Strike Industries' New Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit
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Isn’t there some kind of big gift-giving event coming up soon?

Strike Industries offers an all in one-gun cleaning kit for any caliber and firearm needs both down  and off range, ideal for maintaining a reliable firearm.

The only ultimate heavy-duty weapons maintenance and cleaning solution on the market. A kit to suit all your firearm cleaning needs. Complete with multiple sized brushes and mops to clean barrels of all calibers. Whether for light maintenance to clean smudges or heavily caked on residue and gunk, the precision machined jags and slotted tips combined with cleaning patches can wipe, scrub, and ultimately provide the best cleaning functionality required. The flexible magnetic LED light will provide extra assurance in case a screw or nut falls out of place. The flex bore light head can fit into certain sized barrels for maximum visibility.

Disclaimer: Strike Industries is not responsible for any damages or scratches incurred on your firearm if you do not test fit the cleaning tips before using. While we include jags and brushes of multiple sizes, failure to observe which parts are compatible with your weapon caliber may cause damage or scratches.

Strike Industries' New Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Package includes:

  • 6 PCS Brass rods (with male and female threads)
  • Solid Brass Rods (Total Combined Length 28 in.) : .177 to .280 Caliber Rifles And Handguns (3 Rods With Handle)  .30 Caliber And Up Rifles, Shotguns And Handguns (3 Rods With Handle)
  • 14 PCS Bronze brushes for each caliber: 243, 22, 45, 40, 357, 12, 20, 54, 50, 410, 30, 270, 17, 20
  • Calibers Engraved above each thread
  • 9 PCS Cotton Mops for each caliber: 12, 20, 50, 410, 357, 22, 40, 30, 17
  • Calibers Engraved above each thread
  • 12 PCS brass jags: 17, 22, 243, 25, 27, 30, 338, 35, 375, 40, 44, 45,
  • 1 PC Brass powder jag 50 Caliber (Not labeled)
  • 4 PCS Brass slotted tips: 12, 22, 30, 410
  • 2×50 cleaning patches
  • 1 PC LED flex flashlight
  • 3 Plastic muzzle guards
  • 3 PCS Brass Adapters for Cleaning Rods
  • 3 PCS Plastic handled brushes with various bristles: nylon, steel, brass
  • 1 Oil bottle 50 mL (Empty)
  • Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit ($69.95) Includes Antivenom Ultra XPLC Oil
  • Standard Brush Kit ($64.95) Does not include Antivenom Ultra XPLC Oil

– Limited Edition
– All-in-one cleaning kit
– Portable and lightweight
– Tactical Black color hard shell plastic
– Solid Brass CNC Precision Machined Jags and Slotted Tips

For maximum performance use gun cleaning kit to maintain weapon before and after usage. Especially if exposed to water, moisture, or corrosive ammunition.  Corrosive ammunition, water, salts, dust and dirt can all lead to rust, corrosion, excess wear and tear and eventually the early failure of the rifle or pistol. Use caution to confirm brush or jag fitting before cleaning weapon barrels.

Notice: To minimize the movement of the small parts during transit, we have placed all the brass jags, slotted tips, and threaded adapters into a zip-lock bag. Please organize them into the designated openings as pictured. The brass jags will fit snug inside the holes with the sharp point down.

MSRP: $64.95 or $69.95 with Anti-Venom Oil


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  1. Thanks for items like this, Dan. Some may object to the need to monetize the blog, but I find info like this very interesting to read.

  2. Strike industries is definitely becoming a brand of anything firearms and not just a source for random AR parts and mods. I wonder if they will stay separate or get bought up by one of the larger corporations and merged in, maybe they already did …

    I like this so much more than those AR selector stickers!

  3. Finally something I’d actually use. A little bit expensive for what it is though. Is there a non-limited edition for less? Having a limited edition cleaning kit isn’t exactly something you brag to your friends about…

  4. This seems like they phoned it in since the cleaning rods don’t have angular knobs made of anodized aluminum like Strike Industries’ typical stuff

  5. Sorry, but for me if it doesn’t come with Hopps #9 it certainly isn’t the ultimate. I have a universal kit similar to this in a wood case yet I only use it when my gun specific kit is missing something I forgot to replenish or a new caliber gun shows up on my cleaning table.

  6. HA! you can buy the exact same kit but a different brand for about $30 at Academy. Don’t remember the brand off hand.

  7. I learned years ago that if I care about my rifles and shotguns, to only use 1 piece rods and bore-snake type pull throughs. Multi-piece rods scratch the bore of long guns. Ultimate all in one is already covered by Otis.


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