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As popular as GLOCK pistols are, maybe the least-loved part of their guns is the stock sights. Small fortunes have been made selling aftermarket replacements to upgrade the factory version. Now Strike Industries has announced a new entry, their Modular Blade Sight. It comes with interchangeable colored inserts to give the shooter four options depending on personal preference and typical lighting conditions.

They’re compatible with these GLOCK models: 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, ,25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39S. Price is $49.95.

Here’s Strike’s announcement:

The Glock pistol is legendary in its reliability, durability, and utility. However, the stock sights leave much to be desired. While there are many options on the market to service this need, we at Strike Industries have a unique approach to bring additional value to you. We all have different preferences and requirements when it comes to how we set up our gear. With the easily interchangeable sight inserts, you can tailor our sight to what best suits your shooting style.

The core of our solution lies in the interchangeable front sight blade. Traditional dot sights have a potential for vertical misalignment, requiring the user to index twice, once to center the dot, and confirm again that the black top is aligned with the rear sight. By moving the sighting element all the way to the top, this second step is mitigated.

Additionally, our optical inserts gather more light, and are much more robust than simple fiber optic light pipes. Opaque inserts are available as well for brightly lit conditions where a fiber optic may be too distracting.

The rear sight is tapered to offer the best compromise between narrow and wide rear sight notches. Narrow notches help with accuracy, but can be slower to align and obscure more of the target. Wider rear notches tend to be faster, and offer greater visibility, however the margin for error in a misaligned sight picture is increased. With a narrow base for finer alignment, and a more generous top, allows the shooter to have the advantages of both. Additionally, the Index Ramp on the rear sight offers a way to quickly confirm proper sight alignment and can be marked for greater visibility.

The choice is yours with the Modular Blade Sight.

Front Sight:
– .210 inch tall
– 0.140 inch wide Inserts
– 0.210 inch tall
– 0.060 inch wide

Rear Sight
– 0.250 inch notch height
– 0.200″ at top of notch
– 0.10″ at bottom of notch

Housing Material:
– QPQ Finish
– Polycarbonate Inserts

Package includes:
– 1x Front Sight Housing
– 1x Rear sight 4x colored inserts Yellow, Red, White, and Black
– 1x rear sight set screw (M3x0.5 mm)
– 1x front sight set screw (M2.4×0.45 mm)

-Interchangeable front sight inserts
– Solid Black
– Solid White
– Translucent Red
– Translucent Yellow
-Anti-glare rear sight serrations
-Sturdy steel construction

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  1. I have a glock and there’s one thing that’s always peeved me: The aftermarket accessories are usually more expensive than the pistol. Slides, for one thing. But this is really cool and it’s only $50.

  2. This was indistinguishable from sponsored content. I hope they paid for this. It doesn’t even count as a review. It’s just a copy and paste of the company’s press release.

    • Why do you even care? Did it take money out of your pocket? Did you miss out on something life altering in the 15 seconds it took to read the article? Whine asses like you are the reason why I don’t frequent these sites as often as I used to. Or at least read the comment sections. If that’s your major gripe in life perhaps you need to live a more exciting life.

      • Having spent the first part of my career working at a newspaper, I have some standards for journalistic integrity. My professors in college would verbally flay you alive if they caught you regurgitating press releases.

    • It’s a press release in a quotation block and explicitly marked as a press release. It’s pretty normal for most industry specific journalism.

      • That’s why industry-specific journalism is generally so terrible. They are in the pockets of their advertisers and major industry companies and inevitably become afraid to offend them lest they lose access. When a publication has become a press-release regurgitator, you can’t trust anything they write anymore.

        I’ve seen it in action: industry publications handing out “Best of the Year” awards and “Best New Company in the Industry” awards and stuff like that which are essentially just bought and paid for blowjobs from the magazine to the companies it is supposed to be covering.

  3. I’ve tried many front and rear sight combinations, iron sights, peep sights, lazer sights, holographic sights, glowing sights, dots, beads and whistles , and I have seen absolutely no improvement in my one handed mag dump in the general direction scores. It’s not the sights, it has to be the trigger

  4. ” maybe the least-loved part of their guns is the stock sights.” I would say that crown goes to the trigger, at least in my case. Then the sights.


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