign that they can begin escalating the violence against Conservatives without repercussions.

    Be ready because it is only going to get worse.

  12. The people responsible for this movie and the same one demanding we turn in our guns.

    No, thank you.

  13. The atheist have always wanted to murder. They have to remake society in their image. Are there atheists who want to be left alone? And will leave others alone? Yes but they are very few in number.

    The atheists run hollywood. Just look at what happened to the Walt Disney company. And now they are destroying the Marvel Universe.

    • “The atheist have always wanted to murder. They have to remake society in their image. Are there atheists who want to be left alone? And will leave others alone? Yes but they are very few in number.”

      Chris T in KY, there are more atheists and agnostics around than most people realize, even in places like Alabama and Mississippi. Such individuals are rarely outspoken, and many even attend religious services with their families. Much like feminists, gays, Muslims and Christians, the loudest and most radical are typically portrayed as representative of the whole. This however, is rarely the case, as most people in the US have a more or less live and let live mentality.

      “The atheists run hollywood. Just look at what happened to the Walt Disney company. And now they are destroying the Marvel Universe.”

      Seriously? Hollywood is awash with Jews, Catholics, Mormons and Scientologists. There are even a few professed Satanists. Yes there is a healthy representation of atheism, but it is hardly a controlling monolith.

      On the subject of Disney: Is Chris T in KY honestly surprised that a company, that made its fortune peddling retellings of fairy tales featuring tyrants and despots, isn’t a paragon of American ideals? In all seriousness it has always been an entity that followed along with progressive trends. Most people have just been too blinded by childhood nostalgia to realize this. It’s hard to believe that Disney once produced “The Black Cauldron” back in the 80’s and it wasn’t boycotted by the Christian community at large. Then again, Christians at large weren’t anymore easily offended at that time than they are today, contrary to popular opinion.

      Regarding the Avengers, on this Esoteric Inanity can agree. Disney has radically deviated from the original Silver Age comic concept of the Avengers. However, the Golden Age of comics was fundamentally different than the Bronze Age of comics. Things change with time, it doesn’t mean that one has to like it though.

      Now if Disney were to produce a Sentry movie that mostly adhered to the original concept, it could be decent, for a movie about The Sentry that is. Of course Robert Reynolds would have to be recast as a black kid from the projects that was forcefully given the professor’s serum. Rather than a middle class white druggie that stole the professor’s serum to get a buzz. Nevermind that the Blue Marvel already exists and would be ripe for a SJW narrative film(Naturally, Adam Brashear’s backstory would have to drastically be altered to fit a target audience).

      The Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe needs retconned badly, Tom DeFalco is just the man for the job.

      • Pray for them. Pray for your country. Pray for everything you hold dear. Satan cannot stand prayer. If the more aithist rear their head the more you pray Satan will crawl back into his hole and you will win.

        • Probably a better idea than voting. Do just as much good, on the plus side, and less harm on the negative side.

  14. I though this was a civilian disarmament fanatic’s wet dream. Little did I know it’s just a groggy elite’s wet dream.

  15. Man, why can’t we stick to the good old days, where children slaughtered each other for society’s amusement irrespective of politics, like in Battle Royale?

  16. That’s funny, liberals hunting!!! My grandson could take em out with his pocket knife. I suppose it’s possible in their “virtual” reality.

    • Ya , well I have two very liberal friends who kill elk with stick bows and pack them out 12 miles . They also of course kill tons of critters with rifles and also,own handguns . It’s largely a myth that the left doesn’t own guns or hunt .

      • And as your two buddies are dragging the elk out do they pass the time discussing how to disarm those stupid conservatives?

        Asking for a friend

  17. These anti-deplorables just did us a huge favor. One, they just confirmed the absolutely worst fears of what exactly the left REALLY WANTS to do to us. And two if they ever do get total gun confiscation passed, a whole lot of people on the right are going to show them in no uncertain terms that they are going to keep their AR-15’s and other military style firearms no matter what. And three, a whole lot of people on the right are going to start getting serious about combat training.

    • “…going to keep their AR-15’s and other military style firearms no matter what.”

      You, sir, just tipped your hand…

      • Do YOU use your real name??? How hard would it be to track ALL of US? This site has been “compromised” many times Matt Richardson…filled with trolls too. “They” commandeered my IP too…

        • No, I don’t. But I’m VERY easy to find if you’re so inclined… I’m not sure how that is at all relevant to what I posted, however. Maybe you should check my quote, his choice of words doesn’t fall in line with POTG….

          I haven’t posted in a year or two, but I’m not new or inconsistent. Rather than assume I’m saying or doing something untoward, just ask for clarification on my meaning next time.

        • Actually, now that I think on it. Mr. Chip Bennett has both my name AND home address. That’s how closely I hold my cards.

          Relax, dude. We’re not all trolls…

        • I didnt say YOU were a troll DUUUUUDE. I’ve been here some 6 or 7 years and yes I recognize your nom de plume. Chip uses his real name on YouTube which is his choice. Like “Rev” Paul McCain DID. HE is an idiot by any definition( he shows up on mrgunsngear). Chip seems to be a good guy but the virtue of TTAG is the supposed anonymity. We ALL tip our hand by being pro-2A…

  18. Liberal murder porn made by pathetic soy boys. When the civil war starts, we’ll see who does the hunting.

  19. Liberals Hunting? (LMAO) Wouldn’t that require toxic levels of masculinity? The only liberals with testosterone I am aware of are females…

  20. So, if we made a movie with Pelosi having a stake driving into her heart, we can market it as an updated Dracula movie?

  21. I don’t know.
    Given how weird (perverted) people(?) in holylalaland are, this could end up being a “reverse” Deliverance.
    Really, “elites” hunting? Going into the woods? With icky guns? Against “rednecks”?
    More like a comedy.
    They better make sure they use the bathroom before they go. There aren’t any toilets out there.

    • And they better be *very* careful as to what leaf they grab to ‘wipe’ with…

      *snicker* 😉

  22. When this night is over only one of us will say which of us the hunter which of us the prey.

  23. Remember the next time you want to go and spend 50 or 60 dollars taking your family to see a film making 4 or 5 people in hollywood millions of dollars and go do something else. If they hate us so, fuck them and the horse they rode in on. We don’t need them, they need us to keep up their outragious life style. Say no to them and keep your money in your pocket, n ot their’s. After all, they hate you if you believe their actions.

    • {Hollywood}

      “If they hate us so, fuck them and the horse they rode in on. We don’t need them,…”

      Oh *YES* we do need them, and we need them to keep on making movies just like they are now doing.

      Hollywood makes movies that make money, and the movies they make the *most* money on are action-adventure movies where the villains and heroes square off with each other and the hero usually wins.

      The heroes serve justice on the villains, and get the girls. Their biggest audience is 18-24 year-olds for those movies, and they are programming those kids to see guns as tools that can right wrongs.

      Spend some money on Hollywood, they are one of our biggest allies in preserving gun rights…

      • My guess is that at least one of the Deplorables survives and wins in the end. After all, it looks like the protagonist is one of the hunted…and they’ll all be using guns to do it.

      • and they are programming those kids to see guns as tools that can right wrongs.

        And then a couple of 20 somethings go out over the weekend and slaughter 33 people, put a shitload more in the hospital and disrupt the lives of hundreds of people../ Yeaaaa Hollywood..

  24. A movie about hunting us as sport is not an accident, it is a warning they want us heed and understand.

    Look at what they have done with accosting us in restaurants, with mobbing our homes making threats, assaulting people with a certain headgear. They don’t think they have got our attention yet, so they want us to know they will hunt us, whether like a sport hunt in the movie or metaphorically by outing us as something we are not. They are upping the stakes. We don’t have to wait for the next election, they are ramping up now.

    • “…it is a warning they want us heed and understand.”

      In that movie, at the end, the ‘Deplorables’ get the upper hand and get their revenge on the Leftists hunters.

      I’m cool with them seeing we win at the end of that movie. The ‘warning’ is actually to them that the ‘Deplorables’ will put a lot bigger fight than they think they will get… 🙂

  25. So……..The “deplorable” ends up turning the hunters into the hunted and picks them off one by one? What’s the problem?

    • Yeah, this is a tempest in a teapot, people are being snowflakes. Ice-T was the good guy when Rutger Hauer and Gary Busey hunted him.

      • I still say boycott holywood and their movies. They still use their position to try to influence other people and ever since Trump got elected the damn democrats and hllywood have been pissing me off. Let them feel some pain for being a bunch of jerks. I went from a sometime democrat supporter to a totally I hate the democrats in the past 2 and one half years.

    • How do you know that? The movie has hot been released yet.

      The man(James DeMonaco) making this film is the same man who made the Purge movies. If you are not familiar with the plots, that film series is heavily political and anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-Right, etc.

      No, it is far more likely this is another anti-Right movie.

      • Funny how that series of movies as well as that Us/Get out seem to have the opposite of the intended messages sent. Guess it comes from being tone deaf to normal Americans.

  26. I think a great many of the people who have posted to this article. Have missed the point. The purpose of this movie is two fold. Number one and most importantly…Make Money. As a residual effect. The purpose it to insight the very violence it portrays. Why would they wish this type of violence to occur. The more violence. Particularly gun violence opens the door for more gun legislation. Hollyweird always has a reason for what they do or portray and with the strong Anti 2A sentiment that is pervasive among those in control of Hollyweird. It fits with their agenda. They know full well that the chances of their 1st A right being challenged are unlikely. They can use these types of movies to advance that Anti 2A agenda. They may catch some heat in the beginning,but as they say there is no such thing as bad press… Only no press. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Stop going to see movies, keep your money. Do you know a better way to tell them where to go. I can live without a movie, sell food items and fuel oil to California at 1000 times the normal rate, kind of what thery have been doing to us for years with their movie prices. If they want to act like they are better than us lets put them in their place.

  27. A movie about people hunting other people for sport is a horrible idea. Doesn’t matter who is the predator and who is the prey, just a horrible idea.

  28. Not a big deal, Just be assured if this ever occurred for real, it would be exactly the opposite. What a joke, do you really think in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation, the liberal democrats would actually stand a chance? I prefer to live in the real world, facts matter.

    • I would hate for that to happen because they are still people, remember that. As for the hate, I blame the democrat party, not the people they are manipulating. The democrats are full of hate for anybody who gets in their way in seeking power and control. Remember, they sent tens of thousands of youg black men to the slaughter in Vietnam and told them afterwards how much they loved them. They are in league with the devil, don’t trust them.

      • Well said and thank you for your comment. But if somehow all the socialist/progressives were wiped out but some natural cosmic occurrence, wouldn’t that be GOOD for the ENVIRONMENT?

  29. This movie was heavily promoted during the most recent 2020 Democratic Party primary debates, produced and aired by CNN. They showed the trailer at least three times. I remember remarking thay they were heavily promoting some very violent The Most Dangerous Game/Battle Royale/Hunger Games knockoff and it seemed inappropriate for an event meant for the entire country and all ages to watch. Now that I know it’s a snuff film for bloodthirsty hate-filled black-hearted Democrats to cheer as some rich feminist puts her stiletto heel through a working-class redneck’s eye socket and declares the virtue of her cause because the poor man dared to voice his Christian opposition to unrestricted late-term abortion of healthy children who could easily survive if removed from the womb. Or maybe he just wanted to have firearms to protect his family from evil people who would do him harm (how silly!) Or he just song along to a rap song without censoring himself.

    In any case, it’s safe enough for the progressive ideologue to assume that this dead white man, like every white man who hasn’t castrated himself and is actively groveling at the feet of a black lesbian while begging for orders, is waging “war” on everyone who isn’t a straight Christian white man (“war on women”, etc.), so let’s murder him for entertainment without remorse. Democrat debates: now with interruptions to promote murder porn of conservative deplorable untermenschen. The only good Republican is a dead one. What a beautiful message of tolerance standing in the face of hatred. Remember not to hate kids, unless it’s that lowly caste of deplorable untouchables who are human scum. Don’t be a racist, unless it’s that subhuman race who should never be treated as equals and whose welfare should never be a concern.

    The leftist murderers probably get their comeuppance at the end of this movie as the price the movie plays for having them “go too far”, but it’s bullshit. It’s like an old gangster movie where the criminal glamorously lives like a king for two hours and ends up jailed in the last five minutes. They’re just covering their asses at the end, pretending that titillating the audience with a parade of sin wasn’t the entire point of the production.

    We shouldn’t be having an election where the people at that even have a chance to rule us. We are opposed cultures and should not be in a political union. Why would should we share a government with a group of people who openly fantasize about our extermination? We’re going to lose all representation and be controlled by tyrants if we keep down this road. Why don’t we simply exercise self-determination at state and local levels? I don’t need a federal government regulating my life.

  30. People were inspired and acted out violent acts from The Purge. They’ll do the same with this one as well, especially when given a moral cop-out (“they’re not really people, they’re deplorables, its ok”). The only difference is that I dont think it will be covered by the mainstream media.

  31. When this goes hot the mindless libtards will be very dangerous.let us load up with with some heavy-duty stuff and fire for effect

  32. The movie will probably do well. People like righteous violence movies where villains get whats coming to them. The only problem in this case is the choice and motivation of heroes and villains. This movie is just too honest in pointing out how Americans fear and hate each other.

  33. Richard Connell wrote a short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, a really clever title for it was about a man who captures men so he can hunt them, dangerous for the prey BUT dangerous for him because the prey , the ‘game’ wins. And the left accuses Trump of “inciting” violence.

  34. The 2012 movie “The Hunt” was quite good, about a teacher improperly accused of molesting a child, and the consequences of how we ask children leading questions and following that lead.

  35. Terribly unrealistic and unlikely. I mean really, how many liberals even know how to LOAD a gun much hunt anything!

    • Sooooo, you think the U.S. military is a CONSERVATIVES ONLY kind of club? Hell yes there is a considerable portion of the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist party that is well versed and trained in the function and use of firearms as well as the tactical requirements for deploying them…

  36. Assuming this movie does well it just might do more to tamp down the current gun confiscation threats than anything the gun rights movement could offer.

    PS I’ve watched both trailers.

  37. No, this movie is about the prey kicking the shit out of the hunters. If you think it’s a political statement about how “deplorables” should be killed off, you have it backwards. The trailer and the synopsis of the movie make it very clear it is the wealthy hunters who have bitten off more than they can chew and the poor folks they kidnapped who hand out bloody justice.

    Not that I’m going to bother with this movie.

    • James DeMonaco made the Purge films. I rather doubt if THE HUNT(2019) will have the “deplorables” being sympathetic characters.

    • I understand the plot, am literate, and don’t need an explanation. I won’t be wasting the time and money attending “The Hunt” either, but think it’s release at this time could be useful.

      My point is that winning many political arguments is all about winning over the middle. We know mass shootings weren’t a problem in the past when access to guns was much easier. I legally bought my first semi-automatic (22) handgun out of state in the 60s at 15. for example. Something must have changed.

      Promoters of this picture are known leftists and a plot like this illustrates the sort of sick and twisted products coming from the film industry. This I believe is one phenomenon in society today that can cause the disturbed and possibly drugged like the El Paso and Dayton shooters to commit mass murder. “The Hunt”, could serve to take some of the politically moderate’s attention from the inanimate objects and put it on one real cause, the entertainment industry influencing producing truly violent films that influence the vulnerable among us.

      I, personally, also think that wantonly violent video games and some over prescribed drugs also play a part.

      • People like violent video games and abuse prescription drugs so the media won’t tall about Laws or restrictions on either.

  38. I often wondered growing up how NAZI’s could bring themselves to kill and torture their fellow man… then I became politically “woke” to the reality of liberal violence. In their minds, its perfectly OK to rape, beat, kill, or assault anyone, ESPECIALLY MINORITIES, who doesn’t agree with their ideology-of-the-day. Then again, it WAS a Socialist Political movement that wanted to disarm its citizens. At the same time they want to disarm you, they also threaten you with violence. The entire democratic party is a party of violence which seeks to keep minorities “in their place”, which is dependent on handouts from their democratic leaders. Democrat politicians have held absolute power for decades in these cities- and minorities are no better off for their leadership. Certainly, that same leadership has prospered over the same time period!!!

    WHY SHOULDN’T a woman have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE how to defend herself from predators?

  39. If you can find a way to watch it,I recommend it. Think of it as things to come.

  40. The trailer makes it appear that the “deplorables” are the good guys and the “liberal elites” the monsters. If that’s true, then this is a cutting commentary on the current state of leftist thought, Antifa’s “punch anyone who disagrees with us” philosophy taken to an extreme.

  41. Go find the old social science fiction story “The 10’s club”. You can apply for a license to hunt other club members.

  42. This type movie was already done a lot of years ago. Watch “Surviving the Game” with Ice T, Rutger Hauer, and Charles Dutton.

  43. If the Left wants to keep ratcheting up this rhetoric of violence, so be it.

    But when it goes too far to cost some of them their lives, I won’t be hearing their cries.

    All I will say that I won’t feel sorry for the Left Elites who show up at the Premier of this disgusting movie,
    if it turns into a Shooting Gallery and the Blood of the Producers soaks the Red Carpet.

  44. A complete fantasy. They don’t want to mess with the right. They will push the cops in front of them and expect them it.

  45. Not that this is going to alter anyone’s knee-jerk reaction, but from what I have read about the film, the elites in this film are not liberal. They are stereotypes of greedy capitalists. If anyone wants to get mad about the film, that is where the liberal bias may lie.

    This is not a liberal fantasy. These elites are not Harvard SJW professors out to kill deplorables. They are obnoxiously wealthy people who want to kill people outright, now, instead of through raised insulin prices.

    We always talk about not trusting news that comes out immediately after a tragedy. Perhaps, we should wait until the movie is released to judge it.

    • Read more about the movie, and this time I read that the hunters were “liberal globalists.” I should have taken my own advice and not commented on something till I knew what I was talking about.

    • A movie about greedy capitalists murdering “deplorables” for fun, made by a group of GREEDY CAPITALISTS, fantasizing about killing deplorables? How refreshing.

  46. Give the R.I.N.O.’s along the DNC (aka, the establishment “crime family”) a chance to basically regulate the 2nd amendment out of existence; and yes – it will be life imitates art.

  47. Just read on the Blaze that the movie has been “PULLED” as in will not be released… Too many “butt hurt” Deplorables? More like too many pissed off Democratic Socialists concerned that their true agenda has been revealed prematurely causing great harm to their chances of taking complete control of the government in 2020…

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