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Courtesy Strike Industries
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Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, it can be faster/easier/preferable to drop your AR-15 magazine using your left hand rather than your right. If you agree, Strike Industries new AMBI Mag Release is just what you need. Here’s their press release . . .

Options. Most would prefer to have more than one. Sometimes it’s necessity, sometimes it’s a preference. Or for emergencies, it’s peace of mind knowing you always have another option.

Introducing the Strike Industries Ambidextrous Magazine Release. The most ergonomic revision of our mag release built to date. The patented Ambi Mag Release allows for seamless ejections from any position.

This improved design drops into any receiver designed to accept a mil-spec magazine catch. Low profile, and ergonomically designed, the mag-catch integrates with most receivers while being very easy to use and will not accidentally activate or interfere with other controls. The package also includes our enhanced Strike Magazine Release button and spring for a complete drop-in upgrade.

For “wrong-handed” folks or for those that just want more options, the Strike Ambi-Mag Release is the perfect component to have.

Disclaimer: Designed for receivers that accept mil-spec magazine catches only.


– Allows ambidextrous activation of the magazine release
– Drop-In replacement for ambidextrous use
– Comes with Strike Magazine Release Button and spring
– Compatible with standard AR15/M16 receiver specs.
Package includes:
1x ambi magazine catch
1x magazine catch spring
1x Strike magazine catch.

Price: $37.95 in black, $39.95 in one of three colors

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    • Where did this stupid ambi trend on guns come from? Particularly the AR…I don’t want a bunch of confused controls cluttering up my lower. The mag release is supposed to be on the right, and the bolt release on the left so you don’t f/ck it up…period. There’s a whole lot of things that time has made better on the AR plarform, but confusing up the controls with a bunch of ambi crap, and garbage like BAD levers is just f/n stupid. You want to improve the controls on an AR? Ditch the forward assist and put in a better trigger. Everything else is junk.

      • To each their own. As a left handed shooter I prefer some controls to be at least ambi. For me a right handed bolt action is useless or at least doesn’t meet my requirements. I don’t think people want to reach over their scope to cycle their weapons just as I don’t want to have to move my hand to operate the selector switch on my AR’s so we customize as we see fit and if someone else does it differently then viva la difference.

      • @ Madcapp
        Well you know what they say about opinions, they are like an assholes, everyone’s got one.
        In many respects, there really is a large amount of garbage out there for ARs. However, that can be attributed to just being the American way, folks trying to get their cut of the American Pie. Look at how many flash hiders are on the market with many of them doing NOTHING! I equipped my Springfield Saint pistol .300 with some very basic things I wanted that actually do something and that’s where you are flat wrong about the BAD lever. That’s a very useful item.
        I also changed the forearm brace from the SB Tactical – SBX-K to the SBA3 so that it adjusts and changed the grip to the Hogue Soft Overmolded grip which I really like on my AK. It has a Surefire weapon light and an Aimpoint Red dot for my tired old eyes and that’s it.
        So while many products in the AR aftermarket could be considered junk, there are some very nice functional products available, one being the BAD lever. I happen to really like the BAD lever as it frees up my left hand.
        If you don’t like it, goody for you, but you are flat wrong saying it’s junk.

      • Dear DickHead, [Madcapp]

        I assume you shoot right handed, as everyone else in the world does to. Next time you go on a rant, try to think that not all shooters are right handed and might need accessories to SPEED up their movements, something that might save THEIR life because it’s quicker.

      • Maddcap, what planet’s gyrations slung you off its surface? Nothing wrong with ambidextrous controls. One of the reasons I love a Galil. After reliability. AR platform one of the best ergonomically, but it’s not completely ambidextrous. Get rid of the forward assist? Your kidding? Right? If I had a $100 bill for every time I used one, well… What would I spend all that money on?

      • Hey Madcapp,
        Take it down a notch. If you don’t want an ambi mag release, Don’t get one! You must be a righthander and don’t understand how difficult it is for a lefthander to do an emergency reload under time pressure for a rifle class. I don’t understand why you have to use the f*bomb all over the place and get all worked up over a switch that you are not going to buy. Wow, what a waste of time. Or are you trying to compensate, trying to show how smart you are, or how well you run your gun right handed. I always train to shoot my guns using either hand, just in case something happens to my firing side hand, arm, shoulder, etc. You should give it a try. You might see the need for an ambi mag release or not.
        Happy Training,

    • Or, you know, buy an actual Norgon and support the company that did the innovation.

      FWOW, I have two Norgons, they work with every mag I’ve tried. Love ’em.

      • $80 or $25? hmm. The Airsoft replicas are fine. This particular part doesn’t need to be specced for extreme tolerances. it’s just a peice of metal that holds the mag in, that’s it. Ain’t bloody spending $80 if I can buy three for that price. I regular mag catch can go between $6-12. Norgon needs to lower their price, that’s why people are copying them.

        • in addition Brownells is selling the Norgon for $105. pfft.. Brownells Arms unlimited copy $25.

        • Really don’t know what you guys are talking about because I wouldn’t own an AR on a bet (issued some), but you’re seriously talking about putting air soft parts on a sub par rifle. That’s sad.

      • Agree. As a left-handed shooter I bought the authentic Norgon for my DD SBR. Works fine. I had no problem paying the 80.00 bucks or so for it. Works with every magazine I have tried.

  1. its too close to the bolt release
    inadvertent release of a loaded mag while chambering a round with the bolt release is a legitimate real world concern
    its real fancy but no thanks
    ill stick with my strike industries j comp and fang trigger guard

    • Agreed. SI makes some cool and innovative accessories (I have a few also), but this one’s a no thanks. This, like the BAD lever requires finer motor skills, and wearing gloves could make operation worse. Have to ask oneself, will this really make you significantly more effective in you AR’s intented purpose?

  2. The bolt release function is at the TOP, the farthest point from the mag release. I’m a lefty, and have one from a company called “Battle Steel”, sold by Botach, and it works well, and there’s no issue with releasing the bolt inadvertently.

  3. Nice marketing attempt, but one ALWAYS has that “other option”.
    Provided that one is capable of rotating one’s right hand to the left and has a functional left arm that one can lift up and over the canted receiver.
    Even an actual southpaw can easily use his right hand to trip the standard release, although an ambi one might be just a fraction of a second quicker, in that case.

    • I like that folks like SI are trying to innovate in the gun industry. Side note, I have 2 buddies, left handed that shoot rifle righthanded. I suppose it’s like when some surfers/skateboarder that are right handed but ride goofyfooted.


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