Beto O'Rourke
Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke (AP Photo/LM Otero)
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“The comment about guns is going to be his biggest problem,” said Holly Gage, 40, who arrived at the Tyler park early with her family. “My husband is on the fence. It’s due to the gun thing.”

“Texas,” added her mother, Sheila Thrash, 63, “believes in its guns.”

Mr. O’Rourke’s presidential campaign shadows his run for governor, complicating his effort to present himself as a pragmatic, there-for-you Texan who embraces responsible gun ownership and wants to win over moderate voters. His 2020 campaign remarks have figured prominently in attacks by Mr. Abbott and are familiar to many voters in a state where Democrats also proudly own guns. Mr. O’Rourke counts himself among their number — he and his wife own firearms, his campaign said — and he appears well aware of the liability.

“I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone,” Mr. O’Rourke said during a news conference in Tyler, in response to questions from The New York Times. “What I want to make sure we do is defend the Second Amendment.”

Later in a telephone interview, he said he did not regret any policy positions he took while running for president and denied that he was walking back his comments about assault weapons. He said that as governor, he would push for universal background checks and requirements for the safe storage of firearms.

“I don’t think that we should have AR-15s and AK-47s on the streets of this state — I have seen what they do to my fellow Texans in El Paso in 2019,” he said, referring to a gunman who killed 23 people at a Walmart in the deadliest anti-Latino attack in modern American history. “I haven’t changed a thing about that. I’m just telling you I’m going to focus on what I can actually do as governor and where the common ground is.”

— J. David Goodman in For Beto O’Rourke, 2020 Still Haunts 2022

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    • This senseless awaiting moderation crap is disgusting. Not only does this happen to me it happens to others. No matter what the “reason is” it needs to stop otherwise this forum comes across as being no different than forums that do not protect free speech.

      • You are being “Moderated” because the owners of this website consider your posts (your behavior) to be controversial and at odds with TTAG’s goals. Same as any other social media site that moderates public comment.

        • They use a third party program to (help) weed out the spam. However, some commenters, including yours truly, have discovered that the program also moderates political topics which seems counterintuitive on a political website.

      • I love him because he ‘bleeds-off’ all the green-haired retards, trammies & phreaks. Beto is a DNC torpedo, which after ‘fired’, turns around & kills them.
        It’s free love, man.

  1. Politicians lie to get what they want from people they don’t care about.
    You know who else behaves this way? Psychopaths.

    You’d be doing yourself and your loved ones a favor by viewing the political class and their enablers (media) for what they really are. Psychopaths. Don’t believe them. Don’t trust them. Don’t deify them. They should all be locked up or executed.

    • Shire-man,

      You have accurately stated the problem. Our Founders NEVER imagined “career” politicians. Beta “Fake Mexican” O’Jerk has never held a real job in his useless life. He is considered, by the Dims, to be “photogenic and charismatic”. He is neither. He is stupider than MinorIQ (though probably not as stupid as dacian). It is telling that MOST of his campaign contributions come from Hollyweird, not Texas.

      He will lose, spectacularly, as he always does. His candidacy AND his campaign is all about his ego. He’ pretty much a standard, useless, Leftist/fascist. I must say, I do enjoy watching him continue to run, and continue to faceplant. He’s too stupid to know he’s toxic. He will NEVER win a statewide race in Texas. He should go back and run for Congress in San Antonio or Austin . . . that, he MIGHT win.

      • During his run for senate i heard it reported that a large amount of fund raising came from out of state. I never heard specific names.

      • rant7,

        Sorry, didn’t mean to insult your boyfriend. If you missed all the press coverage of Beto’s last two campaigns, and his fundraising, I’m not going to look it up for you. Get over yourself, rant7. If you want to defend Beto the Fake Mexican, feel free. No one here gives a s***. Hell, while you’re at it, defend dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, you appear to be in their camp.

  2. We should get 20k signatures for a Citizen Initiated Petition to deport his dumb arse out of Texas. Even if it just sends a message on the news for the campaign.

    • Voter Suppression is nothing new with Republicans. Requiring an ID to vote disenfranchises minority voters. It needs to be banned, this is not like buying a hamburger.

      No excuse mail in ballots without signature verification, expanded use of 24 hour drop boxes without intrusive video surveillance, same day registration without an ID, expanded polling locations that open at least one month before election day, are just a few of the remedies that need to be immediately implemented across the country.

      Cease the purging of voter rolls that disproportionately effects minority voters. Ballots need to be sent to every household, to ensure equity. If there is a residence, a ballot needs to sent.

      • “Requiring an ID to vote disenfranchises minority voters. It needs to be banned, this is not like buying a hamburger.”

        If you don’t need a picture ID to vote, then I don’t need an ID to buy a gun.

        Civil rights apply equally to everyone, after all… 🙂

        • ” If you don’t need a picture ID to vote, then I don’t need an ID to buy a gun ”

          Here, here. Hell, I have to show an ID to fill a prescription or buy a pack of Camels. If someone is to lazy to go get an ID (easily obtained at the local DMV) then they probably shouldn’t be voting.

      • MinorIQ,

        That may be one of the stupidest things you’ve ever written, and that is saying something. Having to show ID to vote is “racist voter suppression”???? AYFKMRN????

        You can’t drive, buy liquor, cash a check, fly, or collect most government benefits without ID. But, somehow, in the addled mind of MinorIQ, requring ID to vote is “racist”. It might interest you to know, MinorIQ, that the majority of Dimocrats support voter ID, and that the vast majority of “POC” possess ID (, but you intend to make your idiot, racist (“Blacks are too stupid to get ID”), false-to-fact, absurd calumny despite reality.

        You aren’t just too stupid to insult, you are WAY too stupid to comment on a public forum. You should have listened to the wisdom of Samuel Langhorne Clemens: “Keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool. Don’t open it and remove all doubt.”

        Go pound salt in your @$$, you lying Leftist/fascist @$$hole.

      • Miner MINER49er Pure Unadulterated BULL SHIT! Republicans have not in any way shape or form tried to suppress voter participation. What we want is a FREE, FAIR and ACCUATE tabulation of the vote cast by LEGITMATE voters. Voter ID disenfranchises NO ONE. Each state which has Voter ID laws allows for anyone who can’t afford the price of the ID to get it for free. To get on an airplane, what do you need? To cash a check at a bank, what do you need? To buy liquor or cigarettes what do you need? Get a frickin’ grip, Lefty

        If you recall Miner MINER49er, it was your brothers in arms, the New Black Panther Party who suppressed votes in Philadelphia, in 2016.

        If you have a LEGITIMATE reason for needing to vote by absentee ballot, we have absolutely no problem with this. We do have a problem with sending ballots out in the mail to every voter. This is a recipe for voter fraud if there ever was one. But of course you Lefties don’t want a FREE, FAIR and LEGITIMATE tabulation of the vote. You just want to be able to stuff the ballot box as you people always have.

      • This is so idiotic.

        Not sure why the “minorities are too stupid to get an ID” argument works with you, but that’s how you condescending jerks roll.

    • Obviously no one told Bettoff that Delaware needs a new progtard deadbeat. The outgoing tool having lost his, small, mind and been promoted they are in need of a new clown.

      • ” Delaware needs a new progtard deadbeat. The outgoing tool having lost his, small, mind and been promoted they are in need of a new clown ”

        Speaking as a Delawarean, I assure you there are plenty of progtards still left in this state. We gladly gave up SloJo — we are in no hurry to replace him. He won his first Senate race only because everyone saw a convenient way to get rid of him.

  3. Once beto is done taking your AR and AK the door is open for him to come back to do whatever he wants to you and yours. In the sick minds of diehard Gun Control zealots if you ever owned a firearm classifies you and yours as, “misfits” therefore you and yours are expendable. Expect anything from beto who as the teen penned an insane murder fantasy about children. It’s so sick there should a state wide restraining order against beto.

    Gun Control always winds up working to terrorize as clearly shown by the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party know as the KKK. Worked so well in America all the german socialist nazi party had to do is remove Negro in Jim Crow and insert Jew.

    Unfortunately there are politically inept history illiterates who stand for nothing and fall for anything and anybody like the deranged busy body lily white Gun Control cracker nicknamed, “beto.” They obviously do not realize what Gun Control is or they are as sick as beto.

    • “In the sick minds of diehard Gun Control zealots if you ever owned a firearm classifies you and yours as, “misfits” therefore you and yours are expendable.”

      yep. ‘cept for one thing. he’s perfectly healthy, nothing wrong with him at all. he’s just operating on the moral precepts of ancient mesopotamian genocidal ethnic cleansing tribal warfare, that’s all.

    • RGP,

      Sorry, but there AREN’T enough buses to immolate “all those idiots”. It’s old, but still true – check out C.M. Kornbluth’s prophetic “The Marching Morons”. Our morons are marching . . . just not in step (that’s beyond their abilities).

      We’ll keep getting elected morons as long as we allow our “public” (read: “Teacher’s unions”) schools to keep graduating nitwits like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid. We need to dissolve public employee unions (FDR agreed, so SUCK IT, Leftists), restore a real curriculum, teach critical thinking, and eliminate about 90% of the federal government. It won’t happen, but it sure as hell should.

      • ” schools to keep graduating nitwits like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid ”

        That’s an Olympic jump of assumption you’re making there — I don’t think either one graduated from anywhere.

        • UpInArms,

          You got me on that one! While both of them CLAIM to be educated, they are remarkably unspecific about the details.

          Bad on me for believing the claims of a couple of lying liars.

  4. Beto couldn’t take candy from a baby, much less an AR from a gun owner. What he really meant to say is that he will send the Crushers after us.

    Maybe most of them will enjoy the work. But some of them will end up getting blown away by the very firearms they came to confiscate.

    • “Beto couldn’t take candy from a baby, much less an AR from a gun owner”

      no, he couldn’t. but he won’t have to. all he’ll need to do is authorize “others” to close your bank account and credit cards, cancel your internet and phone service, and suspend your licenses. then he and they can just sit back and forget about you.

      (you gun guys, all so full of vim and vigor, “come and take it!”, “I don’t need a militia, that’s fascism!”. you don’t know what’s coming.)

  5. This guy is a tool, a clown, and a total loser. I hope Texans send him packing to California or some other leftist state. He’s an embarrassment for Texas.

  6. If I were running against him “hell yes I am going to take your AR-15/AK 47” would be on constant repeat as well as a running total of how much out of state cash from places like California he’s getting.

  7. A leopard does not change its spots, and a gun-hating Democrat (who will have guns for himself, of course) like Robert/Beto (or whatever the hell he calls himself) will still want to take your AR-15 away. As well as every other gun you possess. He just has to pretend to like the Second Amendment long enough to fool stupid people into voting for him. Taking guns from Texas would be quite the prize, as Demon-Rats have already run over and destroyed once-nice states like Colorado and Montana. Now it is Texas’ turn. I hope and pray that maybe Texans can run this idiot fool out of the state instead.

    • Demon-Rats have already run over and destroyed once-nice states like Colorado and Montana”

      not to mention california, which used to vote right. (still does, but dominion outvotes them)

  8. by the way, notice what trudeau is being told to do in canada, using emergency wartime powers to confiscate bank accounts of anyone involved in the trucker protest. coming here.

    they’re using wartime powers, because they’re at war. tribal warfare, with you. it’s not a game to them, it’s their faith. until you understand that, you won’t be able to respond appropriately.

    • Rant7, I’ve said for years that they won’t come for your guns, you’ll turn them in yourself. They will pass anti-gun laws with a time frame for compliance. With non-compliance, then, they will shut down your financial world…….checking, savings, investment accounts, credit cards. Moving to electric cars makes flipping the OFF switch on mobility within reach of Big Brother. The 4473 was recently redesigned to put all gun/buyer info on one page in a easy to scan format. Talk recently of ATF building the data base to know where the guns are to facilitate flipping the financial switch. Control…coming to a family near and dear to you.

  9. What he’s saying is he wants to take your AR-15, but the TX legislature will never pass it, so he’ll just shut up about the issue. Probably similar to a pro-life Republican trying to get elected in CA.

  10. “I have seen what they do to my fellow Texans…”
    Dear, Butto O’Dork, have you seen what guns do to citizens when only the police and government thugs have them…..ala Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin,…..?
    Come on, Butto. Put your ass where your mouth is. Be the first through the gun confiscation door.

    PERIOD .


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