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This week’s winner will get a free download of the incredibly handy¬†FirearmSafe¬†iPhone app via iTunes, courtesy of Bob Reck, the wizard behind the program.

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  1. “and this little number fires either .9mm bullets or 40 mm grenades, Mr Bond. Just remember not to pick your nose.”

  2. Sadly little Suzie’s new prosthetic finger resulted in her being suspended from her elementary school when she pointed it at another student and said “pow”.

  3. In other news, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership went into collective apoplexy when they saw this picture.

  4. I don’t trust anything that has a lower case “i” preceding the name of the product.

  5. ‘Ah, yes… the ol’ gun in the fake finger trick. That’s the second time I fell for it this week.”

  6. While functional, the engineers have upgraded this prototype to the production version, featuring a relocation of the weapon from the index to the second finger.
    Not only is this a more stable platform, it also pays tribute to the second amendment, while sending a clear message to short rich guys named Bloomberg.

  7. Once we are done with this, I want sharks with fricken laser beams attached to their head.

  8. Julie wished she had gone for the knuckle BUIS option, as her thumb was an absolute b!tch to adjust for windage and elevation.

  9. And for your prostate exam Mr Bond, I will use 2 fingers in case I need a second opinion.

  10. Built in my bedroom with my new 3D printer, tomorrow I’ll make breasts that disperse teargas.

    • this pic reminded me of the Japanese movie “yakuza weapon” ( i think) the dudes arm was a minigun, and there was a chick whose vag was a rocket launcher. that should have been the photo to caption.

  11. I’m sad really. If you are advanced enough to have a cyborg gun-in-finger, you’d think you’d have all the software you would need to aim without a front site. But no, we spent too much money on the gun and not enough on the software.

    Turns out 2113 isn’t that much different from 2013.

  12. *45 minutes later*

    CSI: Yes sir, she tested positive for GSR.

    Officer: OK Kid, What did you do with the gun?

    Kid: What gun? Do you see a gun around here?

    Officer: *yelling over his shoulder* OK everyone, canvas the area. It’s around here somewhere.

  13. I know what you’re thinking. Does this finger hold 5 or 6? Frankly I lost count myself. So you have you ask yourself, ‘ya feeling lucky punk?’ So do you?

  14. “Per our NO VIOLENCE/BULLYING policy I’m afraid liitle Johny will be suspended! And if he’d used the other finger he would REALLY be in trouble!!”

  15. “Now if I could only find a fellow lesbian whose vagina is also a gun . . . .”

  16. 1. The sequel to “Edward Scissorhands”, “Regina Pistolfinger”, never quite developed the same cult following.

    2. Mr. & Mrs. Gadget’s goth teen was the envy of all the other goth teens at her school.

  17. The all-new Protectron 2000: concealed weapons are best as to not let the world know how much of a hypocrite you are as you rid the world of guns, until you are under threat.

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