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Listen carefully…that sound you hear is Universal Studios flushing tens of millions of dollars down the toilet. Bowing to outrage over the upcoming movie ‘The Hunt’ that featured liberal elites hunting red state “deplorables” Most Dangerous Game-style, Universal has pulled the release of the film that was slated for next month.

Here’s the announcement from the left-leaning Hollywood Reporter.

Universal has decided to scrap the release of The Hunt — an R-rated satire in which elites hunt “deplorables” for sport — following a series of mass shootings across the country. The film had been set to hit theaters on Sept. 27.

The studio’s Saturday announcement came a day after President Donald Trump took aim at the film — though he didn’t name its title — and Hollywood, saying on Twitter, “Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and Hate! They like to call themselves “Elite,” but they are not Elite. In fact, it is often the people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming out is made in order to inflame and cause chaos. They create their own violence, and then try to blame others. They are the true Racists, and are very bad for our Country!”

Even before Trump weighed in, the movie sparked an outcry on social media amid the public anger over gun violence and networks entered into the conversation when ESPN pulled an ad for the film that it had previously cleared. Subsequently, Universal pulled all spots.

“The Hunt” is was a project of Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, producer of The Purge series of films. Blum has a long, well-documented, chronic history of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So Universal bowed to the growing pressure and cancelled the release yesterday, probably hoping few would notice. Sorry. Too late.

Here’s the official studio statement deep-sixing the movie via the Hollywood Reporter:

“While Universal Pictures had already paused the marketing campaign for The Hunt, after thoughtful consideration, the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film,” the studio said in Saturday’s statement. “We stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film.”

It’s hard to ignore the hypocrisy and disingenuousness in that statement. Obviously we aren’t privileged to know who at Universal thought green-lighting this $18.2 million low-budget production was a good idea. Perhaps TDS has infected many, if not most at Universal.

Or…is pulling the movie an admission of a mistake? A mistake that would have portrayed the hunted deplorables as heroes and protagonists? Could ‘The Hunt’ have been the biggest advertisement for civilian gun ownership ever?

We may never know. While Universal claims Blum’s movie was just a “satirical social thriller,” the hard-left doesn’t do satire. They act out their fantasies. See: Kathy Griffin.

Or, more ominously, other names that the mainstream media and Democrat politicians would rather Americans to never hear again. Names like Gavin Long. Micah Johnson. James Hodgkinson. Frederick Scott. Emanuel Samson.

So good riddance to ‘The Hunt,’ which should never have made it past the first pitch meeting at Universal. Or anywhere else.


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  1. The left is already in a bad light. I think the only reason they’re scrapping it is to try to save themselves. Believe me, if the tables were turned, they’d be screaming bloody murder and pointing fingers. They’re experts at playing the victim card.

    • It’s the same deal for both political factions or any political faction in history. Every last one of them plays the victim card against their opposition. Dems and Reps and Cons and Libs are no different.

      • – says a communist eunuch. Typical, when a democrat(aka socialist) is caught with pants down he always talks about how there is no difference between dems and reps. In reality there is a big difference – one is evil, the other is a stupid coward.

        • “– says a communist eunuch.”

          Lots of direct, personal experience with that, eh, ‘vlad’?

          It kinda “takes one to know one”…

          *snicker* 😉

        • Hello, Vlad/Pg1.5. I’m back. I checked in to see if you’re the real Vlad (the competent, coherent one), but sadly it’s not.

        • McG, Vlad the Imposter just says things that are vaguely reasonable to attempt to retain some credibility. Yeah, that’s going to happen. Vlad, what you hear is everyone laughing at your impotence. Or, is your ignorance? Well, there is your imbilicity. Hey, I think I just coined a new “I” word to describe you.

      • Same political parties? I don’t think so. When the right does something bad, all the media jump all over them, including FOX. When the left does it, we hear “Well, the right does it, too”. That’s what your kid says to you when he’s caught. “Well, Billy’s did it too.” Shooting people for sport? Who thought that was a good idea? That’s what the Tsars did in Russia. This can’t get any stupider.

    • So the 18+ million dollar$ could have better been dedicated to the homeless infecting San Francisco or San Diego or many other localities — but try to tell the HollyWood socialists THAT!

    • Admit guys, we’ve been hunting Progressive/Liberal/Socialists for years.
      They are called Zombies. Mindless, soulless. They only consume.
      Head shots only..

    • Admit guys, we’ve been hunting Progressive/Liberal/Socialists for years.
      They are called Zombies. Mindless, soulless. They only consume.
      Head shots only..

    • For those that don’t know. This is a regular theme in hollywood film and TV history. Which is based on a real serial killer in Alaska who kidnapped and hunted women. This was discussed recently on the Glenn Beck podcast. What timing!

      “Hansen abducted, raped, and murdered at least 17 women in and around Anchorage, Alaska; he hunted many of them down in the wilderness with a Ruger Mini-14 and a knife.”

      Or those that are fans of Jean-Claude van Damme might remember the 1983 film “Hard Target”.
      When Liberals who don’t know anything about guns, they pay a business man who arranges “hunts” for them. They hunt ex military men. Liberals hate the military so it makes since.
      This was as a great movie. I like Van Damme flicks. Most of them are very good.

  2. Oh, I don’t know. I think it would have been a hell of a comedy watching all those tough, hardass progresives go into the wood after cousin Bubba.

      • If Bubba were out in the woods without a gun, it wouldn’t take him long to relieve a progressive of his. Then, the hunters would become the hunted. That would be entertaining. It’s always satisfying to see victims turn the tables on their tormentors. Maybe, we’ll get to see the movie on YouTube.

        • Relieving someone of their gun, barehanded without getting shot? The “A peasant like you can’t carry a weapon because it’ll be taken from you” myth infected this crowd, it seems.

      • And from the clips I saw they were manacled and gaged. The side that decries violence , all the while incites. Can’t trust a socialist.

    • I have an idea! If it’s ever released let’s us deplorables go to the theater. En Masse. And armed. See if the left elete want to start the hunt then and there. No? Then sit down and shut up!

  3. It’s a shame they canceled it, but I’ll see it eventually. Censorship as a result of public outrage is some Australian level bullshit. Jason Blum makes good horror movies, regardless of his pilitical beliefs.

    • Don’t play loose with the language. “Censorship” means government imposed modification or suppression of ideas in speech or various forms of media. True, it can mean anyone suppressing such for their own purposes, but that is really so loose a use as to be virtually useless and indistinguishable from irrelevance. For example, had the movie script been pitched to studio execs and rejected, nobody would call that censorship. In that context, it would just be referred to as a business decision because it is their own potential speech.

      Censorship really is only a potent term when it describes government suppression of speech through force or its threat. That isn’t the case here. So that word really isn’t appropriate to describe this situation. Using it loosely conjures up its more powerful, but inapplicable, meaning in this case; which is misleading and wrong.

      • Government censorship is always an issue and usually wrong, but I don’t see that what Google and Fakebook are doing is any more palatable. It is indeed censorship by any definition.

        • It certainly is, and anyway, who believes Facebook and Google aren’t intelligence operations, i.e., government?

        • It is even less palatable when you learn Google and Facebook were built using American taxpayer funds. Both through DARPA and IN-Q-TEl, the CIA’s hedge fund. Not to mention “Lifelog” and the timing of its demise with the launch of Facebook

      • Nah, censorship is censorship. The only part that really needs the government is when someone tries to bring the 1st Amendment into the picture for the issue.

        • Agree 100%. Right after I heard Obama use the phrase “Fake News” in a speech I took to social media with the warning that this was a back door to get corporations to censor speech for them. Now almost four years later and everyone is getting de-platformed or demonetized.

    • Stuff like “the hunt” goes down almost every night in the role play corners of the internet, likely with a better story too. Not missing anything.

  4. A few years back, I think it was Sony that suffered a data breach that resulted in movies not-yet-released to be leaked by the movie pirate ‘release scene’, causing some heavy losses for Sony pictures.

    Meaning, the movie companies nowadays have tightened up their digital security and we may never get to see a ‘pirated’ copy of this one.

    Or, maybe we will…?

    • Aren’t most acts of “hacking” not the result of elegant and ingenious coding and code breaking from outsiders afar, but rather just someone writing their password on a Post-it note stuck to their monitor, or someone with legitimate access leaking files intentionally, and so forth?

      I bet this movie will find its way to the dark web or wherever in not too long and without the aid of North Korean state cyber warfare agent involvement. Look for it to be posted on Belarusian movie sites available for download for 99 cents in time for Christmas.

      • Laziness is a biggie, and someone inside might want it out there.

        Now that it is official “Forbidden Fruit”, someone inside may have motivation to leak it.

        Who knows?

    • It will be appearing on DVD ahead of schedule. Typically this type of movie makes most revenue in the home media market.

  5. Damn, I wanted to see it, looked entertaining. Who cares if this director has TDS, and this really is his fantasy acted out. Looks like a good gory movie. Lighten up people.

  6. Well, Blumhouse and their “The Purge” movies are crap for idiots. However …

    I don’t see why people are upset with this movie. At least, why those “Deplorables” are upset. If you watch the trailer or read the reviews it is the exact opposite of what gets people so upset. The “Deplorables” turn the game around and slaughter the “Elites”.

    Why don’t you want to see that?

    • Because if it were Muslims or Blacks being hunted, no matter the outcome, there would be such a outcry as to drown every other issue the county faces out.

      • That already happened and made huge profits. “The Purge” film series is elites hunting the lower rungs of society, for the most part.

        Blumhouse is the film company and this is the moneymaking formula they came up with six years ago. People hunting people, just put it into a political framework somehow and sell it as a horror movie. This “The Hunt” movie is not their first, it’s their fifth to work this idea for profit. Plus a TV series. Plus plans for two more “Purge” themed movies.

        It isn’t about our politics or their politics. It is about making money. Enough people will pay to see this shit, it’s as simple as that.

        • “..The Purge” film series is elites hunting the lower rungs of society, for the most part…”

          For the most part…interesting. from IMDB..In an America wracked by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government has sanctioned an annual 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity-including murder-becomes legal. The police can’t be called. Hospitals suspend help. It’s one night when the citizenry regulates itself without thought of punishment.

          vs “The Hunt” illegally capturing those of a certain social-economic, geographical stereotype that the “elite rich people” hate and hunting them as one might hunt any game animal.

          Bit of a difference here. Again, Did you see any Black people in the trailer? Those that follow Islam?

          I have it! How about a movie that tells the story of cute suburban Japanese females from California being taken prisoner, hunted in a preserve and raped upon capture all in HD.

          Because you know…..”Enough people will pay to see this shit, it’s as simple as that…”

        • @manse jolly, I recommend you watch the Japanese version of “Battle Royale” Its what the damn hunger games should have been.

    • Because that would mean I engage in the same violent fantasies as the left does. OOPS, looks like you might have revealed more about yourself than you’d care to!

  7. I suspect this was never intended for release. I suspect it was never anything more than a trailer and press release designed to cause outrage and (more importantly) distraction when it was needed politically… like the ongoing trial and “suicide” of a major Democrat doner believed to have an island full of underage sex slaves he hosted major Democrats at.

    • I dunno, I kinda like seeing Sam Jackson be killed for being a ‘house slave’.

      (Sam Jackson in ‘Pulp Fiction’ made me a fan for life…)

    • It is not murder to fight your way out of slavery. But as you’ve made statements denying the holocaust I can see where you’re coming from.

      If it is murder to fight your way out of slavery we should all turn our guns in now before the dems get DC again. We wouldn’t want you to judge us as murderers.

    • Dude what?

      “Django” was an awesome movie. Tons of good actors. If you took that movie to be serious or got butthurt then you have problems.

      Next u gonna criticize “12 years a slave”? Cuz that movie was epic too.

  8. This is just right-wing SJW outrage style cancel culture. It’s a movie, let it be and judge it after you see it. It would very much appear that at least some of the Deplorables are the good guys and all of the Liberal elite are bad guys.

    • This. I expected to find out that all of the horrible stereotypes were there, but in the end the hunters would have to be portrayed as misguided at the absolute best. I think this movie, minus the stereotypes, could have actually been a bit of a win for us. Either way it should have been released. Put it all on the table and let the market decide what’s marketable, which in a capitalist society is the only thing that really should matter for goods/services – especially ones as silly as movies.

    • Agreed. I’m a bit embarrassed that “my tribe” got their panties in a twist about a movie that wasn’t actually released yet and portrayed liberal elites in a negative light. The right leaning media pushed the “liberals hunting deplorables” outrage and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

      Based on the trailer alone, it was clear that the average person viewing the movie would be more likely to identify with the ‘deplorable’ characters than the elites running the hunts. Everyone typically likes to cheer for an underdog, and the trailer hinted that the hunted would indeed become the hunters in this movie. Plus, exactly which group of current US citizens would be cheering for some wealthy elites who want to hunt people? The ‘deplorables’ of the country obviously wouldn’t, and I’m pretty sure the Bernie supporters from 2016 wouldn’t either.

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this movie could have been entertaining and prompted some interesting societal discussions about how we treat each other and the RKBA.

  9. I’d remake the movie to reflect what reality would be currently; Poorly trained Liberal elites go on an armed hunt for Deplorables and encounter a heavily-armed and well trained front line of militiamen…

  10. I actually wanted it to come out. Still do.

    This merely reinforces what we all know.

    What we really need to do is stop paying to see their crap films and put our entertainment dollars elsewhere.

  11. Pretty hilarious how the leftist media is spinning this as a reaction to mass shootings, and not a consequence of the massive backlash by centrists and conservatives who don’t appreciate the fantasy of rich big-city liberals murdering them for sport.

    • I think you mean conservative snowflakes who shut down a movie because they were “offended.” I guess they got their safe space.

  12. “Could ‘The Hunt’ have been the biggest advertisement for civilian gun ownership ever?”

    Not a chance. Even if the “deplorables” were somehow portrayed sympathetically, the movie would still be doing nothing more than exacerbating political anger and tension.

  13. I am sure the Far Right is disappointed they will not be able to see the film so they can fuel their own paranoia in regards to the Film Industry and their paranoia about the Far Left.

    I might say the Left is not disappointed as most are to highly educated to waste their time seeing a trash film anyway. It was a low budget film that only cost 15 million to make anyway but it would have been a big hit with the outhouse gang. It was a simpleton movie for simpletons which is the type of movie that is on the intellectual plane of the Far Right.

    Rumor is that it will be released later for streaming after all the screaming Fake 45 did about the movie dies down and fades away.

    All this fits right in with Trumps and the Republicans propaganda that films and video games cause people to commit mass murder. Strange that Japan that has probably more video game junkies than any other country also has very few mass murders and none by gunfire. Could it be because of their strict gun laws???? (hint)

    • No, ‘vlad’, it has to do with Japanese *culture*.

      Culture, it’s the one thing you will never have, and never will… 😉

      • Clue. Let’s not forget a Clue. Something else he has not got and appears as if he never will have.

        Still, he’s good for comic relief.

    • Could it be that the Japanese have been subservient to one government or another for centuries? Also, take a look at their conviction rate for criminal offenses. A trial is usually just for show!

      • Most convictions are from “confessions” and the Japanese police can detain suspects indefinitely until they confess.

      • quote———————Could it be that the Japanese have been subservient to one government or another for centuries? Also, take a look at their conviction rate for criminal offenses. A trial is usually just for show!—————–quote

        Like most Right Wingers you never watch foreign TV because you fear to face the truth and the comparisons with foreign nations which often prove they have a better life than most American citizens for a variety of reasons both in regards to less crime, more social programs and more affordable education. Your a very ignorant man. Japan has so severe a penalties for crimes with guns that the Japanese Mafia rarely uses its own guns. They have stated such in interviews and the stats bear out the truth of their statement. And there laws are enforced they are not just for show. Again the most violent of Japanese gangs, the Japanese Mafia fears Japanese gun laws.

        And no the Japanese have not been subservient to foreign nations for centuries. Try looking up some Japanese history before making a complete fool of yourself.

        • I suggest you go to Japan, commit a felony, and then report back to us how it all went Vlad.

  14. MEH…they’ll just do a write-off and claim evil republicans did ’em in. Honestly there’s so much crap that passes for “entertainment” who cares? I do love the fantasy that’s soy boy’s and shrill woke chicks could mount an attack on heavily armed hillbillies😄

  15. Isn’t the thought of a bunch of liberals knowing anything about hunting or using guns a total fantasy to start with?

  16. Jaysus, I can hear the screaming for blood we’d hear had it been Conservatives hunting Libturds (a more feasible scenario than Dum Blum’s) in a movie. There’d be a multiple scenes of collective apoplexy going on around the country. What a collection of tools Hollywood is

  17. A funnier comedy would have been a bunch of Republicans luring Democrats to the woods for a retreat and then hunting them. The Democrat victims would have argued about gender pronouns and screamed “Dial 911!” after being shot. Of course, the plot twist would be some vegan having military experience (“I love my country even though we’re all different.”) and eventually killing all the Republicans.

  18. The film will be “leaked” and become a “underground cult classic” before long.

    As stated, it will also become the classic portrayal of the need to own and be trained in the use of firearms.

    Blaming our destiny on a movie is ridiculous even though Hilary tried it after Benghazi.

  19. Universal studios will never get another dime of my money. I refuse to give good money to idiots that want to destroy our country.

  20. And whose death would you have called for if someone made a movie like this Barry and his wife??? Hypocrite is not the word for what you people would have done in that situation. That jackass took the middle name Hussein because he knew how it would affect people. That made him a jackass squared. And what the hell does the title of Michelle’s book “Becoming” mean? The idea of that movie is as stupid as Goebbels asinine attempt at remaking the “Titanic” an anti-English money grubbing propaganda piece of monumental failure. He spent enough to finance a division.

  21. If you read Universal’s statement they actually say that the time to release it isn’t now, not that they aren’t going to release it at all.

  22. It’s from the guy who made the purge movies. Nuff said. I saw the first one. Cringe worthy. I don’t need to watch the rest of his shit to judge what his intentions are. “Common sense” ….amiright

    Just sad to see these far left idiots act like that shit is how a society should function after all our history.

  23. It’s disgusting that the project got as far as it did. To fund, write and produce such a film shows the depravity of the Hollywood crowd.

  24. Watch the black market if you’re interested in the movie still. The “pre-release” screenings are still out there in number. The will be distributed accordingly among the despicables. When a friend was in SAG, we would get pre screenings all the time of upcoming movies set for release.

  25. Leftards really should think about what they are asking for because they under estimate how that movie would play out without the Hollywierd ending.

  26. I question the judgement of the producers and actors of this movie.

    Don’t they know that someone, especially a REAL psycho gun nut would take serious
    offense at this movie and made a literal blood bath of the premier?

    Are they that stupid?

    There ain’t enough security to protect them from someone with enough rage.

    You talk about a RED CARPET.
    Now I am not saying that all gun owners are crazy.
    Most gun owners are good, sane law-abiding people.

    But THEIR ARE crazy nuts out there who just like guns, too.

    And I KNOW one of those guys would have magically popped out the woodwork
    to decorate the walls and the red carpet with the producers blood.


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