Strike Industries’ New Modular Blade Sights for GLOCKs

As popular as GLOCK pistols are, maybe the least-loved part of their guns is the stock sights. Small fortunes have been made selling aftermarket replacements to upgrade the factory version. Now Strike Industries has announced a new entry, their Modular Blade Sight. It comes with interchangeable colored inserts to give the shooter four options depending […]

Gear Review: Strike Industries EMP+2 GLOCK 43 Magazine Extension

When GLOCK introduced its long-awaited sub-compact 9mm G43 to the U.S. market, naysayers were not impressed. “It’s too late to the party!” they cried, as if GLOCK’s commercial caution had offended the gods of free market capitalism. The more serious complaint: the G43 packs fewer rounds than comparable compacts like, say, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. While some viewed the G43’s capacity as […]