Southern California Stabbing Deaths knife attack
Police work the scene of a stabbing in Santa Ana, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. A man killed multiple people and wounded others in a string of robberies and stabbings in California's Orange County before he was arrested, police said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)
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Another California mass murder. That’s two in less than two weeks. The motives in the latest crime appear to be “robbery, hate and homicide,” two of the same three motives that drove the Gilroy killer.

We know yesterday’s killer wasn’t crazy because all the smartest people have told us so . . . even though his attacks resulted in more deaths than in Gilroy.

But the political and media reaction is strangely different. We haven’t seen any pious elected officials take to social media to express their outrage and inveigh against the lack of meaningful knife control legislation in Congress. We probably shouldn’t expect to see a cable network schedule any town hall broadcasts to hold a national discussion about what this means either.

Exactly why that is — and the reasons for the disparity in media reaction between yesterday’s mass murder and the Gilroy attack — remains an impenetrable a mystery.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man “full of anger” stabbed, slashed and robbed his way across two Southern California cities in a bloody rampage that killed four people and wounded two others who were apparently targeted at random, authorities said.

The 33-year-old man from the city of Garden Grove robbed more than half a dozen businesses and killed two men at his own apartment complex during the two-hour wave of violence Wednesday, police said.

He was arrested as he walked out of a convenience store in the neighboring city Santa Ana, dropping a knife and a gun he had taken from a security guard he had just killed. Authorities did not immediately identify the suspect.

The violence appeared to be random and the only known motives seem to be “robbery, hate, homicide,” Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney told reporters.

“We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” Whitney said Wednesday.

The attacker and four of the victims were described as Hispanic, while two victims were described as Caucasian, police said in a statement. Initially, all had been described as Hispanic.

The two people who were wounded were listed in stable condition Wednesday night and were expected to survive.

Surveillance cameras caught some of the carnage.

“We have video showing him attacking these people and conducting these murders,” he said.

Whitney said the man lived in a Garden Grove apartment building where he stabbed two men during some kind of confrontation. One man died inside an apartment and another was found wounded on a balcony and died at a hospital.

Whitney said a bakery also was robbed.

The owner, who asked not to be identified, told KCAL-TV that she was charging her cellphone at about 4 p.m. when the man drove up and apparently mistook her for a customer.

“He went directly to the register and tried to open the register … he showed me a gun,” she said. He took all the money and fled.

“I think I was very lucky because he thought I was a customer, not the owner,” she said.

The man also robbed an insurance business, where a 54-year-old employee was stabbed several times and was expected to survive.

He was armed with “some sort of machete knives” when he confronted the woman, Whitney said.

The woman “was very brave,” Whitney said. “She fought as best she could.”

An alarm company saw the robbery on a live television feed and called police.

“They could see that the female victim was on the ground with blood and multiple injuries,” Whitney said.

The man fled with cash and also robbed a check-cashing business next door, the lieutenant said.

Shortly after 6 p.m., the attacker drove up to a Chevron station, where he attacked a man pumping gas “for no reason,” Whitney said. “There was no robbery.”

The man was stabbed in the back and “his nose was nearly severed off his face,” the lieutenant said. Bystanders rushed to help the man, he said.

Undercover detectives tracked the suspect’s silver Mercedes to the parking lot of the 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana and within a minute the man emerged from the store, carrying a large knife and a gun that he had cut from the belt of a security guard after stabbing him, Whitney said.

The man had followed the guard into the store and stabbed him several times during a confrontation, Whitney said.

Police ordered the man to drop his weapons and he complied and was arrested.

Police then learned that a male employee of a nearby Subway restaurant also had been fatally stabbed during a robbery, Whitney said.

The brutal and puzzling attack came just days after a pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio left 31 people dead and stunned the nation.

The shooter in El Paso, Texas, apparently posted an anti-immigrant screed before killing 22 people at a Walmart on Saturday. Less than a day later, a man opened fire on a Dayton, Ohio, entertainment district, killing nine people before police shot him dead.

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  1. fail security guard

    maybe he got ganked from behind? just benefit of the doubt though

    interested to see that part of the story develop

  2. It goes on to prove that cities and states with the strictest gun laws don’t stop killers from following the law.Until the family unit issue where the mother is both mother and father is resolved this type of activity will continue. In addition to this mental health should be addressed also.The knee jerk reaction of the left is always blame the gun and not the criminal.More gun laws are not the answer.They only demonize lawful gun owners and punish them.Also the gun free zone issue needs to be addressed.The killers do not respect them and this presents the perfect scenario to kill people in mass.

      • That’s exactly how they do it in England. District Commissioners get 6-figure bonuses for reporting year-on-year reductions in crime. They do that by making it difficult for people to report crime.

        • “They do that by making it difficult for people to report crime.”

          “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
          – S.Clemens

  3. must be a democrap no screaming rant about the killing, this is very typical of the media now . the perp looks hispanic or middle eastern. no body is talking so he isn’t white american..

    • Hank, I own 12-15 Randalls. Half dozen handmade knives by others and too many factory knives to count. Guess I’ll get get ready to register them so confiscation will be easier for the government when that day comes. Oh crap! I have another Randall and and another Behring on order. I better cancel those.

  4. I will bet $25 that in six months the state of California will start placing “voluntary knife turn in” boxes all across the state. Just like they have in the United Kingdom now. The state of Oregon or at least a city in Oregon similarly tried to pass such foolishness several years ago.

    I will donate the money to CalGuns.

  5. Nobody needs a knife, of any kind, period. Full stop. We used fingers before these dangerous weapons of war were invented.

    And forks are just tiny knives with a single handle.

      • “National call to ban knives and require all food to be mashed to the consistency of baby food, when? ”

        There ya’ go.

  6. Geeze, this perp goes and stabs/slashes up a bunch of folks in the Progressive Nirvanna of California just after Guv Cuomo signs a knife control law in the Progressive People’s Republic of New York. The nerve! Has he no respect for Progressives’ feelings?

    BTW, did the story say what kind of knife the perp used? Machete? Bowie knife?

    • “Unless he managed to kill four people at a single location they’ll label this a spree killing.”

      Wonder if he used a scary black knife?

      With a clipazine, and a thingy that goes up in the back.

  7. Dan, going off subject here. I haven’t seen anything from Possum in a while. If you have contact info how about check on him. See if he’s okay.

    • Water Walker, he stole the handgun from his last stabbing victim. A security guard in a convenience store. He walked out of the store and into several muzzles. He never had a chance to use the firearm. At least that’s my understanding of events.

    • I may have misread it, but I thought he surrended to police with the knife and gun after having just acquired the gun from his final victim, an armed security guard. He may just not have had a chance to use the gun yet before the police caught up with him?

    • Tuller Drill
      The knife beats the gun in the 21 foot rule. The average human with a knife can out run you drawing your holstered firearm, within 21 feet.

      • “The average human with a knife can out run you drawing your holstered firearm, within 21 feet.”

        If you see the attacker coming, falling to the ground while drawing creates a separation the attacker cannot counter.

  8. I like how the article breaks down everyone’s race. We need to know these things in post-1965, multicultural America.

      • I know it was spelled out in the article. 👍 Very helpful because this is a “normal” mass murder not a super evil white man mass murder. The article even mentions super evil white men murders even though they are completely unrelated. Just so we don’t forget about the evil white men and to show us that this wasn’t one. So that’s a huge relief. 🙄 <-rolling my eyes at the AP article not you, Gadsden.

  9. ANTIFA, Obama’s B””””. Go out and committ enough gun violence so the goverment can take our guns away. Don’t forget fast and furious Obama 101 version.

  10. This is the world anti-gun people are working tirelessly toward. No gun? No problemo…a knife, machette, axe or other edged weapon will do fine. In fact, it just happened in Garden Grove, CA. “The man who killed four people and wounded two others in random stabbings across two Southern California cities is a gang member with a violent criminal record who had served time in prison, authorities said Thursday…was free on bail for a charge that included carrying a concealed knife.”

    While no doubt fine people, anti-gunners give no thought to the insane, disturbed and just plain evil who are still out there after they disarm the non-violent, sane, law-abidding populus. How is it rational to think that approach will put a dent in violence? Do a search for “apartment building arson”. it’s happening now. Think Kyoto Animation Arson last month…35 dead, another 34 injured. How’s that gun ban working in Japan? Think rental van for plowing through crowds. Think car bomb. Think backpack bomb. Poison gas, black market guns, etc.

    If only guns had never been invented. Or swords, knives, axes, crossbows, bows and arrows, slings, spears, clubs, plastic explosives, ice picks, hammers, 12″ slotted screw drivers, pipe wrench, gasoline, matches, TNT, atom bombs, rockets, drones. But they were. Most people are very nice and friendly. We are perfectly safe, until we aren’t.

  11. The definition of “Dangerously Mentally Ill” requires correction. If someone is going to murder multiple people, they are defective of mind. Does not matter if they comprehend Right and Wrong, if they do or do not understand they are evil. The break from any recognizable moral code, the willingness, the desire to act on such thoughts should be enough to put such a person behind bars for life.

  12. The weapons grabbers just haven’t gotten down to the level of pushing mass hysteria over blade crimes like they have in the U.K. When firearms are gone they will push knife control because criminal murderers will use whatever is available.

  13. AG says he will seek the death penalty? Why bother, didn’t Gavin just call for a moratorium on the death penalty? Thought he said as long as he’s Gov no one will be put to death.. Anyway, look out gun owners, knife beats gun in the death of the armed security guard regardless of the circumstances just proves that guns don’t save lives and are absolutely useless and totally unnecessary in the hands of the general population.. (DISCLAIMER: those are NOT my thoughts, I am merely trying to “think” like a Liberal which just scared the shit out of me and I won’t try that again)… Anyway California will soon look like NY with their new “Ghost Knives” ban.. Good luck ya’ll on the left coast, we’re still pullin’ for ya’, we’re all in this together (I hope)….

  14. Guess it’s time toget outlaw sharp pointy objects now. Can’t have those evil sharp pointy knives jumping up out of the drawer hurting poor innocent people, can we?


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