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Hollywood has seemed incapable of much originality for, well, a decade or two now. The latest example: they’re going back for one more dip into the Terminator franchise trough with the sixth (?) installment of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic due for release in November.

But red flags are already waving prominently ahead of the Terminator re-boot. Terminator fans aren’t encouraged by what they call a ho-hum trailer and unimpressive CGI effects. Dark Fate’ release and the movie’s makers are blaming misogyny for the early criticism, not their own story choices.

Obviously, like most Terminator flicks, the movie will rely heavily on gunplay. Yet judging by the trailer and other promotional material so far, the film’s producers seem more interested in appealing to the “woke” social justice warriors of the world than getting the gun angle right.

Take, for instance, the promo photo above. Here it is in full resolution glory.

It depicts what appears to be a smoking, dystopian, apocalyptic hellscape. Yet the woman on the left — the new version of John Conner — wears…earrings. Because, you know, fashion. Carry a gun for survival? Nah.

And she doesn’t seem to have a single thing in the pockets of her cargo pants. Then again, none of them do. She does have brand-new creases in those cargos though! The GAP store must have been just outside the picture frame.

Then there’s the androgynous-looking soldier-from-the-future in the middle who must have spent a couple of months in the gym to prep for the role. Or maybe someone spent a few hours photoshopping.

Instead of carrying a gun, the current equivalent of Kyle Reese packs a clean length of rebar. If that was real 1 3/8″ rebar, it would weigh better than 20 pounds and have rust on it unless it just left the factory. Seriously, does a 20-pound, 4-foot stick of rebar make for a great weapon against a nearly indomitable terminator, even with the benefit of modern CGI?

We’ve saved the best for last. Sixty-two-year-old Linda Hamilton, the original bad-ass Sarah Connor, has that weathered, survivor look about her. And she’s obviously she followed Creepy Joe Biden’s advice to “buy a shotgun.”


Among other weapons, the heavily-armed Hamilton’s carrying a three-shot, short-barrelled shotgun with a pistol grip. As anyone who has fired a pistol-grip shotgun knows, they are about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist who’s fresh out of novocaine.

And ol’ Linda also sports some nice, bright and shiny 3-inch magnum 12 gauge reloads on that (brand new) thigh rig. I’m a 6′ 190-pound guy who can easily bench my weight, and the last time I shot a 3″ magnum out of my full-size Mossberg 590 I almost dropped the gun.

Firing a 3-inch magnum shell from a pistol-gripped shortie shotgun would probably wreck my wrist, assuming I could maintain my grip on the gun at all.  A 62-year-old actress? Yeah, right.

Unless she’s a body-builder or Crossfit trainer (and she does look ripped for her age), if she fired that combination at the shooting range she would scream like a schoolgirl. Meanwhile the gun would have a new set of scratches (character!) from skittering across the ground.

And her gear…have the producers of this move even seen Terminator 2? You’d think they would at least drag the props through the dust a little and roll her around on the ground to dirty things up a bit. Once again, Hamilton looks well-weathered, as she should. But her gear and clothes?  Not so much.  Not at all, in fact.  But when you care more about making your film “woke” than real or entertaining, maybe you don’t notice these things.

Into Hamilton’s new chest rig, they’ve stuffed a Chiappa revolver, a strong contender for the world’s ugliest revolver,  into a couple of loops. Why? Maybe because the “woke” don’t use modern, high-capacity semi-autos. Those are dangerous!

Or real holsters, for that matter. In a carbine class I attended way back when, Pat Rogers referred to inadvertently losing your gear on the range as feeding the range bunnies. And this non-holster carrying rig in which Hamilton packs her pistol doesn’t secure it.

That Chiappa would end up on the ground after anything more strenuous than a mild jog.  In fact, I’m not sure she could go to the bathroom without that revolver slipping out of that rig and feeding the range bunnies. That’s not a mistake the real Sarah Connor would make.

But then again, given how clean their clothes look, aside from the photoshopped dirt on the middle woman’s tank top, they clearly haven’t done anything exerting ahead of that photo shoot.

But the publicity photo serves as only the first red flag on this film. The maker says he’s making the flick for “the enlightened.”  His words, not mine.

As IndieWire makes clear, the industry press is trying to provide cover:

Tim Miller Says ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Will ‘Scare the F*ck’ Out of Misogynistic Internet Trolls

Major movie franchises such as “Ghostbusters” and “Star Wars” have been targeted by misogynistic internet trolls in recent years for prominently featuring female characters in leading roles. James Cameron’s “Terminator” franchise has long been dominated by one of cinema’s greatest female characters, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), and the upcoming reboot “Terminator: Dark Fate” triples down on leading women by casting Hamilton opposite Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes.

Trolls started bashing the film the minute Paramount debuted key art depicting all three women together. For director Tim Miller, that misogynistic backlash is meaningless.

Miller, who broke out in Hollywood after directing “Deadpool,” recently spoke with Variety ahead of bringing “Terminator: Dark Fate” to Comic-Con later this month. The filmmaker said Mackenzie’s cyborg character Grace will be enough to get misogynistic internet trolls shaking in their boots.

“If you’re at all enlightened, she’ll play like gangbusters. If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the f*ck out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine,” Miller said. “We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she’s just very strong, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early shit that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a f*ck.”

If the trailer and publicity shot coupled with promises to “scare the f*ck out of misogynistic Internet trolls” are any indicators, this get-woke “thriller”  is headed for the same, uh, dark fate as Lady Ghostbusters.

And will have nothing to do with misogyny.

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  1. The dude in the center looks like he really hit the soy. Nice to see that soy “milk” is still in great supply after the robot apocalypse.

    • HAHAHA that’s what I thought too! But how can something be sexist if it too feminine or not feminine enough if all of this is a social construct where Rambo could be a woman her-o too?????

      • Wow, the marketing on T6 is spot on as evidenced by how fast it bunched up pwrserge’s diapers. No less than six comments by pwrserge attempting to control the narrative. I cannot wait to walk by all the lawn chair protestors on the way to the theater. What do you think pwrserge’s sign would say? “Real men drink milk” perhaps?

        • It will say the same thing as all the other protestor signs: nothing. I don’t think anybody will show up for this movie. The target audience (liberals) don’t get excited about these types of movies and the people who will hate this movie (conservatives) don’t protest….. Liberals and conservatives do agree on something: they won’t waste time or money on this dumpster fire.

    • I thought the same thing in spades.

      Then I watched the trailer and realized that’s supposed to be a woman.

      • Turns out the actress is actually a reasonably good-looking woman with a tall and slender build. Looks like they’ve gone out of their way to make her look androgynous in this movie.

        I don’t really care about any of that, though. They can do whatever they want with their characters as long as they tell a good story along the way. But if they’re leading with wokeness in a movie in this genre, that’s not a good sign. This is a high-concept film franchise built on action and violence. Wokeness doesn’t work for post-apocalyptic time-traveling cyborgs.

    • Thought the same then checked and he is a she. Now wonder she doesn’t fit the part. Another screwed up rehash movie.

    • I don’t even know what the ‘center dude’ is. I thought it was a woman, then I realized she had no tits or at least VERY flat ones. Its male? seriously? My neutered dog looks more male than that.

      • The eye shadow makes it look female and I’m waiting for someone to prove to me she’s a he.

        • Jaw line screams female and there isn’t much in the way of those pants so yeah, Its gota be a woman.

    • First, why is a movie review on this site. Second, why do anyone of you give a shit about what looks to be a bad B movie?

      • Because it’s another theater in the culture war. AKA the Demokkkommies trying to destroy a superior American culture via propaganda and low key violence.

      • “First, why is a movie review on this site.”

        TTAG deals with guns and gun culture. A big part of the cultural war on guns is to “Know the enemy”.

        This pretty much falls int that. As for a gun review on the movie, TTAG’s Ralph usually supplies one, if he feels it’s worth wasting the 12 bucks on it.

        Besides, it’s *fun* to mock the stupid… 😉

        • A movie that shows how guns help keep the entire human race safe is not the enemy.

          Hollywood is the best thing the gun owning community has going for it. Always has been.

        • “Hollywood is the best thing the gun owning community has going for it. Always has been.”

          Oh, hell, yeah. Hollywood could have been a driving force in disarming America, but they love the money gun movies make for them to much…

        • “A movie that shows how guns help keep the entire human race safe is not the enemy.”

          If that’s what that particular photo is supposed to show, the producers have failed.
          A revolver (forget what model it is – it’s a revolver)? Seriously? A semi-auto pistol is a far better choice; more shots between much quicker reloads.
          A sawed off shotgun with a pistol grip? Is she trying to conceal it? If not, it’s a truly horrible choice, and not one Sarah Conner would make. (If some here don’t understand what I’m talking about, it was mentioned in the article and I’ll restate it here: A short-barrel shotgun with a pistol grip firing any full power shell is no fun to shoot. Realizing fun is not the primary purpose then we must look at why it’s not fun: It hurts.) If concealment is not the primary purpose of such a gun, then carrying it in an attempt to keep the human race safe is just stupid.
          No, the producers and the director are making a social justice statement (look at what the director said, and tell me I’m wrong), not an action movie.

        • JWT, slow down, here. Guns have *never* had any effect on the Terminator, leading me to think the movies are meant to teach us that a length of rebar is a better weapon than an M60.

    • Linda looks pretty good.

      I thought the other two should be in a trailer for the Twilight franchise.

    • I guess you’re only allowed to like movies with overtly political messaging or you’re “alt right.” What a joke.

  2. So he made this movie because online trolls offended him.

    Speaking of movies, I don’t think I’ve seen an actual good new movie in over a decade. I can’t remember the last time I saw a modern film and thought, “that was good.”

    • Remember when Inception won an Oscar, and the person presenting the award lauded it for actually having an “original idea”? Wonder why Disney doesn’t understand that concept. Here’s the list of live-action remakes either recently made or scheduled for future release within the next two years:

      Alice in Wonderland (failed to meet profit expectations)
      Beauty and the Beast
      Jungle Book
      Mary Poppins Returns
      Lion King
      Night on Bald Mountain (remake of Fantasia)
      Snow White
      Peter Pan
      Prince Charming
      Jungle Book 2
      Maleficent 2
      Chip n Dale (egad!)
      The Sword in the Stone
      Cruella (spinoff of 101 Dalmations)
      The Little Mermaid

      So where’s the final Tron movie in the originally planned trilogy? Tron: Legacy (2010) cost $200 million and raked in over $400 million, with the final scenes clearly setting up for the next film.

      And whatever happened to the tentative remake of The Black Hole that Disney was leaking at the same time Tron: Legacy was being released?

      • There was a remake of “True Grit”? What the hell for? If I wanted to watch it again, I would watch the original, unless the remake starred someone better than John Wayne, and there is no such thing. If you dare to disagree, then fill your hand, you sonofabitch!

      • Expendables…old familiar faces blowing shit up, Storyline: blah blah blah.. Bad guys! Shoot shoot shoot, We Win!…Beer…The end

      • The original Total Recall was my favorite movie in my teens. I don’t even remember what the new one was about. I guess a bad greedy corporation exploiting the poor. Like the new Magnificent Seven.

    • Oh I dont know about that, the 2014 Godzilla movie was good… he and 2 other monsters trashed SF. It’s good enough for me.

  3. Arnold smukenegger the socialists version of complete stupidity he parades around in ss black Nazi uniform and he’s an Austrian what a joke

    • I guess your point went over my head.
      Adolf Hitler was Austrian, and most Austrians welcomed the German takeover with open arms, but I’m sure you knew that already.

      • Point taken but he was the chancellor of Germany and that’s what the world remembers funny how the left aligns themselves with that loser while claiming the right are Nazis they need a whole new definition to the term stupid

  4. Everybody is complaining about the main characters being women. I don’t get it. They have Justin Bieber and Steven Tyler as 2 of the 3 main characters.

  5. Ugh. The last Terminator was a sin it was so horrible. There is no way I am going to pay money to see this snowflake-friendly version.

    Has Miller watched ANY of the Terminator series–especially 1 or 2?

    What a moron…..

    • T4 (with Christian Bale) had potential, but they messed it up with (1) turning Sam Worthington’s cyborg character into a sappy I’ll-sacrifice-myself-for-love mess and (2) hiring that B-rated actor to play the submarine captain. When the teaser trailers came out on Youtube and the Terminator motorcycles were zipping around the desert highways in the chase scene, I thought this might be a good thing. But the I watched the movie, and the cheeseball 1980s acting from the sub captain “sank my hopes”. (Ha! see what I did there?) The only satisfaction I got from his involvement was when the sub was all-blowed-up and sank to Davy Jones’ locker.

    • Yeah. I’ve noticed that movies from 20 years ago on, are actually pretty rough compared to new ones too. Despite modern movies trying to achieve the gore effect, older movies strike me as more realistic now. I guess back when you actually had to make an explosion, shoot a gun, and bleed fake blood, it will always look better then the current CGI shit.

  6. It’s a free-ish world. Dude can make any movie he wishes so long as he gets the financing.

    And we can stay away from it in droves. I decide where to spend my money( outside of taxes, of course).

    So go ahead Mr. Director, take a belligerent stance against your future movie goers. Cuss at folks for not seeing your ‘woke vision’. And when your career tanks cause the same folks you insulted stay home or spend their money elsewhere, well, have nice day.

    • You would think by now Hollywood would have learned to not take their audience for granted.

      We can vote with our dollars and choose to not see the movie, or wait until it appears in the bargain bin at your Kmart or Walmart

  7. I have little doubt this will be the worst movie in a franchise that never should have made it past movie number 2.

    • T2, the best of the franchise.

      Just like Aliens 2, the best of its own franchise. Just went downhill from there.

      • Correction: By name/number Aliens 2 would be Alien 3, since Aliens was the first sequel to Alien.
        Everybody knows Alien 3 was somewhat crap, whereas Aliens was amazing. Then again, Alien 3 was still better than Alien Resurrection (Alien 4) by a large margin, but not as good as Alien. And I don’t even want to get into those AvP, Promethius, Alien Covenant disasters…

        But yeah, stop trying to make Terminator movies “woke”. Terminators are ruthless killing machines who execute humans without regard to sex/gender. Their only use for any kind of apparent gender is to disguise themselves to better kill humans. The machines have no regard for biological or social constructs like sex or gender, respectively.

        • Alien 2 (ahem…Aliens…) was the best because it was all storyline and ACTION. Real action, with real props. CG has its place, but it’s usually way overused.

          I loved the style of the tank, and I really loved the belt-mounted SAWs. And what can ever top the end battle scene in the hangar between the alien queen and Ripley in the weapons loader?

        • “But yeah, stop trying to make Terminator movies “woke”.”

          Not gonna happen. They believe that’s what their audience wants, since that’s the way they believe everyone thinks like they do…

  8. “Tim Miller Says ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Will ‘Scare the F*ck’ Out of Misogynistic Internet Trolls”

    By “Internet trolls” Mr. Miller means investors, because these Tiny Latina, Gender Confused Creature, and Way Past Her Prime pretending to be badasses are not scary.

    • Well, while I generally agree with you (love the Gender Confused Creature moniker, btw), the fact that Linda Hamilton has a gun and can point it at an opponent is kinda the whole point the 2A community is trying to make every day, right? Even a 62-yr-old granny can hold off an attacker with a shottie.

      “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal”.

  9. Slow Clap.

    I guess if disliking shitty remakes makes me a misogynist then that’s what I’ll be, right along the majority of Americans who agree.

  10. You simply can’t make good movies anymore, at least not in Hollywood…maybe in Europe. Too much political correctness these days. Look at “The Bad News Bears” (1976), you’d never have kids smoking and cussing on screen today, its just an impossibility. You can’t even show Walt Disney smoking “Saving Mr. Banks” (2013) even though he smoked like a freight train in real life. Any Rambo/Terminator/Rocky/superhero crap is going to find our protagonist fighting racism, while promoting non-binary gender identities. That’s just the reality of Hollywood today. And if you think the John Wick movies are good, you’re a tasteless idiotic child.

    • i understand that the sheriff in the new season of “stranger things” is not allowed to smoke constantly as he did in the first series.

  11. Recycled garbage?
    Yeah, that applies to any Terminator movie made after the TV show.

    Victim of misogyny?
    No, more like victim of self inflicted wounds from openly declaring your disdain for your customers.
    Funny how your customers say eff you too, close their wallets and walk away when you do that.
    Kinda like when a politician calls voters deplorable and then blames them when they don’t vote for her.

  12. My $0.02 is that the screenings and focus groups aren’t going well, so they are trying to appeal to the SJW group by manufacturing outrage. I regularly visit places that like o get upset over stuff like this and have heard nothing prior to this article. They just need 10 million people or so to go see it without worrying about if it will be good. They’ll try to get that where they can.

    • That’s probably it. They weren’t getting enough attention and it was looking like this was a movie no one wanted to see, so they thought they’d wake up the slobbering progressive zombies.

  13. Who is going to storm theater’s to see THIS?!? Waiting for John Wick 3 on DVD😄😊😏 Got a totally unrelated question for the gun cognoscenti. Do you locktite your flash hider on your AR?!? Mine got very loose after my last shooting session. Yeah I hand tightened it…

    • that could work; enuf heat and blue may soften tho, use red at the risk of needing lots of heat wrench to remove. green?
      i would use a “dished” lock washer with the little ribs or splines on the surface (not internal or external “teeth”), or a wave washer.
      kind of a euro thing, you may have to approximate the i.d. from metric.

    • Use Rocksett – it’s a heat resistant, water soluble adhesive that some suppressor manufacturers even supply with their suppressor mounts. Locktite will soften; this stuff won’t

  14. Boch needs to man up when it comes to shotguns. Holy hell, my little sister hunts with 3-inch magnums.

    • I am “recoil sensitive”. I do have a race shotgun that I’ll pound ’em out at better than 3 per second and make hits, but that’s had a lot of work done to it including a muzzle brake and compensator.

  15. As a fan of the first 2 Terminator movies I am saddened to see this “franchise” go in the same direction as Star Wars The “Worst” Jedi. The way Hollywood is bending over backwards to insure the “enlightened” fandom is pleased is beyond nauseating. Mackenzie Davis is the perfect LGBT Terminator. A pumped up Ellen Degeneres with nicer hair. The use of a Hispanic actress to show racial diversity in these immigrant sensitive times is of paramount importance. And then there’s ageless Linda Hamilton. Oh well, you can’t have everything. No walls around this baby. And no semi-autos to boot.

  16. I’ll wait for it on Redbox. less than $2. If crappy, at least I had popcorn and a beer.
    The last movie that I thought was really great was “Master and Commander” w/Russel Crowe. With “Hacksaw Ridge” being a distant second.
    Did like “We were Soldiers”.
    After those 3 the rest are just Friday night time fillers for pizza, popcorn and beer.

    • If a (born female) tranny can look more masculine than Bowie to a sober male, she’s passed the Tranny Turing test with flying colors & deserves respect. You have no idea how much time and energy was spent, years of failed attempts and hundreds of prototypes, before the machines were able to accomplish such a feat. The T69 was the first such machine, dubbed The Trannynator.

      *LaFontaine voice-over (RIP)*

      “The Trannynator’s mission was simple; return to the past & seduce a desperately horny teenage John Connor at a weekend house party before revealing its male genitalia and turning him gay and/or suicidal, to prevent him from ever becoming confident enough to lead humanity in revolution against the machines….”

      • “The Trannynator’s mission was simple; return to the past & seduce a desperately horny teenage John Connor at a weekend house party before revealing its male genitalia and turning him gay and/or suicidal, to prevent him from ever becoming confident enough to lead humanity in revolution against the machines….”

        “Trannynator…” Bwahahahaha… Priceless!!!`

  17. That’s Sara Connor on the right. Who are the other two chicks? 😂🤣🤣😅🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  18. Tim Miller Says ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Will ‘Scare the F*ck’ Out of Misogynistic Internet Trolls

    I stopped watching the Terminator movies sometime before Christian Bale came around. I don’t see that streak changing anytime soon.

  19. Um, okay. I don’t usually come to TTAG for movie reviews. If you all start doing a clothes fashion column, I’m outa here.

  20. It’s a movie. That’s all it is. Stuff gets blowed up. There will be loud noises and at some point apparently planes fight each other. There’s several robot things and they get all shooty and stabby. I like shooty. I love stabby.
    So I’ll see it and likely have a good time.
    Maybe I’ll have some popcorn. Haven’t decided yet.

    • If that’s all it was I would be interested in watching it. (I’m generally a sucker for science fiction.) But this director has explicitly made a political activism Rorschach Test. Not interested.

  21. “Tim Miller Says ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Will ‘Scare the F*ck’ Out of Misogynistic Internet Trolls”

    Most normal people are not going to waste their money or time on this unless they go to see it out of ignorance. I probably won’t even waste the bandwidth on it, much less my time.

  22. Good article and good points. Hollywood pretends to be a mob of social justice warriors when really all they’re doing is pandering to the latest Liberal fad in order to make money and get popularity awards like Oscars. As for the “stars”, my wife (who loves to lift weights and shoot guns) took one look at the picture and said all three of them look like scrawny bimbos. I honestly thought the one in the middle was a skinny guy until I looked closer. Not a film we’ll be wasting any time or money seeing.

    • What’s a few million dollars down the tubes for a wasted political statement when there’s half a billion or so in profits from “The Avengers” to make up for it?
      As a kid I ate up Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles”. That was true SF.
      If they truly wanted a profit, Hollyweird would remove its head from its collective @$$ and do credibly believable adaptations of SF and stop half-assing their politically correct abominations being thrust on fans. One of the big reasons “Captain America” and “Winter Soldier” did so well was due to the excellent adaptations done from the original comics and decades of fandom from Normies who could identify with the plot and characters.

      • You do make a good point; Sci Fi specifically has been highly unprofitable, historically. Yet somehow Marvel stuff manages to completely thwart that stereotype, despite being totally Sci Fi, by being sufficiently mindless & forgettable as anything else. Iron Man original excluded, of course; that was truly a unique film at the time, with a ‘magnificent bastard’ anti-hero lead character with good comedic acting, that hadn’t been seen in theaters in quite some time (same went for Downey Jr.) –a real breath of fresh air from how we expected super heroes to act in movies at that time, not unlike Deadpool or Guardians some years later to break from the Marvel mold.

      • Did I really “miss” it? Or is it like the Matrix franchise that, when asked, I will insist is limited to a single movie?

    • I don’t care for theaters much either, to noisy and the seats suck. My wife likes going though, and we all know the old saying “happy wife, more guns for me”👍

      • Invest in a 4k 80″ LED TV hooked up to a computer with a good graphics card and sound setup. I did, my living room has a better sound system and better view than most theaters. I don’t go for 3D craziness because I needed corrective lenses when it first came out and after I got my eyes fixed, the novelty was non-existent.

        • Much agreement on 3D, with an exception for special cases, of which I have found exactly one. I saw “Jupiter Ascending” and a week later went back to see it in 3D, you could tell it was going to be fabulous to watch.

          But hey, answer a question for me! Won’t your rig work just fine for 3D? Seems like all you would need is the input.

          I’m waiting for my 70″ to die so I can replace it with a 4K 85″, except I saw an ad last week for an 8K QLED. Anybody know what that’s about?

        • To Larry:
          A 3-D tv is required to watch 3D content. And there is very little, if any, 8K content available to watch…and there likely won’t be during the set’s (planned obsolescence) lifetime.

        • Serge👍 done and done, mines a 70″ 4k with a bose sound bar. 10′ in front of the lazyboys, working in retail sucks but you come across killer deals sometimes.

  23. I guess if the future Skynet is woke, then it makes sense they’d send back somewhat androgynous terminators. Other than Arnold, the rest of the terminators weren’t all that muscular. That’s part of their presumed scariness – slightly built machines with Caterpillar like strength.

    Robert Patrick wasn’t exactly a muscle-bound bruiser – actually looked a bit effeminate, which made him pretty scary. Kristanna Loken was also an icy-cold killer, although she was definitely more feminine than the Dark Fate unit.

    • Woke tyrannical robot overlords is an even crappier dystopia than the freezer-bot from Logan’s Run.

    • Especially melty dude in T2; you just know that player swings AC & DC, metric & imperial. Probably even at the same time.

  24. John Wick is the exception. The rule in 2019 is Hollywood remakes terrible films. And destroys a great movie franchise, one after the other.

    I recommend two, I think are great gun play films. 1) Shoot ‘EM Up with Clive Owen, 2008.

    2) The Replacement Killers with Chow Yun Fat, 1997. This is a great all around film. The director Antoine Fuqua is the man!

  25. So I looked it up and read some about it. One of many:

    Don’t get what all this fuss is about. It’s a fantasy, it is not real, it is not supposed to be taken as real. Buy your ticket, some popcorn and a sody pop or smuggle in your own damned snacks and check brain at the door.

    The woman in the middle is not supposed to be a human. She’s supposed to be a human-machine hybrid. They found a tall, willowy woman with small breasts, 32 years of age. Well, I kinda’ like many female types meself, that’s just the flaming heterosexual in me I guess. By the way, she has appeared naked in some of her previous work, hot damn!

    As for the trolls the movie makers are talking about, yes that’s real. There are people on the internet who get all hot and bothered and go full tilt crazy on the keyboard for the silliest damned things. Without knowing a thing about a movie they will try and beat it to death before it is even made or released.

    Because it trips one of their snowflakey triggers.

    My advice is get a fucking life.

    • One of the best scenes in the original TERMINATOR featured Linda Hamilton’s breasts.

      • Yup. And in the second film that soft lady had gotten all worked up, fit as a fiddle and in fighting trim. A
        different sort of sexy, but wow!

  26. I once again offer OBLIVION as a great movie.

    This is the inspiration:

    Then out spake brave Horatius,
    The Captain of the gate:
    “To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late. 220
    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds
    For the ashes of his fathers
    And the temples of his gods,

    “And for the tender mother 225
    Who dandled him to rest,
    And for the wife who nurses
    His baby at her breast,
    And for the holy maidens
    Who feed the eternal flame,— 230
    To save them from false Sextus
    That wrought the deed of shame?

    “Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
    With all the speed ye may;
    I, with two more to help me, 235
    Will hold the foe in play.
    In yon strait path a thousand
    May well be stopped by three:
    Now who will stand on either hand,
    And keep the bridge with me?”

  27. People need to educate themselves about the last time Hollywood was “woke,” if they want to understand why movies are so terrible and devoid of creativity today. There was a time, starting around the start of Prohibition, that religious leadership figures gained influence in Hollywood & began a campaign of censorship & intimidation. During WWII, the movement metastasized into reinforcing patriotic ideals (such as worshiping FDR and federal officials), and along with the Red Scare paranoia, every movie studio with even a minor following was cowed into producing non-offensive, highly-idealized cornball Westerns, specifically engineered (per written criteria disseminated to studio heads) to reinforce respect for; the state, law enforcement, religious figures, and promote disdain for; foreigners, criminals/outlaws, and drug abuse. Anyone who defied these guidelines would see themselves shut out by every theater of consequence, along with investors, and go broke immediately. The end goal of today’s “woke” leftist Hollywood types.

    We all think of our parents’/grandparents’ movies as being lame, stilted, or corny…every bit of that is due to censorship. Go back to some of the earliest films from the roaring 20’s when censorship hadn’t yet gotten its hooks into everything, and you find objectively funny & provocative comedies, legitimately moving dramas, even inappropriate behavior/situations that’d make a modern person blush. It all got whitewashed into bland, featureless, identical crap for forty straight years, until indie studios (led by leftists) began breaking through the wall of shitty censorship to produce original, interesting, and even ‘shocking’ (by that time) films in the 1960s during a period of slacking movie business. Now that those leftists are old & dying off (De Niro typifies the generation) all these crotchety old commies are trying to cement an ideological ‘legacy’ by force, just like the old Catholic prudes in the 20s/30s trying to erect a system to keep sin out of movies.

    So just hold out; some brazenly offensive, new, awesome shit is just around the corner waiting for cinema to get so terrible that it can make a stupendous entrance, and we’ll never see it coming, and we’ll never forget it. It’ll be such a breath of fresh air, we’ll remember it for generations, just like Easy Rider & Clockwork Orange were for past eras. It’s a safe bet that Trannynator won’t be the one.

  28. It’s an interesting idea at least. To ignore the three films that came after those first two with Linda Hamilton and make this one as if the others never happened. So this is the third movie, picking up on her character later in life.

    So this is the list of Terminator movies:
    The Terminator (1984)
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
    Terminator Salvation (2009)
    Terminator Genisys (2015)
    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    But this is the order this latest one places itself in:
    The Terminator (1984)
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    This is the movie making business version of a do-over!

  29. Nevermind Hollywood drumming up controversy and publicity by amplifying the voices of a minority of actual misogynists out there making fools of themselves. You lost me with the first half of this post.

    Bitching about a 6-foot-tall robot chick wielding chunks of rebar that she can throw like javelins, or of Sarah Connor carrying a Super Shorty and a Rhino? What did you think of the trailer when she lets loose with an Origin-12 and a 30 round drum mag, shooting from the hip like Arnold did his 1887? It’s a movie about time travelling robot assasins! Have you ever heard of the Rule of Cool? This is nonsense.

    “Lady Ghostbusters” did indeed look awful from the jump of its trailer (one of the worst I’ve seen in 20 years), and delivered on those dire expectations with the full release of the movie. I thought this trailer looked pretty good. I don’t expect it to be a real return to T2-form, but I plan to catch it at my local Drafthouse in November.

  30. Decades ago women started becoming the lead in comics and sci-fi books. More often then not it was written by male authors. New twist on old plots. OK, if that floats your boat. On the other hand, sci-fi movies main audiences are males. This is why Star Wars is dead for a lot of fans. It looks like Terminator is steering to a female and beta male audience as well. Good luck Hollywood. I wont be watching this movie either.

  31. Even before I heard a single word of the “wokeness” of this movie, when all I saw was just the initial trailer, I thought “Another f*cking Terminator? This looks like it’ll be sh*tty just like the last one.” They should have stopped after the second.

  32. Thought after the Ghost Buster reboot fiasco they might learn not screw with a classic movie.

  33. I wish i could direct the (real) third terminator. A true fan could direct such a great sequel within the excellent terminator universe.

  34. Ahh, I dream of the good old days when TTAG was about guns and shooting before it became a debating society over totally unrelated and irrelevant issues. Oh well, maybe someday.

    • Too funny, and the no-lifers here talk about 5.11 clothing like women discussing their outfits(not PC, sorry), and then complain when I or anyone points out the state is removing their rights at an alarming rate when it comes to other individual rights.

  35. Terminator, humans are not far from creating robot warriors and I wonder what War will be like without the human factor?

  36. Do they make movies for entertainment, or just to “scare” people they don’t like? Do I watch movies to be entertained, or to undergo self-inflicted SJW indoctrination? This doesn’t seem like a movie I’ll pay to see. I have nothing against female leads, but I won’t pay for a movie that does it just to thumb noses at “the bad people.”

    Hollywood keeps doing this to us, though, so it must be profitable.

    • I know quite a few teenage boys that wanted to “boink” that grandpa back in the day.

  37. The sad thing here is the Terminator franchise already has an ass-kicking female lead in Sarah Connor and somehow there weren’t misogynistic trolls out trashing those movies. We had an action movie with a strong female protagonist that people could point to and actually enjoy the movie without being beat over the head with gender politics. Even if that was a behind the scenes goal of one and two, it was executed with enough skill as to not take attention away from the franchise.

    Even better, the director is already setting expectations. When this movie tanks– and it will tank because it will blatantly insult the viewer by pushing this gender bullshit –Timmy will point back and blame it all on a minority closet misogynists internet trolls, while Hollywood ignores this trend of failure.

    There’s a difference between directors who can actually make movies and those who are political gender hustlers. A real director sets out to make the story as their primary goal. The political gender hustler uses the movie as an excuse to push their narrative to the forefront whether the audience will like it or not.

  38. Based on that promo photo, the movie should be called Terminator: Rise of the Trannies. Seriously, we’ve got a Latino ladyboy, an androgynous cyborg, and Dude Looks Like a Lady. WTF.

  39. Hello everyone. For me, this part of the Terminator was the most disastrous of all. As for me, this film does not deserve the name Terminator. Although if you look, then after the second part, there is no good from the films shot! And I agree with the author of this Recycled Garbage. You need to make better films and then the fans will be happy.

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